When I’m Right, I’m Right – Just Connect the Dots

I’m unsure if I should gloat or instead use this as a Very Serious Lesson to you all.

On Twatter, Greg Johnson sanctimoniously says that he’ll “cut ties” with anyone talking shit about the “Traditional Workers Party” blowup. He points out that he “cut ties” with Collin Liddell for “taking advantage” of the doxxing of Mike Enoch and his Jewish wife – Johnson was lying, he “cut ties” with Collin Liddell because Liddell called him “Grindr Greg.” Johnson, always telling us how high his principles are, has spent years telling us that race is more important that culture, but immediately turns on a dime when he was fighting over Mike Enoch with his enemy Richard Spencer. All of a sudden Jewishness doesn’t matter. He was rightly exposed at MajorityRights.com for that lack of principle.

Everything I’ve said over the last few years about Matt Parrott has turned out 100% correct. Parrott, remember, has attacked me personally on more than one occasion and even wrote an article at Counter Currents essentially trashing me, a distinction he shares with Vincent Law. For a third rate blogger, I certainly get a lot of attention. It’s simply because of my somewhat unique background that I can see through a lot of these plants – these operatives. I’m just very familiar with that game.

Instead of gloating over the – I’ll admit it, fucking hilarious Trailer Park Jerry Springer aspects of all this, I’ll instead connect some dots for you.

1. Parrott knew that Heimbach was fucking his wife. What did Parrott do? Did Parrott divorce his wife, cut ties with Heimbach or just kick Heimbach’s ass (totally justified)? No, Parrott and Heimbach’s wife decided to ENTRAP Heimbach – they describe a scene of standing on a box and peeking through the window to watch Heimbach fucking the woman. As someone on TRS said, this is Parrott, IT guy. He half-jokingly suggested that Parrott likely had cameras in the bedroom. Parrott “liked” my comment when I suggested he was using his position as the administrator of various WN websites to hint that he had the “dirt” on which people in the movement were gay – he apparently thought it was funny! This was when Matt Parrott was attacking Richard Spencer in 2015, saying that Spencer was run by a shadowy group of homosexuals and that Heimbach was asked to not attend NPI because of his “strong Christian beliefs” LOL. SNICKER.

Remember, too, this is the Matt Parrott that out of the blue one day made up some ridiculous lie that Hunter Wallace was stealing movement money to pay for black hookers. Wallace – like a fool – didn’t understand the significance of that. It was more than just shit talk on the internet, it reveals HOW Parrott thinks about things.

2. One way to look at this is that Matt Parrott is literally a cuck – he got off on the idea of Heimbach fucking his wife, he was literally setting up a “trap” to see if Heimbach would fuck his wife again, then he PEEKED THROUGH THE WINDOW to watch him. Parrott once claimed that I had hinted that he was a pervert when I said he likely couldn’t withstand scrutiny of his personal life, but I wasn’t suggesting that he was a pervert at all. I was referring to the very unfortunate case of his former wife.

But Parrott thought I was hinting that he was a pervert because, well, what kind of man hangs around with the dude who is fucking his wife then peeks through the window to watch them fucking? The TRS guy was probably right, he probably did have a fucking camera set up. Parrott admits that Heimbach WEARS A WIRE. So we have Parrott a) involved in audio and video surveillance and b) yukking it up at the idea that he is hinting at blackmailing movement people who he claims are gay.

Which leads us to:

3. Parrott says he did NOT call up the SPLC to give a statement. No, the SPLC called him and he gave a statement. Yes, that’s right, the SPLC has Parrott’s phone number – probably his cell. Less than 48 hours ago I write a post about the recent book explaining that Parrott and Heimbach DIRECTLY WORK WITH THE SPLC AND ANTI-WHITE JOURNALISTS on a regular basis – they have for YEARS. The SPLC has Matt Parrott on the fucking speed dial, calls him up whenever there is news, and Parrott happily gives them statements.

Are the dots connected yet? Let’s see, you have close and active collaboration with the SPLC, you have dudes wearing wires, video surveillance, audio surveillance, NUMEROUS hints of blackmail and threats of blackmail, especially over a sexual nature … you have guys spreading rumors about supposedly closeted gays in “the movement” etc.

Dots connected yet?

Another TRS commenter makes a good point too – TWP was a cult. The “Alpha Male” of the cult gets to fuck all the women. Heimbach fucks and married Parrott’s former wife’s daughter (snicker) then Heimbach fucks Parrott’s wife – Parrott knew about it, then snuck around peeking into windows to watch them.

TWP appealed to fringe, marginal people. It was a cult in the making, with Heimbach as the cult leader.

AND, these people were given CONSTANT coverage by the SPLC and the anti-white media – which they relished in – they ACTIVELY and OPENLY collaborated with the SPLC, they talked to cops, they talked to Feds, they WORE WIRES, they engaged in at least hints of sexual blackmail.

Dots connected yet?

Matt Parrott is a snitch, TWP is a front group. It’s yet another “nazi” group set up by the SPLC. Heimbach literally used to work with Israelis in college. The entire TWP thing was a creation of the media and the SPLC. Even one of the SPLC guys said they thought that Heimbach was a Fed because he went around “organizing” all the well known Fed groups like the Klan and the “National Socialist Movement.”

You know, the NSM – Federal Informant Hal Turner’s group – the one with the swastika flags that Mike Enoch, when he isn’t fucking his Jewish wife, is literally doing “Heil Hitlers” in front of and posting the pictures on social media – when Mike Enoch isn’t doing “Heil Hitlers” during NPI events with David Frum’s cameras rolling.

How many times do I have to say it? ALL “neo-Nazis” – ALL of them, 100% of them, are either Jews, Feds, or SPLC.

Weev – let out of prison early, immediately becomes a “neo-Nazi” joins up with some dude named Anglin, who when he isn’t living near US military bases in the Phillipines, creates the massively popular neo-Nazi site (((Daily Stormer))) and then proceeds to hire a Jewish propagandist, Joshua Goldberg, to write for him. Immediately gets publicity from Rita Katz of SITE Intel in Washington DC, who then draws connections between “radical Muslim terrorists” and “White Nationalist terrorists” – and literally uses BOTH of Joshua Goldberg’s characters to “prove” it – first, Goldberg’s Daily Stormer character “Michael Slay” AND his Muslim character “Australi Witness.”

Dots connected yet?

How much more obvious can it be?

100% of “neo-Nazis” are Jews, Feds, and SPLC. Take it to the bank.

Also, fuck you Matt Parrott, you disgusting snitch. I figured you out even before you went to work for Heimbach. You’re a nasty collaborator with blood on your hands.

The Posters at TheRightStuff.biz are Unbelievably Stupid

It literally feels like I’m reading retarded people.


Of course, Anglin is completely correct about Heimbach. But, on the other hand, who does Anglin think he’s appealing to? I mean, aside from frustrated teenage boys who spend a lot of time on the internet telling dirty jokes? The only real difference between Heimbach and Anglin is that Heimbach exists offline, and Anglin exists online. They BOTH play “Nazi” – Heimbach sometimes lies and says he’s not, while Anglin sometimes lies and says he is. But from a “normie” perspective, it’s all the same thing.

There are literaly people on that forum saying, “hey Heimbach is appealing to working class whites!” This is stupid – Heimbach does NOT appeal to working class Whites. He turns off working class Whites. Then someone will come along and say, “well Heimbach is a nice guy he just need to worry about optics more.” No, Heimbach is fully aware that he is “bad optics” – that *IS* the entire point of Heimbach, bad optics are what gets him on TV. He’s not a “well meaning guy who happens to have some bad tactics.” His entire gimmick is clown.

Yet Anglin – well, what is Anglin? He just plays a snarky, online version of Heimbach. While Heimbach actually sews on armbands and parades around with them, Anglin just photoshops himself in Nazi uniforms. Heimbach can’t stop grinning when he’s playing the fool in front of the cameras, while Anglin can’t stop smirking when he’s trolling the normies.

Both of these people play act as (((Hollywood Nazis))) for attention, one online, one offline, and none of them have any possibility of any sort of social or political influence. It’s ALL LARPing.

Anglin lately has taken shots at Heimbach just because Heimbach is ruining the joke.

Remember, too, TheRightStuff.biz is supposed to be the “smarter” version of (((Daily Stormer))) – but just read the comments. It’s wall to wall retarded.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t a “black pill.” White Identity *IS* going mainstream. Donald Trump is a Likudnik shill, but White people voted for him because he sometimes made noises as pro-White. White people voted for Trump even though they were called “nazihitlerracistkkkfascist” etc. White people voted for Trump even as they were called “deplorables” who were being suckered by Vladimir Putin’s fake news. No, of course, Trump is a fraud and he’s not going to do anything for White people, but White people voted – for once – in their own perceived interests *as Whites.*

So, this isn’t a black pill at all. As America because less and less White, Whites are going to become more and more racially aware, and they will take their own side – implicitly and explicitly – as that happens.

Even if White people become a minority, they will still be the definition of the “first world” wherever they are.

White will win. White will survive. We have a great future ahead of us.

It’s just that the retards like Heimbach – and the Daily Stormer/Right Stuff types – are not going to have any appreciable place in that White future. Eventually, Daily Stormer fans are going to get bored, grow up, get real jobs and girlfriends. Eventually, Heimbach’s not going to get media attention because he will have outlived his usefullness as a media clown.

Spencer’s “Alt Right” is already kind of old hat. The rhetoric isn’t particularly shocking anymore, the gimmick has already peaked. His college tour is over.

There will be new bloggers, new podcasts, new youtube channels.

All that Heimbach and Anglin have done is get a tiny bit of attention for a few years because they people could anonymously break the “Naught-see” taboo, and breaking taboos is a lot of fun for teenage boys (and some teenage girls.) But being an “ironic naught-zee” isn’t even particularly taboo anymore. I realize these are kids, so they don’t get it, but Jew comedian Mel Brooks was doing Anglin’s gimmick back in the 1970s. Jews *LOVE* to play with the Naught-zee taboo – that’s why Jews have written for Anglin’s site, that’s why the Jew media gives Heimbach a lot of coverage.

When I was in elementary school, we told “oven jokes” about the Holocaust too. These kids – they alwayst think they invented everything. Eventually, some kid at the Daily Stormer is going to get a blow job and he’ll think he invented sex.

As for the “WN1.0” types – that ones that infect respectable sites like TOO and still manage to say, “in 2018 America, I still believe that Hitler and the NSDAP are the model we should follow” – well, you know, there are still Scientologists out there. There are still retarded Christians say “we must support Israel because Jesus!” There are still Berniebros out there saying “Marx was right we need a communist revolution!”

They are just fringe people that will always be fringe and will never be anything other than fringe. And I’m guessing that the Alt Right – of the Spencer, Anglin, Weev, TRS variety – it’s already peaked. I know I’m bored of it.

If the Democrats win Congress this coming election, the GOP will do what they do best – they will siphon off whatever energy is left in the “Alt Right” they will appeal just a bit more explicitly to White identity, and they will rebrand some sort of “conservativism” or “libertarianism” to try to win back Congress. They will get the media attention, and the losers of TWP, TRS, and (((DS))) will fade as the bright glare of the Jewish media starts pointing elsewhere.

One benefit of being older is that you’ve seen all this shit before.

I have a new standard now. Whenever I read anyone suggesting that George Lincoln Rockwell was sincere, really had the right idea, and we need a guy like him, I realize I’m dealing with a drooling idiot and immediately discount anything they have to say.

These kids don’t realize they are literally repeating a Hollywood joke from the 1970s. I would try to clue them in, but I don’t think it would make a difference.

Hipster Racist, Vindicated Again

Apparently, Matt Heimbach has been actively collaborating with a leftist, anti-white “journalist” for SIX YEARS.


[Vegas] Tenold is a Norwegian Leftist journalist who has spent the last six years “embedded” with the National Socialist Movement, KKK groups, and the Traditionalist Workers Party. The result is basically a book about Matt Heimbach, whose grand strategy, at least in its first phase, is to create a coalition of skinhead, Klan, and National Socialist groups under the TWP banner.

In Tenold’s portrait, Heimbach is described as a physically repulsive, slovenly crank with a compulsion to embrace positions that are divisive and self-marginalizing even within the marginal far-Right subculture … All this is pretty much obvious to anyone who has followed Heimbach’s public career.

Johnson also claims that Matt Parrott explained to him years ago what their “strategy” is, and it “just happens” to be exactly what I’ve been saying about Heimbach and his crew since day one – when Matt Heimbach first became a media star, getting the endorsement of Mark Potak of the SPLC and ABC News:

Years ago, Matt Parrott told me the cynical strategy behind Heimbach’s active press engagement, and I suspect that similar calculations drive Spencer as well. According to Parrott, most people in this movement lack the “self-esteem” and judgment to choose their own leaders. Instead, they allow the press and groups like the SPLC to anoint their leaders for them. Therefore, if one wants to become a White Nationalist leader, one must court the press and the SPLC. — Greg Johnson

Again, this is obvious to anyone paying attention. Heimbach is nothing but a media creation: he has no followers, no real organization – zero charisma, no intelligence, no ideas. All he has done – ever – is to appear as a clown for the media. His “Trad Workers” group is a theater troupe, literally, a handful of marginal cranks that dress up in costumes and parade around in front of the media camera.

This isn’t “bad strategy” – it is active collaboration with the enemy. Just a few months back Parrott admitted that Heimbach wore a wire, for “self-protection” you see. The question isn’t “is Matt Heimbach an agent of the SPLC,” the question is simple, “if Heimbach WAS an agent of the SPLC, what we he do differently?”

The answer is, of course, nothing. Not a thing.

Johnson takes delight in skewering his personal enemy Richard Spencer, but Spencer and Johnson, whatever their faults, are simply not in the same category as Heimbach.

It’s vindicating to know that Matt Parrott agrees with me on his and Heimbach’s “strategy” – the “strategy” is to work closely with the anti-white media in order to get their faces on TV and then present themselves as “leaders” of some sort of “movement.”

What sad, however, is the people who are endorsed by Johnson, along with quite sensible people and groups like Red Ice and Identity Evropa, Johnson endorses the online versions of Matt Heimbach, Andrew Anglin and (((Weev))) as well as Mike Enoch. Enoch is good as a radio host, and terrible as an “activist” but Johnson clearly still wants to be on Enoch’s good side, the only possible reason being that Johnson believes Enoch’s audience is a source of book sales. Enoch’s not quite a clown on the level of Heimbach or Anglin, but he certainly endorses the clownish behavior of both types and actively collaborates with the clowns.

He really should just stick to his podcast, which isn’t terrible, and continue whining that Hipster Racist and Aryan Skynet “may as well be Jews” – like his wife – because we are “critics” of Heimbach and Anglin – and Enoch.

I’m fine with that.

Sad to read that Kyle Bristow, the sucessful lawyer who has been suing these colleges that won’t allow Spencer to speak, has apparently broken with Spencer now, likely one of the reasons Spencer has announced and end to his college speaking tour. For what it’s worth, I thought Spencer’s college speaking tour was a net win – although I predicted everything that has happened since. The day after “Hailgate” I warned Spencer, right on his site, that the clown show – Heimbach, “Azzmodor” and the (((Daily Stormer))) types – which apparently include Mike Enoch – would follow him around everywhere, doing “Heil Hitlers” in front of the cameras, and that the more Spencer associated with those types, the more he would become a clown himself.

Spencer is a perfect example of a HUGE waste of potential. AltRight.com had the potential to be a serious public outlet for pro-White views, instead it has become the platform for childish clowns like Vincent Law who endorses (((Weev’s))) attacks on attractive pro-White women and silly, troll like posturing online. AltRight.com, under Vincent Law’s management, has become just another (((Daily Stormer))) – just without the humor.

I’m just glad to say that a) I’ve never, ever, been involved in any of these people’s “movements” and b) everything that I predicted has come true, in spades. Not at all because I’m any sort of genius, just because I live in reality – the real world.

No one with any sense of reality could ever believe that Matt Heimbach was going to be the “leader” of anything, or that “fascism” or some sort of Hitler retread “ideology” was ever going to be anything other than an SPLC side show, or that frog-trolling and Anglin’s “neo-nazi” antics would ever play outside of the “teenage boys in their mom’s basement masturbating to anime porn” crowd.


The Freemason Conspiracy

Banned from Twitter for a fouth and likely last time, I figured I’d regale my dwindling audience with this hilariously funny, nearly 100 year old joke – that to this day, is taken seriously by Conservatives, Neo-Reactionaries, and superstitious Catholics. I’ll be the first to admit to having a sort of begruding respect for Taxil – in the same sense of I do L. Ron Hubbard. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how ridiculous the fiction – as Taxil says, people want it “hot and strong.” People want to have their superstitions and their preconceptions validated.

So I can tell half-true, half-fictional stories of Manhattan orgies with barely legal trafficked Russian models – sort of a poor man’s version of Trump’s own stories of Studio 54 – and see how much people will believe and how much they think is fictional. I win either way, I’m just a story teller after all. The more true the stories, the worse I look. But the more people believe, the more they are admitting their own prurient interests in such things. If I’m a bad guy, a moral leper, well, what to make of my audience who have for five years breathlessly waited for the next installments? What to think of my readers – male and female – who are both shocked – and titillated – by stories of White suburban teenage debauchery and peeks behind the curtain of what the sexually degenerate New York elites (and wanna-be elites) really do?

Cocaine parties and public sex orgies at night clubs? That’s how Trump got famous, after all. And you all voted for him!


Never forget, Taxil was granted a personal audience with the Pope – the Vicar of Christ – who used his position as the leader of the entire Catholic church to publically endorse Taxil’s absurd joke. The Pope bought it, hook line and sinker. Apparently God – whom the Pope presumes to speak for – choose to allow the guy on the throne in Rome to make an utter fool of himself – and reveal his own prurient interests in just what sort of sex parties those Freemasons were having (apparently, the kind with women – something Vatican Catholics are clearly unfamiliar with, celibates apparently with a preference for little boys.)

I’m sorry, it’s just impossible to take Catholics seriously – religious people in general.


“The public made me what I am; the arch-liar of the period,” confessed Taxil, “for when I first commenced to write against the Masons my object was amusement pure and simple. The crimes I laid at their door were so grotesque, so impossible, so widely exaggerated, I thought everybody would see the joke and give me credit for originating a new line of humor. But my readers wouldn’t have it so; they accepted my fables as gospel truth, and the more I lied for the purpose of showing that I lied, the more convinced became they that I was a paragon of veracity.

“Then it dawned upon me that there was lots of money in being a Munchausen of the right kind, and for twelve years I gave it to them hot and strong, but never too hot. When inditing such slush as the story of the devil snake who wrote prophecies on Diana’s back with the end of his tail, I sometimes said to myself: ‘Hold on, you are going too far,’ but I didn’t. My readers even took kindly to the yarn of the devil who, in order to marry a Mason, transformed himself into a crocodile, and, despite the masquerade, played the piano wonderfully well.

“One day when lecturing at Lille, I told my audience that I had just had an apparition of Nautilus, the most daring affront on human credulity I had so far risked. But my hearers never turned a hair. ‘Hear ye, the doctor has seen Nautulius,’ they said with admiring glances. Of course no one had a clear idea of who Nautilus was, I didn’t myself, but they assumed that he was a devil.

“Ah, the jolly evenings I spent with my fellow authors hatching out new plots, new, unheard of perversions of truth and logic, each trying to outdo the other in organized mystification. I thought I would kill myself laughing at some of the things proposed, but everything went; there is no limit to human stupidity”.