My Struggle … With Love.

Hipster Intelligence Agency

So, when I met Sally and Joe, Whisperer told me she thought they were into it. She said, “it’s 1950s Household.”“1950’s Household” is actually an “official kink” – what is, essentially, a traditional marriage with a husband that brings home the bacon and a wife that makes the home. With spanking, perhaps. Three years later, when I see Sally and Joe at a function, I’m talking to them and I remember what Whisperer said. At some point Joe wanders off to get a glass of wine and I’m talking to Sally and it pops into my head. So I take a good look at her. She’s a mother of three, probably 40 something, and very attractive for her age. One of those women that is just “feminine” in every positive way. I look at her in her eyes and I swear there is like this meaningful moment. She’s a…

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