No Syrian Ever Called Me Hipster


When asked why he opposed the Vietnam war, Mohammed Ali (nee Cassius Clay) famously said, “No Viet Cong ever called me a nigger.” So as the Peace Prize Winning HNIC is arming the Free Syrian Army (composed of non-Syrian mercenaries) this writer echoes the Louisville Lip by saying it loud and proud: no Syrian ever called me a hipster.


Chinese comedian Kristina Wong engages in some “ironic” anti-white “comedy” with her latest “humorous” skit, “Hipster Please,” a vicious, virulent anti-hipsteretic canard. Wong, being a member of the majority, hegemonic Chinese people – the largest ethnic group on planet earth, engages her Han Privilege with some over the top microaggression against “whitey” – a global minority – to barely stifled laughter from the peanut gallery. (Wait, was the peanut analogy racist?)

Who said Asians can’t be funny?

“We’re a culture, not a costume,” I thought as I rolled my eyes. Oh wait, would that be racist? I suppose only round eyes can roll, right?

It’s 2013 and yet throwbacks still think that “hipster jokes” and appropriation of white culture is acceptable. Never mind the fact that hipster neighborhoods and residents are routinely the victims of hate speech, anti-white graffiti, as well as anti-hipster hate crimes against whites for doing nothing more than riding a fixie bike through an orthodox neighborhood in Brooklyn, and open calls for anti-white hipster violence.

But it’s all “ironic” right?

It starts with an insult, a denigrating statement, and at the very top what you have is genocide.

hipster racism

6 thoughts on “No Syrian Ever Called Me Hipster

  1. We are entirely too nice and too tolerant and it is literally killing us. I know that I myself am, by nature, pretty easy going and let a lot of stuff just roll off my back, yet seem to think it’s perfectly normal and to be expected that everyone else is hyper sensitive and thin skinned. I mean, come on, we literally had the entire world in the palm of our hand 50 years ago, yet we allowed a bunch of smooth talking yids to guilt trip us into giving it all away. What thanks do we get for it? None, there is no gratitude, they merely keep trying to extort more and more out of us. Even now, while the proverbial well is almost entirely dry, there is no sign that they intend to ever quit squeezing us.
    We like to be responsible for ourselves and don’t like to whine and complain, but clearly it is long past time for us to take a leaf from their book and do our share of acting up and making noise, when we are not busy defending ourselves and planning out our next moves of course.


    1. First of all, when the white hipster girl roller-skates over, I busted a gut. That shit is gold, Jerry, gold!

      I’m a pretty laid back guy, I thought the video was pretty funny, as essentially a satire of the politically correct crowd. But I actually think Wong was trying to make a “deep” point – about “hipster racism.”

      The idea that Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese) are “oppressed” in America, or that “microaggressions” from “hipster racism” are somehow anything more than a joke … well … that’s pretty much either a) some sort of “diversity” scam, or b) actual, outright anti-white bigotry.

      For “serious” talk about this sort of thing, I recommend Resisting Defamation:

      But I’m not serious. I think the anti-whites are freaking hysterical. I’m just laughing my ass off at them.

      Did you hear about Tim Wise the “anti-racist” and Tom Schwarer the “male feminist?” Their recent “outings” as being utterly phoney were/are hilarious.

      Spread the word: “anti-hipster is a code word for anti-white!”


      1. Sorry, I didn’t watch the video until just now. Last comment I just dashed off after reading your post and running out the door to get to the store before it closed.
        About this video, not sure what I think about it.
        We are rational, intelligent people, unlike negroes, so we are above getting angry or violent just because someone uses a certain word we don’t like. I suppose, oftentimes, that because we don’t usually make a scene when people verbally abuse us it’s taken as a sign of impotence rather than the strength it is. How people see us is often merely a reflection of themselves, so we are a lot of times being judged by mean criteria that is simply wrong and inappropriate, so things frequently escalate in a direction that is harmful to us through no fault of our own. It is clear we simply can not peacefully coexist with the darker races. Keeping to our own countries is the only rational solution to this present discord, There is no other real solution worth discussing. They are incapable of even following our thoughts or sharing in our intellectual pastimes. All they want is to share our material advantages without confining their behaviors to the strictures of our societies.
        Basically they don’t want a place in our world that we have built, rather they simply want to steal all our stuff and take it back to their own filthy world. Actually I can’t honestly say that’s always the case. Many of them just want to take over the world we have built and then get rid of us altogether.
        I generally don’t mind Northeast Asians though, but we have our own distinct cultures which need to be protected and cultivated.
        Sorry, I’m in a weird mood tonight.
        What was the question again?


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