It’s Money That I Love

A few years ago I met a most interesting man. He was a carnie; a stage magician, and a hypnotist. He was, of course, a former pastor of an Evangelical church, until he was fired for schtupping the church secretary, so he transitioned easily into his new scam. He explained to me how the scam works:

Since many health issues are psycho-somatic and can be “cured” with a placebo, all it takes is “hypnotizing” someone to believe that their illness has gone away, and because of the placebo effect it often actually provides some temporary relief. This guy explained that that is what the “faith healers” are actually doing.

In the “Pentecostal” Evangelical movement, they “speak in tongues,” which, when studied, is exactly the same as “baby talk” – a native English speaker will simply take common English syllables and mix them randomly together, imitating a baby still learning language. A Chinese person will use Chinese syllables. The preachers that do the “speaking in tongues” are fully conscious of what they are doing, and they know that it has a hypnotic effect on the audience. Just like a hypnotist will find a suggestible person in the audience, bring them up on stage, and hypnotize them to cluck like a chicken, the Pentecostal pastors do the same, hypnotize a congregant and convince them to spout baby talk.

The only difference is that at a hypnotism show, everyone will laugh at the moron clucking like a chicken; in an Evangelical church, everyone pretends that it’s some religious thing and be very quiet and serious about it.

The pastors of Evangelical churches are literally laughing all the way to the bank.

Every Evangelical pastor in America essentially aspires to be an Oprah Winfrey; they all want their own talk show and to sell books. While Oprah Winfrey will just latch onto whatever is popular among dim housewives, the Evangelicals have to keep it somewhat related to Bible stories. This is much easier than it seems.

From the 1970s to the 2012 elections, the “religious right” was a political force, and a key component of the GOP coalition. Many political insiders have explained how the GOP suckers the Evangelicals into voting for them. (Interestingly enough, there’s a racial angle. Black churches get out the vote for the Democrat party, white churches get out the vote for the GOP. They both use the same Bible and profess the same beliefs.)

A GOP explained how easy it was to get Evangelical support. He said the pastors were the easiest to bribe. All they had to do was send them a signed pictures of George Bush, or a keychain, or a calendar, or – for the really important ones with huge mega-churches – an invite for a 3 minute hand shake with Bush. The pastors would take their photographs and key chains back to the church, get on stage, and brag to their audience about how they got to meet Bush, and what a strong Christian he was, etc. The pastors would try to out-do the pastor of the rival church down the road, the guy who got the handshake beat out the guy who only got a keychain.

Even easier were the Seventh Day Adventists. The GOP asked the SDAs what they wanted; they said that they thought the government was hiding evidence of Noah’s Ark, and they wanted satellite pictures to prove there was actually an ancient boat on the top of a mountain in Turkey. This was easy; the GOP insider just called up the NRO, got some photographs of some mountainous terrain in Turkey, circled a rock formation, and sent it to the pastor. The next week the pastor gets in front of his audience, shows they satelite imagery, and declares the story of Noah’s Ark to be literally true and that the government gave him the proof. The audience is gratified, reaches into their wallets and purses, and gives the pastor some money.

Quite literally, Evangelicalism is a scam, it’s a tax free way to sucker little old ladies, men who really should know better, and to make mini-Oprahs of men who didn’t have the brainpower to study something useful in college, so they went to the seminary instead. All pastors in all Evangelical churches are fully aware that they are lying and running a scam, generally speaking, they are sociopathic individuals.

There was some illiterate cult group in the 1800s called the Millerites; their cult leader declared that “The Rapture” would happen on such and such a date, so his congregants all took off their clothes and climbed trees so it would be easier for Jesus to snatch them up into the sky. When nothing happened on the appointed day, he set a new date for a year later. Most of his cult members left after the second failure. This idea has no support in historical Christianity, it’s literally just a fable invented by uneducated frontier preachers based on random passages in the books of Revelation and Daniel.

This stuff still happens, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article a few years ago about a radio preacher telling his audience that D-Day was going to be such and such a date. This guy had already predicted it would be 1996, wrote a best selling book about it, then when nothing happened, went quiet for a few years. Until he was ready to retire, then he ran the scam again. The Journal interviewed his radio fans, some were literally selling everything they owned, quitting their jobs, and moving out close to the guy’s studio, giving him all their money, and waiting for D-Day.

Nothing happened. The guy was asked if he was going to give people their money back. No guesses on his answer – hell no.

Back in the Cold War, the Evangelicals virtually all said that the “Final Battle” was going to be the atheist communists vs. the Christians. “Gog and Magog” were actually Soviet Russia. Then, the USSR fell apart, and the Evangelicals lost their favorite bad guys. No problem, a few years later a *cough* certain event happened, and the entire Evangelical subculture turned on a dime – now, the forces of the Anti-Christ were, of course, the Muslims.

When Israel was preparing to genocide Palestinians and invade Lebanon, they paid certain Evangelical pastors cash money to endorse their scheme. The pastors lined up to take the money, and then all of a sudden declared 2,000 years of Christian teaching was all wrong, actually, Israel was the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy. The Southern Baptist Convention put up a video on their main website declaring that the Bible said that Iran would attack Israel; this was part of a coordinated political campaign to support Israel’s war. When it didn’t happen, the SBC just took the video down. Jerry Falwell was “gifted” a private jet by the Israelis; John Hagee gets a handsome salary for his Christians United for Israel front group.

While I’m sure there are well meaning Christians, there are no well meaning pastors. They – all of them, 100% of them – are fully aware they are running a scam, none of them “believe” the things they teach. They actually learn these hypnotic techniques in seminary. If you are a church-goer, I feel sorry for you. You are literally the victim of a scam, not that much different than the Nigerians who claim they will give you a million dollars from some deposed dictator if you just send them your bank account details. Hey, there’s one born every minute. I’m pretty good at public speaking; I could easily start a church and run the same scam myself.

Except, you know, I’m not a lying sociopath.

17 thoughts on “It’s Money That I Love

    1. @AD

      I know that’s a common opinion among various white nationalists, but it’s not an opinion I share, really. I suspect that the real historical origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are pretty much lost to history.

      However, the modern evangelical movement did in fact, start off as a scam, but I don’t think it was particularly Jewish, until later. It was called the Azuza Street Revival, it promoted miscegenation, and it used very well known hypnotic techniques to manipulate audiences. Very much like stage magicians and carnie acts. They teach these tactics in the seminaries, I think they call it “homolytics.” At some point, the Evangelical movement sold out completely to the Zionists, many of the pastors were actually, literally getting paid to support Israel.

      Notice that Mormonism started off as a scam too, but it’s developed into a very positive and healthy culture. Evangelicalism is not positive, nor healthy. It’s likely because of the structure of the organizations, they basically invite sociopaths into their leadership.

      It’s mostly irrelevant anyway. Christianity hasn’t really been relevant since the Enlightenment, except among the peasants, and whatever good “old fashioned family values” Christians used to teach to frontier families, that’s long been snuffed out.

      Just walk into an average Evangelical church in America. You’ll see a stage show, a “worship service” that is basically a soft-rock concert. You’ll hear a pastor delivering a sermon that’s likely to be a regurgitation of various conservative political talking points – or liberal talking points – with some marginal relevance to Biblical stories.

      There’s this thing called “emotional intelligence” and it’s the ability to read people, read their emotions, tell if they are being sincere or not. I found a bunch of videos by this up and coming Evangelical pastor named Paul Washer. You have to be a person of extremely low “emotional intelligence” to believe that this guy is sincere. He uses some really common tactics to emotionally manipulate his audience. His arrogance and emotional bullying should be obvious to just about anyone watching him. But his evangelical suckers eat it up. Same with a guy named John Piper. These are considered the “serious” non-liberal Evangelicals too. Both of them are as phoney as a three dollar bill, but their audiences eat it up.

      Of course, the central ritual in an Evangelical church is the passing of the plate. That’s what Evangelicalism is about, and what it’s always been about – money. That’s their real god.

      Hell, at least the Jews admit it.


  1. Part of the reason I’m traditional Catholic. I haven’t been able to stomach church lately though, mainly because I don’t like non-Whites in my church.

    By the way, could you tell me where you got this information about pastors getting paid off and stuff or is it just an educated guess? Is there proof?


    1. These comments are strictly aimed at Evangelicals. That would exclude Catholics, Orthodox, and so-called “creedal” Protestants like the Reformed. Although the Southern Baptist Convention is not Pentecostal and doesn’t do the “speaking in tongues” but, they share just about everything else with the rest of them.

      The SBC is an evil organization, full stop. They have even turned viciously anti-white over the last few decades.

      The stuff about getting paid by Zionists is pretty much on the public record. I think Hagee’s group is an officially registered non-profit so his salary is likely public. There have been books, articles, exposes, etc. I don’t remember where I read about Falwell getting his airplane but it’s out there somewhere.


    2. Maureen, you might find this story interesting. I met this mulatto Catholic woman online, her grandfather was some sort of relatively big player in the Catholic church in the Caribbean. We were both truthers, and we helped each other research the Christian Zionist movement, going through historical accounts and the like. It was a really eye-opening experience. I thought, like many people, that Evangelicalism was just another development in Protestantism – it actually wasn’t. It was started by two brothers that owned an oil company in California and they started a movement to bust the labor unions. The Azuza Street Revival, mentioned above, was another one.

      One of the strangest stories I read was an Evangelical group inviting a Hindu mystic for a “competition” – they would get the two guys in front of the audience, do magic tricks, and of course the Evangelical would win.

      Look at a guy like Billy Graham, and how he got his start doing “tent revivals.” These are the exact same thing as the old carny culture, just with a religious sheen over top of it. Remember, Billy Graham is considered one of the “good guys” too, but he’s actually worse than most.


  2. I was just about to post some clips from Marjoe but you beat me to it!

    I remember reading somewhere about an ex-Evangelical who went to bible college. He reported that one of his classmates told him, “I don’t believe a damn word in the Bible, but I majored in English and I’ll be damned if I dig ditches.” The guy who said that is now the head of a large Evangelical denomination and lives in a nice house. It’s all hearsay but I wouldn’t exactly be shocked if that was a common attitude.

    If only Walter White had known about this racket. How many lives would have been saved if he had? 😛


    1. @WI

      Having known a few of these people, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if that story is true.

      It’s especially true of the hipster churches, where the pastors have slicked back hair and wear jeans and t-shirts. One of them made a documentary about their new church – it was virtually indistinguishable from a dot-com start up movie.

      Because, that’s what it is – a business. Nothing has changed since the days of Marjoe, it’s just the music is now more rock, less country, and instead of the old time yelling preachers, it’s done more like a TED Talk.


  3. “A few years ago I met a most interesting man. He was a carnie; a stage magician, and a hypnotist. He was, of course, a former pastor of an Evangelical church.”

    There’s a really good piece on how the evangelist movement uses hypnosis and other psychological tricks that you might find interesting:
    ‘any study of
    brainwashing has to begin with a study of Christian revivalism in
    eighteenth century America. Apparently, Jonathan Edwards accidentally
    discovered the techniques during a religious crusade in 1735 in
    Northampton, Massachusetts. By inducing guilt and acute apprehension and
    by increasing the tension, the “sinners” attending his revival meetings
    would break down and completely submit. Technically, what Edwards was doing
    was creating conditions that wipe the brain slate clean so that the mind
    accepts new programming.’


  4. That’s why I like Eastern religion better. I don’t think Buddhists are BSing the way the Jeeboos are.

    The Buddhists believe in heaven and hell, but you aren’t stuck in either place eternally. You can go from one to another and back. Of course if you are enlightened, you choose to go to Hell (earth as a person, and possibly othre places too) as a boddhisatva, kind of like a challenge, a Vision Quest (to borrow from the American Indians), when Nirvana gets boring.

    I don’t read Buddhist texts or anything. I don’t think I need to. I get it. What is there to get? Here’s Buddhism in a nutshell:

    Never want something so much it hurts. Never want something so much it makes you do desperate things that you normally would not do.

    How do you do that? You don’t just command it by willpower. Willpower is nonsense. Rather, you divert desire into better things, and there’s lots of better things — things that are indeed satisfying, but also healthy and beneficial.

    For me, these days, it’s doing math problems. For others, it can be playing a musical instrument or making art. Something that absorbs you completely. I knew abourt this experience of being “absorbed” long ago, and talked about it, but finally there’s a book about it:

    Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s famous investigations of “optimal experience” have revealed that what makes an experience genuinely satisfying is a state of consciousness called flow. During flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with life. In this new edition of his groundbreaking classic work, Csikszentmihalyi demonstrates the ways this positive state can be controlled, not just left to chance. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience teaches how, by ordering the information that enters our consciousness, we can discover true happiness and greatly improve the quality of our lives.

    It’s a lot cheaper to sit around doing math problems, or play the piano, than to own expensive “toys” like monster trucks or powerboats. On the other hand, if you are into tinkering with that monster truck, and modifying it and fixing it yourself, and you get into “flow” when you do it, then the hobby is a little less dumb. But if you’re just dumping money into it to drive around and show off (to whom? some dudes? wow look at my monster truck. gay).

    Math is a good one though, because it has lots of applications. If you practice math enough, you’ll get good at it. I am starting to be able to do trig integrals after 2 months, and it’s such a delight, such a “high,” because I know htat after this I’ll advance to higher levels. To Integration by Parts, to Taylor Series’s, and logarithmic integrals and areas and volumes of irregular shapes. I’ll go deeper and deeper into the math rabbit hole, and there’s always more rooms, like an infinite mansion. I definitely get the Optimal Experience from this stuff — can ya tell? I used to get it from violin but I didn’t have enough good lessons at an early stage because of issues of money and location. I needed to be in a city, and have some disposable income. I almost managed to stay in Moscow in 1995 where I was getting lessons from a Moscow Conservatory lady. Had I stayed, I’d probably be some kind of bowed instrument player touring with Hungarians or Romanians. That was my dream, but circumstances didn’t allow it. Oh well. In retrospect, I should have done math instead of violin.

    So I am always ready for disappointment, because I know that I can retreat into my Optimal Experience. No matter what happens, even if I am poor or in prison, I can probably do math for fun.

    The other religious aspect of my life, which is advocated in all religions, is service to others, those others being kin and close friends who reciprocate, not ingrates or racial aliens. And not only because they reciprocate, but that they will given the opportunity. That it’s truly in their heart to do for you back. Growing food is how I do that service.

    What would make people happy is a community where everyone is helping everyone else. that’s how we are wired. that’s what we truly want. This impulse gets perverted a lot, but it can be brought back to a healthy outlet, and that’s what I’m trying to do in the food supply trade thing. Fortunately, there’s a farmer not far from me who is young and hip (and crunchy con Christian) and accepts my gifts of rotted vegetables for his chickens and buys my Asian pears. I’m going to start raising black soldier flies and give him the larvae to feed his chickens. At this point I will give him the larvae for free. If I am in need of something in the future I will just ask him for it, like if there’s doom and I need to start a flock of chickens.

    A big problem these days is children and teenagers don’t have any jobs or roles to play in the community. They have been protected by law from getting jobs and contributing to the community. April Gaede told me that the liberals made child labor laws in California in the 1980’s in order to get rid of white teenagers working as fruit packers and bring in Mexicans. Wicked evil, eh?

    But if we can find enterprises that can be done at home and are safe and actually make real money, we can find ways to employ children and teenagers again. And I think this will make them truly happy in a way they aren’t now. To get back to the original topic, our spiritual impoverishment comes from our not doing things for one another.


    1. I really agree that public schooling is a waste of time, it’s not good for the kids, and it’s the government’s way of indoctrinating the youth. With the internet and the availability of really top notch educational materials for free, it’s never been a better time to take back education.

      Also like the idea of diversion as opposed to willpower in overcoming unhelpful desires. I suppose that’s how the AA people do it, they divert the desire for drinking with those meetings. I need to start a Heartbreaker-lovers Anonymous or something lol.


  5. This is “anti-racism’s” pathway into the brain as well, it feels good, its a rush of brain chems. People are literally trained like animals via propaganda, take your average smart cubicle eunuch, not a better trained seal in the world in the areas that are subject to propaganda, because it feels good to to hear and repeat the phrases from training.

    The word “racist” is like training children to avoid “hot” its a negative, but conversely the denunciation phrases train the brain to release good feeling chems.

    Now when you cross a person’s chem pathways they will literally tremble from the physical reaction within their brains.


    1. Christianity’s notion of “original sin” was fornicatin’ and lustin’ in your heart. The anti-whites just replaced that with the Original Sin of White Privilege. All white people are born with it evidently.

      Tim Wise is there to guilt you and offer you salvation from your White Privilege – just go to his speeches and buy his books! You too can be “reborn” as an anti-white!


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