Time for QAnons To Grow Up & Get Serious

So, there’s the picture of Bill Clinton supposedly on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane with a young woman who looks around 19. She apparently has a “modeling agency.”

So Q posts this, says look who her father is and to look at who Bill Clinton pardoned.

But they got the entire thing wrong.

It wasn’t Jeffrey Epstein’s plane. It was Ron Burkle’s plane. Burkle is another Jew oligarch and he probably engages in all sorts of Epstein-like behavior himself.

The young woman’s modeling agency probably is a prostitution ring, because that’s what models are – obviously.

But she shares the last name of someone who was pardoned by Clinton. But the guy who was pardoned by Clinton was a big pot grower from the hills of Alabama who had received the death penalty under some draconian “drug kingpin” law. Clinton “pardoned” him – in the sense he reduced the death penalty to life in prison.

This guy is not at all related to the young woman in the picture with Clinton, they just have a common last name.

QAnon spread this “lead”, presumably, because he was just googling around, noticed the last name of someone Clinton had pardoned and this girl, and spun this “lead” for the people to follow.

That is all QAnon is. It’s just some Trump fan making hazy, non-falsifiable “leads.”

But it’s still cool because the Trump-tards that believe this stuff actually go and research things, and often actually find interesting information.

I don’t know why no one had bothered to do a doc dump on Ron Burkle. Bill Clinton was flying around with Ron Burkle at the same time he was flying around with Jeffrey Epstein.

The Newhouse family, a powerful family of Jewish oligarchs in New York, that owns Vanity Fair and many, many other publications, “outed” Bill Clinton’s connections with Burkle at the same time they outed his connections to Epstein.

Why? Because the Newhouse family wanted to scare Democratic donors away from Hillary Clinton in 2008 because they were supporting Obama. Why they chose Obama over Hillary? Don’t know.

I’ve been following this thread since 2007, back when Trump was still friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton, long before QAnon.

Really, you QAnon people, make yourselves useful and look into Ron Burkle.

Really, just cut out the middle man people. I know it greatly pains you to face up to this fact but all the things you hate have a pretty specific and simple origin:

The Ashkenazi Jewish organized crime rings.

That’s why when you say “globalist” you get called “anti-semitic.” Because Jews are globalists. You didn’t mean “Jew” – you meant “globalist” – but Jews are the ones behind globalism.

And everything else you hate. Transexuals openly molesting little kids at the public library? It’s the Jews.

Mass immigration and open borders?

It’s the Jews.

Sorry, once you start reading you can’t escape the facts. It doesn’t make you “Hitler” or a “Nazi” and it doesn’t make you “anti-semitic” to notice it.

Just put two and two together. The entire Congress does anything and everything that Israel wants.

Epstein – a Zionist Jew – has been blackmailing politicians. Why are they so loyal to Israel, a foreign state, a tiny little country half way around the world?

It’s because of the Jewish oligarchs in America.

Who funded Epstein’s operation? Les Wexner, a Zionist Jew oligarch.

Who ran the girls? Ghislane Maxwell, a Zionist Jew and the daughter of notorious Mossad agent Robert Maxwell.

Who runs CNN? ABC? CBS? NBC? MSNBC? New York Times? Washington Post?

It’s Ashkenazi Jews, all of them Zionists with close family ties to Israel.

Come on, QAnon fans, be honest with yourselves and others. We know who “the Deep State” is. Donald Trump’s a part of it and always has been.

Don’t be afriad. Use your investigative powers to map out the Jewish mafia – called “the Mishpucka” – and help bring them down, thus, saving our country.

German (!) Ecologist Helga Vierich Schools Derrick Jensen On Patriarchy

Starting about about minute 40, Helga Vierich describes her study of a primitive tribe in Western Africa and their agricultural practices.

She explains their limited agriculture, and how each family tries to grow enough to have a surplus at the end of harvest season, which they store in granaries.

This is where evil hierarchy comes into play. Each family or group of families has a granary, and they pay a kind of “tax” to the headman out of their surplus, which the headman stores in his extra granary. Then, each of the headmen – the patriarchs – pay a “tax” of some of that surplus to the Head Headmen, the Grand Patriarch, who had a total of eight granaries, full of the surplus of the expropriated workers lower down the hierarchy.

Vierich admits that this bothered her, and when the Grand Patriarch, the Headman of the Headman, showed off to this Blue-Eyed Devil Paleface how many granaries he had and how they were all full, she thought a nasty thought to herself.

Until the Grand Patriarch bragged:

“Yes, I have eight full granaries. So when the next drought comes, even if it lasts for four years, I will be able to feed the entire tribe for eight years, and no one will starve.”

Well, gee, who could have ever imagined? The Grand Patriarch had not just authority over the tribe, but the ultimate responsibility for the tribe.

Vierich also mentions “husbands and wives” who live with their biological children. Oops, there you go, it’s the patriarchal institution of marriage and the nuclear family based in biology. No mention of lesbian orgies, “free love” or “liberated sexuality.” Nope, even these most primitive people have established the social construct of marriage and practice “family values.”

In another video Jensen mentions an anthropologist that explained some tribes understood that people have both a selfish instinct and a social instinct, and that good societies create social institutions that align those two interests. He gives an example: if he catches a bunch of salmon, but selfishly keeps them to himself, he will be socially shamed. But if he then shares these salmon with the rest of the tribe, he will be praised. Thus, his selfish instict for status-seeking is aligned with his social instincts.

Jensen mentions this is just common sense and asks why it took an anthopologist to figure this out. Good one, Jensen, but why haven’t you figured out that the male hierarchy, and patriarchy, is precisely this sort of alignment of interests?

Vierich also mentions a group of “elected officials” which reading between the lines means that the men of the tribe select among themselves leaders. I bet there are no women voting in this. Each Patriarch casts a vote for one of his fellow Patriarchs for Head Patriarch. There is no need to get the women and the children involved in this process, because each Husband is responsible to his Wife and their children.

The men who get elected as leaders are the ones who have a good reputation, the ones who have proven themselves smart, responsible, and fair. Selfish and incompetent men do not get chosen by their fellow men as leader.

Now, since this is a stone age tribe, and not white, we know that Derrick Jensen believes we must follow their example.

So when will Derrick Jensen give up White Middle-Class Lesbian Feminism and start promoting Natural Patriarchy and Family Values – the kind of social system that protects women and children and has their best interests at heart?

Dear New York Post: “Mestizo” Is Not A Slur

I mean, it’s the NY Post, a tabloid, I shouldn’t expect much. But come on:


“Mestizo” is a slur against people of mixed racial heritage, often white and Hispanic.

No, it is not.


Mestizo (/mɛˈstiːzoʊ, mɪ-/;[1] Spanish: [mesˈti(θ/s)o] (About this soundlisten)) is a term traditionally used in Spain, Latin America and the Philippines that originally referred to a person of combined European and Indigenous American descent, regardless of where the person was born. The term was used as an ethnic/racial category in the casta system that was in use during the Spanish Empire’s control of its American and Asian colonies.

Nowadays though, particularly in Spanish America, mestizo has become more of a cultural term, with culturally mainstream Latin Americans regarded as, or termed “mestizos” regardless of their actual ancestry and with the term Indian being reserved exclusively for people who have maintained a separate indigenous ethnic identity, language, tribal affiliation, etc.

Also, “hispanic” is not a race, you idiots. Mestizo is the racial term, “hispanic” is a linguistic term. Both can be used as ethnic terms, but you’d have to actually read the dictionary to understand that distinction, and the NY Post has more fake news to get to, so no time for that.

Is Castizo a slur? Oh, this one is going to be tough! Castizos are 3/4 Spanish – as from Spain – thus “white.” So it can’t be a slur because, well, it’s ok to slur what people.

But they are 1/4 mestizo … so it can be a slur, right?

“Read Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard,” urges the caption, before the writer injects some bigotry of his own: “Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white tw-ts?”

Hmm, is “twat” a slur? I believe it is a sexist, misoginistic slur. But he’s using it against white people, so it’s ok. I noticed the NY Post doesn’t call out that slur, nor his attack on white people.

A caption on a second photo posted a short time later heaped praise upon an obscure 19th-century manifesto embraced by white supremacists for its vile views.

OK, saying “read this book” is not exactly “heaping praise” now is it? Second of all, “embraced by white supremacists for its vile views.”

Come on. That book is utterly obscure as it’s “embraced” by no one. The views it expresses are not particularly “vile” and it’s not even racial. These Fake News people just make shit up and don’t do their homework.

They so, so desperately wanted this shooting to be some sort of “white supreeeeeeemacist alt-right neo-nazi” terrorist attack.

Why not go with the sexist, misogynist “incel” angle? That would have worked, he used an actual slur for women. Oh, but they were white women, and white women got thrown under the bus by the left now.

Sorry, this isn’t the “white supreeeeemacist” terrorist you wanted. It’s just some kid angry at the world. It’s a school shooting, essentially. Wonder if he is on SSRIs? Bet the NY Post won’t mention that, don’t want to lose any Big Pharma ad revenue!

But hey – you got your Walmart shooting this weekend, which really is a racism, so there you have it.