Never Trust a Hipster, or, the Espionage Model in the Age of COINTELPRO

Never Trust a Hipster, or, the Espionage Model in the Age of COINTELPRO

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the FBI is the number one terrorist recruiter. Considering that gun culture is so prevalent among the White Right, and that the anti-White coalition would love nothing more than to parade a “white supremacist neo-nazi” around on TV, it’s only a matter of time until they sucker some 19 year old white kid into doing something stupid. But it won’t matter, the anti-whites on MSNBC will screetch in righteous anger, but they won’t use the opportunity to attack Whites in any meaningful sense, they will just defend Muslims and immigrants. The anti-white neo-cons on FOX will distance themselves from “racism” and start talking about Bill Ayers. It will suck for the 19 year old white kid but will have no real effect on the larger non-movement, or “stuckment” as Matt Parrott might say.

In the case of the Newburgh Four – where four men were convicted for a fake terror attack on Jewish targets in the Bronx – a confidential informant offered $250,000, a free holiday and a car to one suspect for help with the attack.

In the case of the Fort Dix Five, which involved a fake plan to attack a New Jersey military base, one informant’s criminal past included attempted murder, while another admitted in court at least two of the suspects later jailed for life had not known of any plot.

So, assume everyone is a plant, just like back in the 60s. Especially, of course, on line!

But how can you organize when anyone could be a Fed, or maybe even a you know who? Forget the Feds for a moment, what about some trouble maker like an ADL plant, an $PLC troublemaker on your email list, or a media campaign to turn you into a google felon and try to get you fired?

There are strategies to avoid these problems, and to embrace them.

First is the most simple, don’t. Stop trying to organize White Nationalists. Instead, organize whites. Not just any whites, your whites.

Start with your own family. Your brothers, cousins, uncles and nephews form a core cell by yourselves, and the loyalty isn’t ideological, it’s biological. Men that you have known your whole life, family friends, school buddies; anyone with a background known to you, is a potential cell member. Those without male relatives should seek out a family that does. Don’t worry about ideology, because let’s be honest, your white nationalism is boring as fuck, anyway. As long as they aren’t actively anti-white, that’s good enough.

Notice that this cell structure is not “secret,” it’s pretty easy to find out who is related to whom, especially in the era of Big Data. So once ZOG suspects you, they will suspect your family as well. But, so what? Not only is it not illegal to be a little bit racist, and maybe have relatives who are kind of racist, consider the humor value alone when you are called up before the Grand Jury charged with conspiracy to commit hipster racism? Better yet, try to keep a straight face as the HR department try to figure out if you are being, like, really racist, or ironically trying to stop racism and make racists look stupid by having a meaningful Native American Chit-Chat.

I just like Conor Oberst it’s not like I’m joining the National Front or anything!

Second, you pick a member of your cell that can afford to go “public” to one degree or another, and assign him to use his real name, make connections that may or may not be trustworthy, go to the conferences, do public activism, or otherwise stick his neck out in a possibly dangerous situation.

Third, embrace it. How about, join the police or the service?

5 thoughts on “Never Trust a Hipster, or, the Espionage Model in the Age of COINTELPRO

  1. It’s hard. I would never pretend that it’s easy to organize for us. Probably it is the hardest problem we face. In WN fiction like The Turner Diaries, they do not mention how the organization is formed. It’s also especially tough because we don’t have the media covering for us like colored gangs do.


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