High School Harlots 2

One summer in high school, my parents took a two month trip and left me at home, totally unsupervised. It was a very, very interesting summer, and by the end of it, by some miracle, the only damage was a broken ashtray that my parents – who didn’t smoke – had from 20 years prior for guests, and a stain on the carpet. As I said, a miracle.

Amy was number five or six, depending on how you count. She was dating my friend Tom. Well, “friend” may be stretching it. “Weed dealer” is probably more accurate. I was over his house doing some business and she was there on the couch. She was this tiny little thing. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Um, 15 years old. Depending on how you count, I think I was her third or fourth. I don’t remember too much about our first meeting, but somehow she got my phone number, and called me up. She said, “hey, it’s Amy, Tom’s friend. We met yesterday. I have some pot, you want me to come over?” I told her I didn’t have any money. She said, “don’t worry, we’ll just smoke out.”

So, she comes over, brings an eighth of pot. We sit down on my bed, smoke a joint, then start fucking.

She loved adventure, so I would come up with crazy sexual things to do and she would enthusiastically participate. Sex on the roof of my parents house in broad daylight. We tried every position. On a few memorable occasions, she gave me head while I was driving.

Never do that, by the way. We’re lucky to be alive.

I think she was the first girl I fucked doggy style. There is something interesting that happens to me when I’m fucking a petite girl. The fact they are so tiny makes me objectify them more, and I sort of naturally handle them a little rougher that I might otherwise. I guess it’s just the large different in power, physical strength and size. I’ve noticed it, and it just happens automatically, without me thinking. I tend to throw them around like a rag doll, flip them this way or that, and just manhandle them.

Since I barely knew Amy, in fact, had known her for a grand cumulative total of about 30 minutes before we were fucking, I totally, utterly, sexually objectified her. I didn’t know anything about her, her personality, her hopes, dreams, or interests, and she didn’t know mine either. We mostly kept it that way. The fact she was so easy, had thrown herself at me, and was basically a stranger, made me treat her pretty much just as a piece of meat.

Which, of course, turned her on a lot and made her come many, many times.

So at some point we had spent the weekend fucking at my parent’s house, and we’re getting ready to do it again, and for whatever reason, I told her I wanted to fuck her over the desk. I remember the look in her eyes when I said that. I might describe it as “smouldering.” I remember looking at her and literally objectifying her, as I sort of plotted what I wanted to do to her. She loved it when I came up with new and interesting things to do. Now, you might think fucking a girl over your desk is not particularly new or interesting, but you have to remember that it was for us, as we were basically kids. Teenagers.

So, over the desk she went, with her tiny little white ass. I don’t even remember where I got the idea, but I would slap her ass in that position, and pull her hair. If you had told me then that nearly 20 years later I would remember that day with such clarity I could write about it, I’d have thought you were mad. People are strange.

On school nights when she wasn’t allowed to stay out, so she would wait until about midnight, call me to tell me her dad was asleep, then I would drive over to her house, she would let me in through the basement door, and we’d fuck on the couch. Then, at about 2 am, I would drive home.

Anyway, I don’t remember when or how we “broke up,” I think she just went chasing after some other guy. But afterwards, we stayed “friends,” and I do remember wanting this other girl, Shannon, a friend of hers, which made Amy jealous. We were on the way to a party, sitting in the back of the car. I wanted nothing to do with Amy, as I was interested in this other girl. So she made it her mission to seduce me. The entire car ride, she kept grabbing my leg, tickling me, and whispering obscene things in my ear. I made an honest, good hearted effort to ignore her, but at some point, whatever she did just got me fucking hard.

Later, at the party, Amy, Shannon, her friend, and I were falling asleep, passing out on a sort of makeshift bed on the floor, two mattresses pushed together and lots of blankets and pillows. I’m still ignoring her, but at some point she says, “come on, just let me suck your dick, that’s all. Come on.”

Well, the other two girls were asleep, and she had been doing this sort of thing to me for hours now, so I just gave in. She sucked me off, then I just pulled her legs around my shoulders and fucked the hell out of her. We tried being as quiet as possible, but at some point, Shannon wakes up and sees us, then just sort of drifts back to sleep. I was so pissed. Because of that, I wouldn’t actually get into Shannon’s pants for another year.

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