A Reward For Good Behavior

A Reward For Good Behavior

White Submissive Woman
White Submissive Woman

Let’s say your lady did something particularly nice for you, and you want to reinforce her good behavior by giving her a reward. Here’s a fun and simple sexy game that any couple can play that tends to drive the women wild. It really only takes about a half an hour, plus whatever time she is going to need to fuck your brains out after you’ve driven her crazy with this technique.

Have her strip down to her bra and panties and lie down on her back on the bed. Blindfold her. If you haven’t yet picked out a blindfold just for her, improvise. Sometimes a pillowcase will do, just make sure she can breathe freely (very important!) Take off your belt and tie her hands together, with the belt looped around the bedpost. Your belt is good, especially for beginners, because it’s actually pretty easy to get out of one (don’t tell her that, you’ll spoil the mood) and it has a lot of psychological ramifications to it.

Remember – you have about 30 minutes. Caress her gently, run your finger around her stomach, down her legs, under her arms, over her lips. Take your time. At some point, introduce another sensation. Her hairbrush is perfect, the kind that have those clusters of black plastic wires. Rub it very gently on her body, in various places. This is a little more rough than your fingers and hands, and it’s a complex feeling, even more so when she’s experiencing sensory deprivation to some degree – she can’t see because of the blindfold. She’s also somewhat immobile.

You’ll notice you didn’t tie her feet down. That’s because as the game progresses, she’s probably going to start squealing and kicking her feet. That’s a good thing. Just watch that she doesn’t kick you in the head – safety first!

Visual Representation of White Supremacy
Visual Representation of White Supremacy

After the brush, you try various objects. You move from soft, to hard, to scratchy, to hot, to cold. Tickling can be torture for some women, so use it sparingly – but use it. This is “sensation play” and it keeps her guessing about what comes next. Feathers, various fabrics, ice, lotion, something heavy, something wet. Don’t over-do the honey and sticky things. You’re going to want to slap some areas, with your hand as well as the hairbrush and other items. Increase the sexual tension as time goes on, start undressing her (maybe, maybe not.)

Half way through, pick her up and turn her over – this will tighten the belt restraining her hands as well as surprise her somewhat, and give you a whole new palette to work on. It’s going to ramp her up a few notches so be prepared. This is a good time to start pulling her hair too – grab a lot of her hair, from the back, close to her scalp, and pull sort-of hard but let go quickly. Slap her ass. Escalate intermittently.


Twenty minutes of this is usually enough to put an inexperienced woman into sub space. If it’s her first time, be prepared for some crazy reactions. Don’t push too hard, think of it as advance and retreat, push-pull, escalate and de-escalate. She’ll be blissed out, with an elevated level of dopamine and increasingly turned on. Eventually fuck her, and start de-escalating after her orgasms. You need to untie her and hold her head against your chest afterwards, rub her head, and let her decompress. Full open palm rubbing of her whole body briskly, with a gradual slowing is a good way to take her from a high to relaxation. Always remember while a man often crashes quickly after an orgasm, women have to “step down” after one or two. She’ll likely fall asleep on you.

Remember though, this game is a reward. Do not spoil her, or she’ll be expecting it every night.

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15 thoughts on “A Reward For Good Behavior

  1. You are an interesting man HR. Perhaps you can make BDSM your specialty. I’m sure there’s a place in WN for this. I’d bet the female doms in Washington DC have some juicy information.

    Can you write about “topping from the bottom”, using a submissive posture to get another to do what you want? I feel WN is like this.


    1. I wrote one article about my favorite movie, Secretary, half-jokingly, and it became the number one draw on this blog. “Submissive” and its permutations bring in most of the traffic. They come for the sex and hopefully stay for the race.

      Can this game even be considered particularly “kinky?” I did this with my high school girlfriend when I was like 17. I’m sure she requested it, probably read it in a book. Is this at all unusual? I don’t believe it.

      “Topping from the bottom” is a controversial issue in BDSM, for some stupid reason. They call them “brats” and frankly it’s pretty hot if you ask me. They misbehave on purpose because they want a punishment. Lol, it’s adorable.

      On the other hand – sometimes sub girls just aren’t fucking worth it. Talk about high maintenance, they never get enough. They are like heat sinks.

      Spengler (?) said that Jews are the “feminine race.” In the diaspora, they didn’t have a state or a military. If a woman is in a physical confrontation with a man, she doesn’t try to fight the man, she finds a man to protect her. So you can see it as “topping from the bottom” in the sense they are manipulating more powerful factions into doing what they want.

      Sure I’d love to infiltrate some high class BDSM scene lol. Not sure what good it would do anyone. On the other hand, if white men need to “man up” and use game to get white women, etc., well … BDSM is actually really controversial in the cultural left. They cannot suppress women’s natural sexual urges even though they tend to be, er, rather “politically incorrect” to say the least.


      1. That’s part of it.

        I see it as being able to dominate from a submissive position. For instance, if I was being interrogated or in jail. Being able to play defense. When the other guy is in control, then we learn a thing or two. Everyone feels good when they are on top.

        It’s a process and I’m sure it’s consistent across fields.


  2. I would comment but I need to ponder this post for a while…..lol!

    Actually what Ryu wrote reminded me of how Bob Whitaker of the Mantra promotes shaming certain people when speaking to them about race.

    It’s weird, for the last few years I have been trying to learn to be more feminine and submissive (not speaking of sex here) but I have gotten a little out of balance, becoming more like a dormat. Even as a woman, I need to maintain some sort of strength.

    My new boyfriend is a big, strong, outspoken man and he gets pretty grumpy sometimes. At first I would be nice-nice when he would get this way and it seemed to make it worse. Last night I gave it back to him a little and shut up. I just have to watch that I don’t overdo it I think. You know how we women like to go on and on. 🙂

    Darn, hope I didn’t get too far off topic but this control/submission topic is on my mind. Thoughts from you guys on my post are very welcome, if you care to give them.


    1. LOL maureen congrats on your relationship I hope he is keeping you happy! You can always send him to Hipster Racist’s blog for tips!

      Frankly I like a little push back from a lady. Lets me know she’s paying attention.


    2. I think that a woman can be stronger than a man but she has to be clever about it. She has to lead from behind. Make things his idea. Play to the male ego in a non-obvious manner.

      The strongest female WN would actually be more powerful than the strongest male WN because she is disguised. But I have never met a woman who could actually do this.

      You have to be able to get inside a man’s head. What does he want, what motivates him? How does he think? Human moves.

      It’s possible to be “submissive” but to dominate at the same time. I have seen men being interrogated but owning the interogator. It’s something to see, a very high thing. To be outwardly powerless but you control the situation.


      1. Women manipulate men both consciously and subconsciously, it really is their nature. The simply act of submission itself, in the context of women and men, can inspire some pretty strong feelings in a man, often protective and well as lustful.

        Maybe a comparison with WN would look something like drawing enemy fire to a specific location to distract from an important target you’re protecting.

        How about wearing those white privilege bracelets? You’re submitting to the anti-white notions of privilege, but it can also be seen as a subtle indicator of white pride.


  3. Perilous indeed. Few men can resist temptation. That’s exactly how to top from the bottom. Those wenches owned that guy body and soul. He had a sword, but they had something better.


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