Higher Education


h/t SunShineMary

“Undocumented events discussed online in the Reddit community have also sparked heated debates regarding the right to freedom of speech. Pictures posted to the forum showed male students from Radford University hanging sexually suggestive banners from their houses. The banners displayed slogans such as “Thank U fathers 4 ur freshman daughters” and “Your daughters walk of shame starts here.” Similarly controversial, yet more humorous and well received, was an alleged display at an art room at the University of Minnesota. The student’s piece displayed 5 identical Captain America figures masturbating. While most readers took extreme offense toward the vulgarity of the banners hung by the Radford University students, there were comical and creative responses posted in regards to the Captain America exhibit.”



7 thoughts on “Higher Education

  1. The Godfather of Hipsters (I didn’t know we had one!) gets in trouble with feminists.



    In our secret underground Lodge, this is the secret we are going to teach the boys:


    Liberal-arts educations are so invasive that they creep into your sex life. In college we were told that every gesture toward a woman needs permission. You put your hand on her lap and say, “Is that OK?” and if she says yes, you may proceed. Men are so horny, we’ll take any set of rules. If women were turned on by clowns, I’d buy red noses by the pound. So when I started getting laid, I did as I was told. Only that’s not what women want. They may like to pretend they’re just like dudes, and the The New York Times says they’re as sexually dominant as we are, but in my experience, they want to be taken. In fact, through trial and error, I learned they want to be downright abused. When I stopped playing nice and began totally defiling the women I slept with, the number of them willing to sleep with me went through the roof. When I got an email that said, “Thank you for raping me last night,” I realized everything I learned in college was a lie.


  2. My college is really close to Radford University and I got invited to go to a frat party there! So glad I did not go! I promised my brother I wouldn’t go to any college parties and for that reason….


    1. A wise choice for a young Christian woman wanting to preserve her chastity for marriage. You really would be better off staying away from guys like us as much as possible. Y’all tend to lose your heads.

      Now, Miss L, I’m assuming you followed a link from SSM, and of course I know your handle from there, and you seem like a nice, smart girl. So what in the world are you doing reading my blog? You do realize I’m a sexist, racist cad into some really kinky sh*t right?

      Fair warning.


      1. “You do realize I’m a sexist, racist cad into some really kinky sh*t right?”
        No! I did not realize this at all! This is the only blog post that I read from you and I followed the pingback from Sunshinemary’s blog.
        I didn’t know you were a racist cad…
        I will leave now, bye bye!


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