“This country isn’t worth anything. All that history is lame.”

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm a parent looking for the murderer of my son. And you have to be a moron to think that 19 Arabs did it. ... Put yourself in my shoes, and think of your child being murdered, and you've never had an investigation. Well, how would you feel, if they refused to investigate the murder of your child?

The story has to be told. Problem with Americans ... we're afraid of the dark truths of our history. And it's getting worse and worse. Well, this is a real dark truth. ... But we have to learn the truth, or this country isn't worth anything. All that history is lame. And the people should be ashamed of themselves for not seeking the truth.

Bob McIlvaine
Bob McIlvaine
Bob McIlvaine

Lindauer: “There was never a terrorist investigation that Robert Mueller hadn’t thrown. He threw the Lockerbie investigation, he threw the Oklahoma City bombing investigation. If this terrorist attack happens he’s going to throw this one too.”

Fuisz: “Well, it’s imminent. What happens if there is no FBI director when this goes down?”

Lindauer: “You think it’s that soon?”

Fuisz: “Oh, it’s in a couple of weeks.”

Paul Wolfowitz
Paul Wolfowitz


The Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals issued an order dated 5/15/13 which harshly castigated both Ellen Mariani and her attorney Bruce Leichty and which issued financial sanctions against both of them and which accused Bruce of “bad faith” and “anti-Semitism” and filing frivolous briefs.
Breitweiser & Auken
Breitweiser & Auken

9 thoughts on ““This country isn’t worth anything. All that history is lame.”

  1. Alright you sliver tongued devil. I will watch Hypothesis. I’m already a 9.11 truther but I’m always interested to hear it told another way.


    1. Best 9/11 documentaries:

      AE911Truth: Experts Speak Out
      Zero: The Investigation of 9/11
      9/11: Press for Truth
      Hypothesis (the story of Dr. Steven Jones)

      These are all factual, historical, evidence and science based accounts, and do not propose any conspiracy theories.


  2. As i mentioned before I mostly ignored all the 9/11 stuff mainly because I felt even if it was true the average person wouldn’t believe it simply because – counter-intuitively – it would be too big a lie to disbelieve *unless* there was a piece of the puzzle that was *very* clear-cut.

    I did read some stuff at the time but was like the movie “JFK” – too much evidence thrown out in a shotgun fashion in an attempt to overwhelm by weight. I’ve watched a few vids since this one which does the same off-putting “JFK” thing. Arguments like that may work with those predisposed to believe but they only need one piece to seem implausible for it not to work with everybody else.

    However the building seven collapse, especially the freefall aspect, is pretty convincing on its own to anyone who’s ever worked construction or had any exposure to engineering or physics. That *single* point should have been the tip of the spear from the beginning. (I’m not saying there’s not more to it but that single point is the one that would get through to sceptics best.)

    The recent NSA thing (and anything else related to the police state 9/11 set into motion) is an opportunity to return to this topic but your list of vids – especially those that focus solely on the freefall of building seven without any other distractions – are definitely the way to go about it with natural sceptics imo.


  3. I’m very late to this party obviously so this argument may have been used for years but seeing as Syria is now in the news:

    If they believed fire could cause a collapse equivalent to a controlled demolition (building seven) then why didn’t they change the building regs?


    1. If they believed fire could cause a collapse equivalent to a controlled demolition (building seven) then why didn’t they change the building regs?

      Good point, and it’s been noted before. WTC7 made the whole thing obvious. It took them I think 7 years to release an official report about it. Videos of WTC7 were essentially banned from television after the first day. I think FOX finally showed a clip of it on Geraldo when interviewing Bob McIlivane.


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