With This Beer I Do Thee Hookup


I had seen her dancing at the bar earlier. Tall, thin, with long straight blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I caught her eye a few times, and noticed she was sitting with a girlfriend and a guy I had briefly talked to earlier. So I walk over to her, start talking, and her body language just blew up, touching her hair, grabbing my clothes, etc. So, we flirted for a while. I talked to her girlfriend and the guy a little bit, then she wanted to go outside to have a cigarette, so I went with her and bummed a smoke.

Well, it didn’t take long to notice two things. She was drunk, and she was vulnerable. As in, emotionally vulnerable. A strong, independent woman with her own successful career, obviously emotionally directionless. Biologically, she should be a married mother with three kids by now. But since women don’t do that sort of thing anymore, she was lost.

She starts telling me way too many personal details. She tells me she’s 35. I ask her to guess my age, she said 28. I laughed and smiled, and told her I knew she was just flattering me, but to keep it up because it was working. She said she had just come back from LA. She had been married, but never had children. She was evidently hooking up with the guy inside, but was frustrated because he never got jealous. She complained that while she didn’t mind hooking up, and didn’t mind keeping things casual, she just couldn’t handle the fact this guy didn’t care what, or who, she did. She complained that he had never gotten married, and didn’t do “relationships.”

Well, at first I objected. I said, “oh so this is what this is about, you’re just talking to me to make this guy jealous?” She says, “no he doesn’t get jealous, that’s the problem. I don’t mind hooking up, it just seem … I mean, wouldn’t you want to be exclusive with the girl you’re sleeping with?”

Of course I told her that when we hook up, I’ll keep her all to myself.

Little miss, my designated driver, was walking out so if I wanted a ride home, and a sure thing, I’d better cut loose now. She tells me she’s at the bar every week. So I will see her again, with or without the guy.

Women these days are clueless. She had promised before God, her family, and her community to love, honor, and obey the man she married, until death do they part. She decided to break her vows. She likely hired lawyers, went before a court of the law, and dragged whatever personal issues she had with her husband out in public, humiliating him, his family, and her family. But likely not herself, because she likely doesn’t feel any shame. The entire media and the culture tells her, if she wasn’t haaaapy, if the guy did something she didn’t like, or if she just got bored, she should divorce him. Take time to focus on herself, and her own needs.


Now, she’s prowling bars, hooking up with guys who treat her like a low cost escort, and wondering why men won’t commit. She’s good looking enough that she’s obviously had many men interested in her. But she has already proven that she’s not worth committing to. She doesn’t keep her promises, she’s willing to go to the police and courts over personal issues, and willing to walk away from a relationship with a man she supposedly loved enough to marry.

She almost certainly wasn’t a virgin bride, so the sex was never really exclusive anyway. Men don’t burn with romantic passion for 35 year olds. They burn with romantic passion for teenagers and early 20 somethings. When they are young enough there’s still the possibility – however remote – that they are different, not like the others. Not callous, selfish, self-centered, solipsistic, and ruthless. Real romantic passion has to have that element of fantasy to it so you can suspend disbelief long enough to actually risk so much on a woman – an unstable woman who will go through violent mood swings on a monthly basis and most of the time won’t even know her own feelings. There’s an old saying, “there’s no fool like an old fool.” That saying refers to the well known phenomenon of older men falling helplessly in love with a woman 20 year younger. A 40 year old man might have a blast pumping and dumping 30 somethings, but get a 21 year old to pay attention to him, and all the jadedness – and sanity – go right out the window. It’s a biological reaction to the years of fertility that a young woman has left.

When a woman is young, and a virgin, commits to a man for life, and bears him many children, a man is capable of loving her, forever, even when she is old and wrinkly. He will always remember the bride of his youth, and even when the romantic passion is long gone, love remains. Real, adult, human love.

It really shows the immaturity of modern women that thirty something childless divorcees, who have likely pumped and dumped many men, are surprised that men their age won’t “commit.” They have shown, with their actions and attitudes, how much their commitment is worth. Precisely zero.


But hey, if you still look good at 35, and are interesting to talk to, there will be plenty of men interested in hooking up, being friends, and even “dating.” But let’s not pretend that the men are going to be exclusive. Why turn down offers because you happen to be in a temporary arrangement with a particular woman? Serial monogamy may be a woman’s preference, but it’s not a man’s preference. Mate guarding and keeping a woman exclusive to you is the natural instinct of men, due to the aversion to cuckolding, but a modern man knows the deal, with birth control and genetic testing there won’t be any cuckolding, and if she wants to fuck some other guy, she’s going to whether you like it or not.

So, men have adapted. They’re “going our own way” as it were. No commitments to women, just enjoy each other’s company, and bodies, with no pretense of exclusivity. I mean, after all, it’s not like women are the property of men they are fucking, right? That would be awfully misogynist wouldn’t it?

The guy was a good networking candidate, likely having some contacts in the local business scene that would be useful to me. Who knows, maybe he and I will trade notes on the blonde’s performance over beers at some point?


6 thoughts on “With This Beer I Do Thee Hookup

  1. I don’t REALLY like this. It’s sad. Teen girls are berated for being virgins (I know this, I did not lose my virginity until I was 18, and was made fun of, heavily, for protecting it), but are expected to have boyfriends (generally, teen boys, who you conveniently leave out of your equation, HR; and they aren’t often sweet, romantic and patient!), and make something of themselves (preferably in a career, because being a teen mom is deplorable, in today’s societal views).

    So, I see your point about the thirty-something and older, guys, but what about the younger ones, who from the age of 15 want to fuck as many little cuties as they can get their hands on?

    And what of the girls who really like sex, in an animalistic need, sort of way, but can’t get a boy to commit? We can educate chastity all we want, but hormones fucking suck for EVERYONE, not just boys. When those boys are pretend to be sweet and get those girls all worked up, do you suggest that these girls deny their basic instincts? Do you suggest it has to be up to them to get the ring before the thing? Why are the boys faultless??


    1. The boiz are not faultless, they are ‘beta’ males llacking in impulse control, deflower many virgins, and then wail like bitches there’s none of marriage material about the place no more.

      When younger a socalled ‘beta’ sufferink from malalphajism was boasting to friends in the mining camp mess hall how his X, also an employee , ‘ gives good head’. For some reason she lost her appeal…… though visually stunning,. She attracted low value ‘betas’ who felt themselves ‘alphas’ by the numbers.

      So what precisely is this ‘alpha’ ? A destroyer of society.

      I find the whole alpha/beta debate pathetic and very ‘jewish’ It is a masturbatory celebration of self titillation and these ‘alpha’ not much more than Wankers …….. who feel themselves more.


    2. Open your eyes.

      Because while all the 15-year old boys might want to, only a handful of them actually can.

      Lots of teen boys are sweet, romantic, and patient… but nobody wants to fuck them.


  2. Hun, I know you like to be controversial and stuff, but I really can’t understand how you can argue that you are not a misogynist when you spout shit like this.


  3. I’m going with the assumption that there are gaps in the information you have about this woman, based on what you relayed. If you are more acquainted with her backstory, I’m sorry, I’m basing my evaluation on what you have posted and am not aware of what you left out. For a start, I presume you know nothing of her marital vowels, whether they included the wording ‘to death do [they] part’, whether they were in a secular or religious environment and whether or not they included ‘obey the husband’. (Does anyone who is not a scary fundamentalist even utilise this clause in these ceremonies anymore anyway?) Following on from that, I presume you don’t know who decided to terminate the marriage and the reasons behind it.

    Whilst I believe that some people leave marriages before making substantial attempts at reconciling essentially reconcilable differences, I also recognise wanting to be happy is a pretty fucking reasonable expectation in life, and if you have a factor in your life that is making you miserable, it is perhaps best to let go, and explore alternative directions for your life. I don’t understand why this woman being divorced makes her prospects of being committed to void. Beyond the criteria of viewing her as ‘used up (because she’s not a virgin of course)’ and ‘old’ because she’s not 18, do you not see a human being at all?

    Blame it on the estrogen, but I don’t understand why you would bother faining interest in someone who you clearly view with nothing but disdain so you can bond over fucking her with some potential work colleague.

    I’m not necessarily an advocate of monogamy, but do you really think it is fair to this woman to imply that you are offering her a relationship, when you have no desire to do anything but get your dick wet and brag about it to your friends. It seems like a terrible to trick to play on someone who, as you said, is vulnerable and appears to be behaving in an honest, virtuous manner in your dealings with her (I mean of course women can only be virgins or whores, but as virtuous as her gender allows).

    By the way, you don’t have to be perceived as property to engage in a monogamous committed relationship that you have both adhered to, how can meaningful monogamy be described as misogynistic? Polyamory is also not misogynistic. Relationship preferences are not misogynistic.

    I don’t even understand this Beta/ Alpha shit anyway (yeah all right, I am aware of the biological factors in the animal kingdom, evolutionary psychology and that they are the first letters in the Greelk alphabet) . I’ve never even heard this terminology outside of crazy arse MRA propaganda.

    Anyway, no offense, I hope this woman doesn’t fuck you and ends up with someone she deserves, hopefully after working out her shit and pouring her heart out to arseholes who bag her out on the internet.


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