Do White People Have Freedom of Association?

They always say that “racists” (read: white people) are just ignorant, having never met a non-white person. A Nice White Liberal will tell the unenlightened all they need to do is “get educated” about Peoples of Color then we can all live happily every after in our racially blind utopia.

So why is it the “anti-racist” whites always come from places that are basically all white – like say, Vermont or Wisconsin or Iowa? Yet the “racists” are always the (white) people that live in areas that do have diversity – Alabama, Georgia, etc?

It seems more likely that “anti-racist” whites are the ones that actually have no experience with Diversity. Perhaps it’s time for the anti-white whites to “get educated” on the subject.

Jezebel, the hilarious feminist site, is located in Manhattan, where racial profiling is official policy (stop and frisk) and which happens to be a highly segregated NYC borough. Jezebel – a bunch of white women – live perfectly hipster racist lives while lecturing those who actually do live near Peoples of Color.

Ironically, just a month ago published a piece wondering if this was the year UA sororities would become more diverse, noting that the Greek organizations had begun to face slow but increasing pressure from school officials worried about the racial divide between their organizations.

Why are school officials “increasing pressure” on groups of white people to become less white? Sounds positively Orwellian.

If NYC Jezebellers have a Token Black Friend they feel that gives them some sort of “moral clout” to lecture white women in a highly “diverse” state like Alabama. Then again, Jezebellers think that “pegging” your boyfriend is a fight against The Patriarchy so it’s hard to take them very seriously about much of anything.

13 thoughts on “Do White People Have Freedom of Association?

    1. TL;DR – attack the lowly staff writer at Gawker/The Stranger/Jezebel/etc. who starts off the media feeding frenzy by making them a Google felon. I’m not a big Roosh fan (quelle surprise) but I think it’s a good idea. All I’d add is you might need a more neutral blog/website to attack the writer, it might carry more weight with HR that way.


      1. @WI,

        I saw that article yesterday and gave it some serious thought. His example of the (push, not pull) Indian woman and her vicious anti-white attitudes was instructive, along with her panicked reaction at being singled out. I say we try it.


  1. I live in a diverse environment and I think most racists are idiots (just a correlation, I know, but most of you are stupid to the point that you deserve to be removed), and that racism fundamentally stems from white male insecurity.

    On the surface, white supremacists seem to hate darkies and Jews. But really what they’re saying is:

    “Division, hate and violence is how we solve problems”.

    So what happens is that white supremacists can end up scaring up, beating up and killing up almost as many white people (“race traitors”) as they do darkies and Juden and Irish and whomever the heck else. They even write books about crucifying “their own”. Their paradigm demands it. Any movement based on division, hate and violence tends to self-destruct in this way, because while its members may think that their hate has specificity, in truth they are operating under a more general principle that inevitably begins to dictate their actions and responses to anyone of any ethnicity in any adverse situation.


    1. Well, Anonymous, it’s certainly commendable of you to be against racism. It takes a lot of courage in this White Supremacist society to take a tough stand against racism. But, as I’m sure you’re aware, it’s not just racism and the White Privilege that sustains it, it’s the intersectionality of oppression that matters. It’s precisely at the intersection of racism, sexism, and homophobia where you really find the social oppression and injustice towards Sisters of Color That Love Other Sisters. So I am sure you are willing to do your part to fight for social justice. My Token Lesbian of Color friend, Latisha, is waiting with her dildo (she calls it “Hank”) to help you overcome any latent White Supremacist Heteronormativity you have by pegging it right out of you. Really, only by being penetrated like a woman of color can you truly prove you have given up your Privilege.

      So you go ahead and drop trou’ and bend over. Are you ready? Go ahead, Latisha!



    2. By “racists” you mean only whites, right? You do realize that your censorship of whites speaking about their interests is about over don’t you?


    1. @WI

      Interesting, one of the commenters here said that VC was essentially looking to monetize; he wants to sell ads so getting a group together makes sense.

      Better question: how would you like to write for Hipster Racist?


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