Hipster Intelligence Agency

(Warning: Adult content!! This is Erotica about a couple in a D/s relationship. If you are offended by such things, refuse to become enlightened, and/or under the age of 18 [sorry, kids], please do not proceed.)

I was 18, he was 24, the first guy I ever really played with.

girl-bicycle1But the age difference wasn’t the worst part. He was married, with a little boy and another on the way. His wife was a hot mess, at least while she was preggers. I’d seen him around town plenty. He was tall and fit. He hunted and fished. He took care of his things and his family. But I’d heard he prowled for ass on the side.

I was riding my bike, one afternoon, coming home from cheer practice, because my step-dad took my car away after my 3rd speeding ticket. I saw him washing his truck. He was shirtless, so…

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