Bad Girl

If you wanna be my baby
Get ready for some bullshit
Cause I’m like fucking crazy

My daddy was an asshole
At least I think he was
Never knew him well enough

I’d like an explanation
For all the havoc in my life I’m creating
My friends say the reason I’m alone is cause I’m a bad girl
Got a knife in my arm but the scars are in my bones
Guess I better deal with that first

Say I want what I want but I don’t really know
Then apologize after
Seems the pace of my mistakes are accelerating faster

I find that when the sun has set
I beg for more and more punishment

If you wanna be my baby
Get ready for some bullshit
Cause I’m like fucking crazy

One thought on “Bad Girl

  1. Anonymous User: Here’s a piece of advice. You just, with the kindest intentions, showing a heart that has sympathy, told the non-asshole, boring nice/good guys what many others have told them–a heart crushing thing to say. You just said, “I’m busy sleeping with the exciting bad boys and having hot sex all night in many positions, but don’t worry, when I’m older and I’ve had my fun, you’ll be lucky number 9/12/16!”

    How does our society not realize what a soul crushing piece of advice that is? It’s one thing to say to those men, “You need to learn style, you need to work out, you need to become a little brash and fun. (all of that would be great advice for most men.)” Yet instead we say, “Don’t worry! Sure, the hot college girls are all busy having sex with the ‘jerks, assholes, liars, cheaters’ and getting emotionally burnt on them between steaming flings, but when she’s older and she’s had her fun, you’ll finally get a turn!”

    Ladies. You need to realize something.

    More and more woman are blatantly saying such. And more and more men are realizing what it means, or translating to make sure their fellow men know what it means.

    Society is changing, in small part thanks to how the internet helps with communication among men, with dating. You know what might happen in a few years when you’ve had your fun and you’re ready for the boring plan B, since the asshole didn’t reform?

    There just might not be any “good guys” waiting for you after women have turned them all into “bad boy types”. Women are rewarding bad boy behavior–they’re getting a LOT more of it.

    Question Asker: men don’t decide my worth idiot, I do. and if a guy judges me by my sexual past he’s a dick anyway.


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