Spot The Sociopath

Here’s a mashup of three popular Reformed/Calvinist preachers: John Piper, Paul Washer, and John McArthur. The content of their theology is mostly the same, so this isn’t a theological debate. All three have a similar preaching style and all are “emotive” and “perfomative” to a certain degree.

But one is almost certainly a sociopath, as can be easily discovered by watching his other videos. Can you guess which it is, and what the tell tale signs are?

What a sociopath is is not necessarily well defined, and there’s a lot of arguments about what sociopathy entails. But for this exercise let’s simply say it’s someone who is cognitively incapable of normal human empathy, but often is extremely good at mimicking normal human empathy. An amazing feature of sociopaths is that are often *more* charismatic and *more* sexually desirable than normal people. Bill Clinton would be a famous example – notice Clinton on numerous occasions faking tears and pausing to set a “concerned” or “apologetic” look on his face.

In the “in house” documentary of the Westboro Baptist Church, “Hatemongers” you can see Fred Phelps literally move his hand up to his eye to wipe away a tear – even though his eyes are completely dry, and his attempt to mimic sadness came across as utterly creepy.

If you can guess which of the three is a sociopath, I’ll post another of his videos where it’s even more obvious.