Is Feminism a Gender Identity Disorder?

Performing Gender
Performing Gender

Someone said that feminism is a toxic mix of man-hate and man-envy. When another asked why women models are so often masculine, looking like boys with angular facial features and lacking typical feminine curves, someone suggested women are attracted to the masculinity in the women models just as they are attracted to masculinity in men.

I found some comments by a secular, leftist feminist woman who considered herself part of the “BDSM community.” There was (at least) one aspect of this “scene” she disapproved of: forced feminization. Forced feminization is where a submissive man who likes to be humiliated is “forced” to dress like a woman, in women’s clothing, has make up put on, and is humiliated by being called a “sissy” or mocked with sarcastic approval like “you’re such a pretty girl.” Whatever would cause a man to get off on such things is not as interesting as the feminist’s reaction to it.

She said this is inherently misogynistic, because it’s considered “negative” or “humiliating” for a man to be feminine. If it’s negative or humiliating for a man to be “feminized” then femininity must be inferior to masculinity, and women must be inferior to men, otherwise it would be something positive for a man to be feminized. It would be an ego boost, not humiliating or bad.

I will go out on a limb here and suggest most men reading this are going to be bewildered at this “logic.” If a man would be humiliated wearing women’s clothing, it’s because he hates femininity and thus hates women.

Cross Dressing
Cross Dressing

But what’s interesting is that feminism has always had an element of cross dressing, women dressing like men. Early feminists cut their hair short, to mimic men’s hairstyles. Women started wearing pants, at the time strictly an attire for men. Certainly early feminists were, in fact, verbally attacked as cross dressers. Consider career women and their pantsuits and short hair – this is clearly mimicking men’s attire. While it’s certainly understandable that a woman would not want to wear sexy attire in the workplace, the feminists didn’t adopt modest, feminine dresses. They took men’s clothing and altered them slightly.

Feminists do not feel humiliated dressing like men, instead, they feel it gives them some sort of power, almost like cargo cult masculinity. It doesn’t usually work this way in reverse, so therefore, misogyny, according to feminists.

It's Not Just a Social Construct
It’s Not Just a Social Construct

This reminded me of another culture that is decidedly not feminist but actually has the same sort of women aping men’s clothing – the Heavy Metal music subculture of the 1970s to today. The “look” for a “metalhead” is generally jeans and a black t-shirt. Consequently, “rocker chicks” dress in the same was as their men: jeans and a black t-shirt. Perhaps not coincidentally, a lot of the heavy metal bands not only grew their hair long, but by the 80s were wearing so much makeup and had so much hairspray some could legitimately be described as “cross dressers” or “drag queens.”

The Occidental Observer once wrote a review of an AC/DC concert, memorably describing it as a “male fertility rite” and describing the few females there as “gyrating” and “probably not feminist.” Consider hair length; men and women both grow long hair naturally. At times long hair on men has been fashionable, and vice-versa. You can almost imagine this heavy metal male fertility rite going something like this – the men “performing masculine gender” by simultaneously both rejecting and adopting various parts of current female fashion or grooming styles. The female reaction to this is to mimic the men’s styles, to look as close to the men in attire and hairstyle as possible. At some point when everyone is genderless and gender neutral – a man is going to switch the polarity, and shave his head, thus once again increasing the “distance” between the genders.

To a feminist, wanting to be different than a woman is inherently woman hate – presumably, because (some) women mimic the masculinity they are attracted to.

Sexual Dimorphism: A Key Component in Heterosexuality
Sexual Dimorphism: A Key Component in Heterosexuality

Another man told a story of a girl he knew in high school. She never wore makeup, was somewhat of a “tomboy” and dressed in sloppy masculine style clothing. She was always “one of the guys.” But at some point she underwent a transformation – instead of trying to attract the attention of the men she was interested in by dressing like them and being one of the boys – she started wearing dresses and make up. Soon thereafter, she landed a boyfriend. Seems so obvious and intuitive but you can understand an immature young woman still not sexually experienced misunderstanding the dynamic.

It seems like feminists have gender identity disorder. While a normal woman will crave masculinity – in a man – feminists seem to crave masculinity in themselves, and then are outraged that a man would not crave femininity in himself. In fact, the desire of men to not be feminine is called “toxic masculinity” by feminists. But I don’t desire femininity in myself, I desire femininity in a woman.

That doesn’t make me a woman hater or a misogynist. In fact, it seems like it’s just the reverse – feminists hate their own femininity because they associate it with weakness. You would think the “women’s movement” would have created a culture and a movement around femininity – instead, it’s a movement and culture centered around women acting and dressing like men. Hence, in feminism, motherhood – perhaps the ultimate in femininity – is denigrated while abortion – killing, a stereotypical male trait of violence – is sacrosanct.

Imperial TeenRunaway


34 thoughts on “Is Feminism a Gender Identity Disorder?

  1. Great post! I am way to feminine to be a feminist, but I see feminism everywhere and curse those women who thought it important to be “equal” to men. I’m not against equal pay for equal work, etc. I just think it’s unfortunate that how women are expected to do it all and men are left wondering what the heck they’re here for! Taking the power from men and giving it to women did not make us “equal”, it made overworked, over-stressed, hateful women and loads of men who meander through life aimlessly and frustrated. It made us less than we were before.


    1. @POL, Thanks, I very much appreciate your comment and I agree. Just because men and women are different doesn’t mean one is superior or inferior to another. Plenty of women are perfectly happy in their own skin and with their own femininity. Feminists are the ones that seem to have a problem with their own femininity.

      The whole concept of “toxic masculinity” is frankly offensive, and it’s utter nonsense. I just read a feminist saying that “toxic masculinity hurts men” because it means that “real men” can’t want a family, fall in love, or want to have conversations with people. What planet do these feminists live on, anyway? How can you be a “patriarch” if you don’t have a family?

      The whole dynamic of a partnership between a woman and a man is that they bring their own, differing strengths to the relationship.


      1. Seriously, what is “toxic masculinity” anyway? If a man is violent, unemotional and sexually aggressive, wouldn’t you assume that in fact something is WRONG??? It’s backlash. It’s a primal response to something being wrong. Just like a dog that has been beaten his whole life, he will respond one of two ways. Excessive anger or extraordinary lethargy.

        With feminists spewing man hate, and constantly pummeling men to gain their “power”, how did they expect them to respond???


      2. @POL, there are obviously negative characteristics of masculinity, (inappropriate) violence being perhaps the most obvious example. But feminists don’t mean that by “toxic masculinity.”

        Excessive anger or extraordinary lethargy.

        Interesting, especially the lethargy part. See the “grass eaters” of Japan, or the commonly criticized “men who play video games and never grow up” stereotype current in the American media.


  2. Cultural Marxists are not creative, they are merely critical. It reminds me of how Satanic rituals are just catholic rituals run backwards using upside down crucifixes.
    The jews are just not a very imaginative people.


  3. “Gender” is a lingusitics term, appropriated by the “gender benders” to imply that one’s sex is something malleable rather than fixed.


    1. I find the feminist distinction between “sex” and “gender” to be useful. Sex is obviously biologically determined, and as GrayingWanderer put it, gender is not socially constructed, but “socially reinforced.”

      Hair length is a perfect example. Men and women naturally grow long hair. There’s a great line in Fight Club, “fighting became the reason to keep your nails and your hair short.” So the male sex has a good reason to have short hair, thus short hair becomes a masculine gender hair style. Fashion is a way to understand these things too. In our culture, women wear skirts, but of course in Scotland, kilts are men’s attire. So gender is dependent on social context to some degree.

      In our society today, most men don’t need to cut their hair for fighting but cutting your hair is a sign of identification with the masculine gender. Women cutting their hair short is a kind of cross dressing, and attemp to mimick men.

      Look at these feminist women and just imagine it was reversed. Imagine if a bunch of men grew their hair long, started wearing “skirts for men” and “male makeup” and demanded equal representation in traditionally women’s careers. How is that any different than the Hillary Clinton types with clipped hair and pant suits competing for traditionally male work?

      Notice that feminists do NOT create their own businesses and their own schools and their own institutions. They demand entry into traditionally men’s spaces. I’ll be an open sexist and say I don’t think women are capable – as a group – of that level of organization. The ultimate male group in the military, a rigid hierarchy. Women are likely not able to cooperate at that level. In fact, they seem to be anti-hierarchy by nature.


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  5. More useful an interesting thoughts on feminism in one post than the entire anti feminist men’s rights blog community combined has had in years.


    1. @Anonymous, thanks! I don’t really consider myself to be part of the “men’s rights” movement and I’ve been described as a “crypto-feminist” by some of the WNs. At this point I don’t even think “feminism” is some coherent ideology, it’s mostly women just bitching about stuff.

      I believe that women are people, hence, they are not to be taken all that seriously.


  6. My educated guess is that some non-trivial percentage of feminists were sexually abused as children or adolescents. One common reaction to this form of abuse is to become as un-enticing and unsexual as possible, so that you won’t attract any more predators. Another common reaction is to try to become as tough as possible so nobody will want to fuck with you again.

    These aren’t gender-specific reactions by the way, a lot of male rape victims react in a similar way, e.g. becoming as muscular and as masculine as possible so it doesn’t happen again and so they’re never mistaken for gay.


    1. @WI

      I can certainly understand that dynamic. I am thinking about someone like Hillary Clinton. She’s power-hungry (like all politicians) and desperately wants to be the first woman president. Her pantsuits and short hair are a form of “magic” (in the anthropological sense) – cargo-cult masculinity – “if I dress like men I will have the social power of a man and they will take me seriously in a man’s job” kind of thing.

      Unfortunately, child sexual abuse seems to be far more common than people would like to believe. You might be interested in the writings of Lloyd deMause on “psycho-history.” He theorizes that child abuse, including sexual, has been pretty much the norm in human societies throughout history and styles of child rearing come to define a society.


  7. Great post! I never understood why a lot of feminists dress like men, trying to assert masculinity when that seems counter-productive to their cause. To me, dressing whatever way I feel comfortable makes me a feminist because I am a woman and I’m wearing what I want.


  8. Oh, I like this post! I’ll probably dwell on it for awhile.

    One of the things that sticks out to me re: the BDSM feminist is that she’s made everything so female-centric that she’s drowned out her common sense. Of course a man will feel humiliated when he’s kitted out like a Barbie dream doll! He is being forced to act as something that is at odds with his nature. (There’s also a chance that a verbally abusive authority figure in his life denigrated him when he was little by calling him a sissy, girly boy, etc.) If a sexual partner made me dress and behave like a man in an intimate setting and then mocked me for it, I would either cry for days or immediately lose all interest in him. I would also wonder if he was gay and trying to take his self-hatred out on me.

    There are so many different camps within the feminist movement that it’s hard to pin down their official party lines on gender, masculinity, or femininity. There are some feminists who will defend a stay-at-home mom’s right to choose the life of a housewife come hell or high water – provided, of course, that said mom supports abortion and sexual promiscuity with equal enthusiasm. I’ve also come across some who have an attitude of feminine superiority, where they elevate feminine traits to the detriment of masculine traits. This can go hand-in-hand with hard left politics, but not always; I’ve heard you and Mindweapon throw around the term ‘goddess worship’ a few times, and that just about hits the mark. I’m not even sure Hillary Clinton and women of her ilk should be classified as feminists, although they do have a historical link to the early suffragist cross-dressers.

    There’s something to be said for the theory that women try to attain masculinity by proxy through men’s clothes/hairstyles/etc. Some of it also probably has to do with a dominant and competitive drive. It never really surprises me when extremely attractive, charismatic, and feminine women admit to having been “one of the boys” at a younger age. Before physically maturing and coming to terms with their own sexuality, being a tomboy was probably the easiest way to set themselves apart from the other girls their age.

    asdkf;akdj I could keep going for ages. Just one more thing, then. With certain exceptions (think Jacobean levels of polygamy), the feminist quibble with the patriarchy has a lot less to do with who wears the pants at the dinner table/in the bedroom than with the men-only spheres that you want to reestablish. I’m a lot less interested in the daddy issues of feminists and a lot more interested in their relationships with their brothers.


    1. @CM glad you liked it.

      While there are women who like to be humiliated, I don’t think “forced masculinization” is a thing. It’s one of those things that just doesn’t seem to work in reverse.

      Consider that a man can work out and get bigger muscles, which will increase his testosterone and we’d call him more manly. But of course a woman cannot do anything physical like that to make herself more womanly. I’ve never heard of any man that finds those woman bodybuilders attractive.

      I was talking to a mother of four boys, she mentioned how she always had an urge to force them to “play fair” but would stop herself, knowing that boys fighting/competing for position is just part of masculinity, that’s how we form the male hierarchy. If you add a woman into that, it ruins it because you can’t fight/compete with a woman the same way. Between men, there’s always a possibility of violence or an undercurrent of it. But of course you can’t hit a woman, so that implied threat is never there. Men can and do dominate and submit to each other, but not sexually. While domination and submission between a man and a woman can often trigger sexual feelings in both.

      I think part of it is that men, especially in groups, can do some pretty cool stuff. You can add a woman into a men’s group and she could contribute as much as any of the male members, but I don’t know if women naturally form a hierarchy the way men do. I can see a woman wanting into a men’s group, both because she wants to do the cool stuff that men do and also as mating/display behavior.

      Pre-modernity, most women spent their entire lives from 15-50 either pregnant, nursing, or raising children and grandchildren. It’s perfectly understandable to me that an intelligent and ambitious woman would be bored and unfulfilled just being a babysitter. But it surely must be a failure of the feminist movement that they never created institutions that actually supported mothering.

      On reddit a feminist responded to this article and wondered why I called motherhood that “essence of femininity” and I thought to myself, it’s literally in the definition of the word “female” and that goes for all species. I mean, that’s how we define the female and male of a species, the female is the one that makes babies. How cut off do feminists have to be from their own reproductive systems to not get that? Seems weird to me.

      Yeah I could probably ramble on about women and men forever. Welcome to my blog 🙂


  9. Interesting. I saw your recent reply to the Sunshine Mary post where you linked to this post. It dovetails very closely with my understanding that Simon Baren-Cohen’s work on prenatal sex hormones and the recent work being done on digit ratio is telling us that there is highlighting variation within the sexes. There are masculinized women and feminized men. Neither of whom are guaranteed to be homosexual but they are likely to have some gender dysphoria. I know I did (and do) as male with an even digit ratio. The thing is, I would never go around saying regular guys should pick up are and get in touch with their femme side, yet masculinized women feel positively obligated to prescribe their preferences for all women. Outliers shouldn’t set behavior guidelines for the group.



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