How to Subtly Drive Negroes Away From Your Restaurant

How to Subtly Drive Negroes Away From Your Restaurant

It’s a common problem for anyone operating a business in a diverse area. You want to become a success by serving delicious food to nice white people, but you legally can’t prevent Negroes from coming in. And we all know how much Negroes love to complain, hell, they will complain about “racism” even if you are doing your level best to serve them.

Consider Denny’s; anyone who has ever eaten at Denny’s late at night knows there is a problem with loud talking, misbehaving Negroes ruining the atmosphere for the nice white people. If a white couple gets slow service, they might grumble and complain, but if black people get slow service, they all have Al Sharpton on the speed dial, and you might wind up on the local news accused of racism (that’s actually a good thing, think about it.)

Plus, as is well known, black people don’t tip. Who needs ’em?

So here’s a few tips on how to subtly keep blacks from ruining the atmosphere at your restaurant while maintaing plausible deniability.

1. Play classical music.

Negroes hate classical music because they can’t find the “beat.”


“How can you listen to that stuff? It ain’t got no rhythm!”

2. Display lots of fresh flowers.

This gives Negroes the heebee-jeebies because their African brain associates brightly colored flowers with dangerous African insects. Plus blacks hate anything naturally beautiful.

3. Hire a mulatto maitre-de.

This is an advanced technique. Hire an ultra-light skinned mulatto and put them right up front. Whites will be perfectly happy to be seated by an Obama lookalike, but blacks will subconsciously feel like part of the staff, as if they should be in the kitchen washing dishes, not in the dining room with the whites. Also, mulattoes are more racist against the dark skinned blacks than any Ku Klux Klansman could ever be, and will use advanced subtle racism to make the Negroes feel uncomfortable.

4. Put a fried chicken and watermelon dish on the menu, but always be out of it.

Whites will be delighted (who doesn’t like fried chicken and watermelon?) but disappointed when their server tells them you are out, but blacks will be outraged, both at the fact the dish in on the menu in the first place, and doubly so that when they finally get up the courage to order it, you are out.

5. Use restaurant lingo.

Whites will assume restaurant lingo is just the local jargon, but blacks will assume it’s a secret racist code. When whites hear the waitstaff say “we got a cambro that needs to get trashed” they will be thrilled at hearing “waiter code” and that will make them feel the place is sufficiently “authentic.” Blacks will of course believe it’s secret racism. So it’s a win win.

Try these tips and enjoy a successful restaurant with an all-white clientele!

11 thoughts on “How to Subtly Drive Negroes Away From Your Restaurant

  1. Good stuff. An entire branch of legitimate science can be made out of this kind of psych-ops.

    And there certainly are industries that quietly apply this science to their markets. Shopping malls with bus lines to nearby ghettos utilize some kind of advanced trick to keep blacks well-behaved; I think the trick in that case is to communicate that they are welcome there (sort of), but they do not run the show there. How they do it — what are the specific tricks? I have no idea. It fascinates me though.

    As to music, you got Country or even bluegrass, as obvious repellents. But there is also dub-step. It freaks blacks out because it makes them think of crazy white people.


    1. Well please tell me you laughed at least once. At least at the fried chicken thing? That shit is gold, Jerry, gold!

      I’m pretty sure I read most of these somewhere, I think it’s actually a kind of folk knowledge among retailers.

      Dub-step? Oh you’re a hipster, huh?


  2. I lived in a “diverse” city with a college that had a lot of “diverse” students. I know this, because I took a couple of continuing education courses there.

    The students relied on the shuttle to get from the parking lot to the university. Well, with too much “diversity,” as any school bus driver can tell you, any kind of public transportation turns into a zoo on wheels.

    Most shuttles were rather loud and raucous (though quieter than high school buses). Except for one.

    THAT shuttle was driven by this skinny but SCARY little White man. The reason why I say scary is that the “diversity” got on the bus, parked their butts in their seats, and did not say one word the entire trip. AND they were extremely polite and deferential to him.

    Let me describe this guy and how he operated.

    He wore a baseball cap, very opaque sunglasses and a face mask (worn by someone who was afraid of getting or spreading germs). He was very, very imperious. Last, but not least, he blasted classical music and I’m not talking pleasant music that you could tap your feet to, like a waltz or polka. I’m talking about the most high-brow, esoteric, complex, EGGHEAD music imaginable.

    It was obvious to me that the more “diverse” they were, the more intimidated the students were by him. The young White kids a little less, but still they were respectful and quiet, too. Hell, he even intimidated ME a little.

    But after reading your post, and upon reflection, it makes a certain amount of sense to me. The diversity had to RESPECT a White man who was assertive about his culture. Most of their parents had slipped over the border to get to it. White Americans and White Europeans, to some extent, have been brainwashed by Marxism into thinking their culture is not all that, but the diversity KNOWS better.


    1. blasted classical music and I’m not talking pleasant music that you could tap your feet to, like a waltz or polka. I’m talking about the most high-brow, esoteric, complex, EGGHEAD music imaginable.

      Awesome story, Cly, and yes, it’s almost just a psychological trick. He asserted his culture and the sensory environment was under his control using his main weapons, the radio.

      I also suspect that the mask dehumanized him a little bit, making him somewhat scarier.


  3. Lobster: charge too much for the lobster and watch coloreds drop big shekels on it. Besides, they aren’t tipping so it’s fair. Perhaps the lobster’s resemblance to an insect waters negroid appetites. Remember to rarely stock any and have a bullshit excuse about “boat schedules” or “environmental concerns.” Authenticity points for honkies, frustration for ostentatious congoids.

    Over-cooked ribs are another must. What self-conscious SWPL would eat them in public? Remus be wantin ribs and boy will he be pissed when they’re awful. The ensuing tantrum will infuse your staff with even more racism. For Whitey? Why all of our meat is chemical free and you’ve probably never tasted pure organic ribs before. Farmer Smith’s fair trade cattle feed imbues a special flavor.

    Lastly, avoid green glass. Tanqueray and Heineken are both mediocre but serve as status trinkets for bushmen. Cheap glass works much like it did on Injuns. Factor in an ethereal green and it evokes splendor in simians. Sadly, coloreds don’t have wampum to trade.

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  4. So true. I know some servers, and they actually argue in the back of the restaurant over which one will have to wait on the party of blacks that just entered the restaurant. (Even the black female server did not want those tables.) They are loud, demanding, impolite and and do not tip. The restaurant I am thinking of plays classical music in the background, so black customers are rare….

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  5. I agree..I delivered Pizzas and other Italian food while going to college in the 70’s…The blacks would want even 10 cents change back after paying a 40 dollar bill…N—–s nauseate me..

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  6. I got two suggestions for you.

    Discounts for people who have gun permits, government employees and/or fishing licenses, and also BIG discounts for cops/military/private-security/sherrif’s-office.

    Trust me…….lol.

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  7. “government employees”??? You have white govt employees where you live? Must be the PNW or some such.

    Snake wins thread with the lobster bit. Homies impress dey ladeez with that lobster sheet. And CRISTAL!

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