Are White Women The Gold Standard In Beauty?

Short answer – yes.

Chateau Heartiste

Commenter FeministX, Indian woman (she would be offended if you called her “Indian-American”, as that would be too disparaging of her vibrancy privilege) says,

Based on media attention, it doesn’t seem like white women have been the gold standard for a long time. Doesn’t seem like blond women were ever the gold standard as neither Raquel Welch nor Sophia Loren were blond and they were beauties of yesteryear. Of fair women, it’s really difficult to see how nordic women were ever more attractive than slavic women.

It seems like all caucasoid groups can produce 10s though the average female attractiveness surely differs across groups. Salma Hayek is half lebanese half mexican. Monica Belluci is Italian and black haired. Aishwarya Rai is south Indian. Adriana Lima is a latina mix that includes black and native. Even Vanessa Williams looked like a 10 to me in the early 90s as her face…

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10 thoughts on “Are White Women The Gold Standard In Beauty?

  1. 350+ comments with little deviation from standard acceptable familiar discourse. Beta bois if you ask me. What the little indian princess needs and perhaps desires is domination, and that is where a skilled interrogator comes in and gives her her wish. You can quibble with, shriek at, debate gobbledygook abstract nonsense with girls like that or you can dissect that feeble nonsense and give her the tingles.

    She has been a bad girl.


    1. @RRS

      I’ve unleashed a monster. It all started as a joke, mostly. Now reddit’s TheRedPill and other man-o-sphere blogs are all talking 50 Shades. I feel like I’ve contributed to this to some degree.


      1. Yes, simply because you have the best response to these walking hormonal nutjobbers. Typical right wing response is basically a craving for respect so the author goes out of his way to sound intellectual, wanders off into the details, gets lost, gets called names, loses his audience, wash, rinse, repeat.

        IMO a shrieking woman will have a sentence or two of morally superior speak and that is about it, pure fashionable intellectual junk, the tramp stamp for the mind. If you have a couple of quick incisive logical questions dealing with the readily observable if unspeakable facts they usually crumble.

        Or, indian princess wants her ass slapped and her hair pulled and told she is one sexy bitch.


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