Blog Roundup

Link to your favorite articles on your favorite blogs in the comments below:

Hipster Intelligence Agency: You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Us

The Cutting Edge Lifestyle Magazine for the Hip and Dangerous. Music, Fiction, Fashion, Health, Humor and Sex.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok: The Central Node of Aryan Skynet

Intelligence and Analysis for Whites Worldwide.

Pushing Our Limits: Erotic Fiction, Poetry and the Real Life Stories of Mel

Hipster Intelligence Agent Mel’s Very Own Blog.

WhiteInnovations: Innovations, Inventions, and Creations

Hipster Intelligence Agent WhiteInnovations’ Tumblr.

FriendlyHipster: The Best Kind Of Hipster

Girly Stuff from a Lazy Girl Who Never Logs On Anymore and Is Going To Get a Stern Talking To If Not Worse.

SunShineMary: The Christian Ladies Auxiliary of the Dark Enlightenment

The Web’s Premiere Anti-Feminist Christian Lady Blogger.

RamZPaul: A Spoonfull of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

The One and Only RamZPaul Delivers Near Daily Doses of Lulz.

Diversity Chronicles – Diversity is our strength, it’s also side-splittingly funny unintentional self-parody.


Marueen’s Aryan Street

Denise’s White Tea Room

I love to give her shit over her fanatical, man-hating, bra-burning feminism,, but she’s a Good Viking, so: VikingBitch’s Blonde Gynocide

If Nazi Germany had created The Onion, it would probably look something like this:

Pussy Whipped: The Music Video

Oh, what the hell, I’ll even throw in a plug for Eradica. Ryu often makes interesting comments and seems to be a movie buff.

50 Pounds of Heidi

Abbie Does Alabama

The Devil In Miss Sims

My rims never spin,
To the contrary,
You’ll find they are quite stationary

9 thoughts on “Blog Roundup

    1. Thanks–I looked at the other two and THEY seem legit, so you’ve got me wondering about MY blog, a bit. But if it was a parody, I wouldn’t be making a comment like this, no?

      “Who’s the Martian” is an interesting game found in Shea and Wilsons’ Illuminatus.


  1. I was thinking about what you said that 911 happened before the internet had go full mainstream like its now, when it happened there was no Youtube to show WTC7 being imploded, or the israeli spies dancing because waht happened was “good for the jews”.


    1. I also watched the Fox News Carl Cameron reportage about the israeli spy ring shadowing the terrorists when it aired on TV, I was naive back them and tought that the israeli connection would be proven before any War happened… Silly me.

      The reportage was deleted from the Fox archives, people can only watch it thanks to youtube uploaders.


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