The White Nationalist Sperm Donation Project


I’ve had it all wrong. Here I thought that white women were limiting their fertility to below replacement levels, that white women were delaying marriage and childbearing, thus avoid[ing] wasting any more of their youth and fertility on their husbands than absolutely necessary and divorcing good, decent husbands and stealing their children from them for no other reason then their husbands can’t compare to alphas like Mitt Romney they meet at the Republican National Convention.

But the feminist faction of the White Nationalist movement has shown me that I was wrong. It’s just the reverse. Stuck up white men demanding their wives call them “Your Lordship” are actually engaged in a campaign of genocide against independent white women who were forced to become single mothers because they refused to become subservient, therapeutic slam pieces that we can mash and mold into whatever form we desire while we ogle other women, spend money on porn, smut, strip clubs, and complain about their fat, ugly beta wives.


We men have it all wrong. It’s not women that are hypergamous, only interested in breeding with men who earn more than 90% of the population, it’s men that are withholding their precious seed from white women unless they are Playboy models with small asses and big tits. We are angry, young white nationalists with our arms crossed, and a defiant, childish attitude that says to white women: obey us, or we won’t procreate. Although technically, women initiate the majority of divorces, it’s actually us very young white men with our pathetic blogs who can’t hold onto relationships with women, demanding that our women obey us completely before we gift them our precious sperm.


Being a very practical fellow, I’ve decided to do something about this. I am announcing a new program: the White Nationalist Sperm Donation Project. From now on, I am donating my sperm, absolutely free, to any and all white women who are interesting in fulfilling the 14 Words, and I am calling for donations from other white men as well. Free, postage paid delivery. All you have to do is send an email and a delivery address to and you will receive, within 4-6 weeks, a postage paid vial of my sperm or the sperm of other donors in the mail, to use in in-vitro fertilization.

I realize now that I have been selfish, keeping my precious bodily fluids away from average, regular white women who are not 19 year old swimsuit models, who just wanted to have beautiful white children. I’ve taken the criticism to heart, and have decided to “MAN UP” and do my part in creating beautiful white children.

If you act now, you can send a picture to the previously mentioned email address and arrange in person delivery of said sperm straight to your cervix, provided a recent clean STD test and, depending on the picture, a few shots of whiskey (Maker’s Mark preferred.)

I encourage all other white men to make this same offer. White men and white women need to work together to preserve our race, and I can’t think of a better way to do it.

Man up, white men, and stop denying our seed to the millions of white women desperate for white sperm. The existence of our people and a future for white children are at stake!


30 thoughts on “The White Nationalist Sperm Donation Project

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Interesting. A very good idea actually.

    Look, let’s all get real here. American white men generally do not line American white women and vice versa, yet we need to up our numbers. I like Hipster Racist’s practicality here. Practicality is a good trait to have and endorse in times such as these. We don’t have much time in the USA as a race so we need to turnover some babies. I’m deadly serious here.

    One of my regulars here Mark mentioned Mormons who get together for the sole purpose of procreating from a eugenics perspective. Why not?

    Look, times are not good for white people across the globe and we all need to get real here. One way to break the globalists’ hold is to procreate with purpose, up our numbers, and then get all these women and families on public assistance to bleed the beast.

    These are radical times that call for radical approaches. White Americans’ and Europeans’ romanticism and idealism, though positive and good, is in fact limiting us. Time to get real.


  2. For the benefit of anyone taking HR seriously, you’ll be paying child support out the kazoo for the next 18 to 21 years. Think about that one, my friends.


  3. Hipster, Honey:

    I have been madly in love with you ever since I saw your Maxwell Smart icon, but Hipster, baby, would you kindly put up some kind of spew alert when you post stuff like this? I was drinking my tea and nearly ruined my keyboard I was laughing so hard.



  4. I like your comment before on your ex calling the police.

    We can eliminate the white knight WNs. “Top down” blogs dictate the agenda. Obviously the NAJ sites like Amren have nothing to offer us. The movement is in our hand.

    White men ARE the prize.

    Your lordship,


  5. We don’t need white women. The field of genetics is advanced enough that we could,at this moment,create pure white babies without the need of white women. The eggs could be made from stem cells,or from the eggs of another race,with their genetic markers stripped out and replaced by ours. They could be implanted into a non-white woman,even a black (no matter how nasty this would be,survival is paramount), already fertilized.When they are born, they will still be genetically white, no matter what the race of the incubator is.

    White women need us. We have no need of them,not even for white nationalist purposes.


  6. They won’t let you get your genetic profile without a request from your doctor (who had better have a “need to know”). I’m sure it’s for our own good to keep us from harming ourselves and not to prevent us from practising do it yourself eugenics.


    1. Oh and that flag the Italians took down is the EU’s. And ‘neo-nazi’s are just Swedes who actually love their white women, which is way more than I can say for ‘White Nationalist’ men who think jerking off and ‘manosphering’ are accomplishments. Tsk tsk.


    2. @Harely

      A sincere thank you for providing some much needed comic relief on this blog. If man-shaming feminazis like you didn’t actually exist, the MRAs would have to make you up.

      Let me try my hand at this: while you are busy dildoing yourself while playing with your cats, Mrs. Duggar is raising her 19th white child!

      How did I do?


      1. Comin’ right back at ya, baby…no pun intended here in the boyospere…but I think we have something as I’m really feeling the FemiNazi role. I certainly think the european…men…would appreciate it, too.


    1. Good thing one of ’em showed up to prove that the impression we have of North American women is wholly unfounded. They’re not hostile and confrontational against their own men and constantly siding with outsiders against them, heavens no!

      Personally, I can’t wait to get myself legally entangled with a sweet North American white woman who will stick a knife in my back and go fuck an Eastern European or nigger on MY garnished wages the first chance she gets.

      You know why those Italians and Swedes like their own women? Because THEIR women aren’t fat,traitorous, masculine pigs constantly angling to fuck them over. I like their women too, they’re hot, sweet, and feminine. Can’t stand these “empowered” North American shoggoths,though.


      1. You need to do some research before casting such harsh judgments. Vikingbitch and Hipster have been sniping at one another over these issues. Neither is innocent. When VB decided to repost this particular article by Hipster on her blog it exposed me as one of her readers to Hipster’s bratty inclusion of me in his send up of ‘White Nationalist Feminists.’ His allusion to ‘MAN UP’ is a direct shot at me, as when VB posted something about WN men and their failings I told BOTH WN men and women to ‘man and woman’ up.

        Hipster chose to interpret only one half of my admonition to both WN men and women. I did not really dig VB’s bratty behavior in this vein, nor Hipster’s equally bratty post in reaction which she exposed me to.

        Who started it? In their little middle aged woman grooms 20-something male WN flirt and antagonize fest, I suspect both are equally guilty.

        To me it is a waste of time. Too much is going on.

        So sure, call me humorless bitch. But don’t for one minute tell me I ever stabbed my white men in the back. I’ll stab you in front right to your face, but unlike what I see happening all over the WN circuit, I as a White woman do NOT sell out my men to alien races. That is the domain of people like CofCC, TradYouth, and what seems to be the general scene.

        Call me anything you want but disloyal to white men I am not.

        It is white american men who continue to literally sell their white women to Diversity.

        Swedes are not doing this. For that they deserve credit. Besides, they’re white and nationalist, and our allies not our enemies. I am a nordic woman and they epitomize my ideal man. I don’t get the italians but at least they are making stands, doing something.


      2. @Harley,

        It’s more feminist projection on your part assuming that I’m young. Sure, I fuck women in their 20s but I’m closer to 40 than 20 now.

        I know, you really wish you could dismiss me as a boy, but I’m not. I’m a man. Let me be perfectly frank here – you’d be lucky to bear my children, but you will never get that chance.


  7. No one is hip past maybe like 35 or so…although apparently snark defies age.

    You know Hipster, you don’t have to get so angry.

    People are dying every day in this country. We have little time left – if indeed whatever window exists is enough. I just don’t get this sniping at each other under such circumstances, and no, I’ll never understand how american men countenance the violence against their women without defying it. I simply don’t get it.

    I also don’t get how we as a country allowed neo-cons to murder our young white men in their zionist wars, but at least some people have woken up and continue to. American men pretend to be pro-white and then blame some teenage girl, for eg, for being tricked into a gang rape scene where 20 hispanic monsters torture her. This happened on Amren some months back.

    So if you find me unbearably bitchy or repellent for feeling such numbness, incredulity and pain at that, then fine.

    This paralyzed movement is not a dating service. But it would be nice if it had some mojo as a movement, and I think with the attitudes white men take up that will never happen.

    I guess my eggs will survive the drought. But we as a people will not I’m pretty sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you don’t have to get so angry.

      More projection, sweetheart. Who is angry? This is a comedy blog, I’m amused, not angry.

      You should have settled down with a nice beta provider, but you didn’t. Chased after bad boys, now, your aging ass can’t get the attention it used to, huh?

      Unattractive women have to “settle” for unattractive men – but these days, the “beta” unattractive men aren’t bothering with your kind, are they? Probably better to jerk off to porn than to put up with some feminist bitch, eh? It’s not your looks – it’s your personality. No man wants to deal with a cunt.

      Too bad, so sad.

      Good luck fending off the niggers without them.

      You could have snagged a nice guy when you were 21, but you were full of yourself, thought you could fuck around with guys like us. Now, it’s biting you in your fat ass.

      Actions have consequences, sweetheart.

      I guess my eggs will survive the drought

      I’m guessing no.


      Snark is the specialty of feminists and fat, ugly losers like VB’s favorite anti-white site, manboobz. More projection.

      Get thee to a nunnery. Christianity always had a place for women who couldn’t attract men – nuns. They contributed to their community in a respectable way without getting married and having children. You will never, ever, read any anti-nun sentiment on this blog.


      1. Projecting? I was never one to ‘chase after bad guys,’ so it’s not I who is projecting. None of your characterizations of my dealings with men are the slightest bit accurate. And to claim your comments don’t express at the least some anger seems disingenuous.


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