RT: Encrypted email service used by Snowden mysteriously shuts down

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Published time: August 08, 2013 21:00
Edited time: August 08, 2013 23:08

The highly encrypted email service reportedly used by NSA leaker Edward Snowden has gone offline – and its administrator claims the company is legally barred from explaining why.

On Thursday, the homepage of Lavabit.com was changed to a letter from the company’s owner announcing that the site’s operations have ceased following a six-week long ordeal that has prompted the company to take legal action in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Now in the midst of an escalating fight from the federal government aimed at cracking down on encrypted communications, one of the last free and secure services has thrown in the towel under mysterious circumstances.

I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of…

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2 thoughts on “RT: Encrypted email service used by Snowden mysteriously shuts down

  1. It is all something to keep us engaged in nonsense – dissipating our outrage – when manufactured billboards are showing up in Hong Kong to support a guy that whistleblew NOTHING not already known. Pshaw. I begin with a suspicion of every liberal db (stupid White people!) propounding concepts (that no other people give a shit about), “This isn’t the way democracy should work…” Like we have time to worry about such BS. GED flunky and stooge.


    1. Yes, I’ve mentioned in most articles on Edward Snowden that he didn’t really release anything all that surprising. I mean, the NSA’s JOB is signal communications – obviously, that includes spying on the internet use of non-Americans. Plus, it’s been known forever that they found ways to spy on Americans supposedly legally.

      It’s a big pageant. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be all over TV. You don’t see Susan Lindauer on TV do you?


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