Why Hipster Racist?

Originally simply to introduce Mindweapon to the foundational articles describing ‘hipster racism‘ and the name just sort of stuck. It’s appropriate, because both “hipster” and “racist” are pejoratives aimed at white people; no one calls themselves a “racist” and no one calls themselves a “hipster.” It’s implied by both labels that a “racist” and a “hipster” will always deny actually being a racist or a hipster.

It’s also a good example of how “anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white,” thus, “racist is just a code word for white.”

Often it’s the most “well meaning” white people that get accused of “racism.” Even if a white person has non-white friends, socializes with non-whites, works with non-whites, or has any personal interaction with non-whites, he or she is still going to be described as “racist” and the slightest word, glance or gesture, even if meant out of affection or humor, can be described as “racism,” or “hipster racism.”

The anti-whites have defined “racist” for us, it’s “prejudice plus power” and by definition, whites have all the power and whites have all the privilege and we’re never truly color-blind, therefore, we are all racists.

So, we’re embracing it. We’re taking it back!

RamZPaul’s rules are in effect: only whites are allowed to call each other “The R Word.”

15 thoughts on “Why Hipster Racist?

  1. Give me some credit here. I’m the one who pointed out what a cool name “Hipster Racist” is.

    Since I’m not a blogger, I can’t give you blogging pointers. But I’ll give you this piece of wisdom from my days as a fiction writer: if you have an idea, don’t say it. Do not make a comment to the effect of “I have an idea about X, will do a post about it.”

    Saying it neutralizes the tension in your psyche that forces you to write, and so you’ll never write it.


    1. Very true PA, I was going to retire it, but you said it was “iconic.”

      if you have an idea, don’t say it. Do not make a comment to the effect of “I have an idea about X, will do a post about it.”

      Good point.


  2. Hipster,

    If your ears were burning, I mentioned some of your best posts (they were all good) to my brother several weeks ago and he was not only fascinated by a lot of your personal insights, he admitted he absolutely LOVED your handle!

    As HE pointed out, your moniker, “Hipster Racist” is the ultimate “In-Your-Face” KEWWWL. That inspiration of your had to come from the Almighty, Himself. LOL.

    Anyway, I’m going to send him a link to your blog.

    Your occasional sparring partner,



      1. Remember that thread on Mindweapons about a SHTF scenario when the EBT Card stops working? I do, because you were the only standout among the gloom and doom crowd who thought there would be an “Apocalypse Now” scenario.

        You put forward a very lucid argument as to why you didn’t believe the Big Crash would occur during our lifetimes. I mentioned your argument to my brother and he was fascinated, because he bought into “The Sky Is Falling” scenario as much as anyone else.

        And when I told him your screen name, he was hooked. Like he said, it sounds so very “In-Your-Face” KEWWWWL, that he couldn’t help but like it. I think he will be further delighted, as I am, that Maxwell Smart is your avatar, LOL. We are both big “Get Smart” fans.

        If I knew that you were a Maxwell Smart fan, and if I were several years younger, I’d demand that you sire a child on me, LOL.

        I don’t agree with all your positions, but I love your wit and how original you are.

        Keep up the great work!


    1. Cly,

      I used to be a doomer, then got bored of it. Hey, I grew up watching Get Smart reruns and the opening scene absolutely captivated me as a … toddler? I must have been 5 or so. Plus I figured it fit in with the whole intel agency thing that MW and I have been flogging for a while.

      If we agreed on everything it wouldn’t be any fun now would it? There’s also surrogates, sweetheart, so don’t rule anything out just yet.


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