Hipster Bona Fides

A recent comment made me realize I should probably go ahead and provide my hipster bona fides. How about this? Dashboard Confessional, Roseland Ballroom, 2005? Is that hipster enough?

Want to go old school? What about Sebadoh?

For you whippersnappers out there? The Tumblr generation?

Make no mistake: I didn’t sell out – I bought in. I read the search terms leading people here. “Sexy submissive” Naughty girls being punished” “spanking” – not sure how all that started, I just want to blog about racism, good bands, and organic food.

Raw & Organic
Raw & Organic

13 thoughts on “Hipster Bona Fides

      1. I’m 99% sure that the hipster/PBR connection comes from the movie Blue Velvet, when Dennis Hopper says, “Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!” That gave a typical cheap beer hipster cred. Hipsters only drink PBR when they are broke (it’s like $1 in lots of dive bars.) They drink microbrews when they have money.

        WSJ (I think) did a great article on the PBR brand. They are loving the increased sales and their new popularity, but they won’t touch it or even acknowledge it, because it would destroy the ironic coolness if it looked like they were trying to cash in on it.

        PBR is better than Bud Light and the “standard” cheap beers, because the standards are “watered down” flavor wise to a sort of lowest common denominator taste. PBR is shit, but at least it has some bite to it. Think of it as cheap snob appeal. Hell, that’s hipsterism itself, right there: “cheap snob appeal.”


  1. Back in the day we use to call ourselves “Alternative” instead of “Hipster”, anyway it’s time for some electric white boy blues.

    Lou Barlow and Sebadoh was like my favourite band, still is for the nostalgic trip down memory lane.

    and another one in the flood.


  2. Now, ya canna stop the Aussie in me from coming out…

    My old man who has the money and the step brother who has the looks wonder why I have it so good with my wife, I should tell them I take my tips from Johnny degenerate boy, when I was running a muck, and never forgotten them.

    DREAD is the most important. Not that many believe.


    1. Ha ha, ok. My one college buddy’s favorite band was Mudhoney, and my other college buddy’s favorite was Sebadoh and Lou Barlow’s electronica project Folk Implosion. Yes, it was called “alternative” pre-hipster days.

      Now let me ruin my hipster cred but get props from an Ozzie. My all time favorite rock and roll band that I’ve been listening to since I was born – AC/DC. No shit. Not a week goes by that I don’t listen to something between Jailbreak and Back in Black.

      Back to hipsterism, this song is catchy as fuck:


      1. Tis a very catchy tune. Bit like Dinosaur Jr. another fav band.

        Yeah I went through a little bogan(Heavy, black, industrial, classical metal) phase, then evolved into an alternate punk rock dude. AC/DC is real big in Aus for obvious reasons, I use to stomp at some of the same places as Bon Scot, best beer gardens in Freo too, plus the women, one of the best spots for Aryan hipster women in Australia.

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