The Most Hilariously Hipster Racist Video Ever

Otherwise it wouldn't be funny.
Otherwise it wouldn’t be funny.

Huffington Post goes all “Free Trayvon” complaining about the hipster racism.

Remember the article about “Asian Privilege” from Gavin McGuiness? The Asians went apeshit, completely missing the joke. That’s their weakness, Asians don’t do satire.

Now, let me get all analytical here. The white men in this video are stereotyped just as viciously as the Asian woman. Yet there’s no hue and cry over those stereotypes. Why? Sexism. If it was Asian women singing about white men, Asians might complain but no whites would (only racist women and some men.) A black rapper singing about white women would of course be praised and would pass without negative comment.

So let’s be clear about this, this is a sex issue as much as a race issue. For the anti-whites, white men pursuing non-white women is predatory, racist, objectification and part of the white supremacist patriarchy. But non-white men pursuing white women is liberating, cool, cosmopolitan, and the only people that would ever even think to complain are racist white men ashamed of their penises.

Why the double standard? The anti-whites will tell you, it’s about power.

(Just for the record, fellow hipster racists – HR does not have yellow fever, at all.)

RamZPaul in “White Girlz”

Some choice comments:

Knock knock. Who's there? 911. 911 who? You said you'd never forget!
Knock knock. Who’s there? 911. 911 who? You said you’d never forget!

They were going “Fa-rah-rah-rah rahhhh, rah-rah-rah-rah” imitating how they think Asians sing “Deck the Halls”.. and they even laughed after they said that.

I think it’s the Asians turn to do a song in response. Remember don’t hold anything back, they didn’t:)

Classic. Racism is bad, unless it’s pointed at white males. You can’t respond to something you think is bad, by doing that same bad thing.

Racist? Perhaps.

Sexist, very much.

And so what?

How many rappers do much, much worse, yet are never taken to task by the likes of HP?

Day Above Ground – Asian Girlz

I love your sticky rice (love it)
Butt fucking all night
Korean barbecue
Bitch I love you
I love your creamy yellow thighs
Ooh you’re slanted eyes
It’s the Year of the Dragon
Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’

Superstitious feng shui shit (what?)
Now lay your hair by the toilet
I’ve got your green tea boba
So put your head on my shoulder
Huh! Your momma’s so pretty
Best nails in the city
Pushing your daddy’s Mercedes
Girl you drive me crazy 

New Year’s in February (February?)
That’s fine with me (I guess)
Yeah, shark soup (What? Fuck it, we’ll eat it)
Oh, tradition, tradition, tradition, yeah yeah
Baby, cause you’re my Asian girl
You’re legally (best kind)
So baby marry me
Come on sit on my lap (right here baby)
Or we’ll send you back
And you age so well
I can barely tell
17 or 23?
Baby doesn’t matter to me

Temple City
Don’t forget Chinatown
Get down
Happy endings all over
Bruce Lee
Spicy tuny
Sashimi (yeah)
Tasty Garden
Fried Lice
Sailor Moon
Wonton soup
Spring roll
Foot rub rub a down down down
Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra pa ra ra ra
All over you all over me
Love you wong
All the Asian girls
We love you
Keep smiling 

Asian girl, You’re my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl, She’s my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl, She’s my Asian girl
Yes, my Asian girl, You’re my Asian girl

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