High School Harlots 5

I told you I was a huge slut. I never thought about it. You just met some girl, flirt, kiss her, and start fucking. We all did it.

I don’t remember where or how I met Rena. That’s sort of disconcerting to me, as I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to remember where and how I met her. It must have been a mutual friend or something. Considering the way it typically worked, I guess we just met and started fucking. She had a fucking amazing body. She was a lifeguard. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 19, almost two years older than me. A total bitch. Really, a nasty piece of work. I just liked fucking her. She had a waterbed, her mom bought her condoms because she wasn’t on the pill. I guess her mom had the idea that it would be better for her to be fucking at home rather than somewhere else. She would pick me up, drive me to her house, we’d spent the weekend fucking all day. I used to love eating her pussy. She had a great rack too. Her pubic hair was blonde too which I had never seen before.

The main thing I remember about her is how we broke up. So there were these three NSA agents that used to swim at her pool and we all became sort of friendly. There was a husband and wife, and their friend, the Air Force officer that stole Rena from me. Talk about getting AMOG-ed – how is some 17 year old boy supposed to compete with a 24 year old Air Force officer? He had an ugly face, but of course was fucking built. It took me all of ten minutes watching their interaction to realize Rena was going to be fucking this guy sooner or later.

So we’re at her house, fucking, when the doorbell rings. Literally, my cock is in her mouth. She pulls it out and says, “oh shit, I forget Lt. Biggus Dickus is taking me to a movie.”

I couldn’t fucking believe it. I said, “what you’re going out on a date with this guy? What the fuck?” She said, “oh no, it’s not a date, we’re just going to the movies!” I’m thinking, whatever. That was pretty slutty, even for her, to fuck me an hour before she goes out on a date with this guy. We were supposedly boyfriend and girlfriend, but neither of us really liked each other all that much. Just the fucking. So she yells down to the guy to wait and starts getting dressed, tells me to hang out at her place if I want. I figure it’s over anyway, so just leave.

So one totally random thread with her – she reintroduced me to a guy who would become one of my favorite musicians – David Allen Coe. He was essentially the king of rednecks. I first hear about him from my cousin down south, who listened to his “dirty songs” – these funny obscene ditties about fucking and drinking. Then, Rena played me one of his albums, and I remember the song, a biker tune, that started out “I got my red wings today.” Uh, look it up if you want more details, it’s pretty fucking gross.

Years later, when I’m in New York City, drinking at the dive bar with Aisha, she says, “oh my god you have to listen to this new album we got in the jukebox. It’s so funny!” She then proceeds to play a song:

“I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison. I went to pick her up in the rain. But before I could get to the station in my pick up truck, she got runned over by a damned old train.”

7 thoughts on “High School Harlots 5

    1. Mr. Kipple, serious question. If I published these four stories: Kinky Sex Fetish A Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Slut Power, Heartbreakers, and High School Harlots as an ebook – would you pay for it? Do you think it’s interesting, entertaining reading? It obviously needs a hell of a lot of editing and the like, but what do you think?

      Because an e-book is actually what I have in mind.


      1. Some editing, some more dialogue, some more gossip, some new content for the book. Short answer: yes. Confessions of a Hipster Racist. An irony-free black comedy. Did you ever go to house shows? You know where punk and/or indie bands performed in the basements across the country.


  1. Study RooshV. His model of ebook selling is very good. Also Victor’s at Bold and Determined.

    Who is your market, who will you sell to? I would think women would be most interested in this.


    1. Ryu,

      Actually, only Heartbreakers 3 (and possibly Heartbreakers 5) could really be described as erotica that would appeal to women.

      There were these pulp cowboy novels I remember from years ago, typical Western adventures stories that had three or four explicit sex scenes in them. These scenes were clearly meant to appeal to men, not women. My stories are more like them than they are 50 Shades of Grey. It’s hard to write erotica for women, as you’d have to spend lots of time and detail on describing a man’s body. I’d feel, well, gay writing like that. Although there are men that write erotic for women, so I guess I’m just not talented enough.

      Of course, the core of the stories is the 9/11 subplot, the sex scenes are just to get people to read it. I got the idea because 50 Shades of Grey became a huge hit on Amazon.

      So I’m not really sure who my target market is. You, I guess.


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