Forbes: Republicans Need the Hipster Racist Vote

Once again, your humble correspondent was ahead of the curve. I was over-analyzing Hipsterism before it was cool.

The serious folks at Forbes magazine have declared that hipsterism is a serious cultural problem and even mines capitalism and class as a way to understand anti-hipster discourse.

Yes, that’s right, “anti-hipster discourse.”

Say it with me folks: Anti-Hipster is just a code word for Anti-White.

You're damn right it is honey, and don't you forget it!
You’re damn right it is honey, and don’t you forget it!

[Rand] Paul similarly warned against the GOP’s being “the party of white people,” but he also called for outreach to people “with tattoos,” “ponytails,” and “beards.”

he appreciates the irony in trying to pitch a crash hipster outreach program to a GOP already mocked as the party of white people. Nobody, after all, is whiter than a white hipster.

But this is the point! Republicans only seem to be the party of white people. It’s more accurate to say — as harsher, sometimes unfair critics do — that they’re the party of people who think of themselves as more or less the surviving holdouts of “Real America.” A lot of those people are white. But their whiteness is implicated in their sense of Real America in far more complex ways than is often acknowledged. Hipsters help us grasp this. For a “real conservative,” a stereotypical hipster is a poster child for what’s wrong with America, even though the stereotypical hipster hasn’t run afoul of conservative criticism by trying to reject their white identity and indulge in multicultural cultural politics. (That was so ’90s.)

Heightening the challenge, meanwhile, is the difficulty that so many people are having defining hipsters, period. Though we have tried, it’s proven far more difficult to mock and pigeonhole hipsters than, say, goths. (Hipsters seem paradoxically connected to extreme coolness and extreme loserdom at the same time.) That makes hipsters a cultural problem, all the more annoying given how annoying hipsters are supposed to be in the first place. And as a cultural problem, hipsters are right now the primary target for writers and commentators playing cultural politics.

7 thoughts on “Forbes: Republicans Need the Hipster Racist Vote

    1. True, but there is some substance there, however convoluted.

      Take the case of SWUGs, Senior Washed Up Girls. These were a group of senior women at one of the Ivy schools that formed a little club, and would tease each other about how they didn’t care about chasing around college men anymore – “you’re such a SWUG, that little freshman is sleeping with your ex and you don’t even care!” The meme spread to the freshmen girls, and panic ensued, from both the feminists and counter-feminists.

      The feminists were upset that SWUGs were promoting counter-feminist memes, the counter-feminists that they were promoting feminist memes. SWUGs developed into caring very much about the men, this outraged feminists, it was supposed to be about sisterhood. The counter-feminists were upset that these women were slutting it up in college, making themselves unfit future wives and mothers, and wasting college on useless liberals arts degrees anyway.

      The SWUGs don’t care either way, they don’t give a damn if feminists are upset they like sex with men, and they don’t give a damn is the counter-feminists think they are slutty.

      Same with hipsters, according to this guy at Forbes. If hipsters are rejecting the typical status markers of the traditional middle class, suburban houses and cars, that’s a crisis for capitalism, and a crisis for Republicans who only have the economic pitch. Same with hipster racism, the cultural anti-white left has simply not captured the (white) hipster’s imagination, other than maybe environmentalism. Hipsters just don’t really care about the sensitive feelings of non-whites. Non-whites don’t listen to cool music anyway, who cares what they think?

      The word “hipster” was just a way for fashionable urban white youth to make fun of each other (dude you are such a hipster!), but what those fashionable urban white youth represent – the future – is what has the observers is such a conundrum.

      White Hipsters and SWUGs, they refuse to get with the program. Sure, it’s not sustainable and it won’t last, but think of it as a mass cultural strike. Why should a hipster guy work hard and make money, when he will likely never procreate and can bang all the hipster girls he wants? Why should a SWUG settle down, marry a beta provider and raise children, she can work and have one designer baby when she’s 35?

      Why should a young man enlist to defend his country when’s he’s only going to be used as cannor fodder to prop up foreign states and open markets for corporations he has no stock in?

      The older generation cheated the younger out of its inheritance, and now it’s crashing all around them. Schadenfreude. The Last Man.

      Skrillex spins dubstep while Brooklyn burns. A fitting demise if you ask me.


      1. Also, it’s no coincidence that Hipsters originated in Brooklyn post-9/11. I was there, I saw the whole thing happen. The kids knew the deal. Party at the end of the world.


  1. IMO (.02 worth if that) the ex-mil combat arms vets provide many a hipster. I base this on many a youtube loops, basically watching a lost generation that does not want cubicle life and still likes the vag and of course guns.


  2. Rand Paul is right — there is an ‘eco-hipster-Right’ out there waiting to be focused politically, especially as PC becomes the ‘mainstream’ and conservatism becomes ‘counter-culture’, if only the Republicans can foster enough political imagination to harness it. Republicans need to find a way to tap the ‘Alternative Right’ concept — conservatism as counter-culture. Hipsters already exhibit at least two dominant marks for it: appreciation and rediscovery of the past, especially those historical ways of life that exhibit an independent, DIY ethos, i.e., the pioneer spirit. That’s the soul of American conservatism: what we would want to ‘restore’ is not a European aristocracy, but the independent, pioneer spirit of early America.


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