Anti-Hipster Graffiti in Detroit

Anti-Hipster Graffiti in Detroit

Everyone knows who they mean when they say “hipster.” They mean white people. “Homogenization” is the opposite of “Diversity.” White people = Homogenous. No white people = Diversity.

The First Shots in the War Against Detroit Hipsters

Anti-Hipster is a Code Word for Anti-White
Anti-Hipster is a Code Word for Anti-White

“Usually people complaining about Detroit hipsters (read: young white people that aren’t the majority of the older white people or the Mexican-Americans that live in Southwest Detroit) spoke in hushed tones on message boards like DetroitYes, but this is the most brazen anti-hipster display to my knowledge.”

“I’ve generally found Detroit hipsters to be harmless creatures, simply seeking food (at Honey Bee) and shelter (cheap rent in Hubbard Farms) like every other natural being in the world. Hipsters also add to the natural order of things (tax revenue in a city that desperately needs it) so it’s not like they’re a dangerous threat disrupting the ecosystem.”

White Man Cleaning Anti-White Graffiti
White Man Cleaning Anti-White Graffiti

“We can talk about the nuances of “new Detroit” vs. “old Detroit” without having to resort to threatening messages. Putting up “no hipsters” isn’t going to make them go away, just like putting up “this area is infested by crackheads” won’t solve the crack problem in that neighborhood. In the end, it just makes us look divisive and foolish.”

Hipster Gentrification vs. Ghetto Slums

Writer blaming hipsters for anti-white sentiment

Heil Hipster!
Heil Hipster!

14 thoughts on “Anti-Hipster Graffiti in Detroit

  1. They should be so lucky!

    Great picture of Heiling Hipsters! I’m in love with that girl on the right. She looks like Ingrid Michaelson. By the way, I was at this:

    Total hipster scene. The song is about a storm knocking out the electricity and the Hipsters enjoying Doom together, perhaps making post-Doom Hipster offspring. Notice the contrasting singing abilities of Ingrid and Greg (who are married). Greg is a California boy, probably low investment parented, didn’t get singing lessons, just had some natural talent. But his voice is kind of cracky. Ingrid, on the other hand, grew up in Staten Island and her father is a Swedish classical composer and took her to voice lessons since she was 4 years old. We need to raise our kids more like Ingrid’s parents. Low investment parenting of White children has been a plague on us.


  2. I am preening. The idea to preserve Hipster Racist’s “hipster racist” theme was my doing.

    As to low-investment white parenting… it hasn’t really been low investment in the r-selected sense. It’s just that Boomer parents mis-invested as parents. Living in a pre-90s reality, they raised GenX’ers and Y’ers very nonchalantly: they were good providers, but their advice began and ended at “be nice to girls and get good grades.” Beyond that, Boomer parents lived for today, including divorce.

    Thanks for the link MW. I especially enjoy the folk/family bands you’ve posted occasionally on your site.


    1. I think “mis-investment” is key. I knew a lot of high-investment parents growing up whose investment was all geared towards getting the kids into a good college. No sense of teaching the kid useful skills, just a misplaced faith in higher education for its own sake.


      1. I know a guy from Chicago that had the wife’s brother and cousin tied and shot in the backroom of the store that they owned. It happened last month.


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