White Women Are Killing The White Race

So – the bartender. I first had her last week. An extremely attractive woman, 27, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure, symmetrical face. By just about any man’s standards, she’d be a “9” She told me she is engaged, to her boyfriend of two years, even showed me a picture of him. Regular looking white guy, handsome enough but no Brad Pitt. College educated, with a good job. I asked her, why him? She said she loves him. He has a great sense of humor, she makes her laugh, they get along.

So I ask her, straight up. Planning on having kids? Last week, she said yes. Tonight, I bring up the topic again, she says she’s not going to have kids right away. She said she’s going to wait until she’s 32 – that means FIVE years of sex with birth control. I mentioned that my mom had her first child at 19 – she scoffed, and said “gross.” She wants to have – AT MOST – two kids, one after the other, as LATE as possible – 32 – and get the whole nasty business over with.

Oh, her previous boyfriend – an “abusive asshole that cheated on her” – in other words, “alpha fucks” and now that she’s met Stable Beta Provider – time for “beta bucks.” She will – AT BEST – grudgingly have two children – AT MOST.

White women are killing the White Race. That’s why White Nationalist Feminists are full of shit, and the worst enemies of the White Race. It’s all about them, husbands, fathers, and children come second – or third, or forth – after “tingles,” partying, drinking, and everything else.

Selfish, narcissistic women – ESPECIALLY – the older women, the Second Waver Feminists bitching about Playboy magazine and how men aren’t “romantic” enough because they aren’t coddling their slutty “dance all night” lifestyles and walking them home afterwards – are the WORST. Trash. Sorry to be blunt. Wait, nope, not sorry.

White women have no one to blame but themselves. The 14 Words mean nothing to them. They *hate* motherhood. They *HATE* white children. They *hate* their own husbands.

This is why the race is dying.

THIS is what justifies “PUA” and “MGTOW” and all the rest. White women are *not* willing to actually bear and raise the white children of good white men. So, fuck ’em. I don’t blame any white man for trying those “mail order Russian brides” and the like.

White women have been coddled and have no sense of duty to the larger community anymore. White men are perfectly justified in “pumping and dumping” these privileged sluts. It is what it is.

No white babies? Divorced? You’re a failure of a “WN” that’s for damned sure.

34 thoughts on “White Women Are Killing The White Race

  1. Then, to top it all off, this white woman spent ten minutes *MOCKING* white women who had more than two children, making jokes about their “wide vaginas,” nasty, shitty, misogynist quips about stay at home moms, and did the usual, disgraceful attacks on traditional, feminine, white mothers. All this – with a married (childless) white woman and a not-so-attractive white woman that would probably have been happy being a mother.

    Her mother – *THREE* divorces. Well, no shit.

    White Nationalist men should basically ignore all White Nationalist women – all the online ones are old divorcees anyway – and instead focus on *young* Christian girls. Sure, the Christian girls may not be racist, but at least they are taught to not be sluts and feminist cunts.

    I agree with some of the white nationalist criticism of Christianity, but as a traditionalist, I admit it’s part of what makes white/European people “white” and most certainly “Western.”

    Christian girls – salvageable. White Nationalist women – trash. Send these aging feminist bitches to the preppers, hiding out in their rural shacks waiting for the Collapse.

    As a recent MWIR commenter said – (a man, since his comment was logical, reasonable, and practical, as opposed to another old woman bitching) – no compromise with feminists.

    WN Patriarchy, or no dice. I have zero interest in coddling white women. A respectable married father, or a fellow white man, or an honest widow – sure. We’re on the same side.

    Aging Second Wave White Feminist Bitches who just happen to not like niggers? Sorry, find some other “beta bucks.”

    Unless you have a cute young white daughter. Then maybe – MAYBE – we’ll talk. Send me a pic and I’ll let you know.

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  2. It’s telling too – these white women know exactly what they are doing. Slut it up with “bad boys” who happen to be good looking – then if they “oops” get pregnant – kill the white baby. White Feminists love abortion, it’s their number one “right” – killing white babies.

    They were never serious, just wanted some practice before they did do the minimum – one or two white children with a guy that could pay – then divorce him, for being an “abusive asshole.”

    You’re kidding right? Your big comeback is “Playboy magazine! The media beauty standards!”

    These idiot White Feminists don’t get it – it’s *NOT* about their looks – it’s about their attitude.

    This is how the race dies.


  3. I enjoyed this rant. But look on the bright side. We should be thankful that we still have real alpha males (all those endocrine disruptors didn’t affect everyone) who are willing to fuck and chuck these bitches. They are buying time for our race. Hey, sometimes condoms break, and more coons per capita have abortions than whites.

    The last growth supercycle was a boon for betas and created a lot of genetic beta & omega flotsam. Now it’s payback time. Balance must be restored — the excess has to be culled. That so many actually need the help of guys like Roissy to get laid at all is a sign that our betas are living on evolutionary borrowed time.

    It’s too bad that we lose good genes when smart, attractive women decide not to reproduce. But the race is big, and whatever we lose in quantity, we should make up for in quality, as long as smart/hot white women continue to have sex with smart/hot white men, as their biological programming compels them to do. So it has always been, so it always will be.

    Let’s not hate women. Be annoyed by them — sure. Treat them like children — always. Heap scorn on those deserving — definitely. But they were never designed to have moral agency, rationality, etc. of their own. They are born followers, who have been left directionless as their white men have abandoned (or been usurped from) their leadership role, and the social structures they created to keep them in line have been destroyed. It’s been like this for, what, 4 generations now and we’re due for more, but in the end, nature always wins.


    1. No, I don’t think “fucking and chucking these bitches” is a solution to anything. I am not a “PUA” or advocate promiscuity, my own fictional character’s stories should be a warning, a bad example to avoid, hardly something to celebrate.

      I do think women are silly creatures, even the really smart ones, and I don’t buy that women are naturally drawn to child bearing and mothering. Quite the opposite, in my opinion. Birth control is having an enormous demographic impact on the white race and it’s quite interesting to see the behavior of men and women when sex is decoupled from reproduction.

      I simply object to the chorus of WN feminists who essentially are saying all you bad white men, this and that. Meanwhile, women are encouraging each other to not have children, to postpone marriage and family, and to slut it up. The typical American white woman of childbearing years is a “PUA” – that’s exactly what they do. They go around serially seducing men – based on that ever elusive criteria that women have – with zero thought or intention of having a relationship, having children, building a family. It’s just not even on their radar. Even with the handsome alphas that “fuck and chuck” them.

      Girls just wanna have fun. Birth control lets them do that, and it’s hilarious what – and who – they choose to do.

      People who are interested in the 14 Words should be encouraging a culture of motherhood. But at the end of the day, it’s women that decide to have children, with whom, and when. In the era of birth control, who they have sex with is virtually irrelevant to the future of the race. “PUA” is just a huge distraction from the larger issue, imo. “PUA” is just men catching up to women, essentially. Girls have been gaming guys since the 1960s and only a few are becoming dimly aware of how they do it.

      I know, they hate it when we figure them out and discuss them. Drives them nuts. But secretly they get off on getting caught. LOL.


    2. “But they were never designed to have moral agency, rationality, etc.”

      That was the point of removing their social power, to prevent them from wrecking the house.


      1. With the proper peer pressure, young women can rediscover young marriage and child bearing. The biggest enemy of patriarchy is old women, especially, this current generation of aging boomer women – the Second Wavers – doing their damnest to ruin another generation. Why would these old women do this? Because they are old and bitter, either eldersluts themselves, or broke up their own families.

        Character matters, doesn’t it?


  4. Interesting. Do you like KD Rebel more? David Lane recognized that you could not negotiate with women. I like his plan very much.

    PU has to be integrated with WN. PU is just as important for us as the race info. It’s like you say, racism without sexism is pointless.

    You will have to take care. This sort of post scares women away. Reel them back in with that bdsm stuff.

    You should try contacting Roissy. The two of you would work well together. He is getting ready to work with us.


    1. I used to call it the Mannerbund, then the Lodge, but I realized the actual term is just “Patriarchy.” Women would build a society like this:


      The women then institute a communist-like government in which the state feeds, houses, and generally takes care of every Athenian. They enforce an idea of equality by allowing every man to sleep with every woman, but that the man must sleep with an ugly woman before he may sleep with a beautiful one.

      Sound familiar? It’s looks a whole like a feminist utopia doesn’t it?

      Girls just wanna have fun.


    2. There’s this narrative we tell ourselves about men and women. Men are out of control sex machines that just want to get in a girl’s pants and then won’t commit. Women are just really interested in finding a good man and settling down and having a family, resisting a man’s advances until she finally gives in.

      It’s silly. It’s basically the exact opposite – at least for women in their peak fertile years. They want to bed hop, they want drama, break ups, romance, having men compete for them. They love it. Family is the end game, to be put off as long as possible. At 30, they sort of think having a baby might be a nice accessory, another check in the bucket list. I do think once they have a child they do often sort of settle down, but quite often then get bored and divorce.

      Girls just wanna have fun. All she wants to do is dance.


    3. So then, the women will generally say – oh, you’re just talking about bar sluts! There are plenty of nice church girls out there that don’t go to bars! Yet the men who do go to church say it’s the same there. Girls play the field, have lots and lots of sex, then at 30 “repent” and start looking for the beta bucks.

      I mean, it is what it is. This is what modern American women offer. It’s basically a take it or leave it proposition. Birth control isn’t going away. But it’s why you have “PUA” and the manosphere and “MGTOW” and the like. In all animal species, it’s the female that creates the conditions of the family. This is what they do, this is what they like, this is how they want things.


      1. Yeah and a dog just wants to wander around and screw other dogs and eat bacon. In the absence of my civilizing influence, that’s what it’s going to do — who can blame it? I don’t resent my dog for being a dog. I train it because that’s my responsibility. Our women can’t be trained properly because they live in a cultural sewer. They are like dogs who vote for 24/7 free milk bones (paid for by us) because we (males) let them! We got too fat and happy and beta and decided to treat them as equals because we loved them. Oooops. We’re going to have to pay for that with our hearts and wallets until we sack up; i.e. for a long time yet but not forever.


  5. Is there truly a Nationalist Feminist movement or subgroup? Scary. I only seem to encounter feminists who are not arsehole, or arseholes in completely different ways (my political objections to transphobic-radical-feminist-lesbian-seperatists at times rivals my response to some of the shit you post).

    I always presumed I would be a mother and it is fundamentally the most important component of my identity. I fucking love my kids. They are the most awesome people I have ever encountered. But I can’t understand why you would want women who have no interest in having children- to have children. All it is likely to result in is cross generational resentment, which is likely to develop into self esteem issues, welfare dependency, abuse, substance abuse issues, blah blah blah.

    I notice that here, MRA blogs , Elite daily etc. peeps tend to post shit about how women who screw around in their 20’s will be unmarriageable, unfuckable and unpregnatable (I’ pretty sure I just made up that word, but it seems apt). These are the women who are likely to be producing these white babies you seem so interested in breeding. I’ve had a few friends whom I perceived would remain eternally single and childless who on the (approximate) approach of their 40th birthday got all blissed by the idea of heterosexual maternity and changed their lifestyle to accomodate being awesome sauce mothers.

    Did your mother ever regret having children at such a young age? Because my parents were older (my strict Catholic mother was a virgin at my age) when they met, married and bred, I always thought I would be young when I bred, thinking I was likely to be healthier, more energetic etc. I remember changing my mind as an adult, thinking there is no problem with waiting until you are 30 something, financially stable and married. We were knocked up with our beautiful little boy less than a year later.

    btw , Ryu, charming as ever. I hope your dick gets blown off in a drive by


    1. So first Dakini implies that we’re assholes and ends with a violent fantasy involving penises. A real piece of work we got here, huh?

      But I can’t understand why you would want women who have no interest in having children – to have children.

      Who said I did? Women who don’t want children are essentially our courtesans. Sometimes a guy needs a little strange, you know?

      I notice that here, MRA blogs , Elite daily etc. peeps tend to post shit about how women who screw around in their 20’s will be unmarriageable, unfuckable and unpregnatable (I’ pretty sure I just made up that word, but it seems apt). These are the women who are likely to be producing these white babies you seem so interested in breeding. I’ve had a few friends whom I perceived would remain eternally single and childless who on the (approximate) approach of their 40th birthday got all blissed by the idea of heterosexual maternity and changed their lifestyle to accomodate being awesome sauce mothers.

      Alpha fucks, beta bucks. She’s making my point for me. She’s encouraging women to slut it up and delay childbearing as long as possible. Hence, the death of the extended family and the rise of the slut culture. Bonobos in action.

      So hey guys which man wants to be the one to man up and marry the slut on her 40th birthday and have one kid? Would it be worth it? I figure it might be more fun to be the guy she’s fucking in her 20s then retire her from service when she’s old. It’s not like she has any thought of love or commitment here. Even when she talks about motherhood, it’s praising herself and her “awesome sauce mothers” friends and how blissed out they were.

      Where is the sperm donor in all this? A bit player huh?

      These women are incapable of love. Men should avoid them. They are not good, well meaning people. It’s narcissism in action.


      1. It is that bad and then some dude, the ‘aware’ women are mostly delusional and engage in happy talk, as you can observe at the MWIR thread you’ve mentioned above. Oh, and it is actually YOUR fault for not “guiding” them. Yeah that’s right HR, get out there and “guide” them and they’ll say, “oh, you’re right, here I come.” We’re fucked. I give up.


    2. Having kids later though puts larger gaps between the generations. They don’t come in tight succession like then once did. I should think that living the party life should be less important.


  6. When she’s 32 and realizes that what’s important in life, what she really wanted, what could have made her blissfully happy, she’ll get her punishment. Because she won’t be able to have 2 babies. Or she will, and want more and not be able to have them. Or she’ll get pregnant with quads and won’t want any of them.

    Life’s a crap shoot and full of regrets. Hindsight is 20/20. If I could take back the hundred times I said I didn’t want kids at all, I would.

    You are right as ever. I hate that you are. But you are right as ever, HR.


    1. Good point, but is her ‘realization’ really ‘punishment?’ Wouldn’t it be better that women could finally learn and not all have to go through a ‘realization?’ Or even have it so they won’t have the options to waste themselves? Which is better for us all (not feelings-wise)?


    2. She’s just talking about what she envisages will be an “ideal” life plan for her. Women at 32 are still likely to be fertile. They are less likely to have a child with down syndrome (relaying medical facts, not making an ethical evaluation about bringing children with disabilties into the world). She may be able to have 2 babies. She may choose to have more, or less. If she has quads, she will probably need some additional help to care for them, which will essentially be more achieveable if she has more savings to fall back on which she is more likely to acquire if she is 32. I could nevetr regret being a young Mum, but I don’t think it is for everyone.


  7. lol. Did you even read anything I posted, or just cut and paste random chunks that you perceive supported your hypothesis? Clearly if I am making a personal reflection on how my own family epitomises the monogamous, hetero-normative model (right down to 1 male parent/ 1 female parent, 1 girl , 1 boy all living together in an enclosed picket fence with our elderly cat) I am not undervaluing the nuclear family and its potential to function positively. For the most part we work well as a family and have done so for 15 years.

    If I’m heavily implying that I gave birth to my beautiful son when I was in my early 20’s, then I’m hardly advocating that women should ” delay childbearing as long as possible”. I’m just recognising that people aren’t homogenous and life is, to an extent, about choice.

    Would we really have the societal problems we do today if people had children when they were ready, rather than when they they were expected?

    Of the women who chose to reproduce later that I was referring to, probably one dated quite a bit, one had been quite sexually active and one was just not interested in that sort of thing at all (boys, fucking, babies).

    I’m not advocating being a slut, but I’m not condemning it either. It is and should be a choice issue. I think it is important to take a certain amount of responsibility for your safety, in terms of sexual health and overall wellbeing (not that we shouldn’t equally teach men not to rape, or prey on the vulnerability of other people just because they have vaginas).

    I think what the bar tender said was equally problematic as some of the stuff that I object to in your comments and those of your friends. It’s shitty to judge people for making different choices and having different ideas/ life paths etc. There is nothing wrong with being slightly overweight and having 4 kids and there’s nothing wrong with waiting until you are 32 to become a breeder. I’m wondering if you would concur that your kind of life outlook (only classifying female worthiness based on aesthetics and youth etc) helps perpetual and sustain her perceptions about other women? Ideas that some (silly) women have about not wanting to hurt their hard earned figure by having babies is probably a product of all this objectification stuff.

    I’m totally going to stay away from the whole cra-cra nazi thing (seriously, are people really into that white supremacist shit these days?) but what exactly is the problem with the eradication of the white race, anyway? I can understand the social and economic benefits of wanting people with higher intellect, education, employment prospects to ‘breed’ providing a ‘higher quality’ of progeny that is going to be less of a burden on the welfare system (suppopsedly), but why do they have to be white?


    1. It’s shitty to judge people for making different choices and having different ideas/ life paths etc

      Yet here you are, judging me and my commenters. The hypocrisy is stunning and she’s obviously so invested in her own BS shd can’t see it. Also, the tell-take sign of a feminist cunt – she uses the term “shitty.” That’s what they do when they disagree with someone, call them “shitty.” It’s not like they can make any reasonable arguments.

      One wonders why this old feminist bat would come to a blog called “hipster racist” – full of naughty naughty racism – and engage this misogynist, sexist cad that loves spanking women. This is what she chooses to spend her time doing.

      Revealing, isn’t it?


      For my readers, “breeder” is a derogatory term for heterosexuals almost exclusively used by gays and lesbians. Another revealing clue about what we’re dealing with here.

      what exactly is the problem with the eradication of the white race, anyway?

      Now it’s justifying genocide. Ironic since it called me a “nazi.”


    2. So we should be alarmed, but not say anything about it because it is a “choice?” If everyone of them “chooses” this sacred path we won’t be around to make any of our precious “choices.” Are the supposed “choices” made by these airheads that important? Is following the trend set forth by the current paradigm a “choice?”


  8. Yeah Ok, well spotted. It was actually meant to extend to “judging people for life choices that don’t violate the rights/ quality of life of others” which, arguably your hate spiel does in a manner that people in the other examples don’t (a person choosing to have 4 kids isn’t enlarge impacting on people outside of her life, in a similar manner).

    Btw, you were in fact the first one to use the “shitty” word btw

    *MOCKING* white women who had more than two children, making jokes about their “wide vaginas,” nasty, shitty, misogynist quips about stay at home moms, and did the usual, disgraceful attacks on traditional, feminine, white mothers.”

    I’m not sure what using the term breeder is meant to ‘reveal’. I love using the term breeder. If you reclaim words, there is no power if they are used against you. What starts out as a bitchy label can give the person who owns it agency if they choose to use it.

    I’ve been returning to this blog as sometimes you or yours come up with something interesting, worth reflecting on and not completely batshit insane. I was merely trying to open up a contrary way of thinking about things, and outlining certain scenarios that maybe you ad no thought of. Clearly you have no interest in rigorous debate and are incapable of enduring dissent which is fine.

    I’m not advocating genocide silly boy, I’m just suggesting regulating the breeding patterns of consenting adults and considering factors such as love and suitability should be secondary to upholding pure racial bloodlines is a tad excessive. You identify as a white supremacist yet get offended when called out on being a Nazi? Interesting.


  9. Interesting post, Hipster.

    Another challenge to all this is Big Divorce. When a father can be dismissed on a whim, and legally accountable for alimo- errrm, child support, there isn’t a lot of incentive for a man to enter such an agreement. Even if not married, courts will still transfer a man’s earnings to the mother. Game has some good answers to all this, but it won’t change the broken legal system or a degenerate society.

    Patriarchy is a good solution (it’s worked for millenia worldwide), but we’re not going to get there overnight. Too many people are vested in the current system. Opening the eyes of younger generations would be a good starting point. The boys need to be taught how to be men, unlike recent generations. THis will not be easy, as such behavior is often criminalized or repressed in American society.

    Much as I hate to advocate this, we need good men to retake feminized social structures, the schools in particular. A man will realize that a 6-year-old boy has a lot of energy; a good man will not press for him to be drugged for it.


    1. Even most Christian women encourage their husbands to get themselves sterilized after a few children. It is a bit scary not having control over your fertility, but ultimitely very rewarding.

      Interesting blog. I don’t consider myself a racist, I believe God made different types of people for different reasons. That said, I do wish whites would continue to reproduce! I enjoy my homogeneous Northwestern European ancestry; there is something to be said for knowing where your people came from.


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