The Secret to Never Getting Blindsided

Interesting piece from former counter-intelligence officer Chris Simmons on self-interest vs. best interests, with the expected conclusion that past behavior is the best predictor of near term future behavior.

Human Chess

How to Anticipate a Person’s  Actions

By Chris Simmons

One of the biggest obstacles sabotaging our personal and professional lives is a failure to understand and apply what I call “The First Rule of Human Nature:  Self-Interest Trumps Everything.” A major reason for this confusion is that too often, we confuse self-interest with best interests. The two terms are NOT synonymous.

We know what’s in our best interests, but we intentionally choose not to do it. If we did what was in our best interests, obesity would be non-existent, everyone would go to the dentist, we’d all go to the gym at least three times a week, tobacco products would not exist, alcohol would be drunk only in moderation, and no one would abuse drugs. Best interests are irrelevant, because as humans, we see them as fact-based and devoid of any emotional connection. That’s…

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4 thoughts on “The Secret to Never Getting Blindsided

  1. Excellent find. I like that site very much. What he writes is true. What do you know about the author? Is he a racist? What’s his level in terms of PUA, MRM, libertarianism, WN?


    1. I know nothing about him, he’s either former CIA or DIA, describes himself as a “spy catcher” and wrote a great article about interrogating “Al Qaeda” members. I just randomly came across his blog somehow, I think oog reblogged something of his. Yeah, it’s great stuff.


      1. The little I’ve seen suggest he’s totally pro system. After all, he whored himself out to the USG for 20 years or whatever.


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