We Are Not Trayvon Martin: Hipsters Embrace Their Privilege

We Are Not Trayvon Martin: Hipsters Embrace Their Privilege

I'm not.
I’m not.

Poe’s law is an Internet adage reflecting the idea that without a clear indication of the author’s intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism.

Hipsters hold a candlelight vigil for Trayvon Martin in Brooklyn. Cool afterparty with DJ Happybeat @ 2AM.

Hipsters have set up a Tumblr page to let everyone know that they are not Trayvon Martin and have far more social privilege than Trayvon did. But don’t confuse this with bragging or gloating, they are very sincere in their desire to acknowledge their white privilege and publicly declare they feel really bad about it. Presumably, confessional Tumblr pages decrying white privilege are enough, at least for hipsters personally. If someone wants to start a blog that would be great too.

So – is it hipster anti-racism or hipster racism? Is there a difference? Are we sure they are not decrying white privilege ironically?

Nope, not him either.
Nope, not him either.

Perhaps Richard Spencer was on to something when he discussed the film World War Z reflecting a form of hipster racism; zombies being a stand-in for the non-white masses. The message in the film seemed to be the way to survive is to hypocritically decry your privilege – “sure, I’m white, but I agree with you – kill whitey!”

Sincerity or irony? What’s the difference? It’s not like the lumpen-hipsters of Prospect Heights can or will have any effect on racial crime in Florida. Isn’t this just another affectation?

The hipster racists ask “It’s not enough to know you aren’t Trayvon. What will you do to change our country?”

I will never again stay silent. I will question my own assumptions and those of my friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Is that a threat?

That's more like it. Dear God, thank you for making me white and giving me such great taste in music and fashion. Also please let the Silver Jews come out with a new record soon. Amen.
That’s more like it. Dear God, thank you for making me white and giving me such great taste in music and fashion. Also please let the Silver Jews come out with a new record soon. Amen.

18 thoughts on “We Are Not Trayvon Martin: Hipsters Embrace Their Privilege

    1. Masochism in men is disgusting, bring back the draft or the duel and that will take care of that problem.

      On the other hand, in women it can be kind of cute. All they need is a good spanking to get it out of their system.

      btw, God hates America.


      1. Pathological altruism, didn’t you say it was a chemical/hormonal thing?

        There is some Christian-like cult, I think it’s just some guy forcing his kids into it, that goes around in public wearing stocks with signs around their necks saying “So Sorry For Slavery.”

        It’s about the creepiest public masochist exhibitionist kink I’ve ever heard of, the fact he forces his kid to do it just makes it sick.


      2. no bring back the draft entirely and that will end this liberalism and feminist bull shit all together if they know they have to go to war they’ll be straightening up real quick if you have to live off of your parent’s then you my friend are not a true adult but a child wrapped in sheep’s clothing i don’t have to call daddy to pay my mortgage or my bills


      3. a true man will provide for his family and take care to find a fucking job i hate no detest girly men grow up no one find’s you skinny piss smelling pabst blue ribbon swilling idiot’s attractive at least i don’t i think the reason you so called hip people have such a high value of opinion is because your parent’s never took you aside and said this to your a loser bobby get the fuck out of the house


  1. I always feel a bit strange after reading about this hipster racism stuff. I cannot relate to the subculture. It is completely outside my experience. I live outside of their world. Thanks for writing these things.


  2. No, hipsters are real. They are like the yuppies of the 80s and 90s. It’s just like cliches in high school. I was a jock. I don’t understand this fascination with independent music and being sophisticated. And those ridiculus glasses.


    1. Well the people usually called “hipsters” are just fashionable white kids in Brooklyn. When pop music became increasingly dominated by blacks and black-influenced music, “alternative music” all of a sudden became popular. It may as well have been called “the white alternative music scene.”

      As for the glasses, well, if you have bad eyesight, what do you do? Wear contacts, because “boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” But contacts can suck, so you just go bold and wear big glasses.

      Plus, as an identity, imagine you are a 24 year old young white women living in Brooklyn. You have to pay your student loan for your art degree, so you work at Starbucks. You meet your potential “friends with benefits” who plays bass in a band. He asks you what you do. What would you say? “I’m a barista at Starbucks.” Or, “I’m a mixed media collage artist, come see my show at the gallery on Grand.”

      What makes hipsters interesting is that they are white, they are racist, and it’s socially acceptable to hate on them.


  3. their is no excuse for human stupidity truly their isn’t and some people have it in spades droves even why do we even indulge these overly indulged children they live off of daddy and mommy’s money is any of this anything new no it’s not new bye it’s old school and it’s old news re purposed and repackaged bull shit


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