Down Under Grunge To Hipsterdom

If you haven’t already subscribed to Hipster Intelligence Agency, do it now. Cognitive Beserker gives us a rundown of 20 years of good music Down Under.

Hipster Intelligence Agency


Tis been around two decades this implicitly white Grunge movement which has been growing globally, now categorised as Hipsterdom, adding different aspects of white culture as time passes. I remember when the MSM popularised Kurt Cobain, that being the rise of Grunge officially, recognised by the money makers. Before this Grunge was relegated to more obscure self labelled bands that wanted to stay pure like before, after Nirvana, greed became good for Grunge, and out of this eventually Hipsterdom was born. So Hipsterdom is basically white generation X ,Y or now Millennials coming full circle in a now internet age, plus it’s were I get my new Hipster music from.

The greatest thing I found was all my friends rejected the buying of large corporation clothing and Music, it had to be second hand, pass me downs or some obscure original B side record label or $30 CD’s. It’s been…

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