Don’t Get Married, Hire a Secretary

Don’t Get Married, Hire a Secretary

With all the talk of game, pick up artists, men’s rights activists, feminism, traditional marriage and the battle of the sexes, I figured it was time to step back and look at the situation in a different way. The problems with modern relationships, at least from men’s perspectives, have been discussed online for years now, so here’s something of a solution.

Don’t bother with a girlfriend or a wife. Just hire a secretary.

NeoNietzsche at Master Morality

  • The Lower Class Man prides himself on making a slave *of* his Woman.
  • The Middle Class Man prides himself on being a slave *to* his Woman.
  • The Upper Class Man prides himself on providing a slave *for* his Woman.

What does she eat?

  • Omega: Whatever.
  • Beta: Where do you want to eat tonight, honey?
  • Alpha: Whatever I put in your mouth.
  • Dom: Make reservations at Dorsia. I want you to try the cilantro crawfish gumbo.

What does she wear?

  • Omega: Whatever.
  • Beta: You look great in all of those, honey.
  • Alpha: Wear the little black dress.
  • Dom: The little black dress, no panties.

What does she do?

  • Omega: Whatever she wants.
  • Beta: She has her own career.
  • Alpha: Stay at home mom.
  • Dom: Manages the staff.

When does she have sex?

jjtonn 3 years ago:

I may have drawn the line at the saddle...

..Oh, who am I kidding?

James Spader is fucking sexy.

Saddle. Me. Up.

Comment by aoefe at eradica:

We’re (women) frustrated with men who cow-tow to our every whim and yet we have no clue as to why we are. We are bombarded with romantic messages of how ‘real’ men behave and whip our guys into behaving like they are men from movies like P.S. I Love You. And then hate them for it. There’s a reason 50 Shades of Grey is a number 1 best seller. (it’s poorly written but the premise is there). Women want men who’ll dominate them, and if you take the kink out of (I don’t) then it means women want a leader. Women have amazing strengths but I believe we’re hardwired to submit and men have lost their way in regards to what that means – what they are accountable for and what a responsibility that is.

Men want their cake and eat it too. They want to be cared for, nurtured, but are unwilling to set the ground rules for what that should look like, what the expectations are from their women. Women are out of control without direction (harsh but true) and are running the show right now and it’s detrimental, it’s not our fault either. Somewhere along the way the wires have become crossed and damn if I know how they’ll become uncrossed.


Fortunately, sexual harassment laws make it illegal to hire a Secretary, and divorce laws make it impossible to have a traditional Christian wife. These laws exist to stop the horrible exploitation of women. So back to banging bar sluts! God bless America.

Wives, be subject to your husbands as you are to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the church, the body of which he is the Savior. Just as the church is subject to Christ, so also wives ought to be, in everything, to their husbands. Ephesians 5:22-33

(Special Thanks to Miss S.)

22 thoughts on “Don’t Get Married, Hire a Secretary

  1. “omega: whatever” LOL, in the new post modern companionship the most important thing that “we” resurrect is the idea that the companionship serves a PURPOSE, i.e. making little white babies. this is the purpose, not gettin’ muh dik in some tight 17 year old puzze like the rest of negrified america. a purpose to it all will counteract the use of contraceptives which have, in the first place, removed our actions from reality’s intentions. cool blog sir!


  2. I loved that movie. I thought Secretary ended very well.

    Maybe we can work something out off the books. The underground economy is pretty large.


    1. Yes, great story, could only have been written by a woman. It’s basically an old fashioned fairy tale romance. Girl meets boy, gets him to commit, they live happily ever after.


      1. Hipster,

        You naughty boy.

        This was funny as hell, but I strongly suggest you put a SPEW ALERT WARNING on blogs like this one. I nearly choked to death on my water to keep from ruining my keyboard, I was laughing so hard.

        My Inner Feminazi hated this, but I was thoroughly entertained, making that old adage about “better a headache than a bore” oh so true.

        Love ya,



  3. ‘Women are out of control without direction (harsh but true) and are running the show right now and it’s detrimental, it’s not our fault either.’

    Women say that they want to be dominated by a single-man (their husband) but what happens when an argument turns into a violent row? Does the woman submit? Nah, she goes to the authority figure she really looks up to: the police. So long as women use husbands as a cash cow, and stay married to the police/state then divorces will keep going up, and marriage rates keep going down.


    1. That’s exactly why you don’t marry ’em. Don’t worry, we’re nearing a critical mass of carousel riders hitting the wall, they will either get a very low quality beta provider that they will constantly cheat on until the divorce, or wind up with the cat and the vibrator.

      Meanwhile, easy sex. It’s a win-win for men. Thank God for feminism!


  4. I was thinking that maybe I’d get a maid
    Find a place nearby for her to stay
    Just someone to keep my house clean
    Fix my meals and go away . . .


    1. Oog, great find.

      no inherent reason whatsoever why a woman will be compelled to accept a job that contains sexual advances that she does not want.

      How about a woman that does not have enough money to feed herself and her family?

      Where’s the father? Then, when he turns the moral question around on her, the response:

      I won’t even try to point out how disgusting this paragraph is on it face.

      Notice the emotional reaction, no argument, it’s just supposed to be self-evident. Women’s sexuality is holy, men’s sexuality is dirty, exploitative, and “disgusting.” These same types tend to defend prostitution, ironically.

      I figure if you just reframe traditional Christian marriage as a kinky Dominance/submission sexual relationship, they will have to shut up. How dare you criticize a woman for her sexual orientation towards dominant men? What two people do in the privacy of their own homes is none of your business, even if it does include spanking and restraints.

      Maybe we need some Sub-Walker rallies.


      1. Well, a few years ago Muslims did exactly that. The Dutch newspaper Trouw carried an article stating that if non-Muslims were entitled to SM-relationships, Muslims were entitled to Islamic marriage. The similarity between SM and traditional marriage is not lost on radical feminists.


    2. Also, notice how men are dehumanized and de-individualized. “Society” has to provide for the woman and her children. So, what is “society?” It’s all those beta provider men that must provide for her and her children, but get nothing in return, certainly, not sex, or even children.

      “Alpha fucks and beta bucks.”

      It’s tempting to just laugh at these silly women, but just consider the place of sheer contempt for the “beta providers” these feminists are coming from.

      They see these men as non-individuals, just a mass – “society” – that only exists to provide for women.


      1. And she completely overlooks that it is of course only the employer who has sexual access to his employees. The libertarian logic of Walter Block of course does not apply to fellow workers. I guess the beta still loses under the system defended by him.


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