Flogging Miley 4

Flogging Miley 4

"If you're aged 10, it's Miley. If you know what I'm talking about, then you know. You can Google me and you know what I'm up to - you know what the lyric is saying." -- Miley Cyrus

"Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?" -- Project ARTICHOKE 1952

Flogging Miley Parts 1 2 3

"If you're aged 10, it's Miley. If you know what I'm talking about, then you know. You can Google me and you know what I'm up to - you know what the lyric is saying." -- Miley Cyrus
“If you’re aged 10, it’s Miley. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know. You can Google me and you know what I’m up to – you know what the lyric is saying.” — Miley Cyrus

In case any readers think is a lark, let me assure you I’m serious about this whole series. The major themes are Miley Cyrus, the CIA’s Projects Dormouse, MK-ULTRA, and Artichoke as well as their cozy relationship with Hollywood and the music business, and how – if you know where to look – you can see the modern versions of these programs at work in very recent history and likely today. I also suspect it’s somewhat relevant to the Edward Snowden scandal, and organized crime will make regular appearances, both in the historical as well as the current parts of this story. Race will make an entry in a big way, with some chilling implications for white people. It will wind up shedding light on a current Obama administration scandal and why, in the Obama administration, the CIA gets what the CIA wants. Including – maybe – taking NSA down a notch in the inter-agency fight we see going on today.

I even did some old fashioned investigative journalism, wore out some shoe leather, and went to the source. I saw my cousin who had first told me about Hannah Montana. She’s about 14 now and I asked her, “didn’t you used to like Hannah Montana?” She said “yeah.” I asked her, “do you still like Miley Cyrus?” A weird look crossed her face, then sort of a “yuck” gesture. She said, “well I used to.” I asked, “when did you stop liking her?” Then she went on a teen girl tirade about how Miley Cyrus is ugly now and what has she done to her hair and something about looking like “Pink” which I assumed was another pop singer. I asked her if she saw the video for “We Can’t Stop,” but she just wrinkled her nose, said she kind of liked the song, and changed the subject. I didn’t ask her if she understood the cocaine and ecstasy references, because I assumed she had no idea. At least I hope she didn’t.

So it looks like American girls are safe … for now.

Back in the 1980s heavy metal music went through this “Satanism” trend where “occult” imagery and references to Aleister Crowley were popular. Most of it was a competition to see who could have the darkest image, and if some TV preacher actually called you out by name as a bad influence on the youth, that guarenteed at least a gold record. One popular hair band actually got their name that way; when some local preacher said they were “poisoning” the minds of the youth, they changed their name to “Poison” and went on to make tons of money.

"MKUltra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate people's mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture."
“MKUltra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.”

So there’s this “mind control” trend in pop music right now, including hip-hop. I think it started with Britney Spears. Some very strange internet rumor started about the time that Spears shaved her head and flashed her hoo-ha for the camera. The story went that poor Britney had been brainwashed as a child while in the Disney Mickey Mouse club and turned into a mind controlled “programmed beta sex kitten” presumably used to entertain the nefarious elite politicians and CEOs in “Eyes Wide Shut” style sex orgies. If it sounds like the fevered sexual fantasy of a teenage boy to you, you’re not the only one.

"Isn't it so funny how many rumors are spread about how many people are supposedly in the Illuminati. Like, everybody is in the Illuminati, supposedly. I'm not. I'm not in the Illuminati, guys." -- Justin Bieber

Part of it might be Hollywood just needing to take it up a notch. While rumors of extra-marital affairs might have titillated audiences back in the 1950s, in the twenty-tens, nothing short of brainwashed mind controlled sex slaves paraded around on TV is enough to keep an audience from clicking to the next website or Youtube video. But there’s also good reason to believe that plenty of people in Hollywood and the music business know a lot about brainwashing and mind control, going all the way back to the days of the CIA’s Operations MK-ULTRA and Artichoke. Let’s follow one amazing thread that goes all the way from the founding of the CIA to the present day.

From the MK-ULTRA article on Wikipedia:

The CIA, LSD, and Cults.
The CIA, LSD, and Cults.

Project MKUltra is the code name of a U.S. government covert research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans (mind control) through the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Division. The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and officially halted in 1973. The program engaged in many illegal activities; in particular it used unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects… MKUltra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.

In the 1950s, when the CIA was looking for drugs to kill, harm, control or otherwise neutralize a target, LSD seemed to have some possibilities. The CIA took to LSD enthusiastically, and quite recklessly. Top agents started taking LSD themselves, “spiking” the drinks of other CIA agents without their knowledge, and otherwise doing some rather unscientific but practical experimentation with this new potential chemical weapon.

My father, Frank Olson, died in November of 1953 under circumstances that remain both obscure and controversial nearly half a century later. -- Eric Olson

One man who was dosed with LSD without his knowledge was Frank Olson, a biological warfare expert working at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Nine days later he jumped – or was pushed – through a window. His family spent years trying to find out what happened to him and get justice for his death. At some point there was enough interest the CIA started more rigorous experiments. One of the most famous examples has the CIA installing two way mirrors in a brothel, dosing the johns with LSD, and observing their behavior.

MK-ULTRA: Strain All Urine
MK-ULTRA: Strain All Urine

Did you notice? There’s a significant detail, or context, to that above paragraph that I bet most people will just go right by. The CIA set up a drugging operation in a brothel. Brothels are prostitution businesses. At the time prostitution was illegal everywhere in the country. Like most illegal vice, prostitution was run by organized crime. Traditionally, the mob didn’t hire sex positive liberated feminist women to be “sex workers,” they usually ensnared women using drugs and violence. Women and girls were kidnapped, trafficked, beaten, drugged and enslaved. In the 1930s a famous New York mobster had thousands of women, utterly addicted to heroin which the mafia supplied, and “ran” them so hard that when he was finally busted the state had no shortage of women eager to testify against him, willing to risk cartel wrath to get revenge against their tormentor.

These are the “strange people” the CIA works with that Miles Copeland Jr. told us about. It’s pretty dark stuff. Forget CIA brainwashing and LSD for a minute – the mafia knows how to create a “programmed beta sex kitten” – heroin and beatings. Also, let’s not forget, we are talking about Americans here, not some targeted foreign country. The CIA, ostensibly working in the interests of the American people, were working with the criminals preying on American women and girls.

But hey, it’s a dangerous world out there, anything in the name of national security, gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette. It’s not like the CIA were themselves addicting women to heroin, beating them up, and pimping them out, they were just working with the guys who did. And to be fair, it’s not like vice crime is the CIA’s job – that’s the FBI’s job. But FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover was queer as a three dollar bill and being blackmailed by the mafia himself, so he never went after them.

Remember, folks, these were the good old days, the 1950s. Before the 60’s baby boomer liberal revolution.


So the CIA starts experimenting with LSD from it’s very founding, the agents first experimented on themselves and each other. A core part of MK-ULTRA was farming out LSD experimentation to researchers at America’s top universities. Then there is the Artichoke program, the one that had to kept from the public at all costs, even if MK-ULTRA had to be given up as a diversion. So it’s hardly a surprise that the “story of LSD” in America looks pretty much like “a story about the CIA.”

From the late 1940s through the mid-1970s, extensive research and testing was conducted on LSD. During a 15-year period beginning in 1950, research on LSD and other hallucinogens generated over 1000 scientific papers, several dozen books, and 6 international conferences, and LSD was prescribed as treatment to over 40,000 patients. … Many psychiatrists began taking the drug recreationally and sharing it with friends. Dr. Leary’s experiments spread LSD usage to a much wider segment of the general populace.

Harvard University professor Timothy Leary became an evangelist for LSD, and ran a sort of “LSD cult” among his students. It’s never been acknowledged that Timothy Leary and his partner Richard Alpert were researchers with one of the 153 MK-ULTRA contracts, but if not, they may as well have been. It’s acknowledged that the CIA was “observing” his work. Leary would eventually be turned into a minor media celebrity, LSD given frankly favorable press coverage and turned into a hip fad, and Leary would go on to participate in an amazingly unbelievable escape from prison and be smuggled out of the country by Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground terrorist group. If all that sounds implausible to you, be assured you’re not the only one.

"I've tried everything. I can say to you with confidence, I know a fair amount about LSD. I've never been a social user of any of these things, but my curiosity has carried me into a lot of interesting areas." -- Dan Rather, CBS News
Rich Kids On LSD
Rich Kids On LSD

Keep the context in mind: the CIA’s Operations Dormouse, MK-ULTRA, and Artichoke. Dormouse fed MK-ULTRA to the press to cover up Artichoke, since MK-ULTRA included 153 contracts with America’s leading universities, they would provide political cover during the inevitable backlash. As you can see, LSD was legal, being studied by the CIA, LSD research was being contracted out to various universities, and it was quite a free for all – researchers throwing scientific objectivity out the window and using LSD recreationally, sometimes with their own research subjects. Well, that’s the story anyway.

It wasn’t long until the governments, federal and state, no doubt feeling pressure from parents wondering why Sally and Johnny’s college professors were giving them experimental hallucinogenic drugs, took matters into their own hands and declared LSD a Schedule 1 drug, as illegal as heroin, and most LSD research was banned.

But it’s not like the CIA was only conducting LSD research on themselves, on unsuspecting patrons of organized crime, and on college students and professors at America’s universities. At the beginning of America’s LSD story, there’s a man named Alfred Matthew Hubbard, and what do you know, “according to some accounts, Hubbard worked at various times for the Canadian Special Services, the United States Justice Department, the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Office of Strategic Services.”

"If God dropped acid, would He see people?" -- Steven Wright
Miley Cyrus in Illuminatus!
Miley Cyrus in Illuminatus!

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was of course, the predecessor to the CIA. Hubbard became an “evangelist of LSD,” carried around a briefcase full of “pharmaceutically pure LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin.” According to the mythology, Hubbard “became a freelance apostle for LSD in the early 1950s after supposedly receiving an angelic vision telling him that something important to the future of mankind would soon be coming.”

You know, either that, or the whole OSS/CIA thing. Interesting that he is “reputed to have introduced more than 6,000 people to LSD, including scientists, politicians, intelligence officials, diplomats, and church figures.”

Well, a story will unfold making sense
When it's through of exactly
Who we are and the effect we've had on you.
There's no inhibitions, hidden thoughts,
It slowly will unfold.
Rich kids were here and we ain't leaving 'till we get old.
We ain't living 'till we get old.

We're back, We're pissed.
We're back, We're pissed.
We're really pissed! 

"We're Back and We're Pissed" -- Rich Kids on LSD

“LSD became illegal in California on October 6, 1966. Other U.S. states and the rest of the world followed with the ban.”

We all know what happened next. “The 60s” happened, and LSD became more popular than ever, referenced in popular music and movies and endorsed by celebrities. It probably won’t come as any surprise that a key figure in “The 1960s” who supplied most of the LSD had an “interesting” background, to say the least.

Things went down we didn't understand, but I think in time we will. -- Grateful Dead, New Speedway Boogie

Black Cab – New Speedway Boogie


To be continued.

30 thoughts on “Flogging Miley 4

  1. Good work, mate. What do you think of LSD? Is it the doorway to higher perceptions? I’ve not used it.

    There must be more tie-ins. I imagine a man could spend a lifetime on this stuff. During Iran Contra, the CIA brought coke into this country. The interesting part is using Americans’ own money to remove their freedoms.


    1. LSD is 80 something years old and there’s been 50 years of both scientific research as well as lots of recreational use. It’s doesn’t “enhance” anything, it doesn’t make one more creative, it doesn’t make one more “insightful” or “spiritual.” But it’s so powerful that often people who take it have quasi-religious feelings about it. It’s a hallucinogen, it just messes up your brain and cognition. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, there also does seem to be a link to mental illness although it seems to take a long time for that to show up.

      I have told part of this story before and I’m always surprised that people don’t see the story as significant, or as dark, as I do. They took little kids and dosed them with massive amounts of LSD in order to “reprogram” them and “clear” their brain. It’s like something out of a horror movie.

      And yes, they don’t call it the “Cocaine Importation Agency” for nothing. You don’t have to go back to Iran Contra either, do a search for “N900SA” and/or Porter Goss. This is recent history.


      1. I never did LSD but I know two guys that after doing saw that the jewish “conspiracy” is real, one said that I should do if I want to make sense of what is happening.


    2. Some more context for anyone interested. Back in high school we had some sort of “anti drug education” thing and we had to pick an illegal drug, research it, and write a report. I picked LSD because it seemed the most interesting. One of the primary sources on all those wiki pages is “Acid Dreams” and another book, I read both for that report. So I read about the CIA’s use of LSD before I had any knowledge of “the 60s” or “hippies” or anything like that.


      1. Remember that time when Breivik shot up some Norwegian town and you went to ground?

        Remember you went doggo?

        We don’t need you, Flakepower, Baaaaaaaaaatanit, nor any other rejects of the White Race. We don’t need online chemistry lessons in perpetuity.

        We don’t need FP’s megalomania, Baaaa’s divorcee bitching, nor your ex-Copper son’s bashed out hiding.

        The White people that need culling are *you* gang of lone losers. You bring nothing but absurdity, embarrassment and disgrace upon us.

        How about you take several months off the internet, watching TV shows (it’ll only cost you the beginning of your life) and actually do something?


    1. One last one before I go to sleep, for you and your mutual masturbator club at Eradica, you can’t edit me, nor anyone else, here:


  2. Fascinating series.

    As to LSD cleansing the doors of perception: I’ve never done drugs. But once knew an insanely intelligent but also level headed guy who had his experimental acid phase in college. I was curious about the whole mind-expansion mythology about LSD and asked him about it. He told me that he and some friends decided to test just that. So they set up a recorder system and tripped. He said the experience was profound, in ways he can’t articulate.

    But when he played the audio back, it was all random gibberish. Nonsense like extended giggles or saying things like “sandals under the bed…” over and over.

    Based on this and other reports, id compare the value of hallucinogenic experiences to riding a wild roller coaster, but obviously more dangerous: it’s thrilling, its a cool experience, but like with eating candy (to compound the levels of the metaphors), there is no take-away from it.


    1. PA that story is similar to the famous story of Paul McCartney of the Beatles smoking pot for the first time. He had someone follow him with a notebook to write down all his amazingly “profound” thoughts. Of course, it was stoner gibberish when read while sober.

      If anything, LSD can give you a sense of how feelings of profundity are themselves just a sensation that comes from your brain. MDMA (“ecstasy”) will do the same for your emotions – you can quite literally feel a deep and profound love for someone you don’t even know.

      If anything these hallucinogens can teach you just how subjective our experiences and senses are.


  3. http://usawatchdog.com/u-s-a-lawless-state-paul-craig-roberts/

    Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts says, “The country is not being run by the President. It is being run by spy agencies and private interest groups, Wall Street and military security complex . . . They run the country. The President is a puppet, a figurehead.” Dr. Roberts contends, “If you are a lawless state, which the United States is, it obeys no international law. It does not obey the Geneva Convention . . . It tortures people. It doesn’t obey the Constitution. It doesn’t obey anything. It does what it wants. . . . If you are a lawless state, you disguise yourself as a democracy.” Former President Jimmy Carter agrees. Just last week, Carter said, “The U.S. has no functioning democracy at this moment.” Why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up this astounding comment from a former Democratic President? Dr. Roberts says, “Five firms now own what used to be a large dispersed independent media. Nobody can open their mouth, they’d get fired. They have become a propaganda ministry for government and corporations.” Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great Recession will be in place. Unemployment will explode, more foreclosures are coming. It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.


  4. In case any readers think is a lark, let me assure you I’m serious about this whole series.

    I don’t know who you are referring to here but I certainly don’t, though appreciate your clarification nonetheless.

    This series is very informative and I’m looking forward to more, with perhaps your summation of the topic in conclusion.

    Veterans Today covers similar subject matter and I’m wondering what you make of that site. It covers a whole gamut of topics to do with government and corporate sector conspiracy, sometimes to ridiculous essays that seem designed to make a farce of, or cause doubt in, the veracity of the cogently written and well sourced essays. For that reason I suspect the motives of that site. It seems to comply with your “limited hangout” definition.


    1. Conspiracies have a Gresham’s Law effect – the bad undermine the value of the good, so it makes sense for the people running the real ones to spend a little cash promoting lots of fake ones.


  5. PH, what’s the deal? Why do you object to the eradica crowd?

    The only reason I know them is they were recommended to me whilst drunk and so I invited them to blog with me. I have some association through that venture.

    I have never read such constant drivel, such manic drivel in the case of FP, in my life. The most glaring absurdity is that they proclaim to be above mere blogging in the cause of WN, and set about denouncing blogging by blogging about not blogging even still right up to today.

    Take FP’s post today, all about Kate (some cross-eyed ditzy Yank slut) not linking him and getting married. Sheesh, is this the Day’s of Our Life or what?

    Ryu’s got some Youtube clips up damning “the pigs”, weightlifting, hiding in his closet waiting for the apocalypse, and what the latest movies he’s watching online are. Chemistry and online movie watching. Nine of which is presented as ironic, nor self-effacing, nor as a parody. These guys are serious 🙂

    I think their blog is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever read, so much so that I still can’t keep my eyes off the car crash from time to time.

    FP’s megalomania is startling, each time I read him. The fact that he edits and deletes my comments with no note to the public that he’s done so gives an indication as to his attitude. He has no integrity nor any gratitude. But, I’m not whinging about that, just from time to time when I get drunk and come across either of them on the internet I may unload.

    That’s all.

    Sorry for fouling up your thread with my music clips. I have never taken blogging as a serious venture that will change the world, one post at a time, but I do appreciate good blogs that have something to say, without inter-blog hysteria wars. So, good work here Hipster and keep the posts coming.


    1. I have often wondered myself if FP is Jewish. His referring to our enemies as Nazis rather than say…fascists, in particular, brings up red flags.

      He also says things that leaving me feeling demoralized. So he is either uninformed about who the Nazis were and is terribly depressed or he is an enemy posing as one of us, trying to further demoralize us.

      Indeed the blog drama is absolutely ridiculous. Why should I care what a Gucci Piggie thinks or is doing? Weird!!!!

      Ryu, on the other hand is very interesting and bright. He is also a frequent commenter on Mindweapons and is a writer for WN Think Tank.


      1. My impression of FP is that he would like to be a kosher conservative Tea Party type, but is willing to call a YKW a YKW when necessary. His sense of humor is certainly not for everyone. Reading him pisses me off half the time too, but I think that’s his point.

        You just have to be able to understand and deal with guys like him. He’s, you know, an asshole. He’d be the first to admit it.


    1. @TSG

      I’ve read that series, it’s great. Love David McGowan, he was one of the first 9/11 truthers I read, I think two days after the event. While he’s a typical liberal, his serial killer book was quite eye-opening. “Programmed To Kill.”


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