When Hipster Racist Gets All Beta And Shit

So, two white women told me their stories, and I both believe them, and sympathize with them. Both were cute – very attractive – in their day. Both were mothers of white children – both had *more* than replacement level white children. They did exactly what all the guys say women should do. They married their high school sweethearts, had many children, stayed (somewhat) faithful, and fulfilled the 14 words.

Both were divorced though. Same story. Married handsome, barely middle class white boys – the handsome “alphas” of course – had many of his children – *young* – but eventually divorced him because he stopped providing the beta bucks, and – of course – being a handsome alpha – had other women on the side.

Both were well past their “sell by” date, but they were both smart, interesting women who, in a sense, did the “right thing” that most of us would praise. Yet, they did, in fact, kind of get the short end of the stick. Because the white man they did in fact commit to – and obey, according to their side of the story, did eventually wind up cheating or otherwise abandoning the family, or otherwise just failed to live up to their end of the bargain.

Which brings me back to a much older thread “It’s Not Men vs. Women, It’s Beautiful vs. Ugly.” If you look good, you can get away with whatever the hell you want. If you don’t look good, no one gives a shit. You can follow all the rules and it makes no difference. Some loser balding 40 year old that makes plenty of money will be happy – will line up – to be the “beta bucks” for an aging slut – if she’s pretty.

Some young Christian virgin will happily marry, submit to, and make sandwiches for, an aging “alpha” that only wants to “pump and dump” her – if he’s handsome, and “alpha.”

It’s the beautiful people totally running roughshod over the ugly people. For men, it’s not about “alpha” – at least, not for sex. It’s 100% just about looks. Look good, you get whatever you want from pretty girls. Ugly? Make as much money as you want – maybe you can be beta bucks – but the girls will still sex up the “alpha” – i.e., the guy that is handsome – in the bathroom, while making you wait a year to get anything.

It is what it is.

But men can play the slut game way – way – longer than women can.

Oops, I guess we’re not “equal” after all. LOL.

5 thoughts on “When Hipster Racist Gets All Beta And Shit

  1. You need a men’s place for this, the ladies would go ballistic me thinks. I’ve seen it in all class levels, on both sides, in the Forces. About a month ago I met a lower class white dude who was 39 -42 years with 3 kids with an absolutely infatuated clucky as anything 24 year old mum, she would of been 16 when she first conceived. After introductions, names of children, which gives you a pretty good measure, we both of the 14 words. The dude smirks at me and says, “I have 9 kids all up.”. 😯 I reply “Cool man.”. 😎

    Temptation, temptations.

    And the girls are like…

    All sorts of traps, beware ex-cons they suck for suckers, cause they try and take your money. They’re like married pimps, I know one that lives down the road suckered a banker or some idiot to pay a loan for him via black mail. What a devious wife he had, they had that plan for me, but I dinna fall for it. Which made me even more desirable to his missus, plus I cut her in on her old man’s profit first, haha. I feel sorry for her 4 kids. He banned me from seeing his missus even innocently in town, which meant he stopped bugging me. Took about 4 years to get him to stop wanting to hang out, so it escalated at the end…biggest Omega who cheated on his missus too, so she doesn’t give it to him either. She literally propositioned me for once or twice a month 8-O, I convinced her to drop the DVO on her old man, and had nothing of her…I was a bit like eeewww but they are worse if enemies rather then malevolent friends. I play dumb real good. 😀


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