Hipster Intelligence Agency

(Warning: Adult content!!  This is Erotica about a couple in a D/s relationship.  If you are offended by such things, refuse to become enlightened, and/or under the age of 18 [sorry, kids], please do not proceed.)

BlommersSchumm8I am hopeless.  He’s kept me waiting for days.  Building me up, holding me at arms length.  Not allowed to pleasure myself, but even worse, not allowed to pleasure him, either. This forced physical separation has made me desperate and moody.

“A bad attitude will only lengthen your punishment, sweet wife.”  He glares across the table as I pout. “Be pleasant for the rest of the evening,” His voice drops to a devilish whisper, “or I’ll spank you hard, and put you to bed with no playtime… Again.”

I look up at Him through my lashes and see the playful smirk tugging on the corners of His sinfully, sexy mouth.  I can’t help but smile and…

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