16 thoughts on “Richard Spencer: World War Z and Hipster Racism

  1. Interesting. I think the basic idea is correct – growing fear of the final consequences of the liberal project especially as California is the ground zero – but from the sound of it i don’t think the final solution is seen as positively as described in the clip.


    1. The idea of zombie movies being a reflection of the multi-cult is not original to Spencer, I remember a few years ago there was some zombie movie and others had made a similar point. (Never cared for the genre myself, not sure if I’ve ever even seen a zombie movie.)

      My theory is that as whites lose our super-majority, and sometimes just majority, status, we’re becoming more tribal, more “racist” and at some point very soon the establishment is going to have to accept that. They can’t kill us all.


      1. I don’t normally watch zombie movies as they make me think of a future Holodomor 2.0.

        (If you think about it the Holodomor would have been a real-life fast zombie movie.)

        However given the authorship i see it more as a wealthy Jewish man in LA having a jumbled dream-nightmare. There’s the positive (from his point of view) meme of very multi-culti UN government backed by US military power however there’s also the other stuff – Israel not safe despite the wall and the ending. How do you hide in a brown world unless you’re brown?


    2. Yes, it’s openly Zionist nationalist while also globalist, reflecting the relationship between Israel and the diaspora. The “zombies as multi-culties” theme has been kosherized.


    1. Thank you Spencer, the credit is my only reward. I feel like I’ve hit the big time.

      Now if you can only get Andy Nowicki to admit that him highlighting Liz Phair just a few days after I featured one of her songs is more than a coincidence, that would be great.


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