Flogging Miley 3

Flogging Miley 3

(Flogging Miley Part 1)

(Flogging Miley Part 2)

“I’ve never heard a Jay-Z song. I don’t listen to pop music. Honestly, I picked that song because I needed something to go with my clothing line.” — Miley Cyrus

“You could say that I became an adviser to several CIA agents in the field and through my friends in the CIA, met many powerful people and did special works and special favors.” — Steven Seagal

"I like being the girl nobody can have." -- Miley Cyrus
“I like being the girl nobody can have.” — Miley Cyrus

So what did happen to Miley Cyrus, if anything? More importantly, does Miley Cyrus have any sort of significance to anyone except teenage white girls? As strange as the video for “We Can’t Stop” is, isn’t it just random filth of the kind that’s typical of the Entertainment Industrial Complex? And what the hell does any of this have to do with the CIA, Project Artichoke, MKULTRA and the NSA, not to mention the drummer for The Police?

Well, you may not think that Miley Cyrus is important, but the State Department of the United States of America thinks that fellow pop singer Lady Gaga is important enough to lobby her on behalf of a European Pride event in Rome, Italy. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made a public announcement:

Hillary: State Dept. ‘Instrumental in Sealing Deal’ For Lady Gaga’s Gay Pride Gig in Rome

Clinton specifically pointed to a letter that David Thorne, the U.S. ambassador to Italy, sent to Lady Gaga urging her to participate in the event. “And then there is the work that our embassy team in Rome has been doing,” Clinton said. “Two weeks ago they played an instrumental role in bringing Lady Gaga to Italy for a Euro Pride concert. “Now as many of you know Lady Gaga is Italian American and a strong supporter of LGBT rights,” said Clinton. “And the organizers of the Euro Pride event desperately wanted her to perform and a letter to her from Ambassador Thorne was instrumental in sealing the deal.”

The Entertainment Industrial Complex
The Entertainment Industrial Complex

Entertainment is a big export business for America, and for years the industry made massive profits from the international markets. High level US China trade negotiations continuously adjust agreements over piracy of American DVDs and CDs. Thanks to the internet that market has been nosediving, not just due to piracy alone, but a change in culture. Video games are more profitable than pop singers and Hollywood movies now. Miley Cyrus may not be important to you, but she’s very important to the thousands if not tens of thousands of people whose livelihood depends on your 16 year old daughter watching “We Can’t Stop” on her iPhone, along with the 15 second commercial that precedes it.

It’s also clear that pop singers like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are important for certain aspects of the “Culture War,” both singers have now become public advocates of LGBT rights, which is not only official policy of the US government, but also major corporations like Google Inc. Google Inc. has used its major economic and public relations power to pressure sovereign states into recognizing gay marriage. Needless to say, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, along with all the rest, are major draws for Google Inc. platforms like Youtube and Android.

Oh, and now that we’re on the subject, did anyone read about the scandal with the new Jay-Z album, which is actually an “app” for smartphones? We’re in the middle of a major media pageant about NSA employee Edward Snowden leaking classified information about the NSA’s direct links to the servers of Apple, Google, Yahoo, and others where they keep a copy of virtually everything everyone does online and on the cell phone. Not just Americans, but everyone in the world that they can. Here comes a new Entertainment Industrial Complex product, branded with “Jay-Z” as opposed to “Miley Cyrus.” Huh, makes you wonder about all those conspiracy theories about Jay-Z being the Grand Poobah of the Illuminati!

Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Android app sparks privacy concerns

Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail is one of the most anticipated album releases of 2013, so the announcement that up to a million fans would get a free copy several days before its official release courtesy of a deal with Samsung was big news. … The app – which has since been removed from the Google Play store by Samsung – was described by the technology site Ars Technica as “positively PRISM-like in its requests for your information”, with fans prompted to agree to a number of app permissions before installing it.

New York Times: Jay-Z Is Watching, and He Knows Your Friends

I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s creepy, especially when Edward J. Snowden’s revelations have shown the extent of government surveillance of e-mails and phone records. If Jay-Z wants to know about my phone calls and e-mail accounts, why doesn’t he join the National Security Agency? Nor is it particularly reassuring, to me anyway, that this example of data collection and forced speech was required by corporations — Samsung and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation rather than the government.

NSA Gets All the Hot Chicks
NSA Gets All the Hot Chicks

As I said, take your eyes off of Miley’s ass for a moment. Instead, take a gander at this hottie, have you heard about these pictures of Edward Snowden’s sexy pole-dancing girlfriend?

Operation Dormouse was the plan to cover up Operation Artichoke by feeding Operation MK-ULTRA to the media. Because MK-ULTRA involved some of the best doctors, psychologists, and other researchers at America’s most famous institutions, the CIA would have natural allies in the complicit universities as the scandal played out. But Operation Artichoke was an internal program, and what was at the heart of it had to be kept from the public at all costs.

So it’s useful to see that this is a tactic of CIA, the “limited hangout” meant to distract from a more important issue. We’ve speculated that the Edward Snowden drama is a “limited hangout” or perhaps the CIA attacking the NSA, institutionally threatened because of NSA’s growing clout and power. We can also see that the CIA partners with other institutions in American society: universities, corporations, research labs, non profits, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

"I'm scared for her. She's got a lot of people around her that's putting her in a great deal of danger." -- Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley's father

Knowing all this, it should be no surprise that the US intelligence community, and specifically the CIA, has a long history of intimate ties to Hollywood, the music business, fashion, and the entertainment industry in general. For propaganda purposes alone, Hollywood is about the greatest psychological warfare operation ever devised. It’s also important for the CIA and the military to have a positive image in the media, to be portrayed as patriotic (if sometimes flawed) and working for the best interests of America. You don’t want some radical, left or right, airing out too much dirty laundry, dramatized or not, and since it’s Hollywood, those threats have usually come from the left.

"Stagin' a coup like yeah, Brainwashin' moles like yeah" -- Party in the CIA, Weird Al Yankovic
“Stagin’ a coup like yeah,
Brainwashin’ moles like yeah” — Party in the CIA, Weird Al Yankovic

When Miles Copeland Jr. said the CIA works with some “strange people” that see assassination as a “way of life” he was probably referring to various authoritarian regimes in foreign countries; autocrats in the Middle East and narco-political families in Latin America. Closer to home, the CIA has certainly gotten into bed with some “strange” and unsavory characters. Starting in WWII, the US intelligence community reached out to some power brokers in America that officially weren’t supposed to exist. Organized Crime. The mafia, the mishpucka, the syndicate. Famously, Navy made deals with the mob to stop any strikes by unions. CIA made deals with the displaced Havana mafia when they were forming a coalition against Castro. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was supposedly being blackmailed by the mafia, who supposedly had pictures of him dressed like a cheerleader. For years, the official word from the FBI was “organized crime does not exist.”

"It may be the music business, but that doesn't mean it's not dangerous." - Casey Kasem

It’s sometimes hard to take an objective look at your own society, your own country, your own government, even your own people. You always have a conflict of interest, and society is all about creating and enforcing taboos to defend the group. As Goethe said, The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes. Jesus seemed to imply that humans have a tendency to easily spot the speck in other people’s eyes, but just can’t seem to notice the beam in one’s own. It’s always an interesting experiment to look objectively at a pattern in a foreign culture, then see if there is something in our own that resembles it.

The Susurluk car crash took place on 3 November 1996 in the small town of Susurluk, in Turkey’s Balıkesir Province. It was an assassination of a number of individuals travelling together. Abdullah Çatlı, a former ultra-rightist militant wanted by police for multiple murders and drug trafficking; Huseyin Kocadağ, a senior police official; and beauty queen Gonca Us (Çatlı’s girlfriend) were killed. Sedat Bucak, a Member of Parliament, escaped with a broken leg and fractured skull.

The Susurluk crash was a key event in the unravelling of the “deep state” in Turkey, as the peculiar associations of the crash victims and their links with Interior Minister Mehmet Ağar led to a number of investigations, including a parliamentary investigation, of what became known as the Susurluk scandal.

"Like a Duck in a Noose"
“Like a Duck in a Noose”

Now America and Turkey are completely different societies, so any comparison with an analogous situation here is going to be imprecise. But if we had to try, imagine waking up in the morning, turning on the TV, and finding out that Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, David Petraeus, and Miley Cyrus were all killed in a car crash and that officials suspected it was a political assassination.

If you’re asking yourself, “Miley Cyrus? What would Miley Cyrus be doing driving around in a car with Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, and David Petraeus?” think of the old joke:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are having lunch in a cafe, planning the long awaited gun confiscation. Obama says, "We're going to register each and every firearm in America and then confiscate every last gun." Biden adds, "Then we have to arrest a beautiful blonde white woman with big boobs and shoot her."

An outraged man sitting at the next table turned to the pair and yelled, "HEY! Why the blonde?"

Biden smiled at Obama and said, "See, I told you no one would notice the gun grab!"

Operation Dormouse, Operation Artichoke, and Operation MK-ULTRA are historical, things the CIA did back in the 1970s. But the CIA is currently doing the same things that it did in Dormouse, Artichoke, and MKULTRA, under new names, with new management, likely leveraging more than just institutional memory. Not only that, but it’s been pretty much out in public for a decade, discussed in the major media, sometimes in the context of the CIA and the DOD, and sometimes with the context purposefully removed.

Dancing with Miley
Dancing with Miley

I suppose Miley Cyrus is not great art, and ultimately art is interpreted by the observer. Surely a pop song about dancing at a night club is not great art, nor would the lyrics really “mean” anything. But thinking about nightclubs, especially the LA/NYC clubs and their derivatives around the country, it can evoke things more interesting and more complex than just drinking and dancing. I knew a bar owner once that was complaining he wasn’t getting enough business. I suggested he bring in a DJ or bands. He said, “oh sure I could get one of those ‘promoters’ to throw parties, but I’m not looking to get investigated by the FBI.” I thought, “what in the world is he talking about?”

We Can't Stop -- Miley Cyrus

Everyone in line in the bathroom
Trying to get a line in the bathroom
We all so turned up here, getting turned up

So la da di, daddy, we like to party
Dancing with molly
Doing whatever we want
This is our house, This is our rules

And we can’t stop, And we won’t stop
Can’t you see it’s we who own the night
Can’t you see it we who bout’ that lifeAnd we can’t stop, And we won’t stop
We run things, Things don’t run we
We don't take nothing from nobody


To be continued.

16 thoughts on “Flogging Miley 3

      1. It was just like the Soviet depiction of Murka. I don’t know who made the North Korea but I can’t disagree with the message. The message is authentic.


  1. I watched the DPRK video a few month ago when Eradica posted it. It’s worth watching, and it does show you shit Fox/MSNBC won’t.

    It also makes good points about Western consumerism — but all in all it’s nothing you wouldn’t see at a Berkeley teach-in.

    Should I pay more attention to the Berkeley crowd?


    1. I’m in a running argument with my friend that sent me the video, is it authentic DPRK propaganda, or did some Occupy Wall Street hipster make it? The rhetoric is straight out of Naomi Klein’s Adbusters, but then again, it’s exactly what you would expect from North Korean propaganda too. They are both essentially communist. The anti-Japanese sentiment seems like something NK would include. They say that America’s founding fathers promoted their own form of Juche but it was ruined by capitalism.

      Should we pay attention to the Berkeley crowd? Maybe. If it wasn’t for the anti-racism/anti-white stuff, they make some really good points. I mean, neither of us are the 1% – is it really in our interests to continue to worship Wall Street like the libertarian GOPs expect us to? Especially now that the Federal Reserve system is so exposed as political and real alternatives like Bitcoin and other “point systems” are emerging due to technology?

      I dunno, maybe.

      It does sort of remind me of this:


    2. I saw a DPRK propaganda video that was basically a mash-up of several different documentaries, including clips from “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis. It was funny because you could hear Curtis’s voice narrating underneath the Korean narration.

      As for Berkeleyans––why cede ground to the enemy? Propaganda analysis is one thing this ‘sphere’ does well. Why not expand that into things like local currencies, bartering, gardening, all that hippie shit? Republicans are not exactly moral beacons…and they’re about as anti-white as Berkeleyans nowadays!


      1. Century of the Self was really good. As for Berkeleyans, take the whole group, exclude the non-whites, exclude you know whos, exclude the hopeless degenerates, and what you’re left with, on the one hand, are hipsters and SWPLs, and on the other hand, the San Jose/Bay Area high tech, high IQ, high income techno-yuppies (for lack of a better term.) Both of those groups are “ours” I think. It’s basically from those people that I first learned about local currencies, bartering, localized agriculture, and now they are the ones starting up the tool libraries, the home 3D printers, ways to hack your cell phones for privacy, etc. They are the ones that built the web we’re all using. I’m pretty sure the guy that invented wordpress.com is one of us too, and I bet he’s not a conservative.

        The conservatives, the Republicans, the traditionalists, the religious – I basically never see anything remotely interesting and creative from them. I agree with a lot of what they say, I think Greg Johnson is right when he says that “right wing populism is the political sweet spot in America.” Now that I’m a bit older and wiser, to paraphrase the famous saying, when I hear some white lefty start talking about anarchism and the need to break down hierarchies, I want to reach for my revolver. Conservatives don’t seem to get that all of their institutions are liberal now, because conservatives themselves are just trying to conserve the radical liberalism of the founding fathers. Their churches are liberal, and what must really break their heart, is that the Fortune 500 are liberal. Conservatives are like a jilted lover, their capitalist corporations found another lover but they still can’t stop pining away, hoping they will come back once they get all that “multi-racial globalism” out of their system. Of course they won’t.

        I’m not ideological, that’s one thing that NeoNietzsche taught me. It doesn’t matter what “system” is in place, it matters who runs the system, and who has power.


  2. I get dizzy when a man just starts rattling off connections. Can you give us a top down, big picture view of what’s going on?

    So basically, at the top, biggov, the MSM, music, big business come together to screw the rest of the population.


    1. So basically, at the top, biggov, the MSM, music, big business come together to screw the rest of the population.

      Well, yeah, but it’s how they do it that’s interesting. I can’t give you a Grand Unified Theory of the anti-white ruling class. But I do know the story of one particular part of it.


  3. I was wondering the same as Ryu, and appreciate your candour. No one has enough information to put it all together other than to know that neither left nor right works for our interests. As I read elsewhere, the left hates us, the right don’t care about us.

    As far as any conspiracy goes, and the various agendas and motives, your comment on the Limited Hangout post sums it up:

    One of the things Martin says is that financial scams are a core component of everything these guys do, and they will personally trade off of whatever information they have, getting personally rich on the side even while doing a job.

    Great series mate, looking forward to more. Never heard of “limited hangout” but now that I’ve learned it conforms with my understanding of things.

    It’s a good thing to keep hammering away on the “conspiracy” front, at least to wake White people up to the fact that nothing that happens from govt, corporations, public sector, academia etc happens for no reason or because they were just being stupid, or crazy. All people have agendas and many work to further them.

    People project their own laziness or stupidity on to government without realising these people aren’t as lazy or stupid as them.

    Good stuff.


    1. Oh, and I loved the Biden joke.

      But, I had to scroll up one more time for another look at Snowden’s girlfriend. Sex-eee.


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