All I Ever Needed

Hipster Intelligence Agency

I was at this concert.

It’s interesting to see the cultural difference between these two. Greg Laswell grew up in California and was probably somewhat neglected as a child; he certainly didn’t get the fancy musical training that Ingrid got from 4 years old. And you’ll notice that Laswell, while talented, doesn’t have the perfect polish and voice control that Ingrid does. Ingrid grew up in Staten Island and had serious musical training from 4 years old; Greg Laswell is a typical self taught American musician whose talent makes up for lack of training, but the lack of voice of training is still evident. Compare his singing to Ingrid’s, and you’ll see the difference between parents who actually do something for their kids, and parents who just let their kids grow up on their own.

I think the tree may fall in the front yard
If this storm has…

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