Spanking the Goddess

“And so, we must ruthlessly purge misogyny from the white nationalist movement. So the beauty of the Aryan Woman should not perish from the earth!”

The crowd erupts in applause, as the Goddess smiles triumphantly.

Just then, Hipster comes out from behind the curtain, strides across the stage, and yells out “on no you don’t missy. You have another thing coming!”

The Goddess’s eyes widen, a look of horror crosses her face. “But, wait you’re not supposed to be here! Security!”

It’s too late. Hipster grabs her by the hair, bends her over the podium, and begins the punishment.

Smack! Smack!


“Oooh” the Goddess wails, “you shit! Let me go! Security!”

Hipster keeps going. “Smack, smack!”

“Yeah! Spank her harder!” Denise yells from the front row. “You show her! Get her!”

Cly just sighs, peering over the rims of her glasses. “You know, Hipster, I like you and all, but you can be a bit much, don’t you think?”

The goddess keeps shrieking. “Ow! Stop! I never!”

Smack smack smack!

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