Hey Ladies, Feminists Are Violent Sociopaths That Want To Stab You In The Ears


And everyone you talk to says, “You should read/watch it, it’s really good!” but in the back of your head you’re stabbing them mercilessly in the goddamn ears because you have already heard that about a hundred times and it just makes you not want to read/watch it even more?

Female Feminist
Female Feminist

Feminists always say men “objectify” women – whatever the hell that means – so maybe this is objectification. I’m going to read this TheBluePill feminist’s comment and objectively observe her personality. I have no idea who she is – it may even be a man, who knows – and I have no idea what she looks like, if there would be any sexual attraction either way between us, how much money she makes, what she’s like, or anything. I’m just going to read her comment and try to understand her personality, her opinions, what she’s all about. I found the comment interesting, like a light was finally coming on. She said she knew some “red pill” men in real life that were ok guys, not the cartoonish hateful misogynists feminists are always bitching/fantasizing about. Cool. Maybe we can start to understand these creatures, feminists.

Well, the first thing I noticed, she’s a sociopath with violent tendencies. While you are talking to her, if you mention a book or a movie that is popular and that you like, and she has heard about it before, she has a violent fantasy, in her head, about stabbing you with a knife in your ears.

Scary, huh? What a freak. I wonder if there is medication for such a thing. Sociopathy is a serious problem in society. It’s important to know that there really are people, men and women, that have weird violent fantasies about stabbing people, shooting people, doing other violent harm to people – often over nothing, just being recommended a book or movie they don’t like.

Also, notice, that her violent fantasies of stabbing people are directed at other women. She has violent fantasies of murdering women, in her head, while she is talking to someone, if they happen to want a kind of relationship she doesn’t approve of. Read this, realize the implications of her personality:

Some women really do just want to stay home and raise kids and cook and clean

Male Feminist
Male Feminist

This is the kind of woman she wants to murder, to stab in the ears. Wow. Sort of like the kind of people that want to murder homosexuals. Weird, isn’t it? We’re dealing with a possibly dangerous person here. But she will come across as completely normal, because it’s all just in her head. She knows how to “play it straight” and keep a calm demeanor. You could be talking to this woman, and you’ll never know that in her head she’s getting off on the idea of stabbing you in the ears. Frightening.

Just read the BluePill feminists and how nasty and judgemental they are of women that aren’t like them, that like different things than them, that like different things in the bedroom than they do. The whole feminist club they have is geared towards mocking, shaming, judging, villifying, and hating on people that are different than they are. They spend a hell of a lot of time doing it too. They say they do it because men – or women – that agree with “red pill” ideas are “shitty” “misogynists” and, well, go down the list of slurs they use.

Notice, too, that this is the internet. Nobody really knows how anyone looks, sexual attractiveness, or anything like that. We’re just reading their posts and trying to understand their personalities and opinions just based on what they write. Men, would you want to be in a serious, long term relationship with any of the women that post in TheBluePill? Do they come across as loving or caring people? The kind of person you could really get close to, to be intimate with? Women, do any of the “male feminists” that post on TheBluePill seems like the kind of men you would want in your life? The kind of men you would want to have a serious, long term relationship with?

I’m guessing no.

If you’re a woman that wants to be a mother, that wants to raise children, and wants your own exclusive man that will take care of you and the kids, bring home the bacon, and deal with all that kind of stuff – well, to a feminist, you’re worthless. You were suckered into it. “Society” – the feminist term for “other people” – tricked you into wanting that. You should want to be a career woman, working for a corporation, banging on the “glass ceiling” (lol) with the other hard charging, “lean in” white, upper middle class and rich career women.

And if you’re a man who wants that kind of relationship, well, you are basically a rapist.

The Opposite of Slut Shaming is Virgin Shaming
The Opposite of Slut Shaming is Virgin Shaming

Really, what are we dealing with here, these feminists? We’re dealing with a bunch of nasty, bitter, angry, violent, sociopathic freaks who hate anyone who doesn’t think like them. That want “society” – meaning, other people – to change to fit in more with what they want.

I’ve noticed another thing about these feminists. They are always accusing men of “objectifying” them, of treating them as “less” – “less than human” – of raping them, of not seeing them as an “equal” and “shaming” them. You know what that sounds like to me? Projected masochism. “You think I’m nothing but a compliant fuckbot. You just want to use me for your pleasure. You want to violently rape me. You are always looking at me, whistling at me, sexually harrassing me, groping me.”

LOL poor gals. If you want to diddle over some erotica, I’ve gotten some good feedback on this one:



2 thoughts on “Hey Ladies, Feminists Are Violent Sociopaths That Want To Stab You In The Ears

    1. Well, ma’am, I guess I don’t know what a “true feminist” is anymore than I know what a “true Scotsman” is. But third wave feminism, the kind that exists today, tells young women to slut it up as much as possible, to not have children but instead have a career, and if they do make the mistake of getting married, to divorce.

      How is any of that a good thing?

      I have no idea what they did back in the 60s. Burned their bras, right?


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