Next Year in Somerville! Hipster Mecca in the Boston Metro Area

Hipster Intelligence Agency


If you are living in the burbs and have no reason to stick around, why not move to a cheap as you can find apartment somewhere in the Boston metro area, and hang out in Somerville.

But in general hipsters are known – and admired or mocked – for riding fixed-gear bikes, wearing suit vests and thick glasses frames, adopting hobbies like chicken raising, and affecting snobbery for microbrews and a general more-ironic-than-thou attitude.

Whatever they are, they’re amassing in Somerville, which claims to be the only city in the country that conducts a happiness survey. The 2010 Census found that the city has the second-highest proportion of residents between the ages of 25 and 34 in the United States. That places Somerville right after Hoboken “but ahead of Cambridge,” said Daniel Hadley, director of SomerStat, the mayor’s data analysis team.

Take that, Cambridge.

Somerville’s charms are luring high-end chefs…

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