“To be honest, I’m 15 years old and these claims are most likely true. when I tell you that my generation has gone mad, I’m dead serious.”

“I’m 18 and I can vouch a lot of these are probably true except for some very outlandish ones.”

“I lost my virginity in a threesome.”

“All the parties in this town turn into orgies, that’s why everyone has f****d everyone.”

“Tried to get with my teacher again and she said no more because Clarkfessions is making admin investigate that kind of stuff. Pissed.”

“Everyone just assumes I’m a virgin. But I’m probably one of the dirtiest girls at my school.”

“My mom f****d my History teacher, just for me to get a passing grade.”

“Been having sex with my friend’s mom for a year now”

“My teacher failed me because I refused to have sex with him.”

“I snort coke in the girl’s bathroom pretty much everyday.”

“f****d a 64-year-old for $150 and a new outfit.”

“I use sex so guys will buy me things. I’ve gotten Dutch Bros, alcohol, food, and a t-shirt in return for putting out.”

“Bopped 3 guys in the junior lot in the same day for 15 dollars each.”

11 thoughts on “Endgame

  1. The only clip I could find from a relavent documentary from almost 20 years ago, The Lost Children of Rockdale County..

    If you can get a hold of the documentary, you’ll see stage 1 (or maybe 2 or 3) of the “endgame.” A look at the place today.
    1 year ago
    born and raised in Rockdale from 1973 to 1998, went back to visit about a year ago… HOLY FUCK its like a ghetto now and Mexicans everywhere. What the actual fucking is happening. if this happens in small town America then there us very little hope. .. this country is screwed


    1. It all started with birth control. Before birth control, sex led to babies so there was a sort of natural brake on the bonobo society. There was a sort of lull in the slut culture during the 80s, but once the AIDS scare went away, everyone went back to promiscuity.


    1. @RS

      While I’m sure some of it is made up or exaggerated, I doubt it’s too far from the reality. I could already see these trends coming from when I went to high school, and that was a long time ago.


      1. The fact that they would even want to exaggerate about this activity (or even make it up whole cloth) says it all regarding what they are ‘supposed’ to be doing. Back in the day, anyone (child or not) would deny this type of activity, especially were it true.


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