My First Eyes Wide Shut Party!


From the outside, it looked just like any normal house, although rather large, three stories, and pretty ritzy looking. We walked up to the door, and a doorman asked what we wanted. I said we wanted to go to the party. They asked who invited us, and we gave the name of our friend, which was actually a nickname. A code word. The doorman smiled, said “welcome,” and we went inside. We took our jackets to the coat check, and we put our masks on. My lady was dressed in a skin tight red vinyl skirt, barely covering her ass. Knee high leather boots. A black top with an elaborate threadwork on the front. Little straps hanging off the sides. Of course.

The foyer was decked out in all sorts of elaborate pagan symbols, and the centerpiece was a statue of huge golden colored bull’s head. Paintings of nymphs adorned the wall, old erotic scenes and figure studies. The atmosphere was one of understated luxury and overt sensuality. We walked through the hallway to the main room. The house was filled with attractive white people. Most were dressed in costumes (it was a Halloween party after all) some in masks, some nude with or without a mask. Many people were coupled, some going into the bedrooms, some playing on the sofa, right in front of everyone. My lady giggled when a loud moan came from one of the private rooms. “Someone is having fun,” she whispered. Dark electronica music was playing, with a steady, heavy beat, timed perfectly with a human heart beat. We walked to the back yard, and watched a couple of nude women and men splashing each other, groping and kissing.

We mingled with the guests on the patio, drinking wine and chatting. We knew only a few people. Everyone was checking everyone else out. Propositions were suggested, agreements were made, people disappeared into the various rooms. Two women, wearing masks and not much else, were checking out my lady and I. I whispered to her, “look at those two, they are checking you out.” She smiled, whispered something in my ear that I won’t repeat here.

VEND-144_woodstock-skinny-dipping-1_1969We undressed and got into the indoor heated pool in the back. I grabbed her around her waist, picked her up in the water and spun her around. I kissed her. With a devious gleam in her eye, she said “I thought you would like this party. So what are we going to do now?” It was my turn to whisper to her. She playfully punched my arm. “You are such a bad boy,” she giggled. We swam for a while, got out with our towels around us, walked back to the patio and got some more wine. I said, “there’s a dungeon downstairs, you know. With all the props so to speak.” She just sort of looked far away and didn’t say anything. We sat down on a bench and I put my arms around her, kissed her neck and stroked her hair. She sighed. I reached in and bit her earlobe, ever so softly, and breathed on the back of her neck. That always got her excited. She moaned, put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. I bit her neck, kissed it and she closed her eyes and turned her head. “Ok, mister, you’re making me hot.” I stood up, grabbed her arm, and led her away…

Masked Lady

9 thoughts on “My First Eyes Wide Shut Party!

    1. @Ryu,

      If there is anything I’ve learned about women in my brief time on this planet, it is that their sexual desires tend to be “politically incorrect,” to say the least. And they will not be suppressed for long, and can be surprisingly resistant to social pressure.


  1. Glad to see someone else into this.

    This was your first party? It shows in the description.

    Contrary to the common stereotype, the lifestyle is mostly dominated–at least here in OC (and IE)–by attractive White people.

    The business/financial community in OC is rife with these events. Two of my current FBs are into it. The second of the two is a stunning older stacked blonde whose wealthy husband encourages her to “escort” me to these parties.


  2. Although this story may be fictional, there was nothing fictional about the lifestyle itself. Fact is most clubs/groups are filled with average people, mostly white middle class.

    There is one group that I belong to that is filled with friendly 80%-90% attractive, physically fit people. It’s invite only and those interested in attending have to receive an invite from the host first. No single male is allowed unless he goes in and out with a couple. Still, that male has to pay a hefty price to ensure his commitment to be on his best behavior or getting the boot. That’s probably why only those above average looking people attend the party. Once my wife and I join this group, we never go to any other for the obvious reason.

    The group holds once a month on premise or off premise party. Mostly off premise with a “special” room erected with minimal/see-through covering to allow the brave ones to put on a show in front of everyone. For those who like to be watched, such as myself, it’s such a sexy experience if you can find the right partner. Out of the six my wife and I have attended so far, we had put on a show twice with other couples and had a blast about it every single time.

    The party is obviously not as fancy as Eyes Wide Shut party because there’s no mansion to rent for our use. However, I have to say that the most important thing is not the location. It’s the people attending it. I would rather get lucky with a friendly gorgeous lady in a hut than settling with a less than attractive one in a king’s bedroom.


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