Jails, Churches, and Bars

All of society is jails, churches, and bars. People go to bars to forget the other two.

— earl @ Dalrock

The apprentices of the Dark Enlightenment are all around you, marching through your institutions. We recognize one another, form conspiratorial groups, and wait for the Cathedral to make the mistakes we know all too well how to exploit.

We are young, male, and aggressive. We are the product of a generation that has been consistently betrayed by the schools, the media, and by fake conservatives. Your “morality” is the knife you’ll thrust between our ribs if we don’t strike first.

We have identified our enemies and pass our knowledge on to the next generation. Within a few decades, a new crop of radical political actors will step onto the scene, and all the denunciations in the world won’t be able to stop their advance.

— Ryan Bell


White alpha-males aren’t what they used to be. White alpha males make too much money legally to get carried away with this nonsense. This is a movement of white guys who are angry because they did not get into Berkeley and because so many Orientals and East Indians did.

— John Engelemen


Yeah. No fucking Star Trek, white man. You have millennia of better references. The Matrix fetish is bad enough in these parts.

The Jedis, Darth Vader of the Sith, Yoda, sweet suffering fuck. Don’t you know there’s a war on, child?

— Matthew King http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/goodbye-america-juxtaposition-edition/#comment-520854

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