Why We Hate Feminism

Women: when you read this, try to reign in your own solipsism and realize it’s not about you personally. Try – really try – to empathize with those invisible “beta” men that you don’t even see as individual human beings. Realize that it’s you that project your own thoughts and feelings on to men, and it’s women that objectify men, sexually and otherwise. Try to stop yourself when you immediately want to scream “but I’m not like that! But you’re a slut too! Rape!!!” Also, it’s not about Hipster Racist, personally, either. I want you to really be able to understand feminism from the perspective of an average man, those “beta males.”

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. -- Genesis 3:16
Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. — Genesis 3:16

First wave feminism was all about women getting the vote – and it was men, not women, that did the deed. First wave feminist pioneers like Lucy Stone hated their fathers and wanted to be men. So they struck the first blow at patriarchy: she wouldn’t take her husband’s last name. While mostly symbolic, the symbolism is important. There’s an old saying, “mother’s baby, father’s maybe.” Ensuring paternity of children is extremely important to a man, the only way it could really be done pre-genetic testing was guaranteeing that your wife was a virgin. Raising another man’s children is genetic death; it’s anti-self, it’s cuckolding. This is likely why men tend to have a preference for virgins.

Of course women did get the privilege of voting, but shirked on the responsibility that came with it – taking up arms against rival states. The whole purpose of voting was to control the state, and as Mao said, political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. It’s the military that makes the state, therefore democracy was all about the men governed by the state having a say in the affairs of the state. Women weren’t expected to join the military, therefore there was no reason for them to vote. A man’s vote was essentially for his whole family; his wife and children, it was expected that he would vote in the interests of his family, and did. Women were not part of the state, thus wouldn’t participate in either fighting or voting.

Second wave feminism was even worse, this was upper class educated housewives with two (at best) grown children who sat around their very nice suburban houses bored out of their minds. Instead of coming up with something creative and useful to do, they bitched about housework. To this day, you have the aging second wave feminists with so little imagination that anything to do with housewifery is automatically associated with vacuuming or doing the dishes. This, more than anything, illustrates how moronic second wave feminists really were and are. That’s the best you can come up with, housework? Compare to the Biblical description of an ideal wife; the Proverbs 31 wife. She didn’t just sit around vacuuming, she ran the home, as a business. The idea is that the man works outside of the home, with a group of other men, while women ran the home business. Imagine if second wave feminists were smarter, more creative, and less shallow. Imagine the complex economic networks that bored housewives could have made, the businesses they could have started, the education they could have provided for the next generation. Instead, they decided they wanted to wear pants and work along side men not their husbands. The elites and the banksters promoted second wave feminism because now there were two incomes to tax, two bank accounts, two cars to commute to the office, and double the pool of labor, thus lowering wages.

Third wave feminism was essentially a revolt against the lesbians who had taken over second wave feminism by the early 80s and the anti-sex prudes that hated men. Third wave feminism, starting about the 90s, was all about slut power. Women have the notion that men go around fucking their secretaries and living it up in a Playboy paradise. This is projection of their part, most men pretty much only have sex with their wives. The top “alpha” men that do get to womanize are a very limited group, but since women do not even register “beta” men as human beings, they suffer from the Apex Fallacy. Since Hugh Hefner has lots of women, “men” have lots of women, so it’s ok for women to slut it up just like the men do. But because of the nature of the sex differences, women tend to have more opportunity to sleep around then men, basic hypergamy explains this.

The other thing that third wave feminism did was to cry RAPE!!! if a lowly beta man tried to flirt with a woman, or if an “alpha” didn’t call the day after a hookup. Take Back the Night rallies where they spray painted “All Men Are Potential Rapists” all over campus. I’ll never forget a college girlfriend telling me about being raped, this guy she had been seeing came into her dorm room and held her down and forced her. She was crying as she told me this. I loved this woman, and was filled with rage at this man. I had a fantasy about hunting him down and killing him. I learned my lesson a few weeks later when she explained that after the rape, she still dated this guy for a while, had plenty of consensual sex with him before and after the “rape.” Sure, he raped her, but he was pretty hot in bed, so she forgave him and continued to sex him up until he moved on later. Third wave feminism has made it so the actual victims of “real rape” – “rape rape” – are lumped in with post-drunken hookup regrets. Real rape victims should be outraged, but evidently not.

Before It's Too Late
Before It’s Too Late

Women love opportunistically while men love idealistically. I think Rollo calls this the “war brides dynamic.” Alice Thomas Ellis famously said, “There is no reciprocity. Men love women. Women love children. Children love hamsters. Hamsters don’t love anyone.” Women have to adjust to the new men that killed their husbands and took them as war brides, so they are evolutionarily adapted to loving whichever strong man has the power, thus ensuring her own survival and, most importantly, the survival of her children. This dynamic likely explains rape/ravishment fantasies as well; if you’re going to get raped by the commander of the conquering tribe, you may as well enjoy it and hope he doesn’t kill your children like he killed your husband. Humanity is messy business, there’s no point in being angry at women for being the way they are, hell, you probably should blame men for being violent and starting all the wars in the first place.

Neither men nor women are monogamous by nature; monogamy was a compromise.


So, what is the nature of humans in the state of nature according to The Red Pill?

1. Male ephebephiliac polygyny–A mouthful. Let’s unpack it. If Men existed in a universe where fully formed, hot 16-18 year old girls with long, silky hair and .7 hip-waist ratios grew out of the ground without agency, wants, needs and desires of their own and without families to care for and protect them, men would kill each other to collect as many of them as possible–replacing them with new ones as the older ones cycled out.

2. Female hypergamy–If 6’2″ 34 year old I-Banker millionaires grew out of the ground fully formed with no agency, wants, needs and desires of their own and no families to look after their interests–25 women would each chase and even consent to share the one that managed to make $1000001, while keeping a weather eye on any one who manages to make $1000002 as an option for jumping ship.

Thanks to modern, reliable birth control, women are able to slut it up as much as possible, and they tend to have more opportunities to do so then men do. The feminists always say that men are “insecure” about a woman’s sexual past, this is true. If your woman spent her college years sexing up Alpha McStudly the football quarterback with 14 inch biceps and a 5 inch thick cock, yeah, Regular Joe is right to feel insecure, that he will never measure up to her first “alpha.” She is likely fantasizing about Alpha McStudly fucking her brains out while her husband is rubbing her feet and tenderly giving her vanilla intercourse. Who wants to sign up for that?

Because men and women are different, even cheating has different ramifications for men and women. If a man cheat with his secretary, he doesn’t stop loving his wife. In fact, it’s a common trope, the mistress patiently waiting for her lover to leave his wife, but he never does. Women don’t cheat like that. By the time a woman cheats, she’s already checked out of the relationship, she is likely already out of love with her husband anyway.

So that’s why feminism is so damaging to monogamy and the family. If a woman really does make more than her husband, she will come to resent him, he will be emasculated in her eyes. If a woman spends all day long working for a man that makes more than her husband and has more power than her husband, that she willingly *submits* to on a daily basis, she’s going to come home and want to tell her husband about her day. What self-respecting man would want to hear the story of his wife spending all day submitting to another man that is more “alpha” than he is?

When men had more social power then women, every woman could fulfill her own hypergamy because her husband was her “alpha” – even if he was only alpha to her. Now, with men and women “equal” women increasingly compete for the very limited pool of “alphas.” Some guys are rolling in pussy now, but most men are not. Half of marriages are ending in divorce now, for just these reasons.

But here’s the deal – these career women did NOT create their own companies. They joined men’s companies. The feminists didn’t continue to invest in women’s colleges, they wanted to join the men’s colleges. They did not create their own female groups and organizations, they joined men’s instead. Why? Because they *can’t.* Groups of women cannot form the complex hierarchy that men can. That’s why once a group gets more than about 20% female, the men start to leave in droves. You can’t really compete with a woman, you lose either way. Lose to a woman, it’s de-masculinizing and humiliating. Win over a woman, well, what honor is it in beating a girl? At best you’re a bully, a mean nasty man hurting a woman’s feelings.

Don't Worry Sweetheart, It's Coming Back
Don’t Worry Sweetheart, It’s Coming Back

Women’s sexual strategy is “alpha fucks and beta bucks.” She wants the sperm of the top guy – the same guy that all the other women want – but she needs support and provisioning from the “beta” men. This is why women tend to vote for socialism – the beta men are de-individualized, just “society” providing and provisioning for women and children collectively. So women can actually sex up and bear the children of the “alphas” while still getting the “beta bucks” – but in this ideal feminism world, she never even has to sex up the lowly beta, or treat them as an individual human being, she just gets the check in the mail and the services of the nice betas.

How long will this state of affairs last? It’s already crashing down. Men aren’t marrying anymore, because they don’t get young virgin wives who are actual partners in creating a family and a home. They get a career woman, working for another man, bringing home a paycheck, competing with him and other men, just two labor units who like to bump uglies. When she births one or at best two children, they go into day care and the local government run public school while she’s working.

It’s almost like a “gay marriage” now, isn’t it? That’s “equality” for you.

At the end of the day, women simply don’t give a shit, about anyone or anything except themselves and their children. Women are deceptive by nature, ever since humans evolved past the chimpanzees whose ass turns bright red when she’s in heat. Right now, white women have it pretty damn good in America and Europe. No matter what choices she makes, there will always be the feminist media telling her it’s ok. Slut it up? That’s great and empowering. Divorce your husband? Great, he was probably abusive anyway, you go girl. Want a career? Great, they even have affirmative action so you will get promoted even if Beta Slob works harder than you.

But no matter what empowering and flattering lies the feminists tell you, you know deep down that you are not happy as independent wimminz that don’t need no man. Women are less happy then they were back in the bad old days of the 1950s. Your job pushing papers in the HR department will never give you the deep emotional satisfaction that seeing your grandchildren will. No matter how many guys you fuck on birth control, it won’t make you sexually empowered like you think men are.

Misogyny is the hatred of women. Nobody, but nobody, hates women like other women, feminists, and especially, themselves.

But don’t worry, sweethearts, the Man on the White Horse is on the way. The new sexism is just over the horizon; we’ve reached Peak Feminism. White men will win this battle, and you will be the spoils. We’re literally going to drag you by the hair back to our cave, put you back in your place, barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. If you think that vacuuming your three bedroom suburban rancher and doing the dishes in your brand new, high tech dishwasher (you’re welcome) is hard work, just be warned that home schooling and neighborhood organizing are much harder.

But also much more rewarding.


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  1. Steve Sailer said we have the most clueless generation of grandmothers in history. We still have this cultural ideal that grandmothers dispense good old fashioned wise advice to the younger women, but post-60s grandmas are more poisoned with feminism than anyone, and they are absolutely in the dark about the modern reality:


    Anyway, I noticed that one of her friends on facebook (work colleague) said something about James Deen. Obviously I was a bit weirded out and curious because of the whole porn thing. We normally don’t keep anything from each other so I asked her about it straight up.

    “Oh don’t worry, it’s just a joke with a few girls at work, we all applied to be in a porn scene with James Deen.”

    I have no idea why but at the time I laughed it off and said okay, so now I feel like I can’t bring it up again. I looked at the application form on his website though..holy shit. It is not some put your name in a hat thing..it is pretty long. You have to include pictures.

    What I’m getting at that, that is relevant to you, is that you must understand that your girlfriend has legit auditioned to be in a porn, and she should have every expectation of hearing back from them, and likely having real opportunity to go and do it. Whether or not her plan all along has been to simply reject their offer, even after going through the trouble of sending them sexy photos behind your back, we can’t know. But do not be under the impression that this is a contest or something that might not be responded to. That application she sent in is very real, will be reviewed and responded to in serious way, and with fair likelihood, in a positive way. Your girlfriend filled-out a full application to shoot a porn, complete with racy photos, without discussing it with you first, and when she did mention it, she was less than honest about the true nature of it. That is some heavy shit and I do not envy the position you’re in.


      1. The part where you portray the plight towards libration and independence for women as a way to defy the patriarchy that is a clear product of primitive misogynistic views embedded in your head by the women bashing culture you grew up in. That part, that’s what’s funny.


      2. It’s cute how you misogynists resort to humor once an argument that is not in your favor has been presented. It’s cool, stay in the stone ages with your questionable “morals” and “values”. But hey, thanks for thinking that my vagina rocks (I mean considering you’ve probably never seen what an actual vagina looks like)! I think it’s pretty awesome too.. y’know, the giving life part of it! 🙂


        Jenniqua and Katrina


      3. So the ability to bring life into this world, is my only worth? So, being able to creating life, all the great leaders in this world, everyone who has ever impacted you in some way shape or form came out of a vagina, and that’s all I’m worth? So, the fact that every human being that has ever walked this earth, the good the bad, the great thinkers of our time and beyond, every one them came from a womb, a vagina. Typical misogynist with very noticeable mommy issues.. you don’t think, or you lack the ability to reason with logic. Oh, and by the way your little friend, hipster racist, linked this post to a blog that has NOTHING to do with feminism! We talk about college admissions! That right there proves that you anti-feminist, no anti humanist bigots, have absolutely no critical thinking and reasoning skills. Thanks for helping us promote our blog though!

        Jenniqua and Katrina Ho


      4. I see you lack critical reading skills. And you’re the proud product of an American education am I correct? Thanks for being the poster child for everything that’s wrong with the world. So, when you’ve resorted to crying in the fetal position about your mommy issues while cuddling a bottle of vodka, just think about the lonely future that awaits you. K?Thanks?Bye Babe.


      5. @jenniquaandkatrina

        Calling people a “misogynist” because they happen to disagree with you is pretty damn stupid. Do you even know what “misogynist” means? I can’t speak for ar10308, but I don’t hate women, and I don’t in any way denigrate motherhood – in fact, it’s feminists that denigrate women’s ability to create human life.

        I will say, based on your comments, you’re not that bright. It is quite likely that your baby making ability is the most important thing you can contribute to society. Frankly, though, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

        Also, the “mommy issues” stuff – really, grow up sweetheart.

        Patriarchy invented your computer and the internet you use to embarass yourself with your tired old wimminz rhetoric. The 1960s called, they wanted their bra burning back.

        No one is denying you any rights, dear, quite the opposite, you’re being coddled simply due to your vagina. But that era is rapidly coming to an end.


      6. It’s hilarious how you decide to just look past the fact that your buddy ar10308 showed no respect for females by saying that all we are good for is child bearing, yet you manage to find it offensive when I called him out on his noticeable mommy issues. And, last I checked, Grace Hopper played a key role in computer programming and the whole movement in the early 20th century.. I’m sure she was a woman. I don’t think I ever asked to be coddled because of my vagina, in fact quite the opposite. I just find it ironic and quite ridiculous for men to think that all women are good for is child bearing.. and quite frankly what if that was all we’re good for? Why is that any less important that anything you macho men yourselves do? Women bear children. The very fact that you came to be was because of a choice your mother made to have you. That’s not something you can look past. I’m not asking to be put on a pedestal and paraded because of my child-bearing abilities, but I’m also not asking to be degraded because of it. There is a line that as a decent human being you shouldn’t cross. Maybe Feminism isn’t your cup of tea, I get it and respect your views for it. But don’t you dare tell me that because I’m a woman, that all I’m good for is having children (which by the way is a lot more than complex than your tiny little women-hating mind could ever grasp) and I will forever be under a man’s control because I was born a woman. The lack of decency and respect this community is composed of, disgusts me and I’m sure many others. I can’t have a sane argument with you people, because well I like to utilize logic and reasoning in my responses, something that the majority of the men on here lack.


      7. @jenniquaandkatrina

        If you didn’t first come to this blog screaming about “misogyny” it might have made a better impression, ok? For the record, ar10308 just now showed up, today, just like you. This is an open commenting blog, pretty much anyone can comment, including trolls.

        Points for mentioning Hopper, I was sure you would have taken the easy path and go with Lady Ada. Nevertheless, we know their names precisely because they were unusual. Men did the vast majority of the work.

        Really, feminism is not your friend. Patriarchy is good for women and children. Do you have “daddy issues” or something? 😛

        I don’t think that women are “only good for baby making.” But that’s the most important thing that women do, it’s feminists that attack mothers and motherhood. I happen to love my mother very much.


      8. And why did men do the majority of the work? Because women were kept at home.. because we had to fight for rights that came naturally to you, so yeah, it took us a little longer to make a name for ourselves, well because frankly we were fighting for freedom, fighting for liberation, and justice. Oh, and I didn’t just ‘come across your blog’ you linked me to this y’know, the ‘whycollegesarelieboyfriends’ we wrote about the man-slut boyfriend that was a metaphor for universities and colleges.. well I’m pretty sure you didn’t read our blog but it has nothing to do with the struggle for this power play to see which gender has contributed more to society. I’m glad you love your mother even though you think of her as nothing more than a child-bearing object. Points for keeping it a little more class than ar10308. Oh, and I don’t know.. do I have daddy issues? Ha, even if I did, the way I conduct myself should have nothing to do with my familial life. 🙂


      9. @jenniquaandkatrina

        The feminists lied to you. Women were never oppressed. In fact, in Western society, women have always been well treated, even back in the “bad old days.” Like it or not, women and men are different, and men can do things – in groups – that women cannot. As Camille Paglia said, if society were left up to women, we’d still be living in mud huts.

        Trust me, you are not doing yourself any favors by embracing feminism and wanting a career. Nothing will make you happier in your old age than grandchildren. You’re young, you have maybe another 10 years of your youth, beauty and fertility. If you waste that working for some corporation, instead of marrying and having a family, you will look back on your life and regret it.

        It’s you that is denigrating motherhood, as if mothers are “just baby making objects.” Frankly, it’s you that is the misogynist.


      10. In response to your allegation that I am a misogynist: I am not. You were, in fact, the one who said that having children is the “most important” thing a woman does. The funny thing is, essentially the whole world could continue on with only a handful of men, you’re only needed for one night in this whole reproductive thing. Similarly, before the Neolithic revolution, women and men both had very similar family roles, they hunted, cooked, raised the children, and all that jazz. It wasn’t until we began using metal, or having specified jobs in order to function more efficiently that women became household objects. We have since had to fight to regain the status that men are given at birth.

        I would consider myself a humanist over a “feminist.” I believe that all people should be given equal opportunities, to live up to their desires. Men shouldn’t have to rely on their evolutionary fitness in order to be successful and neither should women.
        Furthermore, I do not think that it is bad for a woman to want to have a family but I also don’t think that it is bad for a woman to feel like she can stand up and change the world. All I want is the opportunity for freedom of choice. Ones future should be in his/her own hands, and not be determined by the standards of oppression.
        Speaking of which, did you know that the official slogan of oppression (and apparently your blog, too) is “just because it makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it has to change?” -Jon Stewart

        On a tangent: you mentioned, “Raising another man’s children is genetic death” what are you trying to say about families that choose to adopt or not to have children at all? Is it in some way wrong when a family chooses to get over their primitive instinct to mate and multiply?

        I was on YouTube and, being the misogynist that you think I am, found a video about a project done by Australian high school boys about sexual inequality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgIg6z5nXGI

        I hope you enjoy-
        I Love to all of you women-fearing men,
        Katrina And Jenniqua


      1. Lol.
        How many all female groups have designed and built houses, roads, cars, oil derricks, aircraft and spacecraft?
        Your welcome.
        The Patriarchy


      2. Hha, how many patriarch societies have destroyed their own civilization as a product of warfare? Look, I’m not trying to say that feminism is the best thing that has happened to the world, and I do agree that while there are radicals that make feminism look extreme, I just think that in this day and age to deny someone equal rights based on gender, is pathetic and show signs of weakness rather than the strength you’re trying to portray in your childish arguments.


      3. Women love war and handsomly reward the victors by bearing their children.
        We didn’t have a ton of War Brides and a Baby Boom a half a century ago for no reason.


      1. I guess because I really need your approval I’ll just go sit in a corner and cry myself to sleep. Boo-hoo. I’m a silly girl? Why, because I’m not intimidated by your responses? Because I’m not afraid to speak my mind? Because I’ve educated myself and done my research and know my shit? Oh yeah, my bad I am a silly girl. So, why’d you link my blog to this post?? I’m still confuzzled bro.


      2. Mel, where is this evidence that supports that children raised by two parents of the same gender have all these issues straight parented kids don’t have? I’ve only seen some study suggest that sperm donor kids raised by single mothers have greater tendencies for issues – one I retain rigorous skepticism towards given that it singles out single mothers who used sperm donation from single mothers.

        I support your plea for equality between sexes, if that is what it is, but wonder where you got this alleged info about the children of lesbian couples. I assume it’s lesbians they’re referring to as they’re able to have kids and gay men usually have to adopt. I also admit to fearing two gay men parents. I just don’t know how a man would help a teenage girl deal with menstruation…tampons, etc. Eegad.

        But then, how would a single father who’d lost his wife? My straight parents, like many people’s, had plenty of major issues. So while there are optimal situations, there is no perfect formula.


      3. There’s no such thing as “same gender parents.” Every human being has mother that is a woman, and a father that is a man. Every child being raised by two lesbians does, in fact, have a father, just like every child being raised by two gays has a mother. It truly shows your anti-white male sentiment that you think a lesbian can somehow replace a father. Utter nonsense. Interestingly, your general anti-white male sentiment also shows in that you don’t think the reverse is also true.

        As WNs tend to be rather conservative and family values oriented, it’s clearly you that is the outlier here, so your notion that you are normative WN and I’m not is frankly ridiculous.

        You attack white men, you attack traditional white women, and now you’re attacking the entire traditional white family. All in the name of the anti-white, jew run ideology of feminism.


    1. In response to your allegation that I am a misogynist: I am not. You were, in fact, the one who said that having children is the ‘most important’ thing a woman does.

      So you think that thinking having children is the most important thing a woman does it “misogyny?” Child bearing is literally in the definition of “female” – it’s the biological essence of femininity – you’re the one denigrating that. You’re the misogynist. I’ll chalk it up to you simply being young and poisoned by feminism.

      essentially the whole world could continue on with only a handful of men, you’re only needed for one night in this whole reproductive thing

      Yeah, pretty much. Did you even read the article? That’s sort of the point.

      household objects.

      There you go again, denigrating mothers as “household objects.” Why do you hate women so much?

      women-fearing men

      Truly moronic. They brainwashed you well.


      1. I distinctly remembered directing my comment of ‘child-bearing’ object towards you, in the process of questioning your true views towards your own mother. And, if you had any reasoning and logic you’d realize that in all my prior comments I’ve stated time and time again, that child-bearing and having children is not something to be looked down, but it is not the sole determination of a female’s worth, as I’ve said to that ar10(whatever the hell his name is, because frankly it would be unworthy of me to remember that imbecile’s full user ID). So indeed, it is you who is truly moronic. I see patriarchy has brainwashed you well. Aung San Suu Kyi once stated, “In societies where confident of their own worth, women are not merely tolerated, but valued” And this is why men are so important in the feminist revolution. Patriarchy thrives on limiting men’s capacity to be truly self-sustaining and empowered. Instead, it encourages men to view their worth through their superior physical, economic, social, political and other structural privileges in their relationship with women. And so any effort to take some of these privileges away is seen as alarming and emasculating and hence the immense rage towards Feminism. But remember that gender norms are a social construct and that social values are always in a state of flux and evolution. You have only been given these privileges because men throughout history has silenced women and has actively barred them an equal footing in the construction of society, and its values and norms. Freeing men of these limiting structural and normative values requires giving up and redistributing some of their privileges, and this process is something men need to understand, willingly accept and engage with as active participants. Enlightened men resist patriarchy as much as feminists, and resist and reject values that allows them to have a false sense of self-worth to the detriment of half of the world’s population. Oh, and I love how you didn’t even read my blog before linking me to this degrading post. On top of that, I just simply adore how you’ve looked past that when I called you out on it, so rather than just seeing me as another troll who came across this cursed post that clearly highlights all the destructive evils in our society and generation, you good sir, pulled me into this argument. At least I do my research and understand what I’m reading before I pull in topics from other blog posts that are un-related to the women-bashing present on this sight. Good job, your mother would be proud.

        Love ya, k thanks bye babe 😀

        Jenniqua and Katrina Ho


      2. @jenniquaandkatrina

        You’re in college, right? So I’m guessing you haven’t really accomplished much in your life yet – that’s not a bad thing, because you’re young. So, in many ways, as an “individual” – you are worthless. You haven’t accomplished anything. You haven’t created anything worthwhile yet.

        Well, you would be worthless, if you were a man. But since you’re a woman, you have inherent worth because of your ability to create life.

        Patriarchy thrives on limiting men’s capacity to be truly self-sustaining and empowered.

        This is horseshit, frankly. Patriarchy creates civilization, because it provides an incentive for men to invest in their children.

        But remember that gender norms are a social construct

        No, they are not, this is false. Gender norms are biologically based. In fact, society itself has a biological basis. You’re engaging in the “blank state theory” which is a wholly discredited view of humanity. You’re simply wrong. Feminism is based on false assumptions about human beings.

        Freeing men of these limiting structural and normative values requires giving up and redistributing some of their privileges

        This feminism jargon is almost a self-parody, it’s “not even wrong” because it’s essentially meaningless. The entire notion of “male privilege” is horseshit.



        your mother would be proud.

        Well yes, because unlike you, my mother isn’t a misogynist that denigrates motherhood.


      3. Hey, just give me your email address so I can send you my resume if you’re that interested about my life kay babe? Ha, you have no idea. I’ve never degenerated motherhood IN ANY OF MY RESPONSES. So you’re saying that modern day civilization is determined by biological attributes rather than the social contract we all unknowingly are a part of? So humor me, what about times before people were educated? During the Neolithic era when men and women hunted and gathered together. You’re a conservative right? Because only then could I forgive you, you see, I inherently know and understand that all you conservatives are a tad bit loony, and missing a few screws and bulbs in the head, so I can’t really hold it against you. So answer my question, why did you link my blog to this page? Why are you not reading my replies for what they are and continually skewing my words? Is it because you want to seem “wiser” for this cult-like blog, or is it because you can’t comprehend what I’m saying? So, this time around when you sit behind the mask that your computer and screen name provides, remember to read all my responses thoroughly, then check out my blog to see what it’s really about before you go around linking me to unrelated shit like this, then think about what you’re gonna say, THEN and ONLY THEN do you have the privilege to reply to me. Oh and don’t forget to answer my question: Why did you link my blog to this? You seem to always look past that, but it’s okay I expect it from the moronic blogger that you are babe.


      4. I guess because I really need your approval I’ll just go sit in a corner and cry myself to sleep. Boo-hoo. I’m a silly girl? Why, because I’m not intimidated by your responses? Because I’m not afraid to speak my mind? Because I’ve educated myself and done my research and know my shit? Oh yeah, my bad I am a silly girl. So, why’d you link my blog to this post?? I’m still confuzzled bro.


      5. I wanna know! My best guess is because you saw the tags I had on my post, and you saw the title, then stupidly assumed I was bashing men, when in fact my blog is a mere metaphor for the college admissions process. Oh, betcha didn’t know that didya? That’s the only plausible explanation as to why you’d stupidly bring me into a conversation, no a community this toxic.


      6. assumed I was bashing men

        No, I linked you because of some random mention of feminism. You’re putting far more thought into this than I did. I figured you would just ignore it, not come over here and demonstrate the immaturity and ridiculousness of college age feminists.


      7. I randomly mentioned feminism in my post? Mmh.. that’s strange, I could have sworn that I was trying my best to conform to the patriarchy present on this post! No that’s not why you linked me. You linked my blog because you assumed I was bashing men. That’s exactly why you did it, and you can’t deny that. Because no where in that post did I call anyone out on being a man whore. It was satire that you couldn’t comprehend. Please tell me where on my page do I mention feminism or anything political…? Thank you so much for the free publicity! I am trying to grow my brand, and you’re just doing so much to help that!


      8. @jenniquaandkatrina : Just because women only need sperm in order to create life DOES NOT MEAN children don’t need fathers. That attitude is the disgusting, man-hating shit that makes me wish all feminists were infertile. There is plenty of proof out there that children raised under a single parent or even a single gender, two parent household, have more difficulty in school, socially, and in future relationships.

        There is far more needed from the father than just his sperm, and I almost hope you do end up having a child on your own, without the assistance, guidance and assurance of a male partner so that you can experience this first hand. Girls without daddies have abandonment issues their whole lives. Boys without daddies have to learn how to be a man from women, and trust me, it fucks them up forever.

        No, I don’t hope that. I hope you never have kids and never have any influence on kids, so that we can end this idea that women are better than men. It works both ways, equality. If you want to be equal, you have to stop acting like men are nothing.


    2. No its not a joke and your concerned because this article brilliantly exposes the vile self-importance that females are.

      The true examination of females throughout the last century of female abomnation is wonderfully explained and I hope most feminist’s stomachs turn when they read this article, just like my stomach turns every time I hear the lame embarrassing comment “girl power” – give me a break !

      If and when men have had enough of tolerating all this female power bullshy they will EASILY smash down that fantasy feminist tower without changing a heartbeat.


    3. No. As a ex-nice guy I am fed up. I support this. I’ve spent my life being honorable and kind, and women have always passed me by for the rich guy/stud/performer. Unfortunately no one ever took the time to be honest with me, and only lied to me. Decades of ‘women want a nice guy’ bullshit, but they could never seem to find one, while they all supposedly ‘suffered’ under the constant fucking and sucking by their mean man. Women no longer and probably never did value a genuine guy. They only ‘care’ about a beta when their options are depleted. Morality doesn’t matter; social, physical and monetary power is what a woman wants. Shitbags with mean, green and social sheen always win over beta chumps no matter how ‘nice’ the woman is. It’s all bullshit, and the biggest bullshit is what comes out of women’s mouths, especially when you examine their actions. Cut off welfare, toss these capable empowered women in the streets until they learn to appreciate something more than Mr. Rock-n-Roll Football prick douches. But they never will, so yawn… I’m not fucking them, and they and their kids are not my responsibility.


  2. Looking at my own mother, which is a raging femnazi herself, she is less than worthless in the advice she dispenses. When I divorced my wife I had to divorce my mother as well because those 2 were peas in a pod.


      1. Hence the failure of Hooking up Smart. I was curious to see if the grannies would eventually “get it” and mentor young women correctly. But, they only got as far as as “well, don’t be TOO slutty” (with a requisite dose of the usual “man up”) before all the XY’s were banned and they decided to be Manboobz lite.


  3. Maybe 3rd wave feminism was bad, but I cannot agree that 1st and 2nd wave was bad, especially with the examples you gave, and one of those examples *hurts* your case rather than strengthening it.

    You wrote that “women were not part of the state.” Do you not see a problem with this? That was the whole point of 1/2nd wave feminism: That women were *not* part of the state, and they wished to have equal access to the state like some men have.

    Furthermore, your first sentence for 2nd wave feminism is that was “even worse” than first wave. Which is strange considering you didn’t really make any point in saying how 1st wave was bad in any way. Then, you brought up the biblical concept of a wife which was also bad for your points. Why was it bad? It is bad because the main 3 Judeo-Christian religions are about submission (and no, not to god). They are written as books you can base your life on, however the life they call for is about men submitting to their Lords or Kings (gotta keep peasants complacent), and women submitting to their husbands. There are numerous passages from the Torah, Bible, and Koran that are completely outdated views on women that speak to inequality of the genders that really hasn’t been addressed UNTIL the beginnings of feminism.

    I can agree that some modern feminists suck, or that men also have issues that we deal with as well. But your arguments against 1/2nd wave feminism just seem to say that you *want* women to stay in their houses, as if having that power was somehow greater than being able to have a say in politics, work for a corporation, start a business, etc. I’m not even saying that there *aren’t* criticisms of 1/2nd wave feminism, but your post doesn’t have any real issue or strong point to back up your general idea that 1/2nd wave feminism was somehow bad for women, men, America, etc.


  4. Sir, I would’ve loved this if you had also added that there are actually women out there (like me) who desperately hate the situation “gender equality” has put them in. I don’t want to make more than my Husband, I would love to be barefoot and pregnant, cooking dinner and coming up with tomorrow’s homeschool curriculum. I am vehemently trying to turn my Beta husband into my Alpha Dominant. I feminism as much as you, HR. maybe more….


    1. It’s ridiculous to think that the reason you can’t stay home is due to feminism. This is a common misconception that runs throughout the WN movement. It seems to go hand in hand with the mollycoddling of the jews, who are far more responsible for the present predicament white middle class people are in than are white feminists.

      It’s so odd when someone *pushes* to be dominated…


      1. Mel is a beautiful white woman MARRIED to her her handsome white husband raising a beautiful white child while Harley is some feminist cunt that nobody gives a shit about.

        If “WN” is a real movement – we need MORE white women like Mel and LESS feminist cunts like Harley.

        Harley is a disgusting feminist cunt, probably a lesbian. Who cares what she thinks? She can’t hold a candle to a REAL woman like Mel.


      2. You don’t seem to think Mel can speak for herself, even in response to another woman. You keep claiming that you don’t harbor anger towards women yet your comments on this thread and others clearly express anger and perhaps even hatred towards any female who tries to civilly engage your assertions.

        You addressed me in a recent post, Hipster, with your distortion of my comment about WN people taking responsibility for their own actions; I never undertook to engage you personally or the manosphere generally.

        If calling women vulgar names salves whatever sense of threat, etc., you feel from them, knock yourself out… Reasoned discussion or debate is obviously not your goal.


      3. You don’t seem to think Mel can speak for herself

        Nonsense, Mel is perfectly capable of speaking for herself, and does. She takes me to task on a regular basis as well, and I’m glad for her differing views.

        Just about every comment from Harley, here and on VB’s blog, is typical feminist cant that reveals her hatred of men, white men in particular. The “WN” movement, such as it is, would be better off without women like Harley.

        I certainly don’t want to be associated with her kind.

        express anger and perhaps even hatred towards any female who tries to civilly engage your assertions.

        No, my anger is directed towards feminists, male or female. You have offered essentially nothing of worth in any comment I’ve ever read of yours.

        Reasoned discussion or debate is obviously not your goal.

        So far, I’ve never read anything from you that is reasoned, nor interesting. Just stereotypical second wave feminist nonsense that we’ve all heard a million times before. If you want to engage in an actual debate, say something worth debating.


      4. I think it’s odd that you think my struggle has nothingto do with feminism. Because of feminism, I’m EXPECTED to work. Because of feminism and “gender equality” my Husband is held back in his career to allow the “equal advancement of women” despite his clear ability to do the job better. Because of feminism, I am looked DOWN upon for my desire to NOT work and JUST be a mom and homekeeper.

        I submit to my Husband. But he has been brainwashed by society and struggles against His proper role in our family. I “push” in order to build him up. Do not misconstrue my pushing as a show of Dominance.

        not that it really matters what you think…


    2. Mel nobody is trying to take away your right to be a barefoot pregnant wife in the kitchen. Nobody is making you do anything you don’t want to. If you understood feminism then you would know it’s about equality and choice. Nobody’s making you go out to the real world and contribute to society any way you don’t want to.


      1. Nobody’s making you go out to the real world and contribute to society any way

        Look at the feminist trying to SHAME mothers, as if it’s not the “real world” unless you are a cubicle slave pushing papers. As if some feminist’s career contributes to society compared to a mother actually creating human life.

        If you understood feminism then you would know it’s about equality and choice.

        We understand feminism perfectly well, and you’re a great example of a feminist denigrating other women’s choices.


      2. HR aren’t you shaming feminists – you state that you ‘hate’ them in title of your article.

        Women and men have the same basic span of IQ’s – go look up people like Flynn or any of the authorities on the topic. This perception that women somehow don’t contribute in workplaces where intellect is required, or that AA pushed undeserving women ahead of superior men just doesn’t bear up under scrutiny. Most colleges in the 60’s or 70’s who admitted women for the first time saw their average test score improve, not decrease.

        Unfortunately Mel’s premise that her husband is being unfairly held down by AA is likely inaccurate. She and her husband are being taxed insanely to carry pretty much every group in America because they’re *white,* and given no benefits as such.

        But white women didn’t displace more capable men in most jobs, and it’s unfortunate that that myth still persists. I personally think you do white people a disservice by further promulgating it, instead of drawing attention to the scams our government is playing on white taxpayers.


      3. Also, HR, if a pregnant woman sat around all day contemplating the life she was creating I think you’d find a lot of pretty bored depressed ones. Really, pregnancy isn’t that hard, dude.

        So what a woman is doing by staying at home after maybe six months isn’t ‘creating’ a life, but caring for one – which is something a man could do just as competently. I personally don’t shame men who choose to stay home, or women who do either. Whatever works for a family.

        Although in these times not much is working for white couples trying to raise kids, that’s for sure.


      4. Harley, you just don’t get it.

        Before feminism, a girl would pick a boy she liked, and invest in him. He, in turn, would work to invest in his family. They would have children, grow together, then enjoy their grandchildren in their old age.

        Women formed the core of the community. It’s a typical feminist lie to pretend as if before feminism, women sat around the house all day long doing the dishes and watching soaps. That’s not how it worked. Women have always worked, inside and outside of the home.

        What feminism did was to make family formation all but unaffordable to all but the upper classes. That’s what second wave feminism was, a bunch of rich white women who didn’t have the creativity their mothers and grandmothers did. The Rockefellers funded the second wave for a reason.

        There is no perception that women didn’t contribute to intellectual work. That’s your feminist denigration of motherhood, just like you denigrate wives by calling them “doormats.”

        Look, you don’t like men romantically, I get it. If you would accept being an outlier, no one would care.


      5. I never called stay at home mothers’ ‘doormats’ I don’t think. I don’t think that way so please show me the quote.

        I was simply addressing Mel’s assertion that a woman had stolen her husband’s rightful job through AA, which *could* be true, but probably isn’t if one measured by statistics.

        I am a fucking outlier in my own way. When have I ever denied that? And when you say you ‘hate feminism’ I hate you right back. I don’t even know that there is some agreed upon feminist dogma.

        But I will say that at least some feminists were willing to defend me from rapist men, and the weakling women who help them, while ‘manly men’ sit and claim all women wanted some psycho ugly motherfucker rapist their victim wouldn’t even look twice at. This was college campuses in the late 80’s and 90’s. Any psycho guy you got stuck in a class with could follow you home, try to force himself on you in some totally random social situation, etc. because everyone knows women live for male attention. Even butt ugly ones apparently.

        A the end of the day, both men and women orchestrate rape in 90% of cases of real rape, so I hate the guilty parties of both sexes – inferior ugly stupid males and females who just can’t stand up to the competition.

        I’m an outlier in that I was not needing all this intimacy and validation from men, but I’m not alone in being projected onto in that vein at least in some degree. And your philosophy that a woman’s whole life and sense of self is derived from others – her man, her children – I just think that feeds right into the rape culture. And I sure as shit think we live in one, the difference in my case is that I think it’s equally orchestrated by certain women as it is by certain men.


      6. I don’t even know that there is some agreed upon feminist dogma.

        Yes, that’s right. There is no “feminism” but many “feminisms.” So, any particular woman can just make something up, and if you disagree, you’re a “misogynist.” No different than the rest of the lefties, disagree, it’s “racism” “hate” “anti-semitism” etc. etc.

        When have I ever expressed any sentiment against lesbian separatists? If a bunch of lesbians want to “go their own way” it’s no skin off of my back. Hell, I’d support their right to have lesbian only neighborhoods and apartment buildings and the like. I even like lesbian feminists like Camille Paglia, she gets it.


        If anyone has minimized the real crime of rape, it’s feminists, with their lies that evil menz are going around raping women. Funny how the feminists don’t like the mention the racial aspect of real rape – instead, they go after white guys like the Duke Lacrosse team. I realize that some feminists – maybe those lesbian separatists – really hate the idea that women like fucking men, instead of other women. So, it’s always “rape!” Dworkin didn’t say that all heterosexual sex was rape, but she implied it.

        And your philosophy that a woman’s whole life and sense of self is derived from others – her man, her children – I just think that feeds right into the rape culture.

        There’s no such thing as “rape culture” – keep your fantasies to yourself, sweetie. A woman deriving her sense of self through her family is normal, and to be commended. Most women are not really interested in being a career woman, and even less would be if they weren’t constantly shamed, called “doormat” and the like from feminists. Patriarchy creates civilization. Men derive their sense of self by what they do – for their families.


      7. a woman’s whole life and sense of self is derived from others – her man, her children

        This, right here, is why feminism is evil. You are literally trying to prevent heterosexual, romantic love developing between men and women. Because that is exactly how a woman loves – by deriving her sense of self from her family. Dalrock’s recent post described it perfectly. Any chance a woman might start feeling selfless love for her man and her family, she’s “losing her sense of self” according to feminists.

        Feminism: the enemy of love.

        That’s what makes me wonder if there is a lesbian connection, honestly.

        Harley, why haven’t you commented on my many BDSM threads? I know all about the Feminist Sex Wars of the 70s/80s now.


      8. claim all women wanted some psycho ugly motherfucker rapist their victim wouldn’t even look twice at. This was college campuses in the late 80’s and 90’s.

        Bullshit – a total lie. College campuses in the 90s were all about “Take Back the Night Rallies” and “enthusiastic verbal consent for each sexual escalation” (by men, the feminists – lesbians likely – just couldn’t even imagine that women are hot for us nasty guys and our penises and, in fact, sexually escalate all the time. They never ask for verbal consent, either.)

        Any psycho guy you got stuck in a class with could follow you home, try to force himself on you in some totally random social situation

        Interesting and very revealing.


  5. What is so sacred about marriage? Why is it needed and why can’t men and women just have relationships and when it’s over move on? Why can’t men and women give in to their urges instead of needing to pretend? Are you saying only men should be allowed to do this or is it just that only men are supposed to feel this way? Women are deceptive by nature??? I would have to one hundred percent disagree. Men and women are deceptive by nature. Politicians, presidents, males in power are all honest but it’s just the females causing the deception everywhere? Seriously? Women should just shut up and put up with everything because men just want to get their own way. Ok let’s all shut off our brains and emotions and do it your way just because you say so. Men and women should have a choice to do what they like as long as it is not damaging or hurting anyone else. They should also face the same consequences and abide by the same rules and laws as everyone else. All I am reading here is hate speech by little boys who feel hard done by because they want to get their own way so you’ve generalised a whole sex into something unrealistic. If only you could consider human feelings, explore and embrace the goodness and diversity that exists due to equality making more of a headway rather than judge, devalue and degrade a whole sex into nothing body a sexual object who cleans the house


    1. All I am reading here is hate speech


      by little boys


      embrace the goodness and diversity

      comedy, tell us another joke

      degrade a whole sex into nothing body a sexual object who cleans the house

      Let me make this perfectly clear, ok? I would not let you in my house, period.

      Also, let’s put this to rest right now – you are not a “sexual object” to any of us. I wouldn’t fuck you with someone else’s dick, got it? You are not a “sexual object” to anyone outside of your wishful fantasies. No one wants to fuck you. Get over yourself.


      1. Not to be an ass to you, but white supremacist and homophobic much? As much as I know it may sound off-topic, I just want to ask you something. What did the non-white folks do to you? Well, really, what did the gays do to you?

        Oh, and I see that you must’ve grown up (and maybe even got used to) being catered to by some doting mom of yours…


    2. Did you skim this or read it? HR wrote that your last line is precisely NOT the point of this. A man’s role should be to provide and protect. And a woman’s role (which, btw, is still expected of us even if we work 40 hours away from home) is to keep and manage the home and family. He KNOWS that THIS job is significantly more important and rewarding than mine outside of the home. HR doesn’t believe for one second that women who remain home and “manage the business of the home” are just sex objects wdoesn’t respect the women who use men, neglect their kids, and who’s only contribution to the future is through their career, which in the advancement of society is far less important than the proper raising of her children.

      And, HR, I’m sure your responses are crude because you feel attacked and don’t give a shit about these women. Which I can understand, as I wish I had been attacked in a forum like this instead via private email, this week, specifically so I could have done some name calling of my own. But your responses to these women don’t only make THEM uncomfortable…. It’s your blog, and you can comment however you want, but you might get more commenters like ME, women defending your point of view, if you refrained from some of the hateful speech. Just a suggestion, Sir. One not intended to offend.


      1. @Mel

        My apologies, whiskey tends to bring out my vulgar side. Harley is a particularly nasty piece of work that insults white men in extremely vicious ways. Women have a particular knack for having the ability to “shame” men, and are often never called on it due to a sort of natural deference men tend to have towards women. But when women stop acting like ladies, it’s only a matter of time before men stop acting like gentlement. The most infuriating thing about Harley – and “WN” feminists like her – is that they expect white men to show loyalty to them, while showing zero loyalty back. It’s a typical entitled attitude that feminism promotes.

        Also, it’s a free country. If a woman wants to have a career, she can. However, men have the right to not desire a career woman and should not be “shamed” for not wanting one.

        A friend of mine told me about a project when she was in school, the students were asked to write an essay about “what they wanted to be when they grew up.” Well, this girl, being a traditional feminine girl, wanted to be a mother and a wife, so she wrote that essay. They told her should couldn’t write about that! She had to pick a “career” because, for some reason, wanting to be a wife and mother was somehow bad! There’s a French feminist that said it openly: women should not have the option of being stay and home mothers because if they had the choice, too many women would choose that over some career!

        This sort of sub-shaming and mother-shaming is particularly harsh on traditional women, who tend to suffer the most at these sorts of shaming tactics. This is what enrages me. Feminists can say whatever they want to me, it hardly matters, I couldn’t care less. But when they start attacking traditional feminine women that tend to be susceptible to those sorts of shaming tactics, well, it brings up my defensive side. I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress 🙂


      2. Sir, I do so appreciate your defending me, too. I didn’t thank you for that, but I truly appreciate it. Obviously, I am capable of doing so, but it is very gentlemanly of you to do so.

        I was that girl, too. I was pretty messed up, people convincing me that what I wanted was stupid. At the same time, feebly believing that sex would make me stronger… I became one of those sluts at the bar talking about how important my career was and blah, blah, blah.

        It makes me mad, now. I know that the education my son is getting is the best I can get in my current situation. I know that my Husband loves me and wants to provide for and protect us. I know that if HIS career hadn’t been fucked by union mentality and female favoritism, we’d have more than one child and I would’ve been able to give up my career in favour of being at home with the kiddos and managing the family.

        But that’s not the way it worked out for me. My Husband lost his job when (big name communications company) closed his office, just as His opportunity for advancement seemed promising. Fucking union bullshit… that’s a whole other rant.

        Whenever I meet a stay at home mom, I tell her how wonderful I think she is. Homeschooling moms get even more praise. These women are shaping the future of our society. I pray that the choices and decisions I AM able to make assist in their endeavors even if I’m never able to join their ranks…

        I kind of doubt that I will be able to. I find myself in the uncomfortable position of being needed at my job as much as I need my job. A feminists dream… But not mine.

        I have nothing to say about being white. Just as an FYI… I don’t get the racism…

        But I thoroughly enjoy that we’ve had this dialogue today, HR. Thank you again! ❤


      3. @Mel

        It all happened long before I was born, but the sexual revolution, along with reliable birth control, really had a negative impact on society. I’m a slut too, I came of age right in the middle of the hookup culture, and being a young horny boy, I really didn’t know any better. I am sure I would have been much happier marrying my high school sweetheart and having a family. Unfortunatley for me, the women in my class – college educated, etc., – were poisoned by feminism and I really didn’t understand the way women are. It made it much harder to keep long term relationships going. “Equal” relationships don’t work, neither men nor women really want that. In fact, women hate “equality” more than men do. Nothing turns a woman off faster.

        Plus, the woman I did wind up falling in love with was so sub-shamed by her feminist mother she could never really deal with her submissive side. She was so ashamed of it. It honestly broke my heart. I know what she’s doing right now, drunk and lonely in some shitty apartment in NYC, drowning in debt, working at a career she hates.

        As you mentioned, too, there’s an economic angle to this. The ruling class loved feminism because it broke up families, and families are a threat to the tyrannical state. They want us to be genderless, interchangable work-units with no civil society to protect us from the iron fist of the government.


      4. HR, I’m sorry for your love. That breaks my heart. THAT is exactly why I hate feminists…

        What I wouldn’t give for a do over, sometimes…


      5. Why not escape the rat race, and become pregnant bare foot and feral?

        There’s jobs for competent women in the rural townships, from local councils, hospitals/dental! , Old peoples homes, plenty of admin for the local shops ect.. part time work is more plentiful, and if your a productive worker full time is not hard to come by. Perhaps your husband could find other employment out in the rural area’s, they certainly would be more masculine. Linesmen make good dollars out bush, though some of it will be digital now with repeater stations, communications infrastructure needs to be kept maintained.

        My wife works part time at a retirement village/old peoples home in hospitality.

        What’s the worse that could happen in moving bush or rural? You move back to the city…

        Economic wise some things are more expensive out bush, which really curtails bad habits, then there are also prudent, frugal and ingenious ways to save. Save your production for your future kids, investing in what you have I guess, is how we’re doing it.

        Gone bush and never looked back.


      6. I would move anywhere, do anything, and give up all of my bad habits for my husband. But it is his choice, his decision to remain where we are. I appreciate the suggestion, though Sir, thank you!


      7. Typing on WP app caused an error here:

        …“manage the business of the home” are just sex objects wdoesn’t respect…

        Should’ve read: “…are just sex object who clean the house and do the laundry. He sees that the management of the home, husband and children suffer when women work outside of the home. What HR doesn’t respect…”

        I just wanted to clarify that point because I believe it was a good one.


  6. “There is no reciprocity. Men love women. Women love children. Children love hamsters. Hamsters don’t love anyone.”

    Thankfully, there are cheats for men built in to the system: (1) game makes women love men; (2) devotion makes children love men (their fathers) when they grow up.


  7. Feminism comes in three major types, which can roughly be understood as lesbian, Jewish, and Nordic variations of feminism.

    Lesbian feminism is about hating men. Jewsih feminism is about destroying families. Nordic feminism is about enslaving the husband.

    The latter, Nordic, feminism is hard to spot, because many ostensibly Christian, conservative women profess it. Those kinds of feminists keep the family intact and tend to not cheat or run after alpha fux, but they psychologically castrate the husband, and, being female, grow miserable and bitchy under this arrangement.


    1. @PA

      The latter, Nordic, feminism is hard to spot, because many ostensibly Christian, conservative women profess it.

      That’s a very interesting categorization of the various types of feminism. Frankly, I’m actually fine with “Nordic feminism” – if that’s what someone wants in their personal lives. There are men who enjoy submitting to their dommes. I’m mostly a live and let live kind of guy, if that is what a couple wants, good for them.

      However, I do object – strongly – to those types asserting their dynamic is normative, or Nordic feminists trying to push the culture in that direction.


    2. Nordic feminism, makes sense, my wife used this regime it failed in 12 months, she submits, which is what she truly wanted. She’s happy, I’m happy the children are happy. Perhaps I should write a book or a post “How to marriage break a Nordic feminist.”.

      A tip, if your father in-law hates you, but envies you at the same time, you definitely doing it right.


    3. The lesbians weren’t the actual manhaters of the feminist movement. But they were the element of whites who were more willing to make a marriage of convenience with black men. Straight feminists hate men in a way that lesbians simply don’t have the passion to. There were a lot of castrating bitchy types in feminism, there’s some truth to it although not all were so inclined. Overall jewish women scored the highest in both those categories – willingness to castrate and sell out what wasn’t ultimately their men – white males. There were also varying layers of these agents and dynamics.

      But you’re all wrong about lesbian feminists actually hating men. They just thought they could use black men to lobby for their freedom, and sold out their tribe in that transaction, however unwittingly.

      I personally try not to ghettoize with such simplicity because how it all went down was truly complex and many individuals got dragged through the racket.

      I will point out, as I do below, that HR keeps making vicious claims that I hate men even as various other women on the blog he’s referencing, vikingbitch’s, make far more vitriolic and often bratty comments towards men than I. He also keeps suggesting I’m a lesbian which I feel compelled to point out would be irrelevant if true, as ultimately manhaters are just that mostly due to how they’re raised more even than because of any sexual orientation.

      I really don’t feel I deserve such accusations. They’re unfounded and totally unsubstantiated. What gives?


      1. OK Harley, I’ll apologize. I can be a bit trollish when I’ve been drinking, my fault, I’ll own it. Perhaps I’m confusing you with someone else on that blog. I seem to remember some nasty comments from you about white men, but perhaps I’m wrong.

        Let’s start over. Hi, I’m Hipster Racist.

        Personally, I don’t have any problem with lesbians, or gays for that matter, in fact, I think extreme anti-gay attitudes are a product of Judaism. Alienating them did a lot of damage to our cause I think. They could actually be quite helpful to whites. In fact, I actually think they sort of have a special role to play in Western society. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the celibate priesthood of the Catholic church essentially created a lot of Western culture.

        But please, lay off the sub-shaming. Lots of women like to be dominated, and lots of men like dominating them. If that’s not your particular cup of tea, fine, but this blog is 50% about my particular sexual proclivities.

        My beef with feminism is really simple, they try to make outliers the norm, and it damages families and hurts children. If feminists were content to be outliers, we could make room for them, so to speak. But feminism is part of the leftist juggernaut, and feminism most definitely was a heavily jew movement. I happen to like submissive women, quite a bit, and I really hate feminism brainwashing young women into sluttitude and bitchiness.


  8. I’m actually fine with “Nordic feminism” – if that’s what someone wants in their personal lives. There are men who enjoy submitting to their domes

    Nordic feminism is an adaptation to monogamy in cold climates, where a fraction of women will inevitably have married weak or alcoholic men. The tough bitch that castrates her husband is really just picking up the slack.

    Unfortunately like you note, a culture of general contempt for men is an outgrowth of this, and needs to be checked.


  9. Good essay. I would suggest two edits to be more clear to newcomers – clarify what “apex fallacy” means (or, actually avoid the term entirely if possible, as MRA jargon* will get you instantly branded).

    Also, add a “feminists think that…” or “which goes like this” qualifying clarification to the following Hefner sentence.

    *Same for “hypergamy”


    1. @OTC, thanks for the suggestions. I’m not sure there’s really another term for “hypergamy.” And to clarify for anyone reading – I am not a “men’s rights activist” – they are just the flip side to the feminist coin, and, well, beta as hell.

      I’m an old fashioned sexist. There’s a difference.


      1. Oh, *I* know the difference – but it depends on the target audience of your writing.

        For example, you could use “marry up”. The term “hypergamy” will either engender a “huh?” or “MRA douchebag” response from nearly everyone.


      2. @OTC

        Eh, I’m not even sure who the target audience is. It’s written as directed towards women, but the actual audience is mostly the “red pill” men who are not exactly MRAs, more like PUAs I guess. This did get linked on a MGTOW forum and has received almost all positive feedback from men. Something like 6,000 hits on this article in the past few days, by far the most popular blog post I’ve ever written.

        Eh, hypergamy, polygany, these are all useful terms.

        I honestly don’t even think it’s worth discussing much of this with women. In general, they simply do not have the cognition to separate these ideas from their own emotions. Differing communication styles and all.

        This blog has two somewhat overlapping audiences; WNs from the MWIR-o-sphere, and “red pill” reddit. Plus a handful of my lady fans, who are never quite sure if they like me or not. Story of my life lol.

        But really, this blog is an exercise in stroking my own oversized ego and a vehicle for my completely fictional 9/11 stories. Have you read any of them?


  10. Hipster all you have to say about me is that I ‘hate’ men. I challenge you to find one single quote of mine anywhere which supports this contention.


  11. Disgusting. You are honestly generalizing all women with this. I like how you keep mentioning white women because you obviously don’t know anything about cultured women because they defy the odds. They can be both mothers and hardworkers and trust that they will see their grandchildren grow up. I’m not even a hardcore feminist but even to me, a woman who wants to have a career and then have a family, this is insulting.


    1. You know jaecakes17, I am newly acquainted with HR’s blog here, having been lured in my both him and vikingbitch, and it just seems like there’s this rigid dichotomy that he and his regulars feel compelled to fit men and women into. Women always worked outside the home. First on the farm with their husbands, then in factories or for the wealthy families. This notion that women were always given this choice of child-raising or career is just a distortion that doesn’t respect historical fact.

      My issue is how can white people be allowed to raise families in an economy which sees them as tax slaves for the wealthy and their diversity minions. That is my issue. Some aren’t able to recognize that the feminists aren’t responsible for the hardship middle class whites face. Some just hate women it seems to me. Some are simply wounded, or are struggling with all of these memes.

      I think HR is more of the wounded type, although this may stem from the current economic situation in part, where white men are being crowded out of ‘success’ not by white feminists but by zionist globalists.

      So as to not be rude, HR, I’ll ask you directly about the ex girlfriend you describe who you think was shamed into somehow repressing her ‘submissive’ or what I’ll interpret as what you mean ‘feminine’ side. Can you elaborate on this because I don’t fully understand what you mean.

      It’s also not clear to me whether you profess any genuine investment in helping white people as a group, which is my goal over simply bickering about gender, which to me is exactly what our, or my, enemies want.


      1. And for the record, HR, I did think your WN Sperm Donation Project post was very funny, it’s just that I feel when WN’s use their time and talent to bicker that we lose out. Also, I don’t really agree with the project in the way that VB does, so it kind of annoyed me that you assumed i was in agreement with her on that issue. I’m for white families being liberated from serfdom, not to mention annihilation, but think sperm donorship is obviously not the way to go for most women. Men and women need to work to get along and create harmonious societies. By asserting that we need to come together as a community I was not implying that white men don’t have the right to father and raise their own biological kids. That is not my belief at all.

        I have, however, shamed men at times because most of the leaders in the movement deserve it, plain and simple, for allowing their women to be so battered and raped by Diversity, and for being assholes generally, for their classism, etc.


      2. Women always worked outside the home. First on the farm with their husbands, then in factories or for the wealthy families

        It really just shows the lack of imagination of feminists – working on your family farm *is* working “in the home.” But you ladies really think it’s all about doing the dishes or folding laundry. And working in a factory for wealthy families – in other words, creating economic value for someone not your family – this is a good thing? Feminism was all about taxing women’s economic output and getting the surplus value away from her own family.

        feminists aren’t responsible for the hardship middle class whites face

        Doubling the taxable labor force had no impact on the middle class? Surely you’re joking?

        Some just hate women

        You sound just like a leftist – Hate! Misogyny! Racism!

        I think HR is more of the wounded type, although this may stem from the current economic situation in part, where white men are being crowded out of ‘success’ not by white feminists but by zionist globalists.

        Dear, my income bracket is pretty damn high, due to being in a STEM field. There’s not much room for affirmative action in such careers. But this is the typical shaming tactics of feminism. I’m surprised you haven’t said I can’t get laid or have a small penis yet.

        helping white people as a group

        Below replacement fertility of white women, collapsing demographics, sky high divorce rates and a generation of children raised by single mothers, shuffled into day care and government schools, doped up with Ritalin and fed shitty fast food. This helps white people how?

        shamed into somehow repressing her ‘submissive’ or what I’ll interpret as what you mean ‘feminine’ side.

        “Don’t be a doormat! You don’t need no man! What, submit to your man – what are you, a *slave*??? You like what in bed? You’ve internalized patriarchal misogyny!”

        Yes, thanks to feminism. You all submit all right, usually to a man, the one you work for for money. The difference being your boss doesn’t give a shit about you, or your kids, while your husband does. From a treasured wife, mother and grandmother, to a “working girl” in a cubicle farm, an interchangeable, genderless labor unit.

        That’s progress?


      3. HR, your tone just continues to be so bitter and seemingly antagonistic I don’t see the point in responding, even to clarify some of your misinterpretations.

        Take care


      4. And for the record, HR, I did think your WN Sperm Donation Project post was very funny, it’s just that I feel when WN’s use their time and talent to bicker that we lose out. Also, I don’t really agree with the project in the way that VB does, so it kind of annoyed me that you assumed i was in agreement with her on that issue.

        Of course it was meant as a joke. The fact VB took it seriously is likely due to her (from what I’ve read) status as a single mother and clear issues with men, due to her self-described lack of sexual attractiveness. So, she’s raising her children without a father – a crime against children, frankly – but very much needs the “WN movement” as a substitute provider/protector. Exactly my point. Alpha fucks and beta bucks.

        I have, however, shamed men at times because most of the leaders in the movement deserve it, plain and simple, for allowing their women to be so battered and raped by Diversity, and for being assholes generally, for their classism, etc.

        So, white men have this responsibility for “their” women (interesting choice of words there)? What happened to equality? Aren’t white women responsible for themselves? How come women aren’t “womaning up” and fighting the Diversity themselves? Oh, so they need men after all?

        You haven’t really responded substantively to any of my points, about economics, paternity, doubling the taxable labor force, fertility, the extended family, etc. Just complaints about “tone” and imputation of various character defects, along with a lot of shaming tactics. Too bad, it’s sort of reinforcing my initial impression of you.


    2. Disgusting. You are honestly generalizing all women with this.

      Oh, the solipsism, it burns! Try reading the first paragraph again.

      I like how you keep mentioning white women because you obviously don’t know anything about cultured women because they defy the odds.

      Special snowflake syndrome.

      They can be both mothers and hardworkers and trust that they will see their grandchildren grow up.

      You are suggesting that mothering children is not hard work?

      I’m not even a hardcore feminist but even to me, a woman who wants to have a career and then have a family, this is insulting.

      So, be insulted. Spend your 20s on your career, have one child at 30, hope you get to see your grandchildren grow up, forget about ever seeing your great grandchildren, if you even have any. I’m sure your “career” working for a corporation will be quite fulfilling for you in your old age.


      1. Well the truth comes out here, HR, when you use one of the most derogatory terms for white women there is – ‘snowflake.’

        That is exactly what the jewish-paid blacks who lynched so many fair haired white women though.

        I shame men, huh?

        Tell it to Tiffany Long…Melissa McLaughlin… Autmn Pasquale… the list, especially of blondes and redheads like Missy and Autumn, is endless…but because she was so young vulnerable and suffered so mercilessly

        “Tell it to Tiffany’


      2. Well the truth comes out here, HR, when you use one of the most derogatory terms for white women there is – ‘snowflake.’

        Nice try, but that’s a generic term for women with no racial connotations, at least as it’s used in the “manosphere.” “Special snowflake” – “not all women are like that” – “I’m the exception” – “how dare you generalize” – etc.

        I shame men, huh?

        You just said that you did, and that men deserve it. You said it yourself, just now. Did you forget or something?

        so young vulnerable and suffered so mercilessly

        Right, so you are admitting that white women need white men as protectors. Good, we’re getting somewhere. White women need white men.

        Do white men need white women? What for? The obvious answer … now, the relation to White Patriarchy? Are you getting it now?


      3. I don’t know if you manosphere types who are pro-White realize this but that’s a term that black people use to degrade white women, especially blonde and light redhead ones. I assumed it derives from the whiteness of snow, and perhaps from the rage of theirs towards what does make us sort of different, from them anyway, if not so much from our own tribespeople.

        I have never said white women didn’t need white men. One of the things that irked me with your mockery of sperm donation project is that I resented being categorized with women who think that’s a good idea for straight women. I actually don’t and just happen to disagree on that particular point with VB, although I feel no need to make judgments, it’s not something I ever chose nor is it something I would endorse for women, except for maybe in dire circumstances, some of which we are sort of in…but you get my drift…

        So where have I said we don’t need men? I’ve shamed men for doing nothing to defend us.

        I think whites have to come together as a group in general. At no point have I indicated men are somehow fungible.


      4. term that black people use to degrade white women

        No, I did not know that, because I generally don’t pay much attention to non-whites. “Special snowflake” is also used by feminists to describe anti-feminist women. The idea being, everybody thinks they are the exception to the rule, but of course, usually are not. Feminists particularly complain about “generalization” of women – while they constantly generalize men.

        At no point have I indicated men are somehow fungible.

        Interesting way to put it. Women tend to think of “beta males” as fungible, it’s part of the de-individualization of men that women are not sexually attracted to. It’s sort of the main effect of socialism.

        If you really are an outlier, not the child bearing type, I categorize you as a “nun” – and I do not mean that in any derogatory way, at all. Our celibates (celibate meaning not marrying, not necessarily not having sex) have a special role to fill in Western society, as defenders of the extended family. But all the main trends in feminism seem pretty much opposed to that. Feminism promotes careerism for fertile, straight women, at the height of their fertile years. Career women have lower fertility, less chance for high investment parenting, and don’t create the social networks that sustain the white family. So I really don’t see how it’s possible to be a feminist and pro-white.

        Feminism hurts women as much as it hurts men. Second wave feminism, especially, was very much a jew movement.

        WN feminism is truly obnoxious to me, because it’s white women demanding that white men do various things for white women, while chafing at the idea of white women doing anything for white men. It’s no surprise to me that many of the active WN women are divorcees or single mothers. It’s precisely the main issue of this article, expecting the WN movement to be a substitute protector/provider for white women that abandoned their husbands. It really is “alpha fucks and beta bucks.”


      5. HR, VB didn’t lack for aesthetic attractiveness at all, and indeed would have been considered prettier than usual. I’ve seen her in person, and am going to stop there.

        I can’t speak for her as I am merely me.

        But your sense that all ‘WN feminists’ as you call them or us use the WN movement as some sort of crutch or pseudo husband I guess is a gross oversimplification and even distortion at least of me and I think maybe of some others who wouldn’t dig the term but whom you would label as such.

        I really don’t know what more there is to say. You don’t seem to give women a chance to just be. I’m a nun according to you because I just did my thing, no help from dildoes (sp?) as per your comment from another post.

        This country hates fair haired white women generally, and particularly those who are free spirits. There is something sinister in the whole culture and system and we are the scapegoats. I find your comments to be way missing the point of what I’ve lived; you impute choices to me that I never made for myself.

        You just don’t get it and likely never will.


      6. @Harley,

        I don’t know anything about VB, she described herself thus. She did show a picture of her two kids, and they are just adorable.

        use the WN movement as some sort of crutch or pseudo husband I guess is a gross oversimplification

        Well, we’ll have to disagree here. I’ve seen it in the comments on all the WN sites I’ve read. It’s a very typical woman’s attitude, not just WN women, but women in general. Feminism has done more damage to white people than any other movement, even the integration movement. I just don’t see how you can say this country hates fair headed women, fair headed women are prized above just about all other women. Your first comments here were snark directed at the virility of my sperm, remember? I’m just giving it right back to you.

        I assumed you were unmarried and uninterested in child bearing based on your comments. That makes you a celibate, which I mentioned has always had a place in Western culture. You really interpret everything I say as derogatory anyway and seem to want to.

        You just don’t get it and likely never will.

        The feeling is mutual.


      7. @Harley,

        Remember this started when VB reblogged a manboobz.com article – manboobz.com is a virulently anti-white feminist site. I’ve been featured on manboobz and called a “white supremacist.”

        So we have feminists teaming up with anti-whites in the name of feminism here. Weren’t you the one that said something about how “ashamed” you were of some anti-feminist man?


      8. I didn’t catcth when VB did that. I don’t use the words ‘anti-feminist’ or ‘feminist’ much other than when other people do, so I can’t remember if I’m the perpetrator of an act we’d almost certainly characterize differently.

        This movement needs art, not just blabbing endlessly into the blabosphere. I think you should consider making some. Some catharsis would be preferable to this half cocked repartee which only accomplishes cheap laughs and digs at what seems like mostly white women….’feminists.’

        I can do video. Hush money guaranteed.

        I’m serious! About art that is…


      9. I might have to recant my last post. If you really think feminism did more harm to white people than integration then you’re not really pro-White. I could entertain, if not agree with, the notion that it damaged white people, but to use it as a scapegoat to avoid facing the real enemy or enemies is just…using the movement as a crutch for whatever issues you had with women to begin with.

        And further, if you haven’t noted how much violence is focused on fair haired white women then you haven’t either bothered reading or processing my posts on VB. Before this sounds like a bad break up to an epic one night cyber stand, I’ll type once again: you don’t listen.


      10. It’s real simple. We had defenses against integration: private schools, white flight, and racially conscious intact families. We didn’t have defenses against feminism, which turned white women against white men, promoted divorce, the break up of families, single motherhood, and limited fertility.

        Second wave feminism was a jew movement that was a direct attack on the white family. You talk about classism; feminism hurt working class women and families far more than the upper classes that promoted it. We’ve always had a place for independent women; it was the jews that turned that into the toxic anti-white feminist movement. We’ve always had a place for LBGTs; it was jews that invented the modern “gay rights” movement and steered it into an anti-white direction.

        I’m going to suggest it’s you that is not truly pro-white. I’m guessing you latched onto WN because whites tend to be the least anti-lesbian. I would suggest it’s you that has a problem with white men.

        No, I don’t read VB’s blog except very occasionally.


  12. @ Harely,

    Nope, but I live in a colonial Nordic/Germanic settled area, which I believe is better then living in Sweden ATM.

    As for Lesbians, all Lesbians love a little bit of man love(cock), hell I was propositioned a threesome by a Lesbian and her Bisexual “married'(She was cheating on her husband) girlfriend when we were all at Medic School together. Amy the full blown Lesbian couldn’t keep her hands off me, I can’t count how many times she would sit there and start stroking my hairy arm. Amy likes high testosterone men, as she explained she was high testosterone and liked men who could equal her sex drive. Crazy eh…Ahh Navy Chicks, taught me there is no such thing as a True Lesbian.

    Even the one hateful Army Lesbian was getting sperm donations from gay men in the end to conceive, true I met and served with her. She was a real man hating bitch, though in the end she still needed white men.

    After that experience with Amy I realised why so many poofters would make passes at me, many worship bears, or high testosterone men. When it comes to gay, Lesbian is as far as I would go.

    In my younger young days before I joined the armed forces I actually converted a Lesbian to bisexual, I guess that happens as soon as they sleep with you, her partner joined in to so all was happy.

    @ HR

    Thanks for the compliment and invite to HI. I’ve been meaning to write, between reading and shooting off a few comments I run out of time. I will endeavour to write something in the new year. I haven’t even posted on my own blog yet. Once I’ve written something perhaps I should let you read it first?

    @ Mel

    Everyone has bad habits, mine is similar to yours except I’m dominant…Just can’t get enough satisfaction, like that song. 😀

    You know I use to live in the rat race, probably much like your situation, two incomes one child, I’d never see my wife and she never me, unless our paths crossed on the way to work, it really was a sucky life. To change course in ones life is not a brash decision it takes time and planning. A seed planted today will become a giant plant given time. A simple book is what started off our change in life, an English cottage self-sufficiency book of all things.

    What ever direction you want your family to take in life start planting the seeds, be it a book, TV show, or a discussion of your writing with your husband. Where there is a will, there is a way, as the saying goes.


    1. @Craig

      Just submit something and I’ll review it, add pictures, perhaps some links. Right now, Mel is the best writer, and by far the most popular, on the site. FriendlyHipster, when she logs in at all, posts some videos and comedy. My Heartbreaker stories and a few others, WhiteInnovations has posted a clever piece “Take Up The White Girl’s Burden” and MW writes some general interest stuff. I’m trying to keep it interesting, funny and sexy, not really political, but I’ll consider anything.

      I really need more non-erotic content though, I didn’t mean for Mel and I to turn it into a BDSM site lol 🙂


      1. @HR

        To be honest it’s awhile since I checked out HI. I’ll have a look. I didn’t realise how many people were writing there. Sounds good though, and I’ll try and get a few posts done over the next 2 weeks

        You know the WN sperm donation post, funny thing about 2-3 years ago on my first racialist forum I met a chick, who would of been a great sister wife, but also wanted sperm donations if she had to do it single. Wanted to move out bush and go feral, have 3-4 blonde/red hair, blue eyed babies, ect… She’d be 36 now I hope she did it, I might have to say hello to her on facebook.

        The sister wife thing, unfortunately my wife is greedy, but I don’t blame her. 😀 Though when we talked about it she admitted I could handle it, oh the shame…


      2. I could write other stuff, HR… I may just have to try my hand at that. I had no idea I was the most popular on the site though… Make me want to email my harasser back and say, “suck it, asshole, LOTS of people like me just the way I am!!” But I won’t. Because I don’t want to encourage his craziness (he’s sent me two more messages from a different email address… what a creep).

        Maybe I’ll try writing a post about faith, marriage and BDSM?! Too political?


      3. @Mel

        You want my advice? Ignore the loser, he’s almost certainly masturbating vigorously over your stories and his abusive emails. Any response on your part is just going to encourage him. Ignore, just block his emails and don’t even open them.

        You just keep writing what you write best, and branch out if you want.


    2. This notion that a man can turn a lesbian straight seems sort of delusional. That ‘lesbian’ was probably just some messed up woman. Biological lesbians can’t convert. I’ve met many ‘True Lesbians;’ they’re real and not some urban myth and don’t ‘need cock.’ I’m not a prude but might qualify as prissy. I don’t dig your language or your attitude, but if everyone had fun I’ve no reason to complain.

      @HR I don’t have some problem with men. All my friends are men and I think women are the worst womanhaters, so you’re all wrong on that score. I haven’t ‘latched’ onto the WN movement for any reason other than because of how much I’ve suffered at the hands of Diversity Cult. There’s no neurosis I’m working out (other than engaging you here) through my pro-White activism.


      1. Maybe they were just Bisexual to begin with, though Amy and not one but two other Lesbian couples I know well, behave that way which is weird. Amy was born Lesbian I’m sure, before the bisexual married chick corrupted her, Amy had a monoborw with hairy arms, she recons it’s a hormone thing. The bisexual chick bought out her feminine side I guess, all that hairy stuff went. Hallelujah.

        Hell, the other Lesbians I knew back in Perth, one was a prostitute and the other was a madam they were lovers and partners…LOL I was young and only 19…:-D

        The real die hard hate men lesbian feminist I knew had Psych problems for sure, sadly most probably from her own problems and abuse in the service. Though she sure dealt out work place abuse to those under here command, when I knew her. Weird chick.


    3. Thanks, Craig. I have been planting seeds here and there.

      I had a lot to contend with at first, because I basically lied to my Husband for years about who I was. I tried to be what I thought he wanted, instead of just being myself. It’s been a rollercoaster this far. Showing Him that I was really submissive and longing for his guidance and discipline was a huge shock to him. But he’s proved in the last week, due to some anxiety over psycho sending me hate e-mail, that he knows me FAR better than I thought he did, and today, I am happier in my marriage than I have been in a very long time.

      Honestly, I’m not sure how I would even go about the uprooting. My Husband is happy with our small, dual-income family, in urban Ohio. Even the mention of moving is met with a shaking head and complete stone-walling. I’d move mountains for him, if he asked me to. I’d figure the whole thing out, write my plan, and make it reality. But he is happy. He is content. And THAT is the most important thing to me right now.


  13. Amazing. So this is by far the most popular article I’ve ever written, with close to 10,000 hits in a few days. I linked it to reddit’s TheRedPill, yet it was ignored on TheBluePill (they are anti-fans of mine usually.) Mostly positive comments from TheRedPill. It was also linked on “MGTOWforum” which is “men going their own way” some sort of offshoot of the “MRA” movement, with most commenters enthusiastically liking it.

    Then it was linked on reddit’s “TumblrInAction” which seems to equally mock radical feminists on Tumblr as well as “MRAs” and “red pillers.” They praised my trolling abilities (thanks!) but complained about my naughty “racism” and, of course, “misogyny” and even “homophobia!” It seems like they are a sort of leftist site that dislikes crazy feminists and social justice types because they make the left look bad. As typical of leftists, they really seem to either lack a sense of humor, have an underdeveloped sense of irony, and mistake snark for wit.

    Some moron assumed Mel just MUST be a man, because … well, likely the same idiotic beliefs that caused people to believe The Story of O was written by a man. Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of the differences between male and female sexuality would know that ONLY a woman could have written something like The Story of O.

    It’s also interesting to see that many WordPressers do not understand how pingbacks work.

    Well, ego stroked! I’ve never played World of Warcraft, but I imagine getting blog hits is sort of like a video game. I’m going to have to start linking my 9/11 stories to some truther sites.


  14. I’m also becoming more and more amused by anti-BDSM sentiment, which seems to come equally from radical feminists as well as the more prudish elements of the social and religious conservatives. As the great SunShineMary said, they want the dominant/submission dynamic to be restricted only to sex play – they have to give that much, because otherwise too many women just won’t be able to orgasm. But God forbid she makes her husband a sandwich!

    Back in the 60s the cultural left described BDSM as “fascist sexuality” but too many women get off on it for the cultural left to be “sex positive” and anti-BDSM at the same time. It’s quite a pickle they find themselves in.

    My earlier readers from the MWIR-o-sphere freaked the hell out at those bondage pictures in the Manhattan Murder Mystery story. Considering my second article on this blog was about the film Secretary, it’s not like they didn’t know. I guess seeing the reality really does make some people uncomfortable.

    Hipster Racist is one kinky fucker, deal with it.


    1. Funny shit Hipster.

      The funniest thing about one of my Lesbian adventures, is my mum inadvertently found out about it. LOL Sort of.

      Mum Knows the Madam, not what she does, but as a family friend. LOL Mum said, “Craig, you know L%^&*, you remember her don’t you(She said that bit in a knowingly way), she has gone on a toyboy binge.”. Man did I go red in the face.

      I know what she was chasing.


    2. I wish I had time to read this entire thread… I wish I could address Harley on some of the things I’ve skimmed over this morning.. Alas, I’m saddled with this bullshit job that eats up my time while my kid is in daycare and my home is in shambles. I really wish the reason I didn’t have time to read it was because I was busy being a sex object and cleaning the house. 😛


  15. @ Harley these women I know actually all self identify as Lesbian, live with women as lovers and partners but also fuck men, so if they are Lesbian and your Lesbian, does that make homosexuality like a no true Scotsmen fallacy, or are they just stretching the boundaries for minority sakes? The Madam I know, I see a picture of her on facebook with her partner and I think fuck should I friend her or…

    Or something like that, anyway.

    No, I haven’t friended her.

    @ Hipster, I can do music.


    1. Craig what woman didn’t ‘identify as lesbian’ for some period during the late 90’s and early 2000’s? Seriously. I have met tons of ridiculous ‘bisexuals’ or ‘lesbians’ who basically are just pissed off at men. I mean, come now, you can’t be serious with these porn plot fantasies.

      I have met tons of lesbians who were just that – they just didn’t dig men sexually. Some slept with men because they felt they had to when they were young, or at times in history when women were allowed no independence whatsoever and had to marry. None except one ever expressed the slightest bit of hatred for men, although it’s true some do experience men as sort of peripheral to their emotional lives. Some feel sexually attracted to women but don’t like them very much.

      But a lesbian is a lesbian and these silly women were just probably confused or simply messed up ‘bi’s. Sorry to disappoint you.

      I happen to think this notion that women are never without some secret longing for ‘cock’ is very very delusional, destructive, and hateful; it’s the mindset of most rapitsts. And the actuality of just the opposite can hold true for lesbians and straights. Society projects emotional dependence and in that, inferiority, onto women. A woman who doesn’t need men’s emotional validation or support, who’s even fairly decent looking, and white it seems, has a tough road to hoe in my experience.

      Now before you shame me, HR, for not ‘needing men’ remember that I’m simply talking about just existing, not having kids and raising a family – something I think women definitely need men for, or at least some partner. But since the vast majority of women are straight, men are pretty indispensable.

      It’s a shame you choose to undermine real communication and instead engage in such plain meanness. You can cloak it in humor or snark, but you often come across as simply mean.


  16. Hahaha, this was hilarious to read.

    No honey, it’s not going to happen. The same way -niggers aren’t going back to Africa, or feudalism isn’t gonna make a comeback (because I’m sure you were a king or lord in some past life, as your Alphaness trascended time and space.)

    People evolve. Society evolves. Yes, radical feminists, lesbian separatists and all the batshit insane (also, mostly American, I wonder why) are FUCKING insane. But so are you. Neither of your ridiculous, extremist and disgusting worldviews will suceed. Ever.

    You’re deluded if you think you can drag women back to the kitchen. Once you give freedom, you can’t take it back. Likewise, men and gender won’t be abolished, much to the radfems’ chagrin.

    Eventually, one day it won’t matter. Male or female or trans or whatever the fuck, we will be free to be happy in whatever way we please. Some may choose traditional gender roles. Others may not. A woman can feel realised without bearing children. A man can feel realised being the care-giver. Who are you, you poor little “Hipster Racist”, to tell humankind how it should behave?

    You probably won’t care or understand, but to others who read this: DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP OF HATRED. IT’S NOT WORTH IT. I leave you the great words of Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator’s final speech.

    “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an Emperor, that’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that. We all want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone.

    The way of life can be free and beautiful. But we have lost the way.

    Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate; has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.

    We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in; machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical, our cleverness hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little.

    More than machinery we need humanity, more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities life will be violent and all will be lost.

    The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me I say: do not despair.

    The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass and dictators will die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people and so long as men die liberty will never perish.

    Soldiers: don’t give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you and enslave you, who regiment your lives, tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel, who drill you, diet you, treat you as cattle, as cannon fodder!

    Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men,
    machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts.
    You are not machines!
    You are not cattle!
    You are men!
    You have the love of humanity in your hearts.
    You don’t hate, only the unloved hate.
    The unloved and the unnatural.
    Soldiers: don’t fight for slavery, fight for liberty!

    In the seventeenth chapter of Saint Luke it is written: “The kingdom of God is within man.”
    Not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men: in you!

    You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.

    Then, in the name of democracy, let us use that power, let us all unite!

    Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will
    give you the future and old age and security.

    By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie. They do not fulfil their promise, they never will. Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people.
    Now let us fight to fulfil that promise. Let us fight to free the world, to do away with national barriers, to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness.

    Soldiers! In the name of democracy: let us all unite!”


    1. People evolve. Society evolves.

      You misuse the concept of evolution. People and societies change, but whether those changes are good or bad depend on your values.

      You’re deluded if you think you can drag women back to the kitchen.

      I’m sure no one is offering to drag you back to the kitchen. I’m certainly not. Try reading the first paragraph again, it’s not about you, personally, and you don’t speak for all women.

      Eventually, one day it won’t matter. Male or female or trans or whatever the fuck, we will be free to be happy in whatever way we please.

      You assume societies move in one direction and get increasingly more “progressive.” History shows otherwise.

      A woman can feel realised without bearing children.

      I’m sure some can, but why should I care?


      You come to my blog, insult my intelligence, masculinity, and morals, and then have the nerve to call me hateful? What chutzpuh!

      we need kindness and gentleness.

      Who is this “we” lady? You and I? There is no you and I. You don’t tell me what I need.

      In the name of democracy

      I don’t believe in democracy.


      1. If you have a published blog, you’re going to have people replying to your opinions. Never insulted your masculinity, for example.

        And society does progress, you idiot. Go work 18 works on a field under the sun and die of the plague if you think otherwise, rather than sitting comfortably in a house facing a screen.

        By the way, nice how you ignored my comment on Tumblr/radical feminism, which is misandric and as hateful as this Red Pill bullshit you spew.

        Then again, if you don’t believe in democracy there isn’t much I can talk with you.

        Good luck being a random nutter on the Net.


      2. Vicki, you’re free to comment, just don’t expect that anyone is going to take your ignorant platitudes and childish insults very seriously. What do you call this, dear?

        “I’m sure you were a king or lord in some past life, as your Alphaness trascended time and space. … poor little”

        That’s an insult. You came to this blog, skimmed some article that you likely aren’t capable of understanding, then proceeded to insult and denigrate the presumed author, ending with a silly piece of World War II propaganda.

        You’re being a bitch, in other words. Why so angry, sweetie? That time of the month?

        society does progress, you idiot. Go work 18 works on a field under the sun and die of the plague if you think otherwise, rather than sitting comfortably in a house facing a screen.

        Are you really that dense, you moron? Read the part about societies changing and people’s differing values being the standards of whether those changes are good or bad. Then again, I’m not sure your tiny little female brain is even capable of understanding that history is not some narrative where society “evolves” from dystopia to utopia. Women do tend to be bad with directions.

        By the way, nice how you ignored my comment on Tumblr/radical feminism, which is misandric and as hateful as this Red Pill bullshit you spew.

        What, you want an Ally Cookie because you’re not some batshit insane trans-feminist spewing silly nonsense on twitter? What’s with the “hate” talk again, sweetie? I don’t “hate” you, I don’t even know you. You might be some dude for all I know.

        Good luck being a random nutter on the Net.

        Thank you, come again!


      3. This is addressed to Victoria – radical feminists didn’t seem to hate men to me compared to the bourgeois feminists, many of whom really did harbor deep animus towards men. Even the reviled Andrea Dworkin lived with a man for most of her adult life in peace and happiness – unlike most of the feminists I knew growing up in the second wave who were bourgeois upper middle class women.

        This is another myth it seems to me. Some rads reject men completely but that’s not hate in my opinion. Are gay men hating women when they pay zero attention to them? Of course not. Gay men often do really hate women, and violate women’s space in all sorts of ways from what I’ve seen, while rad feminists who are also often lesbians simply desire separation in many cases, without invading men’s space at all.

        What a sick misogynist society. A woman only desires her own space and for that is considered aggressive.


  17. Hahaha, you’re cute. No, I have my emotions in check, because I’m a rational human bei- OH WAIT I FORGOT, I HAVE A CUNT, I LACK RATIONALITY! How silly of me.

    But seriously, you believe all this hatred you spew? I can’t help feel sorry for you. But I’m also worried about others… well, not really. Thank god your psychosis doesn’t reach or will affect the people from my home country. You’re, again, just some sad racist, sexist and facist nutter with a blog.

    Happy New Year! Hopefully 2014 will bring The White Man’s Revolution and we’ll all be dragged back to the kitchen where we belong ^_^

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dying here.


    1. Ooh, look, little miss vicki is back for more, she just can’t get enough of us mean nasty misogynists who see her as nothing but a object to be used for men’s pleasure and a incubator for our seed.

      How silly of me.

      Well the ALL CAPS certainly add to the “rationality” you claim to posses.

      you believe all this hatred you spew?

      I don’t hate you, Vicki, I couldn’t care less about you.

      I can’t help feel sorry for you.

      Right, you’re a girl, you can’t help your feelings. Emotional and all that.

      we’ll all be dragged back to the kitchen

      No, vicki, no one wants to drag *you* back to the kitchen. I already told you that.

      Now if you want this to get a bit more explicit you should probably send a private email.


  18. It must be frustrating to be such a stupid and snail-dicked troglodyte. If you weren’t so loathsome, I’d probably feel sorry for you.


      1. The sad thing is people are taking you too seriously. This is just a blog, not anything scholarly. Therefore you can write whatever you want and interpret history in your own way and not back it up with any proof. Get over it people. This is just a dipshit who hides behind his computer. Don’t take anything he says seriously and thank God not all men think like this.


  19. Feminism is the fight for equal autonomy and equality before the law – nothing more. The right to decide whether or not you *want* to be a housewife. The provision of other options. This article is stomach-churning.


    1. This article is stomach-churning.

      Elaenor is stomach-churning; a bitter, aging, second wave feminist cunt that spends her time stalking Hipster Racist, no different than the silly girls who get off on writing letters to serial killers in prison.

      Seriously – this old hag chose THIS blog to spam? She’s probably not getting any dick and is now so desperate she’s trolling HERE.

      What does that tell you?


      1. well, i suppose i shouldn’t have expected anything intelligent coming from a blog with the url “hipsterracist”.

        Dylan isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, as we can see. But as a (presumably) feminist “man” he likely gets off on being “pegged.”


  20. Finally! A blog for me!

    As a woman, I must tell you how refreshing it is to have someone with a larger brain explain things to me. I tried talking about becoming a stay at home mom with some feminist friends and they just suggested that I do whatever makes me happiest in life. How daft are they! They talk about it as if there is more than one happy option for a woman. HA! I bet they get annual breast exams and pap smears by female doctors*, too!

    Well, thanks for posting! I’m sure I’ll be reading more of your posts in the future. I’m trying to get my husband to take charge and yell at me for using HIS computer, but he hasn’t done it yet. It’s like, be a MAN already, ya know! I’m glad someone gets it.

    *never trust a woman that claims to be qualified as a working professional. They are either A) lying, B) sleeping with their work superior, or C) a militant lesbian.


  21. I haven’t read all of this, but you kind of epitomise misogyny to me, and not in the stupid reinterpreted “being mean to women” definition that my country has adopted, the true unmitigated hatred of women. Just becaise you like to fuck women )and I note, call them sluts on another post) doesn’t mean you don’t hate them. How would you describe feminists and jeniquaandkatrina embracing misogyny, and what argument would you use to suggest you are not anti women? Btw I am a feminist mother (girl and boy) who has a partner that doesn’t care about my sexual history or that I wasn’t a virigin when I met him.


    1. Dakini,

      You epitomize misandry to me. You obviously hate men. Why are you such a feminist? Don’t you know feminists are nothing but hateful bigots that are violent and stupid?

      Why are you so violent and stupid, you bigoted, closed-minded feminist?

      It’s 2014, get with the times, lady. The 1960s called, they want their bra-burning back.

      a partner that doesn’t care about my sexual history or that I wasn’t a virigin when I met him.

      LOL. You got the beta bucks, congrats.


      1. I’d rather not go back to the 1960s. I wouldn’t be able to get a car loan, a credit card or a passport without my husband’s permission. Although I really do like some of the clothes. I’d rather not engage in bra burning. I’ve got some really cool lingerie. And I’m not a greeny, but all that burning can’t be good for the environment. Actually I learnt in teacher training that the feminist bra burning was a farse, but I have no idea if this is true or not.

        As I already posted in another comment, I don’t entirely understand what a beta is, but I’m pretty sure it is not applicable to my man. He never played football or anything but he is the antithesis of a hippy man feminist, has shitty borderline conservative politics and is a reformed man slut, as you yourself claim to be.

        On the feminist thing, I think it is anti-feminist to hang shit on a woman for being a mother and home maker. There are a lot of schools of feminist thought though and other feminists may disagree.

        Btw in regards to both patners in a couple needing to work has nothing to do with feminism in my estimation. I know in my country it is because housing is crazy expensive. You could argue the reintroduction of women into the work force has contributed to this, but why would it occur so far down the line?


  22. I hope this I some sort of troll, that there’s something ironic going on here. it made me fucking sick. you’re bitter why? none of this checks out. are you kidding me with this shit? you don’t think rape is a big deal? doesn’t that just kill you inside? it kills me. & this.. this is inane & offensive & most importantly, simply wrong


  23. i have a few problems with this article. One is that there is no notice that there are “beta” women as well as “beta” men. And some women are perfectly content with their man. I thought i was a “beta” for years, but my wife has always been happy with me. so you bring up the issue of cheating a few times. A lot of men can keep living with cheating (because they’re a little better at hiding emotions), and women often leave right after. It is possible some women leave out of guilt. You also say women are less happy than before feminism. How do you know? Were there accurate phone polls to ask women how happy women were? Before World War II ended? I don’t even think every household had a phone. Divorce rate is indeed up, but lets keep in mind that women are not always the ones who abuse men or abandon men, or are alcholic and don’t take care of their family. Divorce was almost unheard of before feminism, and there were tons of women very upset with their lives. It’s not that all they can do is whine. (Even if some do- but some men do too!) Finally, you started out seeming to refer to all women and all men. Then it changed to “white women” and “white men.” Make up your mind. Are you critising women or white women? Overall, i think you’re connecting some dots that are not fully connected.


    1. @Troy

      “Alpha” and “beta” are used to describe a man’s place in the male hierarchy and how attractive he is to women. There are no “beta” women; there are beautiful women and plain women, they are smart women and stupid women, there are charismatic and shy women. But women are not “alpha” or “beta.”

      Is it possible some people leave out of guilt? Maybe.

      Various studies of women’s happiness are done in the mainstream press on a pretty regular basis, everything I’ve read shows happiness levels down. Of course, no one suggested that it’s always women leaving men or that we should ignore men who leave women. Yes, some men do it too, not all women are like that, etc. This negates nothing in the article.

      If you’re not white, what made you think this article was in any way directed to you or relevant to you?


  24. Dear girls&guys,
    The truth is always, ALWAYS in the middle take any arguement.
    Feminism is an extreme, but it just arised naturally because of too much oppression of women by their lovely, respecting, caring, naturally mean ‘alphas’…
    Now I will just look at my family experiences:
    Grandmother-treated whole life as a child by her husband. Why? Just like beta – male syndrom we have a Beta-Female Syndrome, u know? If the woman doesn’t LOOK /she CAN be a successful millionaire/ good enough, she is predestined to be a Beta-Girl for a lifetime. Humiliating for a rational human being, isn’t it? Men’s status changes along with his success for which he can fight and develop it. Ugly girl, however, will stay ugly no matter how much makeup she uses. UGLY by the men’s criteria, no matter how clever she is.
    That’s what breeds superficiality of the women-men’s criteria of their market value.
    Mother-never taken seriously and abused by her husband despite her hard work and care after a big family, for the same reason.
    Both of them feminine, virgins at marriage, educated.
    I went to university, because of my strong hunger for the knowlege, truth, not for money or success. It made me a happier, stronger person. Thanks to feministic changes of society…
    I make a little money that make my life bearable, because of my uneducated, poor husband, that had many opportunities to study, but he is just too sorry to exchange money for a bigger value that knowledge is. Deservably betamale, I suppose.
    At last let me say, I love the world as it is now. Nobody is more/less happy/unhappy than before that’s a myth. But everyone is more free to choose.
    And this freedom unfortunately breeds our selfishness and more competition…it’s not women’s fault that they want to be free. But men should change their values, and treat them as their equals in dignity, rights, chances, so they don’t need feminism to escape the reality of the men’s world that is a tough place to be.


  25. I smell sexism in this post! Yes, feminism is not all fun and games, but if you shamelessly degrade women like that (i.e. calling them derogatory names like “cunt”, “slut”, “whore”, “bitch”, you name it), then as much as I’d hate to break it to you, you’re sick and disgusting. I got news for you, mate; I’m no hardcore feminist (try not to get me wrong), but women do NOT belong in the kitchen and they’re NOT made as slaves. If a woman wants to be in the kitchen and says that it is her passion, then that’s fine, but if she’d rather be somewhere else instead, then she should NOT be forced to slave over a hot stove or even a kitchen sink loaded with gross, disgusting dishes. I’ll have you know that I’m currently in college now and not only am I working to get a degree on Art (or something like that, since I’m a cultured woman), but I also plan to eventually transfer to a top-notch university. I also hope to get a career first, and then probably start a family of my own. I don’t need a man (other than my dad when I was a kid) to get to where I am now. I’m not meek, quiet, stupid, sweet and passive and I don’t really need to be so; in fact, I’m incredibly intelligent and independent. Plus, my God loves everyone and even though I do believe in God, my place is NOT in the kitchen; instead, my place is in the art studio (and then also a career workplace of some sort, perhaps). Anyway, let me guess; maybe you probably either grew up being spoiled and catered to by your doting mom or came from a home where your mom was beaten by your dad or simply too scared to even speak up. Either way, you will never find love if you keep at it like this. maybe a majority of you guys are just probably not clever enough to cook meals for yourselves (or even wash your own dishes). Plus, don’t expect a nice, hot dinner on the table if any of you happen to mistreat or simply disrespect your wives (not saying that all of you do, though). Respect your women first and they’ll probably respect you. Also, if your wives mistreat you too, then maybe you’re probably not getting along with each other very well. Not all women cheat and not all of them are gold-diggers. Not all of them are whores either. As for feminists, not all of them are men-shaming women.

    “It’s 2014, get with the times, lady.”

    Well, I have to say…you’re right; this is 2014, so at this time, women, like men, are equal citizens who deserve the same equal rights as everyone does. If you still really want to live somewhere where women are considered nothing, then I highly suggest that you try moving to the Middle East (mostly Afghanistan); at least in there, you may be more than welcome to mistreat them all you want…but I honestly digress.

    BTW, white supremacists, much? I pity you to pieces. Plus, I bet some of you guys still probably live with your mom (with one of you guys living with each mom). I also bet that you just want sex; stop complaining about the women that you can’t fuck.

    I understand that some of you guys probably had a rough childhood, but even if so, then try to dig as deep as you can and put it all behind you. Grow up and get a life. Suck it up and get some help. Just go…and call the helpline; tell them about women and also about your white supremacy; I’m pretty sure that the professionals will probably try to help you with your disgusting personalities.


    1. Please clue me in to how Hipster is a white supremacist?

      Really, I want to know. Diversity has recently stated that white women’s rape (50-100 times per day by Diversity’s own hand in the US) is either white bitches being crazy or simply just not that serious…or what white bitches deserve. Or some variation thereof. At Columbia University, ‘Of Color’ women decided that the annual Vagina Monologue production would exclude any white women performers in it’s ensemble cast – in spite of the fact that a half white half jewish woman, Eve Ensler, wrote it (I’m not sure if Eve ‘identifies’ as jewish or european). But according to the left’s funhouse logic, white women were usurping and appropriating, was it, WOC’s experience or ‘identity’ or somesuch by performing a play written by a mostly european woman about her own vagina, and rape experience. Then we have black politicians in Wilmington, Delaware, portraying black gang rapists of two white women as ‘victims of white privilege’ as of last summer. Just recently black politicians in Baltimore announced that while it’s unfortunate that two black men home invaded and murdered a white woman, she and whites in general are to blame for ‘structural problems,’ blah blah:

      So please, Ms. Feminist, explain to me how Hipster Racist is a ‘White Supremacist?’ A sexist asshole, yes. Before you even try to lasso him into your corral of ‘evil white males’ define for me what a ‘white supremacist’ even is to begin with. If expecting a woman to stay home and cook, clean and caretake children is ‘misogyny’ then what is expecting a white women to accept rape?


      1. I defended a principle, Hipster. Nicole has not managed to proffer one iota of evidence of this ‘white supremacism’ of yours. You have defended white men who heinously violated me, and I don’t appreciate it. Not every woman who criticizes you is a lesbian, either.

        Nicole just happens to exemplify the whining of a feminista simp. She pretends to care about women’s rights, as long as they’re *her* ‘rights.’ The minute a white woman is under attack by Diversity (and probably by anyone) her ‘feminist’ principles fly out the window and she’ll cry ‘racist!’ Or simply snicker.

        But really, where are your principles when it comes to white women being attacked? Haven’t seen ’em on here…


      2. You have defended white men who heinously violated me

        Harley, I’m pretty sure I’ve never done this. It depends on what you mean by “violated.” If you’re talking about rape – it’s a crime. Rapists belong in prison.

        If it’s anything less than rape – fucking deal with it.

        Not every woman who criticizes you is a lesbian, either.

        Of course not. Frankly, I really don’t have any problem with lesbians. I know plenty of lesbians, many of them racists too. I’m fine with lesbians, actually.

        The minute a white woman is under attack by Diversity (and probably by anyone) her ‘feminist’ principles fly out the window and she’ll cry ‘racist!’

        I completely agree with you about this.


      3. Define ‘anything less than rape.’ How about no means no, and silence does not equal consent.

        What’s wrong with that?


    2. I smell sexism in this post!

      Wow! You’re a bright one aren’t you?

      shamelessly degrade women like that (i.e. calling them derogatory names like ‘cunt’, ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘bitch’, you name it),

      The most foul mouthed people on this blog are the feminist trolls. Virtually EVERY single feminist troll on this blog filled their very first posts with profanity and insults. Interesting how you feminists can dish it out, but can’t take it.

      should NOT be forced to slave over a hot stove

      Who the hell is “forcing” anyone to do anything, sweetheart? I’m sure as hell not forcing you into my kitchen, you’d be lucky to get that opportunity.

      I working to get a degree on Art

      LOL – ok, so you will be slaving over a hot stove and doing dishes – just not for your own family, for Starbucks.

      I also hope to get a career first, and then probably start a family of my own.

      Yes, of course. What you think you’re unique? You’re a typical modern women – alpha fucks (fun with guys like me while you’re building your career) and when you turn 30, beta bucks. That strategy would have probably worked for you 10 years ago. These days? You’ll find those “beta bucks” 30 year old guys will be too busy slutting it up with 21 year olds to have any interest in settling down with you, when you hop off the cock carousel.

      maybe you probably either grew up being spoiled and catered to by your doting mom or came from a home where your mom was beaten by your dad or simply too scared to even speak up.

      Why are you feminists so full of hate? I come from an intact, loving family and my mother and father are still happily married after decades together and many children. My father never hit my mother – that’s you likely projecting your own 50 Shades of Grey fantasy on to me.

      Listen honey, this is a sub-safe space. I will not judge you if you happen to like being tied up and spanked a little. It’s very common, there is no reason to feel embarrassed, ok?

      If you still really want to live somewhere where women are considered nothing,

      Once again – we see how the reqal misogynists are – feminists. To her, a mother and a wife is “nothing” – meanwhile, traditional men consider mothers and wives to be important bedrocks of society – the center of society, if you will.

      But Art School girl thinks she’s better than those other women. Arrogance and hatred of women – typical feminist.

      Plus, I bet some of you guys still probably live with your mom (with one of you guys living with each mom). I also bet that you just want sex; stop complaining about the women that you can’t fuck.


      I understand that some of you guys probably had a rough childhood,

      More projection on her part. I was damn lucky to have the childhood that I did – many people don’t come from loving, intact families. In fact, most feminists seem to come from divorced familes, which explains a lot of their bitterness.

      disgusting personalities.

      I find your personality quite disgusting.


  26. I don’t understand, why is it wrong for women to go out and work? How can it be wrong for a woman to want to satisfy her wants as an individual first? Even if she does sleep around with men–while she’s single–for her own pleasure, why is that so bad? And claiming that women are sluts for wanting to fuck “alpha men” and marrying “beta men” is just so unfair, since men do exactly the same. They spend their bachelor lives sleeping around with pretty, outgoing women, and then hope to marry a woman who “hasn’t been around too much” and can stay behind her husband and take care of his family.

    And there ARE women who decide to have a career so they can lend a helping hand to their husbands (alpha or beta, whatever), so that the entire burden of providing for the family doesn’t fall on the shoulders of a single man. Maybe some of the people here are perfectly capable of taking care of a family, all by themselves, but then there are others who would gladly accept the extra support. Its about trying to do what best suits everyone! If Mel likes to stay at home and raise her kids, it means that is what brings happiness to her. For others, being able to work outside is a form of happiness. Neither is belittling!

    Men and women BOTH have responsibilities towards a family, they can both have a career and play their part in raising a family. And if a man or a woman chooses to stay at home and take care of the household, its nothing to be ashamed of. Feminism is not about women trying to take over men, its about women having equal opportunities and the right to CHOOSE what she wants out of her life. Whether she wants to be a career woman, or a home-maker. Is that really too much to ask? The choice to live the way we want to?


    1. No one said it was wrong for a woman to work. Even in the bad old days of the 1950s, women worked.

      But I do, in fact, know what feminism is “really about” as I’ve read them. It’s not about women having equal opportunities and the right to choose. Women have always had that.

      > And claiming that women are sluts for wanting to fuck “alpha men” and marrying “beta men” is just so unfair, since men do exactly the same.

      That’s not what makes a slut a slut. A slut is someone who has a high number of sexual partners, alpha or beta.

      >if you had a daughter and she had dreams of having a career, would you really squash it all, telling her that the most important thing that she can do is to marry and have a baby?

      I’d tell her to marry young and have children before worrying about her career. There is more fulfillment in family than in being a cubicle slave.


      1. So what is or was feminism ‘really about,’ Hip?

        It taught me that you qualify as a slut, among other things…


      2. I know I’m a slut, I’ve never put myself in any different category, certainly I’ve never called myself a “stud” or an “alpha.”

        But SMK’s tired quip about the so-called “double standard” misses the point. Women like slutty men, they call us “studs” and have sex with us. I have met very few women that value chastity in a man. The only ones I know of are very religious.

        Feminism was mostly meant to destroy marriage, family, lower fertility, and lower wages of the working class. Which is has done a very good job of.


      3. I think your take on feminism is way too simplistic, as is your assessment that more women dig slutty men.

        Plenty of women respect and prefer men who don’t throw themselves around (and who don’t give them STD’s, like HPV, etc.). I personally think promiscuity in either sex indicates low self esteem, most of the time. I view men who sleep around chronically as one who doesn’t respect women.


      4. Women didn’t have sex with me because they “respected me.” Mostly it’s because I’m a handsome, charming bastard. Besides most of my sluttiness was when I was young. I’m not particularly slutty anymore.

        > I view men who sleep around chronically as one who doesn’t respect women.

        What about women who sleep around? Do they not respect men?


      5. No, I’d say women sluts don’t respect themselves too much or men either, again for the most part. Sluts are sluts, male or female.

        Glad to hear you’ve reformed yourself, grown up, etc. Hope you used condoms.


      6. Hey I grew up in the middle of third wave sex positive feminism. They were handing out condoms like party favors.

        So why do you say sluts don’t respect themselves or others? Do you think sex in degrading for women or something? Like the more sex you have, the less respectful you are?

        What happened to healthy sex-positive feminism? I thought you were a third waver?

        Yes, I’m reformed. I’ve had my slutty flings, now I’m looking for the virginal rings. You see, women aren’t the only ones with a dual sexual strategy. Two can play the alpha fucks beta bucks thing. Of course I want to provide the beta bucks – ’cause I’m old fashioned like that. But I am reformed that’s why I’m going to find me a nice Christian gal to wife up. I’m going to keep her barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Plus I am going to abuse the hell out of her with regular maintenance spankings and I’ll make her call me “sir.” Sounds hot!


      7. Oh, you had me going there for awhile, Hip…but that ‘BDSM’ stuff is such a turn off. Maybe your intimacy issues are showing…

        I guess I was sort of just before the third wave, or at it’s beginning. I really never got the sex positive thing. What wasn’t ‘positive’ about sex to begin with (minus spankings)?

        I just tend to sense insecurity in sluts…when they’re compulsive especially, and beyond like, college age or thereabouts. All the female sluts I’ve known were very insecure, either consciously or subconsciously. Men are too I think, but their insecurity seems more hidden. The compulsive need to do it with so many people just seems to be an overcompensation, maybe some attempt to prove they’re lovable. I don’t consider the occasional casual sex fun or outlet to reflect this necessarily, especially when people are young. But overall I think human beings are actually made to be more monogamous, even if serially, than polygamous.


      8. Hey it was women – feminist women – who taught me the BDSM stuff. It’s almost always a woman driven thing. It’s women that read 50 Shades of Grey. It’s far more common than some people would think

        Yes, women tend to serial monogamy. Hence the wailing from divorced guys in the manosphere.

        Men tend to be polygamous. If I was married to some woman into an “open relationship” I would very much understand having a wife, a girlfriend, and occasional hookups. I wouldn’t do it now, but I certainly understand the appeal.

        At my sluttiest, it wasn’t to prove I was lovable, it was to prove I was sexy. I assume it’s the same for women.


      9. Oh but really, what’s with the “insecurity” thing? Or “intimacy issues” for that matter. You think I’m incapable of being intimate with a woman? You know I’m just some regular guy. I have been in love. I have had my heart broken, and broken a few myself. I really don’t think I have any “intimacy issues.”


  27. Also, I’d like to add that it is entirely wrong (and might I add, unfair) to ALWAYS assume that the man works harder in a career and deserves to be promoted first. Women keep having to prove their worth every step of the way, and even then, if she is remotely attractive, she will be classified a “bimbo” who probably fucked her way up the ladder. I am just a college student (yes, by your definition that would mean I have achieved nothing in life) But I have already had experiences where I literally worked my ass off, for a reputed company, literally PUSHING my male companion ahead. I have no shame in admitting that I did the majority of the work, and had to call it a “team effort”. And yet, my teachers at college simply refused to believe that a girl could have roamed about outside in the scorching sun, going places that women generally aren’t advised to go to, meeting dealers and communicating with them (even though I had more knowledge about the entire project and answered all their questions when nobody else could). Needless to say, I was scored less than my male team-members.

    I suppose this means that I should simply give up and never hope to attain the same level of job satisfaction because, women are selfish people who don’t work and are unfairly promoted?

    We’re asking for a little consideration here, and not be insulted for wanting to try and do what we want to do. A show of faith, and encouragement goes a long way in making everyone happy. You’re all likely to have children someday (maybe you already do) and if you had a daughter and she had dreams of having a career, would you really squash it all, telling her that the most important thing that she can do is to marry and have a baby? Yes, it is one of he most important things (for both women AND men), but its not the ONLY important thing in a person’s life.


  28. A true examination of females throughout the last century exposing female mental depravity is wonderfully explained in this article

    I hope most feminist’s stomachs turn when they read this article, just like my stomach turns every time I hear the lame embarrassing comment “girl power” – give me a break ! – these females thinking they are overthrowing men must are tripping on a fantasy

    If and when men have had enough of tolerating all this female power bullsh** they will EASILY smash down this fantasy feminist power tower without changing a heartbeat.


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