A Rebel’s Dangerous Kink (1)

In a dystopian, dysgenic future North America, under the iron grip of a soon to be dying empire, a remnant of revolutionaries fights the system by any means necessary. Trevor Renegade, a hardened warrior, faces his toughest battle ever: the battle for the hearts of two women – and his own!

Hipster Intelligence Agency


The main lights went down all over the club, except for the spotlight on the stage. A voice over the loudspeakers blared, “Ladies and gentlemen, Showgirls is proud to present our featured dancers, the most erotic show on earth!”

Two gorgeous young women in stiletto heels strutted on stage: a tall, thin blonde the voice announced as Candy, and a voluptuous brunette called Heather. Their outfits were a welcome change from the trashy lingerie worn by the opening act, most of them skraelings, who had performed their “bump and grind” previously.

Short, tartan skirts barely covering their asses, and white shirts with the waists pulled up and tucked between their collars showing off their toned stomachs, with knee high fishnet stockings reaching to their thighs. The look was sexy schoolgirl; innocents gone bad; their nubile bodies briefly illuminated by flashes from the spotlights on stage. The mix of modesty and…

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