White Patriarchy Not White Nationalism

WN feminists are the worst. The WN movement seems to attract a certain type of white woman: divorcees, single mothers, independent wimminz that don’t need no man, and childless by choice. Rather ironic for a movement whose slogan is the 14 Words:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

The question is: whose white children? Which white man’s white children?

Men need women to actually make the babies. And women need men for basically everything else, especially, protection and provision for herself and those white children. But WN women seem to have this idea that white men should collectively provide for their children, regardless of who the fathers are. This is Hypergamy 101 – alpha fucks and beta bucks. Women want to actually have the children of the top men, but since those top men can get many women, they won’t “settle” for those white women. Women, of course, are just fine with this. Women would rather share an “alpha” man than “settle” for a man who will be faithful and monogamous with them. This is a woman’s choice. They would rather be the sister wife of an alpha then settle for a lowly beta.

Feminists love to complain about the double standard: if a woman is promiscuous, she’s a “slut” but if a man is promiscuous, he’s a “stud.” Feminists should ask themselves: why are they so enamored of promiscuous men? Why don’t women go for virgin men? Why are women so turned on by slutty men? The answer is simple biology, it’s been explained over and over and over again, but women seem to have a hard time accepting this basic reality.

WN women seem to have this notion that they can all share a Brad Pitt, and the regular white guys – the “betas” – the ones who they won’t have sex/babies with – should just deal with it, and act as substitute protectors and providers for them anyway. What are these “beta” white men getting out of this? Nothing but empty words from WN feminists; some flattery, some glittering generalities about white solidarity, empty praise. So much blowing smoke up their asses.

It’s basic biology: men are expendable. If you expect white men to show some loyalty to you, the best way to do that is by having his children and remaining faithful to him – especially, when you are young, pretty and fertile. A white man who has no children has zero incentive to have any solidarity with the larger white community, except in the most superficial way.

White “nationalism” seems to be yet another way for hypergamous women to get the “beta bucks” after they get the “alpha fucks.” But what self-respecting white man would want to be essentially be a slave of another man’s woman? He’s supposed to give his blood, sweat, and tears – and maybe his life – for white women that won’t have sex with him, won’t bear his children, won’t be his faithful wife, and for another man’s children?

Maybe the White Nationalist movement should be honest and rename itself the White Cuckold movement.

No solidarity with white women. White Patriarchy, not White Nationalism (another form of socialism.) White women should be loyal to their white husbands and barring that, their white fathers. White men should show no solidarity with white women in general, only, their white wives and white mothers of their own white children. White men should show solidarity only with other white men (white men that will honor other white men’s relationships and not go after another white man’s wife.)

Of course, there are always exceptions. Some women, through no fault of their own, can’t have children. It’s a tragedy but one that we can make exceptions for. I’m not hung up on the gays either, gays and lesbians can be loyal to the white tribe and contribute in their own way, for instance, helping with their extended family. There are always honest white widows and orphans that should be taken care of by the larger white tribe.

But in general, white women that chose to chase alphas and ignore the beta men in their own league, because they didn’t want to “settle” – too bad, so sad. Try to rope in some other suckers for the beta bucks. 50 years of feminism has allowed white women to get away with the alpha fucks, beta bucks strategy. That era is now over, the beta men are no longer playing ball. It’s going to be a very rough road ahead for white feminists. White women had the best situation of any group of human beings in the history of humanity, and it still wasn’t enough; they showed zero appreciation for it.

Actions have consequences.

24 thoughts on “White Patriarchy Not White Nationalism

  1. I’ve never slept around. I’ve always figured there’s nothing free and there’s nothing casual about casual sex. I feel that by getting intimate with people I hardly know I risk getting sucked into their drama. Also most women are already borderline neurotic and there are many dangerous mental cases out there.
    Maybe I’m ‘too white’? at least I don’t have any illegitimate children and have never had VD.


    1. I don’t have any illegitimate children and have never had VD either, but I have slept around. Since I’m a man, not a woman, I don’t suffer from solipsism, so even though I’m not exactly a “beta male” I am still able to empathize with them, because it’s not all about me and my personal circumstances. Beta males make the world go ’round, and since they aren’t getting young, pretty loyal wives and children, they turn to porn and video games and society crumbles. Since white women are at barely replacement level fertility, we’re being overrun by non-whites.

      Let’s not confuse “white” with “white knight.”

      Maybe I am a feminist; I think that women are people – *just* people. Not goddesses.



      1. Reading dalrock and other conservative and Christian blogs, you know the reality has changed quite a bit when you have fathers panicking about their daughter’s marriage prospects.

        For damn good reason too. When things gets too far out of balance, it’s only a matter of time before the pendulum starts swinging back in the other direction.

        I expect to see dowries making a comeback, and pre-nups becoming the norm for the middle and working classes.

        Or, double down on the feminism and encourage your daughters to become career spinsters. Hey, you never wanted grandchildren anyway, right?


      2. I don’t like getting involved in other people’s drama and women thrive on it. Also a few times after I got involved with someone and dated them for a while, THEN they decided to tell me they were married, usually to a possessive homicidal maniac!


      3. The older I get, the more I’m starting to veer into the conspiracy-theory idea that civilization was built upon tricking men, at a vulnerable and excitable age, into slaving away for the benefit of others.

        This is absolutely true, not a conspiracy.

        BUT, the key details are that the only way a majority of young men could be tricked this way was to ensure that both they and the girls they married were no older than 22, and virgins. This ensured that everyone married a virgin or near-virgin, and that no single-person sexual market even existed.

        It was also assumed that the number of children produced would be 6 or more, not just 1 or 2. This is why it used to make sense to funnel all resources to women, as this correlated to the survival of children, which was the most important thing. But now that women use only 10-20% of their reproductive capacity, AND we have enough prosperity that child mortality for poverty reasons no longer exists in first-world countries, it is obsolete to funnel all resources to women as though it still correlated to the survival of children.

        Go to any mall or department store. 90% of the items for sale are things no single man would ever buy. Look at all the houses that are on “mortgage”, the lie being that one owns a house even if they still are making payments on it, once a new word like “mortgage” is introduced, and marketing that targets women’s emotions is broadcast. All of these things are evidence of massive misallocation of resources to women, even as women stopped doing the main thing that warranted these resources going to them in the first place. Meanwhile, men have produced civilization, but the men who do the most important work, whether the gritty men who pave the roads and build the skyscrapers, or the introverted men who create technology, are the ones from who resources are being seized. This massive misallocation will correct, for technology always, always finds a way to topple or sidestep anything that is obstructing the advance of technology (in this case, the tendency of humanity to funnel all resources to women, instead of to those who would advance civilization/technology).

        The correction of this misallocation will be the most disruptive event ever, as it tears the very fabric of humanity.



    1. @OTC

      I guess it’s the self-selected audience of bloggers, religious nor not, but all I read is men complaining that women will only sex up the top 20% alphas and the women complaining that men only want 19 year old swimsuit models. Neither men nor women seem to be in any hurry to actually marry or procreate either. When they do, it always seems to end in women complaining that their men are “abusive jerks” and the men complaining that their women divorce-raped them.


  2. These are good observations. The reply is that those are my women and my children. One does it for selfish reasons.

    Only wns may speak for the white race as a whole. We’ve taken on that burden. We are their rightful leaders.

    WN is a movement for white men. Biology is king. Women will follow the men, as they’ve always done. The only concern we have is gaining power. The rest – morality, right and wrong, karma – does not matter.

    Someone has to integrate PU, the MRM, WN and the SP. You might be the person to do it, HR, if you wish.


    1. Don’t you realize the World War 2 generation didn’t have these ‘woman’ problems?

      Families were INTACT back then, there was community, and the parenting was

      HR, if women are all that you say they are, then how did they get that way? They weren’t that way 60 years ago.

      It is lousy PARENTING on the part of the baby boomers that made them that way; women aren’t like that on their own.

      So cut ’em some slack, and help them. TOGETHER, that is where the future lies.

      Cut the fantasies of being called ‘your Lordship’. I UNDERSTAND that society is DELIBERATELY fucking the white male in this country. What better way to pay those @$$holes back then to have the enemy come around the corner, and see millions of white babies running around. Babies you’ve made with your loving white wife.

      Put down the pornography; that way, you will have a realistic attitude toward women’s bodies, and you can finally meet your match.

      White numbers are dwindling; get off the high horse, get married and make some beautiful, white babies.

      I raised my nephew and niece. They are my children. I have mine. Do you have yours?

      MAN UP!!


      1. @Tina

        While I myself had a rather traditional upbringing, I do agree that the boomers seem to have failed miserably at parenthood. By the way, it’s women that initiate most of the divorces, not men.

        if women are all that you say they are, then how did they get that way?

        Biology, of course, evolution. Patriarchy created the social structure that gave women incentives to marry, remain faithful, and have children. Feminism, along with scientific birth control and the sexual revolution, removed those incentives. While feminism certainly gave upper class women more, and perhaps better, options, it’s royally screwed the average woman. Feminism was created by the elites to break up families, have women compete with men in the workplace, and to tax women’s work, which the government and the banks were never able to do before.

        I’m not complaining about women being the way women are; that’s nature. It’s the social structure that is the problem.

        Cut the fantasies of being called ‘your Lordship’.

        I have never had any sort of fantasy of being called ‘your Lordship’ – ‘Mister’ maybe, but certainly not ‘your Lordship.’ Sounds ridiculous to me. It’s women that like to use handles like “goddess” and “queen” etc. Any man calling himself a “god” or a “king” would be laughed off the internet.

        Put down the pornography; that way, you will have a realistic attitude toward women’s bodies, and you can finally meet your match.

        No, that is ridiculous. It is *not* men refusing to “settle” for average women due to pornography, it’s women refusing to “settle” for average men, due to natural hypergamy and unnatural romance novels and erotica. That feminist complaint is simply wrong – it’s projection, frankly. It is women, not men, that have unrealistic standards. As for me personally, I have never had any problem getting female attention, so you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

        get off the high horse, get married and make some beautiful, white babies.

        Again, this is projection on your part. Men are not the bottleneck in reproduction, it’s women. It’s women that make the babies, not men. You’re simply wrong here. You likely need to reign in your own hypergamy and that of your sisters.

        Do you have yours?

        Again, it’s women that make the babies, not men. This is like Biology 101. Thanks to feminism and family law, men aren’t even allowed to have custody of their own children. I realize you want to blame all of society’s problems on men, but in this particular case, it’s women, not men, that are driving this.

        Man up – indeed – that’s exactly what I’m doing and proposing other men do as well. Stop coddling women and putting up with feminism.

        I see an angry, young wn with his arms crossed, and a defiant, childish attitude that says to white women: obey me, or I won’t procreate.

        Again, more feminist nonsense on your part. Women make the babies, not men. Is there a shortage of white men’s sperm? I don’t think so. Is it men aborting white children? No.

        I would say, woman up – you’re not a princess, just a woman.

        You say you raised your neice and nephew – so I’m guessing you have never actually bore children of your own? It takes a massive sense of entitlement to complain about men in this case.

        How about, “woman up” dear?


      2. The hippie/beatnik/free love movement of the 60s was not organic but constructed of whole cloth from people who hate non-ruling-class white families. Same with feminism. TV, peer influences and full-time indoctrination from age 6 to 22 are far more powerful than parental influence.


    2. Ryu, I’ve seen your comments on a lot of WN sites.

      I am curious as to your own situation; are you raising white children?

      Do you talk to people about the white person’s dilemma out there? I have begun to do so. I am learning how to do it. People are waking up.

      Another point: this is what I see in my mind’s eye as the symbol of this male wn movement: I see an angry, young wn with his arms crossed, and a defiant, childish attitude that says to white women: obey me, or I won’t procreate.

      Do you realize what it is you’re admitting? That having a subservient wife is more important than saving white life itself.

      Not that we white women can’t work around you, cuz we can & do.

      But think, really think, about what I just said.


      1. We’re likely to see more and more panicked reactions from the likes of Tina as white women lose their white knights and coddling. The feminist script that women were “oppressed” – as ridiculous as it is – is necessary for feminism. As more and more “beta males” drop out and refuse to deal with these types, the more shrill the cries will become.

        It’s a good sign. They always scream the loudest before they finally accept reality.


      2. I am raising white children. Every white child is mine.

        Every married WN I know, to a man, has been threatened by divorce. PU must be understood by all wns.

        Without a subservient wife, I can’t make a family work. Neither can any other man today. White women have the state behind them. Without power, white people cannot be saved. And it’s men that have the instinct to chase that power.

        You are right though. I do have my arms crossed, I am angry and I am defiant. I don’t look at my desires as negotiable.

        Man is a sovereign being. We don’t buy our lives from the USG, or our women. Most women today absolutely serve the USG. Obviously they know how to serve.

        White men will conquer our enemies, then we will conquer our women. Help me or stop me. It would be better to be my subservient wife than a free independent American woman.


      3. @Ryu

        When an ex-girlfriend was breaking up with me (100% her choice, I loved her and wanted her to stay) we were arguing over who would get the apartment. She straight out threatened to call the police and say that I had hit her, saying it would be easy to get a restraining order and get me kicked out, smiling while she did so.

        She wasn’t particularly serious, and would have never taken the risk, but it really shows you the mentality of what women respect – whichever man has the most power. In this tyrannical police state, that is the men with badges and guns, and women have virtually no hesitation to call on that power whenever they feel like it.

        It’s the nature of women, it’s not “their fault” per se, they simply respect power and nothing else. Personally, I blame the white knighting men, which seem to infect the WN movement. You really do have to beware men who have no sons, only daughters, they tend to be the worst at this.


      4. “I see angry young wn”

        White men need to be angry about what is happened to them now days. Anger is a healthy emotion that leads to action. Anger is good. We need MORE anger.

        “that says to white women: obey me, or I won’t procreate”

        In a healthy, child producing society, women are submissive to their husbands. For 99% of the history of European peoples, wives were submissive to their husbands. It is submissive women who have 5 to 10 children. Orthodox Jewish women who are having 7 to 8 children in Israel and the USA are submissive to their husbands. Muslim women who are submissive to their husbands are having large families.

        Tina is promoting feminist ideals. So no, White men shouldn’t be listening to you.


      5. “having a subservient wife is more important than saving white life itself”

        It is submissive wives who have the most children. Having lots of children will save European caucasian people. So submissive wives will lead to saving white life itself. Nice try with the feminist ideology you are promoting.


  3. HR: I could never have children, so I was lucky to raise the family that needed me. I am way too old to have them now anyway.
    Women WNs will be as prepared as anybody for when the ShtF- I certainly am. My house is paid off, the car etc. Will be selling house soon to get out of here with friends to start a life slightly ‘closer to the land’, and in a wyter area.

    The women not ready for the Revolution are not the ones you want anyway. Neither are the ones who abort.

    It would be nice to start babies now, so that when the Revolution comes, we’ve got replacements on the way.

    If you love your white race, I know there is a traditional woman out there for you. But I know it will be a hard search. Start now.

    As I’ve said on other sites, the real WN men are the ones in Oathkeepers, militias, anti-NDAA groups, fighting in local politics. And RAISING WHITE FAMILIES. You know, the real stuff.

    We might just win.


  4. >The older I get, the more I’m starting to veer into the conspiracy-theory idea that civilization was built upon tricking men, at a vulnerable and excitable age, into slaving away for the benefit of others.<

    Does that mean your gonna turn into some modern-day Diogenes and roll around in a barrel living the simple life?!


  5. The White Nationalist and manosphere philosophies are incompatible. WNs believe blacks are less intelligent than whites due to blacks having higher testosterone levels, while the manosphere believes men are more intelligent than women due to men’s higher testosterone. Q.E.D.


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