20 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Pat H – thanks for introducing me to quantcast data:


    According to this I have more Asian readers than Caucasian! But that’s probably skewed by all the spam from China. Also a bunch of people who went to grad school, that seems odd.

    1,800 unique visits last month. Easily get the most hits I’ve ever gotten were from reddit threads.

    Aside from the MW crowd, who reads this stuff anyway?


  2. Let’s see, the mystery story was easily the most controversial, pissing off both the WNs as some of the subbie girls (hey, I said it wasn’t erotica!)

    The Flogging Miley series had the most interested commenters, I had no idea that Project Monarch (not a subject in the series btw) was so well known.

    The ladies love the music videos with lyrics and pictures.

    Feedback, anyone?


  3. The search terms that lead people here are very interesting. “Eyes Wide Shut” party is consistently high, “sexy redheads” used to be the most common search term too.

    richard fuisz, Susan Lindauer’s CIA handler, keeps coming up, and “Miley Cyrus Illuminati” is quite a popular subject evidently!


  4. This is up your alley. I was talking with a late 20s SWPL chick who expressed outrage at racism because an organization’s leadership is all white and mostly male. I told her “you need serious deprogramming.” She took that as a neg and giggled, but the occasion made me wonder: given a hypothetical one week of a young white liberal’s captive attention, how does one deprogram him or her through talk only?


    1. @PA

      I think RobRoySimmons has the best idea about this, strip them of their presumed moral superiority. There’s nothing morally righteous about being anti-white, especially if you are white.

      It’s just silly posturing anyway, and it gives them a sort of quick emotional thrill (look at how righteous I am!) It’s a version of White Supremacy – all these white anti-white think they will “lead” the Peoples of Color in the new Utopia.

      You know who else believed that? Charlie Manson. That was his vision; there would be a race war, the blacks would kill all the whites, and the blacks wouldn’t be able to rule themselves so they would turn to the Manson Family as their new White Leaders.

      So, your anti-white white girl is basically Charlie Manson. Tell her that.


      1. Ha. Interesting analogy.

        I’ve found that the best way to interact with SWPL chicks is to lay it on hard and heavy. Blind with science. If her jaw doesn’t drop, you’re doing it wrong. If you don’t assert yourself strongly and pull her into your frame, you’re doomed.

        Never hear out her views. Reject them outright. Don’t directly blame or accuse her, though, and don’t try to convince her. If she is good-natured and likes you, she will come around to your side, if only in a hipster-racist way, to preserve harmony – but you have to give her that choice – you can’t force it. If she balks, good, you didn’t want her anyway.


      2. @zek

        You’ve been around before under another handle right?

        MWIR is the central node of Aryan Skynet, about your comment there:

        Interesting about the INTJ – The Meyers-Briggs T/F axis is essentially a sex type; men tend to be Ts and women tend to be Fs. Another anecdote supporting my theory that radical feminists are outliers with a more masculine brain. (Plural of anecdote is not data, etc.)

        Also, your comment on MW about the concentric circles – the reason your radfem anti-white hates white people so much is that she doesn’t feel superior to them – in fact, might very well feel inferior to them. However, she can feel superior to them by dismissing them all as racistsexistmisogynistophobes while feeling a maternal superiority to the Huddled Masses Yearning to Nurse at the Breast of the White Liberal Goddess. Just like those Hollywood celebrities that adopt a black baby from Africa – it’s an affectation, an accessory.

        It is their substitute religion, they are as impervious to facts as a religious fundamentalist. That’s what Bob Whitaker said, political correctness is not LIKE a religion, it IS a religion.

        Lefty girls often get hot and bothered when you argue politics with them, especially when you disagree and clearly out argue them. Trust me on this one, I know. I have a lot of experience in that department.


      3. @Hipster

        I’m new. Been lurking at MWIR for awhile and found you through him. You do good work too.

        INTJ radfem was basically Katniss Everdeen in the flesh. I’m not a super alpha – far from it – but it’s the first time I’ve ever been out-alphaed by a woman. And I’m an INTJ too! She was a solid 8 and carried herself like a 10. A true clinician in outcome independence and amused mastery. She’d put on the collar for a Saudi prince no doubt, but anyone else can fuck right off.

        Arguing with her was embarrassing – I actually felt bad for her, because I liked her. I did my best to keep it friendly, but with all that I’ve learned from MWIR, Heartiste… it was like Little Mac vs Glass Joe. I couldn’t help myself.

        I think that all feminists experience frustration, but INTJs especially. INTJ women need to be dominated, and crave it, but their rational minds and tertiary Fi will not enable them to even know this – much less accept it. Most F types are not so strong-willed, and find it easier to discover their femininity – they just do what feels right.

        So, yes, I agree about radfems having more masculine brains. They get hooked in by the superficial “logic” of feminism and lose the connection with their true selves.

        And I also agree with the characterization of PC as religion. Wouldn’t be surprised if it occupies the same neural wiring. It’s a shame what it’s doing to our women. We really need to develop some tactics for bringing them around.


    1. @Ryu

      Let me put this is the most polite way I can: I don’t agree with eradica’s vision, or strategy, or tactics, and I don’t participate in online forums that praise terrorists, the Taliban, Timothy McVeigh, and wank off to silly fantasies about armed revolution against the government, training snipers, and other militia nonsense.

      You’ve always made insightful comments here, and FP can be very funny at times, but I’m not willing to put up with the rest of the bs.


    2. It doesn’t take you very long to spot one of them. You’ll be listening to some guy, and you’re like, yeah, ok … wait a minute, this guy is fucking stupid!

      Then, there are some people, they’re not stupid, they’re full of shit. That doesn’t take very long to spot either, does it? You’ll be listening to some guy, thinking, well, he’s fairly intelligent … eh! He’s full of shit!

      Then there are some people, they’re not stupid, they’re not full of shit … they’re fucking nuts!


  5. A coalburner is involved in the terrorist bombing in Kenya:
    ‘A British woman is thought to be among militants who killed at least 67 people at a Kenyan shopping centre, the country’s foreign minister has said.’

    Here’ s profile of the coalburner in question:
    ‘Ms Lewthwaite, 29, was first thrust into the spotlight after the 7 July bombings in London in 2005, as the widow of bomber Germaine Lindsay, who killed 26 people when he blew up a Piccadilly Line Tube train near King’s Cross.’


  6. Hey HR, what do you make of the all the things that are happening at the moment? Do you think that the 9/11 truth will ever be revelead?


    1. 9/11 truth was already revealed, 5 years ago with the WTC7 report, and the rest of the story when the gag orders expired when Bush let office. It’s all public record now.

      What is happening at the moment? I don’t follow the news anymore.


    2. “Do you think that the 9/11 truth will ever be revelead?”

      You could look at other similar false flag acts commited over the years and find out if, or whether, they are reported in the media. For instance look at the Lusitania incident hundred years ago that brought the USA into WW1, that’s still classified under ‘national security’ in the UK.


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