Henry Rollins LOL

Henry Rollins Band, “Low Self Opinion” put on youtube.com in 2007.

How is that NOT at the same level of “Ethel Merman’s” attempt as disco?

The Ethel Merman Disco Album

Just read Henry Rollin’s lyrics for “Low Self Opinion:”

I think you got a low self opinion man
I see you standing all by yourself
Unable to express the pain of your distress
You withdraw deeper inside
You alienate yourself,
And everybody else
They wonder what’s on your mind
They got so tired of you
And your self ridicule
They wrote you off and left you behind

Why was Rollins never made into a Saturday morning cartoon like Mr. T. but even gayer?

Rollins Era Black Flag Is The Only True Punk Rock

Surely there is no one who is more punk than 1980s hardcore band Black Flag and its lyricist and vocalist Henry Rollins.

Just read this profound take on alienation or something from “My War.”

My War:

My war you’re one of them
You say that you’re my friend
But you’re one of them

I might not know what a friend is
All I know is what you’re not
‘Cause you’re one of them
My war you’re one of them

Fucking deep, man. Like alienation and shit.

Or consider the lyrics to “Beat My Head Against the Wall” a take on, like, alienation and shit. The frustrations of a young man living in like the lame suburbs and high school which is like racist and white supremacist and homophobic – issues that Henry Rollins like totally cares about. All that racist white supremacy makes me want to beat my head against the wall. Like who cares about skin color and sexuality?

And being mainstream and stuff? Fucking lame, man. Totally fucking lame.

Beat My Head Against the Wall:

Beat my head against the wall one more time
Will this solve my problems at all?
I don’t care about parties or a good time I won’t stand in your line

Tension builds up so quickly
My judgement becomes affected
And without my even knowing it
I have started to act like a dick

Swimming in the main stream is such a lame dream
No method to the madness
Beat my head against the wall

But of course Black Flag is about way more than just hardcore riffs. Henry Rollins is a poet. Or should I say, “Spoken Word Artist.” Just read this profound take on the alienation of suburban family life like in AmeriKKKa. Family Man? Who like loves their wife and children? Totally hypocrites dude, it’s all fake and shit. Fuckin’ kill em man, like Charlie Mason style (Charlie Don’t Surf!)

Family Man:

Family man, with your life all planned;
Your little sand castle built, smilin through your guilt, family man

I come to infect; I come to rape your women;
I come to take your children into the street;
I come for YOU family man, with your Christmas lights already up,
Your such a MAN when your puttin up your Christmas lights,
First on the block;

I wanna crucify you to your front door with the nails
From your well stocked garage family man;
Family man;
Saint dad! father on fire! I’ve come to incinerate you

Dude that like fucking makes you think, man. Like this family is celebrating Christmas and I’m like, kill em and rape em! Ha ha that will show how shallow all that mainstream shit is!

Fuck yeah Black Flag is the shit dude. They don’t make music like this anymore!

Bring Back Bullying: More Nerd Hate

“Nerd” is just another “SJW” faux-identity. Here’s a case in point:

Rich Harris is a graphics editor at the New York Times and a computer programmer who invented a very interesting piece of technology called a “Javascript compiler” that helps you make websites. I’ve been dabbling with his tech and went to youtube to find some videos.

Sp apparently, “The Undefined Podcast” is a podcast ostensibly about computer programming but with a large injection of “nerd culture.” The target of my hire is the fat, bald co-host.

He starts off with a bunch of “snark” about the left-wing bias at the Times and even sarcastically refers to it as “Fake News” in an attempt to rib Harris. The fat, bald co-host is mocking “the right,” Trump voters, and the people who don’t trust the ultra-Zionist New York Times and their jihad against regular Americans, their warmongering, their anti-white hate propaganda, and of course their Israel-First Jewish Supremacist ideology.

So the “nerd” co-host starts off with trying to be Jon Stewart but fails miserably, and Harris, in typical British style, just brushes him off and tries to talk about his technology seriously.

I’m sure the co-hosts are competent programmers, and while I’m not a professional programmer, I know enough to use these sorts of tools and I can typically judge when people are full of shit and when they aren’t. The co-host may very well be a competent technologist, but he also rattles off a bunch of trite and stereotypical bullshit about programming and the industry that makes me suspect that while he may be good at his job, he is absolutely reaching when he tries to make broad statements about the craft.

Then, the money shot. Fat, bald co-host goes full anti-white. He tells the story of meeting a “super white” couple who notice he’s wearing a “Wyoming” t-shirt and in a friendly manner start some neighborly small talk about how much they loved their trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone.

Fat bald nerd thinks this is just hilarious, because this “totally white” couple doesn’t realize it’s actually a Kayne West t-shirt, some reference to the hip-hoppers new song.

Ha, ha! Those totally “white” people don’t even know that rapper Kayne West has a song and a t-shirt with the word “Wyoming” on it and they made total fools of themselves by being friendly and neighborly by mentioning how much they like the state of Wyoming! Snark, snark, ha ha, white people are so lame!

Fat bald co-host is the exact stereotype of “nerd culture” that I despise. I watched the entire damn video, hoping for some information about Harris’ cool new tech, and all I got was a bunch of “nerd humor” and snarky anti-white crap from a fat, bald nerd.

Bring Back Bullying!

Awkward Pop Culture Memories

PA’s blog is always great and this thread brought back some funny memories:


Like a lot of American boys in the younger Gen X cohort, I went through a cringe-worthy embarassing stage, from about 12-15, that I did my best to forget, but now approaching fogey-hood I can at least look back at it with some self-depreciating humor. It was at this stage I was desperate to be “cool” and my instincts for what was “cool” were astonishingly wrong-headed.

I had a couple of older guys I looked up to and thought were “cool” so did my best to ape their sensibilities, especially in terms of pop culture. I figured that if I dressed a certain way, got a certain haircut, and listened to a particular type of music I would be “cool.”

Of course the opposite happened, I turned myself into a complete dork. I was subjected to a certain amount of peer pressure which I went along with because, well, I was a 14 year old.

The first bad 80s crap I desperately wanted to be involved in was … god, I’m so embarassed to admit this … “punk.” For whatever crazy reason, I saw those bands with weird hair and weird clothes as “cool” and one of the older guys I looked up to had a sort of “New Wave” style and listened to punk rock. So I figured if I did the same thing I would be cool, too.

Hello, dorksville.

It was weird too because punk was already old and no one really liked it anymore but for some reason I’ll never understand, I was just convinced it was the “modern” thing. I was always 10 years behind the times, even then.

The funny part was I actually hated punk rock. The kind of music I listened to because I actually enjoyed it? Hank Williams Jr., AC/DC, Tom Petty and the Talking Heads. But, no, I wanted to be cool, so I actually spent a lot of time listening to the worst band of the 1980s, Black Flag. I actually thought there must be something wrong with me, because all the “cool” kids seemed to love Black Flag, and I thought it was unlistenable garbage – which it was. The Clash had like one good song but it was so overplayed I got sick of it quickly.

I so wanted to look like Sid Vicious, but I suspect it actually came across more like The Village People, Junior League.

How did I ever think this was cool?

Movies were the same way. The “cool” kids thought that A Clockwork Orange was the greatest movie ever. It wasn’t. It was pretty bad, honestly. Not terrible as far as “serious” “thinking” movies go. I’ll go ahead and scandalize hard core film fans, but Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining were Kubrick’s best films and the rest – even 2001 – weren’t particularly great (2001’s ending was just a punt that failed miserably.)

I love Heathers, one of my favorite movies, but my attempts at playing Christian Slater’s JD likely reached nuclear levels of dorkiness.

I was desperate to not be “metal” because those were “rednecks” – “redneck” was a slur I learned from a friend and always associated it with the wrong crowd. My friend’s parents got divorced and he was separated from his upper-middle class yuppie father and had to live with his Christian mom and his step-father, an uneducated blue collar guy from the rural south. So everyone bad was a “redneck” and I somehow associated long haired “heavy metal” types with rednecks.

But, I actually liked heavy metal. Megadeth, Slayer, that stuff was pretty good – far better than the “punk rock” which was utter shit. But, no, I wanted to be cool.

Fortunately, at 16, I kind of “gave up” trying to be cool. I stopped cutting my hair and grew it long, way past my shoulders, like any good Viking. I stopped listening to music I hated and started listening to what I liked. While it likely had more to do with actually reaching puberty (and getting a driver’s license) than it did my fashion sense and musical choices, coincidentally at 16 I actually started getting attention from girls and I didn’t even have to wear those ridiculous Doc Marten’s anymore.

Margie: 90’s Neo-Bohemia

Then, what do you know, “grunge” happened. All of a sudden I was cool and I didn’t even have to try! Flannel shirts were no longer “redneck” they were actually fashionable. Heavy music with actual melodies, played with some amount of talent, all of a sudden made that Black Flag shit fade off into the background. Grunge was the perfect mix of metal and the kind of “New Wave” quirk I actually, honestly liked. Alice and Chains was pure heavy metal but also “alternative” to some degree.

And, yeah, while I still maintained a thing for Winona Ryder and Molly Ringwald “manic pixie dream girl” types, I actually found that it was a lot of fun dating normal, blonde haired, blue eyed lifeguards, regular good girls from church that might let you kiss them by never get past second base, and even those conventionally pretty gals that had a sort of 90s “neo-bohemian” earth mother style, which basically meant they didn’t perm their hair and wore hippie skirts with no panties.

Ah, the 90s were awesome. The last best decade before America went to hell in a handbasket.

When Did Reddit Turn Into a Gay Website?

When I first started reading Reddit around 2008 or so, it had a wide range of opinions in the /r/news, /r/politics and /r/worldnews sections.

Sure, it was heavily tilted towards the Democratic party and socially liberal. It was always anti-Christian, the /r/atheism section was the default – and /r/atheism was never about the lack of belief in gods, but simply an anti-Christian forum where former Christians – and current Jews – could team up to smear White Christians.

Yet Reddit always had its libertarian crowd, its conservatives, and even still manages to have an anti-anti-gun crowd. It always had a crowd of young white males that weren’t anti-white and anti-male.

Yet now the default sections are essentially an LGBT forum. Gay jokes are moderated to the top of the page – the grosser, the better. Even the feminists complain that the forums ostensibly for women are, in fact, controlled by transsexual men, and actual women and lesbians are second class contributors, especially if they don’t toe the Trans line.

For the males, their number one most important issue is social approval of their favorite activity, compulsive masturbation to hard-core internet pornography, a practice which is constantly discussed and always upvoted by the audience. And, increasingly, explicit discussions of anal sex, and even more bizarre and unhealthy sexual practices, and constant praise of homosexuality. In fact, the only social group more praised than homosexuals are Jews.

Consider this recent article:

Dating apps blamed as a million new STD cases diagnosed every day amid warnings infections are becoming untreatable: More than a million under-50s a day contracting STDs which require antibiotic treatment hastening the emergence of drug resistance, experts warn


One commenter makes the common sense observation that you can’t “blame dating apps” because “all dating apps did was make promiscuous idiots more efficient.”

This was met with outrage by “PieFlinger”:

Blame inadequate sex ed

As if anyone at or above the age of puberty is not “educated” about STDs, which is a common subject in all public schools and constant public ad campaigns.

Who is to blame for the rise of STDs? Who else?

Many places in the US don’t teach sex ed in any meaningful way, instead pretending abstinence-only works. Christianity strikes again. — “Reddit_as_Screenplay”

Not having sex – “abstinence” – is the only actually fool-proof way to not acquire a sexually transmitted disease. But to reddit, it actually does not “work” and it’s the fault of “Christians” for not teaching people to … what exactly? Even using a condom is no protection against the most common STDs. The more promiscuous, the more chance of STDs. This is just basic medical observation with a bit of common sense, and it has nothing at all to do with the Bible or Christianity.

But there is one group of prominent heterosexuals on reddit – the “incels.”

“incels just can’t stop winning”

“Don’t want to get STDs? Just be ugly and socially awkward.”

“Working out for me for 27 years”

“60+ years here and still infection free. Yay, I guess.”

Reddit, the website for diseased homosexuals and promiscuous straights and the ugly, socially awkward losers that look up to them.