Why do white women hate babies?

There must be something in the water. You do realize that the babymaker is literally in the definition of “female” don’t you? But they have this weird jealousy of men. They like what we do. In groups, men can do things that women cannot do, in groups. Sure, you can add a woman to a man’s group and she can function quite well. But women cannot do the things we do by themselves.

Sexist? Sure. Why do you always copy us? You dress like us, talk like us, always want to invade our spaces, always mimic us. Don’t you realize that women tend to make terrible men?

It’s truly a failure of feminism that they never could create women’s groups that supported motherhood. Again, literally – making babies – that is ALL we need you for. Other than that, we could get along just fine without you. You really are not all that special aside from that.

How many white women have I met, pushing 30, focusing on their “careers” (i.e., some lame ass job working for a MAN btw, almost always a man) childless, fucking random men on birth control, getting more and more desperate every year? You do realize, you make terrible men. You’re not up to it.

So I met another one last night. Hilarious. Some little event I stumbled into at some random bar. They all signed up for this event on some website (also, created by men.) She wasn’t quite sure whether to kiss me or pour her drink on me. Well, I did get her number. Perhaps I’ll see her tonight. But it was the same shit. Mention the actual physical reality of women – i.e., babymaking – and they freak the hell out. Like it’s insulting to be reminded of their own reproductive systems. What do white women have these days, one kid? Maybe? At best, two? Do they even realize that’s almost the biological definition of FAILURE? Do you really think that your really, really interesting “careers” doing some office bullshit is in any way comparable to actually creating human life?

White women are failures. Certainly, failures at the 14 Words. “We must secure the future for our people and a future for white CHILDREN.” They can’t even get this basic, biological thing right. You are either making children, or you’re basically a “comfort woman.” There has always been a class of prostitutes in all human societies. In modern America, we call them “career women.” I met either three or four last night. One introduced herself to me, some cute (dyed) blonde hair blue eyed thing from out in the sticks. Talked about her lame ass “career.” LOL. They actually think that shit is impressive. It’s totally not. The other one, some dark haired girl wearing some way, way low cut top showing off her huge boobs. Yeah, sweetheart, everyone noticed. Hilarious city career women. Desperate, obviously. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in the city, at random bars, desperate to meet men and try to impress us with their “career” LOL.

So Little Orphan Annie. Hazel eyes, nicely built. Brown hair I guess, it was dark. She hung out with me for like 3 hours. Wouldn’t come back to the hotel of course, didn’t want to seem too slutty having just met. Either tonight or tomorrow. The pretense is rather silly. It’s not like she’s a virgin or anything. Blah blah blah I do this job, work for this organization, something something. So lame. I don’t get it.

Why are white women so estranged from their own reproductive systems? I honestly cannot figure it out.

Oh, and they all make some great show of having some black friend, to prove they aren’t “racist” – more lulz. “Here’s my black friend!” Look, I am talking to this random African American at a bar! Don’t you see how that makes me different than the rednecks? Um, no, not really, sweetheart. You’re all one step away from rednecks yourselves. So you got some useless college degree. So what? You have more “education” than me but I still make more money and frankly, are likely smarter than you anyway. What gives, doll?

That’s why we call them “comfort women.” Instead of paying cash, we pay in attention and flattery. Frankly, it’s a lot more affordable.

So which one do I see tonight?

24 thoughts on “Why do white women hate babies?

  1. The world has made us this way. Society has forced us to become non-baby making, working drones. There is no option for a lot of us, because it is expected of us to provide for ourselves.

    Don’t attack the symptom. Attack the problem. Had I not been forced to take care of myself, I would not have. I would have chosen the life you believe we should want. Many women would.

    Why do we become defensive? Because it is expected. We are “supposed” to hold our careers and selves in high esteem. We are “supposed” to be men. We’re all supposed to be “equal”. We aren’t all feminists. I promise you. And insinuating this is irresponsible on your part.

    Go to farm country. The women there, protected from the social constructs that manipulate us into believing that financial security and independence are more important than finding a mate and bearing children, those women actively seek a provider, seed for their womb, and revel in the life of homemaker.

    I did not believe that life was a possibility. I was raised in a career home, I was brought up in a town where everyone had to work to make ends meet. And the social ideal of all that is required to live “comfortably” forces me to maintain my career and not have more babies. I am the breadwinner, currently. I do not have a choice.

    Most of those young ladies you are talking to don’t either. Unless they are extreme feminists, I believe their defensiveness in regards to being a babymaker is simply programmed into them.

    YOU have to unprogram. If you are offering the security and sanctuary needed for a woman to give up that independence and submit to a life of babies, homekeeping and servitude, YOU have to help them understand why that is desirable.

    They don’t know, because they feel insecure about that kind of future. Sorry for the rant, but the title of this post is offensive. As I white woman, who loves babies, I hate this generalization.


  2. Proseperity and comfort could be one of the contributing factors as to why white women don’t breed. They were two factors that were so prevalent during 18th century Britain, and so afflicted the ‘well to do’ women of the middle and upper classes, that even Adam Smith remarked on it in Wealth of Nations:

    >Poverty, though it no doubt discourages, does not always prevent,
    marriage. It seems even to be favourable to generation. A
    half-starved Highland woman frequently bears more than twenty
    children, while a pampered fine lady is often incapable of bearing
    any, and is generally exhausted by two or three. Barrenness, so
    frequent among women of fashion, is very rare among those of
    inferior station. Luxury, in the fair sex, while it inflames, perhaps,
    the passion for enjoyment, seems always to weaken, and frequently
    to destroy altogether, the powers of generation.<
    (Source: page 70, http://www2.hn.psu.edu/faculty/jmanis/adam-smith/wealth-nations.pdf)

    But how to set about remedying this other than chucking the women into poverty I don't know. For what it's worth women seem to breed first for security (like breeding labourers for the farm) and once they've achieved security they breed for entertainment (like breeding children for beauty pangeants). The opposite of this seems preferable ie men determing when to have a child.


  3. “Again, literally – making babies – that is ALL we need you for. Other than that, we could get along just fine without you. You really are not all that special aside from that.”

    Making women feel worthless, only needed for this one function, is certainly not going to help you on your quest.

    I wish I’d ignored this post.

    You have filled me with sadness and anger today.


    1. Mel, I had the same initial reaction but then realized what the hell I don’t know him, just sit back and enjoy the words that don’t affect me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Hipster, are you looking for someone to date seriously and procreate with? You can be honest and a tad bit vulnerable dear, we are not all wretched hyenas waiting to attack you 🙂

      Maybe stop dating white women, or hooking up with the type of white women that you don’t like, like you are going to bars looking for scuzzy girls and then attacking those poor scuzzy girls for being scuzzy, so mean.

      A lot of girls I know, white girls (I grew up in London) also pretend they are career oriented because they’re scared of appearing vulnerable and admitting that they want to start families too but still haven’t met a guy in their age bracket that’s normal and fun and willing to settle down and start having lots of babies.

      I hereby declare a movement to soften up Hipster Racist and bring out his more human side. But first I have to go feed my hubby.

      **Free Palestine**


    2. But that “one function” is literally creating human life – there is nothing more important than that. That’s my point. It’s the one thing that only women can do. I’m fairly certain I’ve never written anything in any way denigrating motherhood. It’s the feminists that do that. I’ve read them, “why would I want to push a diarrhea machine out of my vagina!” I’ve read them comparing their own fetuses to “parasites.”

      That attitude is anti-life itself.

      A lot of the people that read this blog are into home-schooling too, so it’s more than just birthing the babies, it’s actually raising and educating the next generation of human beings. What could be more important than that? We’re getting close to Idiocracy here, it’s the smart, educated women that won’t breed – the very ones that we need breeding the most.

      Instead they compete with men for “careers” – but women make lousy men, just like men make lousy women. Pushing papers in an office vs. creating human life – why is there even a contest here?


      1. You didn’t say most, Mister. You said, ALL. “That’s ALL we need you for.” And that stung.

        As an educated woman with only one child, I would LOVE nothing more in life than to have lots of babies. To raise them and school them, and bring them up to be responsible and love humans, educated, but with the same morals I have.

        I live in the real world, as do most of these ladies you want to have your babies. Do you make the 70-125k a year it takes to support a large family of educated and useful people? If you do, then start looking in the right place for that mother of your childred, instead of in the bars and clubs I expect you are looking. If not, than consider this. If I were to quit my job and raise babies from my home, my husband would have to get a second job in order to just cover the bills. Those kids would lose time with their father, and their father would probably grow into a bitter, overworked man. Our children would have to do without a lot and, even though I’m positive we would have a loving, happy hoard of kids, this WOULD affect them in their adulthood. Because it is human nature to want MORE out of life. And you can’t have MORE if you don’t have money.

        Attack the feminists if you want, I hate them too. They took away my RIGHT to stay home with babies. But in today’s world of more, more, more… The NON-feminists still have to consider their actions carefully as well.


      2. Ok then Hipster, but if that’s their attitude then the last thing this world needs is for self obsessed and selfish twats to be breeding and bringing little pyscopaths into the world. No offence but it seems like your society (mine has issues too, don’t worry, I know) has a wee bit of a problem with bloody nut cases shooting up schools and other points where people gather. So kudos to the twats that know that they are ill prepared to raise children and decide to live their lives up at bars instead. Anyways, I am just going to mind my own business over here creating my little militia. But one question/point and don’t take it the wrong way: if white people (and/or Israeli Zionist scum) want to have less babies in this wolrd, I am sitting over here like COOL ENJOY YOUR CAREERS YOU BLOODY COCKSUCKERS. But you seem upset that it’s white women that don’t want to have lots of babies, am I missing something like are you really upset that the Whitey is losing in numbers or what? Find yourself a nice brown girl and make smart babies.


  4. Oh, another thing, this idea that there are “good girls” vs. “bad girls” is silly. The women I meet at bars are no different, nor any sluttier, than the average woman. They are in the bars on Saturday and in church on Sunday. I have noticed older woman still have this idea that there are “girls like that” vs. the nice good girls that make good wives and mothers. Not anymore, maybe that was true a generation ago, not today. They are all “like that” at least the ones over the age of 16. These girls are not marrying young as virgins, that hasn’t been true for decades now.

    White women are not doing themselves any favors by postponing marriage and children. They could be focusing on finding a husband, instead, they focus on their “careers” and finding a man is an afterthought. So they get horny and hookup with random near strangers, without any thought of the future at all.

    Women pushed for this, women were the driving force behind feminism. They got exactly what they wanted, but they seem surprised that men’s attitudes towards them have changed?


    1. Osama 🙂

      Does your world have any room for it for women that don’t want to have babies because they bloody hate the little shitting things or because they place more value on money than families and would rather be stinking rich than mothers.

      Or am I thick and you mean that you can’t stand women who want to have babies but mess it all up because they don’t know how to go about it with careers and such.

      I’m just trying to figure out if Hipster Racist thinks all women are meant to have babies (they aren’t trust me).

      Tell us more about you so we can understand about your thoughts about women.


    2. Please stop generalizing, because not all women want this. It is expected of us, and there is a huge difference.

      And now they have to be virgins? Now this potential mother of your throng of babies has to be a virgin too?

      WTF, HR? You are lost in time. Anyway, you fuck their brains out anyway, so YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

      Find a girl to court, date, take care of, marry her, buy her a house and keep her in check. Stop fucking random chicks and you won’t have to listen to them lament about their career. There are LOTS of places to find girls who want to get married. The bar is NOT one of them. Good or bad, a girl hooking up with guys in a bar is NOT the marrying type. And neither are guys who do that, for that matter.


      1. Mel, I think you’re taking this rant a little too seriously and a little too personally. Bars are where people in their 20s hang out, I don’t think that girls who hang out at bars are any different that average women, that’s what I mean. Even women who don’t drink hang out in pubs, it’s just a social gathering place.

        I’m generalizing a certain type of woman: white, educated, middle class career women. Plus I didn’t say that I was looking for some virgin wife to raise a brood, it’s just that these types of women simply don’t take their search for marriage seriously until they start pushing 30, and it’s a losing strategy. They are only hurting themselves.

        Really, do I seem like the marrying type? A sexist, racist, misogynist criminal into kinky sex? A woman would have to be a crazy masochist to get involved with me.

        Oh, right…


      2. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

        Ok, ok…. Point taken.

        Crazy, masochistic, white, educated, middle class career woman here. Taking it personally.

        You’ve got it. But I don’t hate babies.

        Really, I love them.


  5. Mate, putting a baby in a woman’s womb, in our society is like getting on one knee and marrying them, particularly if you honour the deal…Does that explain why women get all gittery when you talk reproduction and babies. Through the potential life of your offspring, you’re offering a woman, a tie to your pot of gold for life.

    If you find a chick, and I found mine in a good old Irish pub, if you want her to have your babbies, and you know she will, a simple line after a big O. “We would make beautiful babies.” That’s it man. Persist with seeding very occasionally and she’ll be preggers within the year.

    Anyway settling has benifits, like massages with lavander oil when my back aches…it’s a good one particulalry when you roll over. hahahahaha

    Damn women are choosy, $75000 to $125000 a year…The whole point of MW is to do more on less…it is possible, well here it is anyway.


  6. IMO this career women thing you are fulminating about is basically another magic show production kind of like the fashion industry where total dreck is passed off as, well fashion.

    One day a BUGster type will just spout reality and the good women folk will move on from career woman to something else.

    The king has no clothes and the woman has no career.


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