Ms. Davidson’s Attitude Adjustment

Ms. Davidson was in a mood alright. She sighed. “Why such bitterness towards women? Why this misogyny? For all the gains women have made, the white nationalists do nothing but complain about us!”

Hipster glanced at her, nodded his head, then pulled a length of packing tape off of the roll and wrapped it tightly around Ms. Davidson’s wrists. “I hear you, honey. Stay still now.” She was laying face down on the bed with her arms above her head, her wrists now tightly taped together.

Her head turned to the side, resting on the pillow, Ms. Davidson continued. “It’s so frustrating. Here we are trying to save the white race, and we have all these guys constantly blaming everything on women! Where does this woman-hate come from? We’re going to drive women away!”

“It’s tragic, Ms. Davidson. I’m not sure what we’ll do. Here, lift your leg up,” Hipster said as he pulled a length of tape around Ms. Davidson’s ankles, first one, then the other, and fastened them securely to each bedpost. “Don’t wiggle now.”

“It’s just scapegoating! The enemy should be anti-whites, but they are always complaining about gays, lesbians, feminists, and women in general! We need unity, not this division! We’re falling for the anti-white’s tricks!” She made a cute little pout with her lips, and Hipster smiled. “Now, don’t you worry about that right now, sweetheart. You just relax. This will take your mind off of all these troubles, ok? Now lift your butt up, I need to put this pillow under your crotch so your butt is at the right angle, ok?” Ms. Davidson bent up at the waist, supporting herself on her knees and elbows, sticking her ass up in the air as Hipster slid a pillow underneath her. “Ok, perfect. Just a bit more.”

Ms. Davidson continued, “it’s just ruining the whole movement – if we can even call this a movement! This woman-hate is exactly why we can’t get anywhere! It’s just so frustrating!”

“No doubt, Ms. Davidson. Something must be done about this. Now, open wide.” Ms. Davidson opened her mouth as wide as she could, as Hipster pulled her back, placed the ball gag in her mouth and tied the straps around the back of her head. “Ok, sweetie? Are you comfortable? Good. Hold on a sec.”

Hipster reached down, unbuckled his belt and pulled it out from the belt loops, folding it in half and gripped it tightly. “Ok, honey, ready?”

Ms. Davidson, her mouth full, just groaned. “Mmmm, mmm!”

Hipster raised the belt, then started counting. “One!”


Ms. Davidson flinched, “mmm! mmm! urgrgh!”

Hipster continued. “Two!”

2 thoughts on “Ms. Davidson’s Attitude Adjustment

  1. A gentle reminder, VB: No more Amren, no more whiny Hipster Racist, or Racist Hipster, or whatever he’s called.

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! Tina has been stalking me for months, on four different blogs, going through my posts trying to find personal details and gossiping about me.

    But she’s already forgotten my handle 😦 “whatever he’s called.”

    Girls are so fickle!


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