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Kinky Sex Fetish: A Manhattan Murder Mystery

Kinky Sex Fetish: A Manhattan Murder Mystery
Kinky Sex Fetish: A Manhattan Murder Mystery

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

The Slut Power

The Slut Power
The Slut Power

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Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

High School Harlots

High School Harlots
High School Harlots

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Strugglefucking Holly
Helpless Holly
Holly In Harm’s Way
Hazardous For Holly
Holly’s Heart
Catch Holly
Hurting Holly
Busting Holly
Forgetting Holly

AE911Truth: Experts Speak Out
Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11
9/11: Press For Truth
Hypothesis: The Story of Dr. Steven E. Jones
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
WTC7 Research
Remember Building 7


The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton tl/dr courage matters most in success because most people fail when they lose heart, psychopaths never lose heart, never give a shit, also you can train yourself to a level of psychopathy (courage) like kung fu

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I’m reading the Wisdom of Psychopaths, by Kevin Dutton.  The book finally gets to the heart of the psychopathic personality.   I won’t retype it all here, but I will transcribe Dutton’s commentary about it.

As we can see, the experts have the psychopaths just about flatlining when it comes to Agreeableness, which is not surprising given that lying, manipulation, callousness and arrogance are just about the gold standard of psychopathic traits by most clinicians.  Conscientiousness is low.  Impulsivity, lack of long term goals, and failure to take responsibility are high.  But notice how Competence bucks the trend (Ed. 4.2 on a scale of 1 to 5), a measure of the psychopath’s unshakeable self confidence and insouciant disregard for adversity, and how the pattern continues with Neuroticism:  Anxiety, Depression, Self Consciousness and Vulnerability are very low, with strong outputs on Extraversion (Assertiveness and Excitement Seeking) and Openness to Experience  (Actions)…

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I Met A Strange Lady, She Made Me Nervous, Took Me In And Gave Me Breakfast

So, when I started making my 9/11 documentary, I got into a lot of trouble. I decided to skip town and head down South. That’s where I met this crazy woman who could talk to animals. I called her “Whisperer.”

Today is our four year anniversary.

This is what she was singing when I met her.

(Just fiction of course.)

A Rose By Any Other Name

Originally posted on Aryan Skynet:

In view of the unhappy news about Mindweapons’ sabbatical, I thought I would post something humorous but instructive for my good friend, sparring partner, and not-so-secret cyber-crush, Hipster Racist and his crew.

At the end of my fifth year of elementary school, the boys and girls were separated and herded off to different rooms by respectively the male and female coach. We girls got to watch some god-awful, cringe-worthy movie about entering puberty where we were assaulted with visions of hairy armpits and sweat stains on shirtsleeves. There was a question and answer session with the female coach.

As we rejoined the boys, I noticed that they were watching us girls warily and tiptoeing around us like they were walking on eggshells. I finally got curious and asked about the stuff that went on in the other room. Well, the boys got to see the same film … grosss ……

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Diamonds In The Crack Of Her Ass

Back in the 1980s, the nation of South Africa was under international pressure for their apartheid policies. While South Africa was a close ally to another nation that practices apartheid – the Jewish country, Israel – that didn’t stop Jews outside of Israel agreeing virtually unanimously that the White South Africans were evil racists.

But not the Israeli Jews – their apartheid was ok. Because, you know, they are Jews. God’s Special People, therefore, their “racism” is perfectly justified.

So Jews around the world organized a massive demonization campaign against South Africa. It got so silly that MTV musicians would all take “heroic” stands to boycott South Africa, peaking with the shitty 1980s song, “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City.”

Well, one enterprising Jew decided to break ranks and put out a whole album with South African musicians – black South Africans that is, not white ones. Since Paul Simon is a Jew, normal rules don’t apply to him. If a Jew supports the Apartheid Regime of Jew Bigotry in Zionist Occupied Palestine, that’s ok. Because Jews. But if a White man were to support a majority white country – any country, anywhere in the world, from tiny Netherlands to the massive Canada – doesn’t matter.

Jews have Rights. Whites have “unearned privilege.”

So anyway, some lying Jewess who plays a “Holocaust Survivor” on TV actually told this ridiculous tale about how she stuffed diamonds up her ass to save herself from the Nazis. She actually said Dr. Death Himself, Himmler or Gerbbels or whichever, actually personally tortured her and gave her an injection to turn her eyes blue.


You see, blue eyed people are bad and evil and Nazis. Unless they are Jewish and they have blue eyes, then it’s ok. So you see, the Hitler Nazis were so evil they decided they were going to kidnap helpless Jewish girls, inject them with needles in their eyes, in order to turn their brown eyes blue. Is that a believable story?

Of course not. It’s complete 100% bullshit, and everyone knows it. But it’s literally illegal to doubt this story is many countries all around the world, thanks to various anti-speech laws passed under pressure from Zionist Jews.

She’s a jewess
She don’t try to hide it
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

He’s a nazi
Evil as the Devil
Evil as the Devil turning brown eyes to blue

Sing Ta na na
Ta na na na
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

People say she’s lying
There’s no diamonds in the crack of her ass
Well that’s one way to hide that stolen stash
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

It was physically impossible
To stuff all those diamonds up her rear
Did it hurt worse going in or coming out?
She said you must believe me
Or else you’re a nazi
Wearing these diamonds
These diamonds in the crack of my ass

Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid - as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it's "racist."
Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid – as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it’s “racist.”

Aryan Skynet Has Become Self-Aware

Hipster Racist:

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Originally posted on Aryan Skynet:

Aryan Skynet Is Dead – Long Live Aryan Skynet!


MW will be invited to moderate, as will Cly, and anyone else MW suggests. My blog is not really a WN blog, and HIA is not really a serious political blog, so I’m creating this blog to be as close to the original idea of MindWeaponsInRagnarok as possible.

I’m aiming to make this as much a collective effort as possible – if you were a regular and valued contributor to MindWeaponsInRagnarok, please post here. You will be given posting privileges to write your own blogs and the like. I’ll make sure to re-blog from everyone’s personal blogs as well.

If you have a blog, please link it in this thread and I’ll add it to the official blogroll.

Aryan Skynet has become self-aware, I forgot who pulled the switch.


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Wag The Dog 3

Edward Snowden got to fuck her and you didn't
Edward Snowden got to fuck her and you didn’t

This whole Edward Snowden thing is a pageant. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if you’re seeing it in the corporate media, they want you to see it.

Ever heard of Susan Lindauer? Her revelations about the CIA and the Bush administration were way, way bigger than Edward Snowden’s stuff about the CIA. But chances are you’ve never heard of her. As far as I know, one NYT article, one WP article, and that was it. She would be dead by now if her boyfriend hadn’t have started blogging about her case, and in the youth of the internet, was able to get enough attention and do enough of a run around of the corporate press that a few alt-news sites picked it up.

But ABC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, CNN and even the faux-progressives (fauxgressives) like Amy Goodman wouldn’t touch her, didn’t breathe a word about her. Then, when they finally let her out and dropped the gag order, she practically gives away a book and speaks any chance any one will listen.

And you’ve probably never heard of her.

Edward Snowden was different. This super spy brought in a thumbdrive into the top secret NSA facility and was able to secretly download all sort of top secret shit. You know, no one was expecting they were going to use thumbdrives to copy secret files. It’s possible he may have did up a GUI in Visual Basic to track the ip number. Look, the NSA guys are just human after all. Mistakes happen.

Then, Edward Snowden’s super hot blonde girlfriend’s sexy lingerie pictures show up. I wasn’t paying much attention to the Snowden non-revelation, until that little hottie had her pics all over the internet. I already told the story of how that ugly prick Air Force officer assigned to NSA stole my super hot 19 year old lifeguard girlfriend from me when I was 17, but all I can think now is if they are still together, that’s the best revenge ever.

I’m sorry what were we talking about? Oh yes, the NSA. So let’s find out what the Super Spy, this real life James Bond, Edward Snowden of the CIA or NSA or whichever is going on tv to tell us.

1. The NSA copies your emails and shit you post on Facebook.

2. Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc., all share information with the NSA. The big internet companies are up in arms about this, because the NSA expects this info for free, and usually they get paid money by marketers for it. It’s a tax as the Free Market Libertarians will tell you, and it makes Google much more expensive for the consumer. Um.

3. Low level enlisted guys – 18-21 year old geeky guys in the Army assigned to NSA – sometimes stumble upon your girlfriend’s topless selfies she sends to me (sorry dude, she’s a total slut) and pass them around while wishing they could fuck your girlfriend like you and I do. I mean, sure, it’s bad. They shouldn’t be doing that. But come on, your girlfriend will be posting topless selfies on hotornot.com just as soon as we stop slut shaming her. Free the boobies, that’s what she wants.

4. The NSA doesn’t just spy on Americans, but pretty much everyone in the world they can, including Hitler’s granddaughter, Angela Merkel (Hitler the Sixteenth.)

Real Life Murkin Hero Bravely Fighting the NSA For Your Privacy, A Real Life James Bond - But On the Side Of Freedom!
Real Life Murkin Hero Bravely Fighting the NSA For Your Privacy, A Real Life James Bond – But On the Side Of Freedom!

If you are ignorant, clueless, and haven’t read anything about the NSA for the last 20 years, these “revelations” by Edward Snowden must be a really, really big surprise. In fact, you may be outraged – OUTRAGED! – that the NSA spies on you, but I mean, duh. This isn’t a “secret” nor is it a “revelation.” You just ignored it – they actually had to trot out a hot girl in her underpants to give Edward Snowden enough eyeballs online for them to spread this propaganda – the NSA spies on you just slightly less than the average hacker and or internet marketer does. It’s ok to feign outrage and join some change.org petition for privacy.

See, that’s why the whole wikileaks/Julian Assange thing didn’t work out. There was a salacious sex story, about him getting accused of rape by a Swedish co-ed for fucking her without a condom, but they didn’t release any pictures of her. All their leaks were admittedly “selected” – and published far and wide by the same press that wouldn’t touch Susan Lindaur – or Sibel Edmonds for that matter – and what do you know, the consensus was it all justified the neo-cons. And Julian Assange even told us, we shouldn’t be worrying about any of those “9/11 conspiracy theories” because he has the “real conspiracy theories” (Saudi Arabia did it and Israel fights terror. I knew it!)

It’s great too, Edward Snowden actually approved a special highly secret version of linux that he suggests everyone use if they want to avoid the NSA spying on them. Damn, that guy is a True Patriot Stand Up Guy. A real Fighter for Freedom.

Plus did I mention there’s all these hot pictures of his girlfriend in her underwear online? Sexy!

The NSA Has Naked Pictures Of Your Daughter
The NSA Has Naked Pictures Of Your Daughter

It’s All Fiction

The Anglosphere has a specific thing going on, right? Canada, the US, the white parts of Venezuela, Mexico … even Cuba? Australia, NZ, the Five Fingers … I mean come on now, it’s not that difficult to figure out is it? I’m sure the “local” “Connecticut” “newspapers” have some “anti-nazi” thing going on but we skipped that particular trip to the museum, because of the Cambodian Genocide with Progressive Brother Number One, right?

Police Spies Get Free Reign To Seduce Targets

Police spies are still being given “free rein” to have sexual liaisons, say the eight women suing Scotland Yard over claims they unwittingly had long-term relationships with undercover officers.

The eight have criticised the government for failing to ban undercover officers from striking up sexual relationships with the targets of their surveillance.

They say they have suffered enormous emotional trauma after discovering that the men they had been in relationships with for years were undercover officers who had been sent to spy on political groups.

The women added that the failure “to introduce measures to prevent further abuse amounts to institutional sexism”.

In their response to the consultation, the women said: “We note that despite the controversy over the issue of undercover relationships in the past couple of years, the codes of practice fail to make any mention of intimate and sexual relationships.

“Having had our privacy intruded upon to a huge and damaging degree we feel that these guidelines fail to address the issues raised by our claims and fail to offer any increased protection to the public.”

They added: “The situation as it stands currently gives free rein to officers and their handlers.”

Jenny Jones, the Green peer, backed the women’s stance and called on the government to “explicitly rule out undercover police from engaging in sexual relationships” to “prevent the police from making the mistakes of the past”.

Prosecutors are considering whether to charge three as-yet-unnamed police officers over sexual relationships they formed while undercover.



My First ‘Art Student’

Her name was Miriam
She came from Bethlehem
She had big ole’ tits
And sucked a mean, mean dick

Her daddy said it didn’t count with a goy
So she fucked lots and lots of American boys!

Especially the ones with NSA jobs
and military slobs
Like a Secret Policeman’s Ball
Little Miriam fucked them all!

Then when she went back to Tel Aviv
Told her handlers all she’d seen
“American boys have big ole’ dicks,
But other than that they didn’t give me shit!”