High School Harlots 4

So Betty and I had long since broken up but we still hung out every once in a while. At some point she told me, “do you know that waitress at the diner? With the brown hair? She asked me about you. She thinks you’re cute.”

I had no idea who she was talking about but we go to the diner and hang out and have coffee. So Betty introduces me to Marge. Marge was really, really hot. She had really light brown hair and amazing, beautiful, captivating blue eyes. Thin, with sort of smallish boobs and a fucking hot ass. She loved wearing skirts with no panties.

I basically thought she was totally out of my league, but since she had asked about me, I figured I’d give it a shot. Honestly I was a little bit shy, but managed to talk to her, and got her number. I took her out on a date.

We went to sushi – I had never had it before. I was trying to use the chopsticks, and the waiter came by and put a rubber band around them, turning them into some sort of lever thing, and said “try that.” Fuck it was humiliating, being AMOG-ed by a waiter on my first date with Marge. She didn’t talk too much, but she smiled a lot. I really didn’t know if this date was going well or not. At the end of the night, we kiss. It was pretty long and passionate. Well, the next day she calls me up and invites me over to her house. So I drive over there. She lived in a really, really expensive neighborhood, in a fucking mansion, maybe the biggest house I had ever seen. Right on the water, and they had their own private dock. I walk in the door, she smiles, I kiss her. We walk over to the couch, sit down, and start fucking.

We would date for I think three years. Right after high school, we got a place together downtown. $450 a month, this tiny little studio apartment. We had no furniture. The second we got the keys, we go into the bedroom, lay down on the floor, and fuck for like three hours straight. She got on top of my and rode me for hours and hours. She had rug burns all over her feet from rubbing them against the carpet while she was riding me. Good lord, this girl liked to fuck. We had sex three or four times a day, pretty much every single day for years. She just never, ever, ever got enough. I was totally, head over heels in love with her.

She used to do that thing, when we were fucking missionary, she would rock her hips back and forth. Good lord, I could barely stop myself from coming too soon when she did that. She became friends with the girl that ran the apartment complex, this raver chick. So one day, we’re hanging out, doing ecstasy, and Marge and this girl start making out. So, my first threesome. It was fucking hot, watching this girl go down on Marge. Marge was just a sex fiend, she never, ever, ever got enough.

She was the kindest sweetest girl. Always happy. Bubbly. She used to do this totally endearing, charming little thing. Whenever she got excited about something, she would do this hilarious impression of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, rubbing her fingers together and say “excellent!”

God I miss her. We should have gotten married, but shit happened. By the end of it we were fighting all the time. When Betty and I broke up, my heart broke. When Marge and I broke up, I was devastated. It’s funny, just a few months ago my niece and I were watching old home movies, and Marge was on one of the tapes. We were about 19 I think, in front of my parents house, playing with my niece who was a baby at the time, totally adorable. Marge was so beautiful, and so kind, and so loving – and fucked like a champ. But, she was crazy, honestly, crazy as a loon. I think I still love her a bit.

I hadn’t talked to her in years and years, but she was one of the first people to call me, in a panic, when The Event happened.

4 thoughts on “High School Harlots 4

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s an “alpha widow” because of me. It was her fault, though. She broke up with me, then fucked some other guy, regretted it (I guess I had a bigger dick) – then lied about it for months.

      It was my first real heartbreak. I really, really loved her.

      Wait, are we talking about Betty or Marge?


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